Blood Moon

By Kumaguro


Hisoka lunged at the demented doctor. Muraki swiftly evaded the punch and put Hisoka’s arm behind his back.

“You still haven’t learned your lesson, have you? What a stupid boy.”

“Shut up. Just let me go.”

“But then I can’t discipline you. Like I did the first time.”

Hisoka gasped. Muraki’s words settled into his mind, possessing him. He closed his eyes as he felt Muraki snake a hand around his torso, pulling him in to the older man. Muraki settled his mouth onto Hisoka’s neck, sucking at it gently. Hisoka moaned unwillingly.


Tsuzuki rushed to the steps.


He saw Hisoka, half-naked, panting as mischievous hands fondled his chest and the contents of his pants. The white coat flapped in the wind behind him.

“Tsuzuki... don’t... come. Just go back.” Hisoka moaned.

Tsuzuki ran up the steps, intent on rescuing his young partner. His eyes widened as Muraki let his face be seen. That heinous smirk shot horror through the amethyst-eyed shinigami.

“Oya, Tsuzuki-san, I suppose you’ve come to get him back...” Muraki started while Hisoka moaned lovingly. “But, as you can see, he wants to stay.”

Hisoka had his body as far into Muraki’s as he could get it, assisting Muraki’s hand in his pants.

“Hisoka... Doushite?”

Hisoka was blushing furiously.


“You see? Being a doctor, I know how the body works... what makes it feel good... He’s torn between pleasure and his will to fight me. As you can see, right now, pleasure has won.”

“Tsuzuki... Go... I’ll be fine.”

“Ne, Tsuzuki-san... I see your breathing is getting heavier...” Muraki started.

He was interrupted by Hisoka’s loud, pleasured moan. Tsuzuki watched helplessly. Muraki retracted his hand from Hisoka’s pants and trailed it up the young man’s chest. The doctor raised his fingers to Hisoka’s lips. At first, the young man refused to open his mouth. But Muraki nibbled on his neck, forcing him to open just enough so Muraki could slide a finger in.

“Hisoka...” Tsuzuki said, helplessly.

Hisoka sucked on the finger and Muraki pulled his hand away.

“Do you want to be a part of this...Tsuzuki-san?” Muraki proposed.

Tsuzuki swallowed hard and nodded his head as he walked up the steps. Muraki lift Hisoka’s arms above is head, giving Tsuzuki full access to Hisoka’s torso. Hisoka moaned as Tsuzuki put his tongue in his bellybutton and dragged it up his torso. Tsuzuki put his hands on Hisoka’s hips to get a grip on the young man, licking up to one of his nipples. Muraki grazed his hands down Hisoka’s arms as they fluttered down the sides of his body. Muraki kissed at the back of Hisoka’s neck. Hisoka moaned out loud, unable to hold it in. Two older men, ravaging him and he was loving every second of it.

“Asato...” Hisoka moaned.

Tsuzuki pulled away and looked up at Hisoka’s face.

Hisoka pulled Tsuzuki’s face into him, kissing him on the lips. Tsuzuki secured his lips to Hisoka’s as Muraki licked down to the small of Hisoka’s back. He snuck his hands to the front of Hisoka’s jeans, undoing the belt. Hisoka strengthened the kiss as he acknowledged what Muraki was doing. Tsuzuki helped the physician. Once the belt was finished with, Tsuzuki ripped the zipper down and assisted Muraki in yanking the pants down. The older men gently laid the submission on the steps, Tsuzuki diving to kiss the package of flesh under that firm muscle. He took a deep breath as he sucked on the flesh. Muraki grazed his tongue from Hisoka’s neck down to where Tsuzuki was. Tsuzuki abandoned his ordeal to crawl back up and kiss Hisoka’s mouth. The two held each other at the shoulders, holding each other in. Hisoka began moaning as Muraki began licking at his sensitive heat. Tsuzuki devoured the sexy sounds and exchanged his own. The two rubbed their chests together, continuing the sexy noises. Hisoka tore away as Muraki touched the most amazing place of the young man’s body. He shrieked as he ejected himself. Muraki licked the tip of Hisoka’s weeping organ.


Hisoka sat up. Tsuzuki did as well. The two watched Muraki complete his task. When he had, he looked up at the two. Hisoka was still panting lightly. Tsuzuki licked his lips as he watched Muraki do the same. He leaned down. Muraki leaned up. The two casually met lips. Muraki drew Tsuzuki’s lips in and held on to them as long as he could. Then the two separated. Tsuzuki took a deep breath and sighed.

“You see, Tsuzuki-san, being a man who understands the human body, I know what feels goods.”

Tsuzuki nodded and agreed. Muraki lift Hisoka’s boxers from the jeans and put them back on the young man. Then he stood up and started walking down the steps.

“Well... Until next time, I suppose.”

Tsuzuki and Hisoka just watched as the platinum-haired man left them. The moon of murder emphasised on him with a sense of dignity, yet not such a thing was possible. It was Muraki, after all. He murdered another woman and for what? The young men were distracted and neglected to pursue his motive. Perhaps the next time they met, they would have an answer. Maybe the answer to everything. They would have to be on their guard, not to draw away from their objective.

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