Crucify My Love

Author's Warning

By Leareth


I repeat - THIS FIC IS RATED NC-17. If torture, angst, blood, sex bordering on rape is not your type of story, please be intelligent and leave.

I love this fic, I hate this fic. I love it because I put so much effort and thought into it, I hate it because of what I do to Subaru and Seishirou. I've chosen two image songs for this story. One is 'Possession' by Sarah McLachlan, which fits the action disturbingly well. The other is 'Crucify My Love' (the inspiration for the title) by X Japan, and relates to the emotions and desires of the characters.

Big thanks goes to Lilack for giving me that Sartre essay and not killing me every time she got depressed reading my drafts. More heartfelt thanks go to my beta-readers, Taryn, Calico and Hokuto for all of their continuous encouragement and help *hugs all* Thankyou so much, guys!

I entered this story in the 2000 Aestheticism Contest. It ranked second place in the NC-17 section and fifth overall. Considering this is the first serious darkfic/lemon I've ever done, I'm very proud of that.

Send all flames, hate mail, death threats, etc. to PLEASE give me your C&C. I'm really interested to see what people think of this.

Author's Notes courtesy of Lilack. Only she could do it. Thank you so much!

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