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Weird fantasy piece for me. Farfarello/Schuldig.


By Lacey Parker


I think of your lips most often. Are they soft like they look? I dream of touching them, tracing that full lower lip with my thumb, holding your head gently to my chest, tilting it back and following my thumbís path with my tongue. Your hairÖis it soft, too? My fingers are wound through it, lightly rubbing your scalp in my fantasy. I know you can feel it- itís not painful in the least, and you moan softly at the sensation, the release of unknown held tension. On a whim, I pull away from licking your lips, as tasty soft as they are, and sniff at your snowy hair. Thereís no describing exactly what you smell like hereÖsome mix of old blood, cinnamon, musk and sanitation- that nose stinging scent that accompanies hospitals. All I can tell you is that I canít get enough of it, and I inhale again, burying my nose in your short locks. My thumb is back to tracing your lip, until you open your too sensuous mouth and it slips into the moist warm cavern. This brings my wavering focus directly to your tongueÖyour tongue, which Iíve seen so often but never felt. The way you lick your knives is positively sinful, and I envy the attention you lavish on them, the fact that theyíre the only point to enter your body.

Your tongueÖwho wouldíve thought you had that kind of skill? Well, me obviously. I donít anticipate this ever happening outside my abused mind. Since this is still my fantasy, youíre doing everything to heighten my senses- applying just the right amount of pressure, suction and teeth. Your tongue is the only thing Iíve found not soft in my dreams. Itís actually rough, catlike. I donít know. Your hands arenít soft, really, but they arenít rough like your tongue. Besides, the leather encasing them is very soft. Iíve thought about that extensively.

I glance down and grin, shifting my weight a bit. The look of utter concentration is plastered on your face. Your eye shut, but not squinting, like youíre asleep, your almost too fine eyebrows drawn together, a slight wrinkle forming between them. I look at this and laugh a little, my head coming up from your hair. Your eye opens and regards me almost questioningly. Smiling, I tell you that if you keep concentrating so hard, youíll wind up looking like Crawford. Then I look at you again and Iím lost. Helpless. Your brows rise at the look on my face. I study you for a moment longer, wishing I had a camera. Your eyebrows are raised almost to your hairline, your eye open wide, innocent and questioning. Then thereís your mouth, still wrapped around my thumb, your lips puckered and glistening. Dare I utter the words? I know what your response is going to be:

"If Iím cute, it hurts God more."

Deciding not to let Him intrude on my fantasy, I shake my head and start to pull my thumb from the heaven of your mouth. If you knew of my thoughts, Iím sure Iíd be dead, one of your knives sticking out from my throat or chest or any other of a thousand possibilities. Would you lick my blood off it, then? Could I enter you that way? Youíd have already fulfilled my deepest, darkest fantasy- you inside me. Believe it or not, I consider your knives an extension of your body. The thought is almost too much to bear, so I put it out of mind, not wanting my fantasy to end yet.

My thumb slides free of your suction-swollen lips and glides across that tempting lower lip again, this time tracing down your scar to your jaw. All your scars fascinate me. What did you feel when you cut yourself, if not pain? Was it just the cold metal slipping into your flesh, the hot blood trickling from the wound? Or was it something closer to pleasure, something that kept you vandalizing the temple of your soul that He granted you? Iím most certain that Heís responsible for it, as He is so many of your actions. Tentatively, uncertainly, I lean forward and lick the one across the bridge of your nose. Itís like any other scar, on any other body, but then againÖitís not. Itís definitely yours. I move to know the one on your cheek, the taste of you clinging to my tongue. Theyíre slick, not wet-slick, but just slick, and just a bit less soft than the rest of your flesh. A slight hollow trough in the curve of your cheek. Growing bolder, I lick at the scar on your chin, leading up to your lips. Ending that path with a kiss, my hands decide to make themselves busy and begin unbuttoning your vest. Your vest? You started this dream in your straightjacketÖperhaps this was the goal all along, to see if youíd hold me, too. And it would seem you have been- itís only now I notice the hand at my elbow, the one across my back, holding me up and against you. I pull back slightly so my hands can continue their downward travel. Freeing the last button, I ease the vest over your shoulders and marvel at the pale planes of your chest. I thought, for some reason, that since your face was so scarred, the rest of you would be, too. Itís almost a relief that I was wrong. Your scarring is beautiful, but so is your porcelain soft skin.

