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When Telepathy Goes Wrong

Chapter 1 - Shu's Little

By Link621


Ken pulled up his glove to check his watch again. “Mou... honto!” He continued to grumble to himself. As entertaining as it was being in an empty house with three other assassins, waiting on four guys bent on killing him, he really wanted to go home so he could watch the rest of the World Cup. “This is SO not cool.” Ken tapped his foot impatiently, finally drawing the attention of his companions.

“Calm down,” Aya muttered in a low, fluid voice. He only said it to Ken, being sure to be close to the brunette’s ear when he spoke. Ken felt a very slight blush touch his cheeks. Aya was always in Ken’s thoughts, but Aya had someone else, even though he wouldn’t tell anyone else who. It hurt Ken’s heart to think that Aya would never feel the same.

Omi bristled. Ken could see it from his vantage point across the room, even. Omi and Yohji were an official couple, but Omi had confessed his love for Ken on several occasions. It sometimes made it harder on Ken to maintain his best-friendship with Omi. “Ken-kun, is it time?” Omi’s voice was very different from Aya’s. The blonde spoke with the light ring of a church bell; deep, but resounding in a lighter way.

“Eh, they should be here any minute, really,” Ken replied. He pulled away from Aya and went over to Yohji who was sitting in the corner, looking like he was asleep. “Yo! Wake up, Yotan!” Ken gave him a light kick in the leg. Yohji snorted and opened his dark eyes lazily. He yawned, stretching, and winked at Ken.

“G’ morning, handsome.” Yohji ran his fingers through his dark blonde locks of hair. “Are we still waiting?” Ken just nodded. “Is it time, yet?” Ken nodded again, this time throwing a nervous glance at the door. Even if the others could relax, he couldn’t help but have a sense of foreboding. Something was going to go really wrong that night...


“I’ve never done it like THIS before, Bradley,” Shuldich purred. Crawford just whapped him in the back of the head. “Ack! I’m sorry, I’m sorry. God.”

“God? Where? Let me at him!” Farfarello suddenly took interest in the situation. Not that the outside of an old abandoned and generally boarded up house WASN’T interesting, but Farfarello had a very short attention span.

Naoe Nagi sighed. “Why did we all come up here. Next time, I vote we just send Shuldich. I have homework, you know. The last thing I need is to watch Shuldich and Crawford flirt while I sit back and wait for them to actually do their work, for once!” The mad little psychic sat down crossly and continued to rant nearly inaudibly to himself.

“Well, at least stop telling me how to do my job, Bradley.” Shuldich pretended he was hurt. “I mean, when have I ever been mean to you like this? It is just too horrible!” Shuldich made big teary eyes to which he got a slowly raised eyebrow.

“Just give them amnesia, damn you,” Crawford responded coldly. Shuldich pouted some more but began to focus his mind outward on Weiss, and their recent memories. But, not matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get Brad out of his head. Brad in that suit... looking at him like he wanted something he wasn’t asking for.

“GAH!” Shuldich cried, realizing what was going to happen just before the fact.


The brunette wearing heavy gloves gingerly lifted himself off the floor. “... The hell?” He clenched his hands into fists mindlessly, jumping when claws came out of the glove on his right hand. “Huh? Am I Wolverine or something?” Then, he stopped. Who WAS he, anyway? He didn’t really remember anything about his identity... did he have some sort of amnesia? “Hm... maybe I have a wallet on me...?” He groped around in all of his pockets until he found a leather-bound wallet, and opened it, inspecting the driver’s license. “Lessee... Hidaka Ken?” Ken repeated the name back to himself over and over, but it still wasn’t familiar. “Wait--- wasn’t he a famous athlete or something? Then... I can’t be Hidaka.” For lack of further ID, Ken just shrugged, an accepted his name, for the time being.

“You think we’re stuck here?” A voice asked. Ken turned to see a man with longish vibrant red hair looking at him. He was frowning, as if he didn’t expect Ken to turn and look at him. “Hey, I’m not even from Japan and I’m speaking Japanese so don’t look at me like I have all the answers,” the man added a little defensively. “Shuldich is my name, apparently, and I’m German.”

“Right,” Ken replied, a little confused. “Hidaka Ken,” he said after a pause, shaking Shuldich’s hand. “Are we alone here, Shuldich?”

“Shuld-ICH. You don’t pronounce the end correctly,” Shuldich said with a childish pout.

“I’M not German,” Ken shot back. After a moment, he suggested, “Can I just call you ‘Shuld’?”

“Sure.” Shuldich gave a brief smile. “I like that, actually. It means ‘guilt’. Heh.”

“That’s great, Shuld.” Ken massaged the back of his neck in irritation. “Well, are you going to answer my question or not?”

