Nukume Dori

Ducks On Water

By Leareth


"Look, Subaru!"

"What is it, Hokuto-chan?"

Finger point to the middle of the lake. "Duckies!"

"Duckies?" Wide green eyes. "Where?"

Impatient point of finger. "There, silly! Two of them! On the lake!"

"I canít see! Youíre standing in front of me."

Squint. "Wait a sec. Thereís more than two." Hand raised to shade eyes. "OooOOoooOOoH!!!!!!"

"What, what!" Tugging on a billowing white sleeve.


"Where, where!"

"With the mommy and daddy duckies, of course!"

"I canít see them!"

"Thatís Ďcause theyíre too far away, silly!"

Sad face.

"Theyíre sooooooooo cute!"

Determined face. Step forward.


Water lapping wooden sandals. Tiny hands raised into prayer position.

"On batarei ya sowaka . . ."


". . . wayata shahta vajarei mahora . . ."

"What are you doing?!"

". . . vajarna dei so- Iím going to see the ducklings. Dei sowako un treiza . . ."

"Whaddya mean, Ďsee the ducklingsí?"

". . . tiraka on hanya . . ." Pause. "That doesnít sound right. Hanya, um, hanaya, hayra, no thatís not it either. Hayra, shayra, bayra Ė thatís it! Bayra hakuso nama . . ."

"Hey, isnít that that the walking on water spell??"

Smile. "Uh huh. Roshana yoka boturo . . . whatís the next part again? Oh, thatís right! Yoka boturo vajha pobu . . ."

"W-wait a sec! Subaru! Youíre not going out on the water are you?! You canít swim!"

"Shh, I can do this. Nobu on shudokan . . ."

"But, Subaru-!"

Eyes squeezed shut in intense childish concentration. One sandaled foot lifted up and stepped onto the surface of the lake with a little splish. "Waiii . . ." The other foot took a step onto the water. Green eyes round as saucers. "I did it!"


Turn and wave. "Iíll be back! Iíll bring a duckling back for you to see, Hokuto-chan!"

"SUBARU!! Be careful!!"

"I will - wah!" Lost concentration, foot slipped, wet sock. "Oops. Uh, on batarei ya sowaka . . ."

Splish. Splish. Splish. Splish.

". . . wayata shahta vajarei . . . Wai, I can do this! Mahora vajarna dei sowako . . ."

Splish Splish. Splish. Splish.

" . . . un treiza tiraka on bayra hakuso nama . . ."

Splish. Splish. Splish.


Big smile. "Duckies! Kawaii!"

"Quack!" Swim.

"Ehhhhh, stay there! Roshana yoka boturu . . ." splish, splish, splish ". . . vajha pobu . . ."

"Quack?" Swim, swim.

"Awww, matte yo!" Splishsplishsplish Ė

"QuackquackquackquackQUACK!!" Swimswimswimswim-

"Matte! Onegaiiiiiiiii!" Splishsplishsplishsplishsplish-







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