A High Price

Chapter 15

By Lizard


The park was empty, save for the two figures sat upon a bench overlooking the lake, almost silent save for the distant roar of traffic, and uncommonly dark. The sky above had rapidly filled with clouds, the moon a pale wraith of its usual self, masked behind the wispy bodies that passed before it. The men were sat upon either end of the bench, one staring passively at the water before him and the other half twisted to watch his companion. Not a word passed between the two for some time, one too shy to question the other's uncharacteristic quiet, the other struggling to ignore his impulses and form a meaningful sentence.

"Why did you bring me here?" Tsuzuki asked quietly, unwilling, and too impatient to wait any longer for an explanation. By nature he was too highly strung to be comfortable with such stress.

Muraki glanced up at him, noting that Tsuzuki had not moved his gaze from the still surface of the lake, and had positioned himself as snugly against the arm of the bench as he could. Things were not proceeding as he had imagined they would when he set the original trap for Tsuzuki. He had thought the Shinigami would be a willing partner after he had treated him so considerately and patiently that night. He had seen the contentment in his weary amethyst twins as they lay entangled in the silk sheets, watched as he dozed in his arms, and even restrained himself from reaching out to him and dragging him back into the bed when he had risen to leave. That had been a blow to him, particularly after Tsuzuki had kissed him so gently, oblivious to the fact that he was only feigning sleep.

"I only wished for your company, Tsuzuki-san." The doctor replied quietly, still struggling with his words.

"Are you always so silent with your company? I thought there was something you wished to discuss." Tsuzuki bowed his head a little, staring at his lap. He wanted this over and done with. The longer he sat here, the more difficult the discussion would become.

"Very well, if you insist." Muraki nodded, and slid across the bench so that he was seated closer to Tsuzuki. "I don't want you any less than I did before. But you know this already, don't you?" The Shinigami swallowed noisily, but otherwise gave no response, and Muraki continued. To hell with patience, it wasn't his style to wait around for something he wanted. " I know you felt something when I took you, Asato. I wasn't the only one that took pleasure in that moment."

Oh how easy to read the Shinigami was, one hand clasping the arm of the bench tightly, the other balled into a trembling fist, expression tense. He was like an open book.

"What makes you so sure of yourself?" Tsuzuki's attempt at avoiding the statement was doomed to failure. The doctor only shrugged in response.

"Do you deny it then?"


"Come along Tsuzuki-san, why is it so hard to answer? It is a simple enough question." Muraki smirked as Tsuzuki closed his eyes, lips pressed tightly together. Despite the wealth of emotion the doctor felt for the Shinigami, there was a part of him that would never tire of seeing him distraught.

"I want you to leave me alone." Voice raised, but slightly tremulous, Tsuzuki finally turned to look at him, eyes flashing, not with anger, but with shame and fear. He'd thought this would be easy, something he could end with a few words and without the tempting, feathery touches Muraki put to such good use. But words were just as painful, words and the very presence of the doctor.

"Is that what you really want?" So calm and unbothered, face lit with a half-smile that was unnerving. Muraki rose, leaning in front of the smaller man, one hand on the arm of the bench, only centimetres from Tsuzuki's own, the other on the back of the bench beside his head. "Beg me to leave you alone."

Torment. When had his breathing become so frantic? The air seemed electric between them, and Tsuzuki couldn't stop staring. How tempting those ivory lips were.

"Please." Gods, don't touch me, I feel like I'm about to break. His mind was in turmoil. "Stop it. Too close."

"Beg." The doctor inched towards him.

"Stop it!"

"Tell me what you want. That's all it takes." A heated whisper, the scent of the Shinigami inhaled greedily through gently flaring nostrils. The doctor held Tsuzuki's gaze. "Tell me."

It was Tsuzuki, that closed the distance between them, sitting up and reaching for Muraki's shoulders, damp lips pressing insistently against others that were all too willing to respond.

Neither man saw the tall figure standing no more than 20 metres away, jaw slack, cerulean twins outraged, darkness gathering to create tangible forms that writhed about his feet like snakes. The Shadow Master strode towards them.





Authors Note: I had fun writing this one. Almost took the kiss further into another lemon scene, but I don't like to think what Tatsumi would have done if he'd stumbled across THAT. Anyway, thanks for all the positive feedback on the fic, hope you enjoyed the chapter.

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