Author's Notes: Mild blood sport and much kinkiness... beware!

The Reward

By Malfoy


"Get up!" a harsh voice rasped.

The other male flinched as the man who just spoke pulled harshly on the leash attached to the collar around the kneeling man's neck. The silver haired man pulled the leash again, harder, as he impatiently urged the red head to stand. The red head fell forward, resulting in positioning himself on his hand and knees. Farfarfello elicited a harsh laugh.

"An almost tempting position, slave," Farfarfello exclaimed, his eyes moving quickly over Schuldich's backside. "Get up, slave!"

With another strong tug of the leash, Schuldich rose to his feet. The chain link cuffs on his wrist chimed and filled the almost silent room with an almost soothing sound. Farfarfello grinned maliciously as he watched his slave.

Schuldich let his eyes wander around the room past his Master. The room was pitch black, save the moonlight that came through the window across the room and caused every thing to have a faint glow. His eyes stopped exploring when the shiny silver of his Master's jewelry came into focus. The silver hoops that hung from Farfarfello's nipples shorighrightly and drew Schuldich's attention.

Then, another shiny object caught the red head's gaze. A blade. Schuldich knew it was time to play. Their eyes met and unknowingly Schuldich got a snippet of Farfarfello's thoughts. Now, he was in trouble.

Farfarfello stepped forward and grabbed the back of Schuldich's head, taking a handful of hair. He pulled back harshly. Schuldich knew better than to protest.

A rather quiet exclamation was made when Schuldich felt Farfarfello bite down hard on his right ear lobe. The silver haired man just grunted with satisfaction and allowed the small trickle of blood he just created to flow into his mouth. He trailed his warm, wet tongue along Schuldich's neck.

"You know not to go into my mind, slave. You know I can detect it," Farfarfello reinformed the red head.

"I know, Master, I didn't mean to," he apologized.

"And you know that you can't apologize for a wrongdoing, don't you, slave?" Farfarfello placed harsh emphasis on the last word.

The silver haired man grabbed Schuldich's wrists and after a few moments, Schuldich's wrists were free from the constraints. However, the freedom didn't last long because Farfarfello ordered Schuldich to face the wall with his legs spread. That position allowed for Farfarfello to put Schuldich's wrists in the cuffs that hung from the ceiling and put his ankles in the cuffs that came up from the floor.

Schuldich hissed in pleasure when he felt Farfarfello's hands run along his back. The calloused hands sent delightful pleasure coursing through the red head's body. Suddenly, the hands were gone.

"You know the punishment for trespassing my mind. I think ten strokes will suffice, don't you, slave?" Farfarfello laughed.

"Yes, Master," the red head answered simply.

"And I don't think we should let the others know of our fun," the sadist said, putting a ball gag in his slave's mouth. "Good, slave."

Next, a faint jingling sound was heard followed by a muffled cry. When Farfarfello decided to punish by means of whip or cane, the first few strokes were never painful but as the number of lashes increased, so did the force behind the lash.

Schuldich cried out, the cold metal of the cane sending shivers through him as well as causing a sharp sting of pain with each contact. Schuldich wrapped his hands around the cuffs' chains and held them as Farfarfello continued issuing the red head's punishment.

"... nine . . . ten," the sadist counted, eliciting a loud, muffled cry from his slave. "Now, for your reward to continue . . . "

Schuldich bowed his head, contemplating the nature of this so-called reward. He'd first been required to pleasure his master which, of course, he didn't mind. He loved giving his master release whether it be by means of a blow job or use.

Second thing of the night was being required to be his Master's foot rest while he sharpened his knives. Schuldich normally didn't really mind being furniture for his Master but tonight's endless teasing was almost unbearable. A kiss signaled the end of that, sending Schuldich into pure oblivion and causing him to almost not hear his Master's command of standing.

Through the caning, Schuldich's aroused state had not wavered at all. He thought his Master knew of this and tht fht from that moment his reward would be more of a torture session. He wasn't far from the truth.

"I'm sure you're glad I made you wear your ring, aren't you, slave?" Farfarfello asked. He pressed his naked body against Schuldich's, moving his hands around to Schuldich's chest. Moving his hands down, Farfarfello moved his hands to Schuldich's erection where he tugged the ring.

Schuldich mewled quietly. He felt his cock become slightly harder and cursed the ring. He hated the ring because it showed his Master did not trust his control. Not that he had too much control especially when he was this aroused, but still . . .

The red head hissed when he felt something cold against his stomach and looked down. Even in the darkness, the blade pressed gently against his skin shown like a mirror.

"Are you ready, slave?" Farfarfello asked, his voice seemingly becoming more gentle than ever before.

Schuldich barely had time to nod his head before he felt the blade shallowly slice open the area on the back of his left shoulder. With the ball gag still in his mouth, the red head elicited muffled moans at the sensation of being cut. The area that was cut seemed to pulse and Schuldich loved it.

Farfarfello took great care to get his cuts exactly how he wanted them. He loved hearing the noises his slave made and his ego fed off them. Farfarfello worked for what seemed like hours, carving his name into the red head's back.

Small trickles of blood flowed from each separate cut, running down the red head's back like sweat. Schuldich's mewls became louder when he felt Farfarfello pause between each letter just to lick the trickling blood.

Schuldich closed his eyes tightly and waited for the sweet torture to end. Before he knew it, the gag and leash were being removed and he was being released from his restraints.

"Come here, slave. I want you to see," Farfarfello ordered and the red head turned to see his Master standing next to the mirror that stood next to the window.

Stepping forward, Schuldich admired how the moonlight encased his master, bringing a unique sense of aesthetics to the scene. Schuldich moved in front of the mirror and turned his back to it. Farfarfello removed the gag from the red head's mouth then ordered the red head to take a look at his work.

Schuldich looked over his shoulder to see his Master's name carved into his back, spread from shoulder to shoulder. The sight was so intense for the red head. As far as he knew, at the moment, this was the sign of permanent ownership.

Farfarfello moved close and moved his hands over his work. His eyes caught with the red head's in the mirror and he said simply, "I own you now and forever."

Schuldich turned his eyes away from the mirror and to Farfarfello. "Thank you, Master."

The silver haired man grinned. Not a malicious or devious grin, just a simple, normal grin. "On the bed, slave. That's where you'll be sleeping from now on."

Schuldich felt an intense rush of happiness run through him. His master was serious. They now belonged to each other for eternity.

Schuldich got on the bed, his Master following. Farfarfello, once on the bed, kissed his slave passionately. All the while, Schuldich couldn't get out of his head what he'd heard when he hacked his Master's mind. They were the words he never thought he'd hear. The three simple words . . . I love you.


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