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Together, In The End

By Beth


In the deep of the night, any city looks like a bag of diamonds scattered over black velvet. Tokyo in the deep autumn seemed blood-stained, bright lights turned red with fires and emergency illumination placed around ruins. The watcher could sketch the lines of fallen kekkai by tracing the red scars on Tokyo's night.

His fan slid shut with a quiet snap.

Soft footsteps sounded at the door of the room; the watcher knew the newcomer was capable of walking in silence, but took care to make some noise as a courtesy to his charge.

A moment's pause, and then he spoke. "Is this live feed from the cameras on Tokyo Tower, Rijichou?"

"Mm," Nokoru muttered noncommittally. "They're the only ones left, now, from which you can see the city."

Suoh's fingers brushed the closed, downturned fan, and closed around Nokoru's wrist. "You are despairing."

"Should I not?" Nokoru leaned back in his chair, closing his eyes. "The Dragons are facing each other now. The seer... she has lost her grasp on sanity. And Tokyo - see for yourself. How can I have hope?"

"I have hope." A smile in Suoh's voice.

Nokoru's eyes snapped open, and he craned his head to look at the ninja standing behind him. "How? What is there left to believe in?"

"You, Rijichou. I look at the city, and then I remember there's nothing you can't do. Because you're you."

Nokoru smiled back. "I'm flattered. But I'm afraid I know better than anyone what I'm capable of."

Suoh used his hold on Nokoru's wrist to haul the slighter man out of the chair. "Enough brooding. Akira's got a cake in the oven."

"Cities can fall, civilizations perish..." Nokoru mused.

"But Akira's cake will always be delicious!" they finished together.

In a quick move that belied his supposed clumsiness, Nokoru captured Suoh in a hug.

"Thank you," he whispered in the ninja's ear. "Thank you for reminding me who I am."

Suoh hugged him back, tightly. "Always."




"Kaichou wa Kaichou dakara" (Because Nokoru is Nokoru) - Suoh, explaining how Nokoru can always solve his cases.

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