“Huh?” Shuldich blinked. “Oh—no; there are others in the entrance area of the house. We decided to split up and look for the owner of the house, or a phone, or something... but I found you, which is just as good, I guess.” Shuldich turned away from Ken, still smiling. “Well, c’mon, Ken, I’ll introduce you to the rest of the guys.” Ken had no choice but to follow his lead.


“Hey, Ran, do you really think we’ll be stuck here?” one of the chibis whined. Ran groaned. It was the blonde one. Omi, or whatever. “I mean, it seems like there would have to be a way to get out, since we are all IN here now...”

The other chibi, Nagi, added to Omi’s thought, “Unless someone put us in here and boarded all the doors and windows behind us. That wouldn’t surprise me. Of course, that would mean we are some sort of criminals, or something... or maybe we’re hostages?”

“We’ll get out,” Ran replied shortly. He watched the halls intently. He absolutely could NOT wait for the others to get back.


Yohji and Brad stared at eachother from a very small distance for a moment before Brad leaned forward and kissed Yohji. When he drew back, Brad commented, “Maybe we WERE lovers. I feel like I knew you before... and I remember the long hair.” Brad stroked Yohji’s cheek. “I always thought the man I loved was a redhead, though....”

Yohji frowned. “Maybe I dyed my hair?” Yohji pulled himself back to Brad, kissing him again. “This feels so right, Brad... so good....” Yohji traced kisses down Brad’s neck, feeling the American shudder under his touch. “Doesn’t this feel... familiar?”

“Hm... I don’t even know.” Brad took Yohji’s face in his hands, tilting his face up to look at him. After examining his face again, he bent for another kiss. Just as they were about to meet lips again, there was an insane scream of pain from a room down the hall. “What was that?”

Yohji clung to Brad. “I don’t really know....” Yohji took Brad’s hand, gently pulling him toward the noise. “Let’s find out.”


Jei ran nervous fingers through his pale hair. “What—what is this?” Every time he moved, some new little knife or needle or something poked into his pale white skin. It was like his own little torture chamber. Not to mention, on top of that, he had to spend nearly ten minutes carefully removing some sort of set of throwing knives from his mouth. Jei stood, just wearing his pants, leaned in a corner, afraid to move so much as an inch. He nearly died of fright when more people ran in.

The first man was tall and thin with dark hair in a bit of disarray. He wore a pale tan suit and had glasses propped on his nose. Jei couldn’t help but think they had met before. The other man was like a dark angel swooping into the room. He had dark blonde hair in unruly curls down to his shoulders and piercing green eyes. He wore some sort of coat that had been tied at the waist so he could let the top part hang down to show off what he wore underneath. He was slender, bordering on too skinny, and wore a black belly shirt to prove it. Jei was in love at first sight with that man.

“Are you okay?” The first asked.

“Yeah, just a little freaked out,” Jei replied solemnly.

“You’re bleeding,” the angel said with worry dripping from his voice. He reached forward as if to touch Jei and the white haired boy recoiled in confusion. “It’s okay,” the angel said soothingly, “My name is Yohji. I want to help you.” Jei let Yohji gently prod at one of the wounds. A moment later, Yohji tore off part of his coat and wrapped the thin strip of cloth around Jei’s arm where one of the deeper wounds was. “The others will just have to wait.”

“Do you have any memories of who you are?” The first man asked. Jei looked at him, as if surprised, and then turned his eyes away again.

“I remember my name is Jei. I don’t remember anything else. I felt so cold when I woke up... so alone....” Jei hugged himself tightly.

“Hm. My name is Brad Crawford. It’s nice to meet you, Jei. Of the three of us, you’re the only one who can remember who they are at all. I wonder what’s going on here?” Brad turned to Yohji. The blonde shrugged.

“Are you okay?” A voice demanded. A brunette and a red head ran into the room at full speed, both looking worried. The first was dressed in street clothes, and the latter wore a white button-up shirt and khaki pants. They both skidded to a stop at the sight of the room. No sooner had they done that, then two chibis and an angry-looking red head ran into them from behind while also apparently following the sound of the scream. Jei blinked at the pile of young men for a moment.

“Who are you?” Yohji finally asked.


After lengthy introductions and much discussion, it was decided that something had to be done. First, someone had to find out a way out. To do that, though, they would break up and search the house. Ken, Omi, and Shuldich were to be the first team who would handle the basement and first floor. Ran, Brad, and Yohji were going up to the attic and third floor. Nagi and Farfarello were left in charge of the second floor. Once this was decided, everyone headed off without another word.


Link: Heh heh heh... So, next chapter, there will be lots of searching, shonen-ai, scary stuff, and such.

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