I contemplate your chest for a few moments, amazed that itís so muscular when it never seems as such. It really doesnít either. Iím almost shocked by this sudden change, then decide to chalk it up to my fantasy. Thereís no way you could look like that under your vest. Nobody could be that muscled and not show it. Unless you really are. In the process of taking your vest off, my hands slide down your arms, and you shiver. Are you cold, here in my realm, or is it anticipation? Either way, Iím so turned on right now, you could just touch me and Iíd be a quivering mass of orgasm. And you donít even know you have that power, do you? My hands stray from your arms and make it back to your chest, trailing lightly over the bandages on your ribs and snaking around to pull you into a hug. I imagine you stiffen, unused to gentleness or even human touch. Do you like it, then, when I run them across your back, nuzzling your shoulder and neck? I bite down, gently at first, just to see you reaction to the sudden aggressiveness. When you donít complain, I bite harder and shake a bit, trying to draw blood, to taste more of you. Do I imagine your gasp of pleasure or do you really find it so? I finally break the skin in the curve between your shoulder and neck, and blood wells up into my mouth. I suck gently, drawing more of his sweet life into me. Did you lick your blades clean after marking yourself? Did you find the taste of your own life addictive, like I do?

Too soon, I pull away from the enticing hollow of your neck and the red filled teeth marks. Your fingers are tangled in my hair, and you tug slightly, angling my head up before I can go back to the warmth emanating from the wound Iíve inflicted on you. My blue eyes meet your single gold, and I swallow the last mouthful of blood I managed to glean from you. I silently question your intentions as you bring our lips together. Your tongue invades my mouth, hot and wanting, taking the last traces of my feeding off you from me. Do you like the taste of us together? Am I soft, too? Iím finding it a heady mixture, so much, in fact, that itís only now I realize Iím topless as well. How this happened, Iím not exactly sure. I thought I was running the show. I guess not, though. Itís nice, not having to worry about anything but the feeling of it all. This is exactly what I wanted, too- someone else to take over, to be the one on top. People donít realize it, though. Sure, Iím perfectly capable of topping anyone I want to, but I like it when my partner, preferably you, takes control.

Its times like this I notice the little things: the way your right hand is tangled still in my hair, near the roots, and if you let go now, youíd come away with a few strands of my now orange-red. The way your left hand has come up my side and caressed my ribs, your thumb across and rubbing circles over my nipple, your fingers squeezing a bit. That my pants have gone the same way as my shirt: without me noticing. Your tongue withdraws, heading lower, for more sensitive flesh and you find it. Your right hand tightens almost painfully in my hair and I wince. Itís such a fine line to walk. Your left has stopped torturing my now hardened nipple and wormed itís way around behind me, supporting my frame. I love this. I hate it. Youíre the only one who can give me the right kind of pleasure, and you donít even know it. My hands have been far from idle, too. Have you even realized that your pants are hanging around your knees, caught by your belt? Probably. Now theyíre occupied by the feel of your ass, that almost flat curve, usually covered by two (three?) layers of cloth. At the first squeeze, you buck forward, your erection sliding against my own. My hands return to your shoulders as I wantonly lift myself up and wrap my legs around you bare waist, pleading silently for more, for penetration. Your lips, still so soft are kissing my neck. Iím drowning in the feeling of it all. Youíre such a contradiction: soft to touch but irrevocably harsh and abrasive, maniacal but decidedly sane.

Here, Iím already stretched and ready for you, and you know it. You slide into me in one motion, filling me with yourself. Itís indescribable, the way you feel inside me. Thereís a slight burning, I wasnít stretched anywhere near enough for you, but itís a good burning, one I hope to feel in reality. It fades quickly as you reposition to hit my prostate with each thrust of your hips, fading rapidly into pleasure. Too soon, the white fills my vision and I clamp down around you. You thrust a few more times, bringing yourself to completion, and I cling to you, boneless in the soft afterglow of orgasm. You feel so good in me, I hate to wake up. I do it, anyway. I have to greet another day.

I sit, and gradually come back to myself. I stand, pull open my curtains to see the sunrise. Itís still early, and the first rays of dawn are just peeking over the horizon. I tear my eyes away from the soft lighting of morn to put on my uniform. If I donít hurry, Iíll be late for school. My mind harkens back to my dream, and I think about it for a moment. Just once, Iíd like to be greedy, and take what I want with no worry for anyone elseís feelings, least of all Schuldigís. He doesnít care for mine, really. And I canít take what I want from Farfarello. I care too much for his feelings. I canít take what someone else wants, even if it should belong to me.

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