A High Price

Chapter 3

By Lizard


Muraki watched his prize from afar, chin resting in the palm of one elegant hand, eyes narrowed very slightly as they roamed greedily over the man before them. How right he had been when he came to the conclusion that the Shinigami had the perfect body.

Tsuzuki sat shivering and miserable in a small armchair, feeling intimidated not only by his "host", but also by the unfamiliar western grandeur into which he'd been thrust. One of the windows was ajar, and a faint breeze tugged playfully at his dark hair, cutting like a knife through his thin shirt. Muraki had wasted no time in relieving him of the burden of his trench coat and suit jacket, and somehow it made him feel all the more vulnerable. It was a constant battle for him to fight back the tears that pricked at his eyes, but somehow he had managed to restrain himself, perhaps by keeping his gaze constantly averted so that he wouldn't see the hungry look on Muraki's face.

"Asato." Tsuzuki froze as he heard the doctor speak. he had never dared call him by that name before, and for some reason it made him shrink back further into the chair. "Come here.sit beside me." A pale hand patted the sofa cushions lightly, and the Shinigami moved stiffly to do as the doctor bade him. The cushions were so soft they seemed intent on swallowing him whole, his scant weight no advantage in stopping him from sinking.

Immediately the doctor's hands were upon him, tugging him closer so that he was forced to sit almost on top of him.

"Do you realise how long I've wanted you.?" The silken voice was strangely alluring, as if it had a hypnotic quality, silver-tongued fiend that the doctor was. His hands were busily loosening Tsuzuki's tie, so gentle that for a moment it seemed impossible that he was a ruthless killer, capable of the despicable crimes he had committed. "I thought it simply lust at first, when I saw you in that church, the sun upon your face. But." The tie removed, the doctor cupped Tsuzuki's face between his hands. "I soon realised it was something more than such a base feeling." Muraki frowned as he realised the object of his affections was looking down, rather than at him. "Tsuzuki-san.please do me the courtesy of looking at me."

Tsuzuki's gaze flicked upwards, fastening on the doctor's eyes, but Muraki could see he had somehow switched off, as if he were looking through him blankly, rather than at him. Infuriating as it might be, he knew how to get his attention again.

"Kiss me, Asato."

Sudden fear flashed through the Shinigami's eyes, pupils shrinking to mere pinpricks in a sea of violet. He had been willing to go through with this. But never had he expected the doctor to order such a thing of him. It seemed it would be no simple matter of tolerating his own violation. Muraki smiled as he recognised the panic, and let his hands slide down to rest upon lean shoulders. Tsuzuki clenched his hands into fists on his lap, eyes tightly closed, and leaned forward very slowly.

Their lips met briefly, Tsuzuki's pressed tightly together, unyielding, but even with such slight contact he felt an undeniable tingling, as if anything more would be purely electric, something he would be unable to pull away from, and disgusted at himself, he recoiled, turning his face away with shame. Muraki had kept his eyes open, watching as Tsuzuki's perfect face neared his, feathery lips trembling before they grazed his own. He had felt a spark.and judging by Tsuzuki's reaction, he had felt it too.

"Not exactly what I had in mind, but worth it anyway." Muraki held the Shinigami in place on the sofa, determined to keep him there now. There would be no more running and chasing. "Do you honestly find me so repulsive that you can manage nothing less chaste?" The brunette remained silent before him. "Answer me Tsuzuki-san. and answer me honestly."

Tsuzuki clenched his teeth together, eyes still closed, long lashes beaded with unshed tears and blood flushing his pale cheeks. Gods he wished Tatsumi were here now to rescue him, that this was nothing but a nightmare he could be roused from. But it wasn't, and he was stuck here. His will was slowly being shattered, and all the Shikigami in Meifu would do him no good now.


"Then how do you see me.?" Muraki's voice had softened to a mere whisper, arms coiling around him and pulling him so that he scarcely dared to breathe in case the rise of his chest should brush that of his captor, and bring about that same tingling their lips had caused. What good was it now though, to hope that he would be able to avoid such feelings? If Muraki's plans progressed any further, he would feel them again without a doubt. His eyes fluttered open, and the doctor could see, despite the pain they emanated, the start of his surrender.

"You're beautiful. A beautiful, bloody angel. And I hate you with all my heart." Tsuzuki's voice cracked as the tears finally broke loose, blurring his vision and streaking his cheeks with damp lines before they dripped off his narrow chin. He wanted to curl up and die.

Muraki seemed entirely unaffected by this confession, gently wiping away the tears with the tips of his fingers. To him, Tsuzuki had never looked more perfect. He leaned in, embracing the smaller man tightly, and pressed his lips hungrily against Tsuzuki's. For a moment, there was tension, the prisoner giving a muffled sob, but the slight parting of his lips was all that was required for Muraki to push his advantage, his tongue sliding within the confines of that warm mouth and spurring its partner to action against its owner's will. Tsuzuki sank against him with a groan.

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