A moment of tranquility. Perhaps this is the calm before the storm. Whatever it is, it feels nice, and I think I'll enjoy it while I can. The sun feels warm today. I don't know why, but it always seems to be covered with clouds. Or maybe I just haven't looked up at it lately. I do miss the little pleasures I've lost since being here. Here, I feel as though I'm surrounded and yet strangely alone. No one understands, and I don't even try to understand them.

[Aya doesn't talk much, does he?]

[That's just his way.]

I wish she were here with me, by my side. She always cheered me on and gave me so much confidence. But if she was with me, I wouldn't even be here. My whole life has become a search for revenge. What will I do when I find it, and kill the man who ruined her life? It won't wake her up. It won't change anything.

[Do you think he's lonely?]

[...We all are.]

The shop will be opening soon. I suppose I should go inside, but can't seem to find the strength yet to get up. One of the others will come and get me soon anyway. I'm perfectly aware they're watching me, even if I'm trying to ignore them.

[He looks so peaceful there.]

[He's just being lazy.]

[You can hardly say that.]

Footsteps, coming closer. A sound, a slight breeze, a movement in the grass.

[Come on. We've got to open up.]

And that is the end of my tranquility. The start of another day, the same as all the others. The girls crowding outside, only a small percentage of them actually buying flowers. When they go, we can relax, but only for a moment, before we are called to do our other job. Our real work.

We are supposed to be assasins.

But when I look at the blood on my hands, all I can think is

[I am a murderer.]

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