Reliving A... Good Thing...

By Kumaguro


Yoji wrapped a blanket around Omi’s shoulders. Ken sat next to Aya, across from Omi, where Yoji stood behind him.

“Omi, you said that you want to release yourself from your past...” Aya started.

“Yeah, I want to... forget... But first I have to remember... all of it...”

“So, you can tell us anything, then, Omi, we’re all friends here.” Yoji said as he put a hand on Omi’s shoulder.

Omi cringed, beginning to relive his horrific kidnapping.

“They... they...”

“What, Omi, just say it... The sooner you do, the sooner you can forget.” Ken comforted.

“They were... My dad wouldn’t pay my ransom... So they...” Omi stopped speaking and began to cry in his hands.

Yoji wrapped his hand around Omi’s chest and pulled him up to comfort him.

“They said that they were going to make an example of me. To show what would happen to kids whose parents wouldn’t pay.”



“One of them said he wanted to make use of me first... I didn’t understand what he meant until he stood in front of me...”

Omi cringed again. Yoji sat next to Omi and put his arm around him.

“Omi... Are you sure you want to finish?” Ken asked, sincerely.

Omi sniffled and slowly nodded his head.

“He... unzipped his pants and ungagged me... then he... put himself in my mouth... I was too scared and too tired to fight him off so I just let him push my head over him then he just held me... still and...pushed in and out... All I could do was cry and go with it...”

Aya shuddered and repositioned himself, sitting closer to Omi, seeming sincere.

“When he... was ready to... release himself, he pulled out of my mouth and did it in my face... I could hear him grunting and laughing... The other guy was laughing at me, too. Then the other one came up to me and... layed me down and started to take off my shorts... I kicked him and he hit me back... It hurt so much, I knew I didn’t want him to do it again. So I let him take them off...”

Ken noticed his breath began to get heavy, his nerves unsettling due to Omi’s storytelling. He was nervous for Omi, though his story wasn’t finished yet.

“Then he undid his pants and sat between my legs... I just... I was so scared... My body was all tense and he forced himself inside me even though it was hard for him to. And he was forcing himself in and out of my body and it hurt and all I could do was scream... Then he shot and pulled out. Then he just put my shorts back on... I hit them then I ran. I had nothing else I could do except run...”




Aya and Ken approached Omi and put their hands on his shoulders. Omi’s eyes were down and it was impossible to see them.

“You haven’t talked to anyone else about this, have you?” Aya asked.


Ken lifted Omi’s chin to look up at him.

“What can we do to comfort you?” He asked, looking deeply into Omi’s eyes.

“I...” Omi sniffed... “want to feel it again... but not feel the pain... I don’t want to be used...”

Aya placed his hand on Omi’s cheek. Omi looked at him.

“What do you want us to do?”

“I don’t know...”

Yoji pulled Omi in by the neck and kissed him on the lips. Omi went with Yoji since he was so gentle, suckling on his lips... Yoji’s tongue slowly entered Omi’s mouth and massaged his lips. Ken’s hands massaged Omi’s thighs and Aya let his hands rub up Omi’s shirt and massage his torso. Omi advanced Yoji, kissing him harder. Yoji took Omi’s hand and placed it on the bulge that was forming in his pants. Omi grabbed and massaged harder. Yoji pulled away and inhaled deeply. Omi looked down at the other boys. Ken was kissing Omi’s upper leg and Aya kissed his knee. Omi gasped of excitement. Yoji pushed Omi away enough to remove his shirt. Then Yoji pulled Omi’s chest in and kissed at his nipple. Omi moaned blissfully. Aya pulled away from Omi and removed his shirt as well. Ken was soon to follow. Aya walked up and sat one knee between Omi’s legs then held his naked torso into the youth. Yoji had since pulled away to allow Aya access to Omi and remove his own shirt. Aya kissed the trunk of Omi’s neck. Omi moaned again and was silenced by Yoji’s lips. Omi pulled away and pushed Aya up, looking at him desperately. He kissed Aya on the lips, unsure if Aya would pull away. But Aya kissed back and snaked his hands down Omi’s torso, holding him gracefully. The two let their tongues mingle until Aya slowly pulled back. Ken was next to move in on Omi, undoing the catch of his shorts. Omi gasped. Ken looked up and soothed Omi.


Ken unzipped Omi’s shorts and pulled them off of him. Yoji and Aya’s hands met across Omi’s chest. Their noses nuzzled each side of Omi’s face. Omi whined desperately. The three boys pulled away and looked at Omi sincerely, unsure of what was wrong... Omi gave himself room to move in on Yoji, undoing his pants. Yoji moaned loudly. Omi opened the older boy’s pants and reached in. Yoji inhaled strongly. Omi pulled out Yoji’s muscle, exposing it to the four boys. Yoji began panting as he watched Omi lick his lips. Omi, himself was a little nervous and took a deep breath before descending, holding Yoji in his mouth. Yoji gasped again. Omi went down and bobbed gently over his tall friend.


Omi just sucked on Yoji, pleasuring him like Yoji didn’t think he could. Yoji held Omi’s head and rubbed him as he pleased him. Then Yoji tried to remove Omi from him.

“Omi, I need to–”

Omi pulled up.

“You can let it out. Please let it out.”

Yoji still panted heavily. Omi went back down on Yoji, teasing him with his tongue. It was enough to force Yoji to release himself into Omi’s mouth. He grunted as he hit his climax. Then he fell back on the couch, panting even heavier. Omi removed himself from Yoji, swallowing the evidence.

“Omi...” Yoji started.

He took Omi’s face and pulled him in for another kiss. He slowly pulled away from the youth and put himself back into his pants. Aya and Ken advanced on Omi, pushing him back into the couch and attacking his mouth and neck with their lips. Ken ravaged Omi’s mouth and forcefully rubbed his stirring erection. Omi welcomed the massage. Aya kissed down to Omi’s chest and pulled his torso into him. Yoji kissed and licked in Omi’s ear. Omi panted and moaned loudly. He was enjoying his ordeal so much. Ken went down to kiss Omi’s neck.

“Aya...” Omi muttered.

The three boys pulled back and looked at Omi. Omi was focussed on the rose tattoo on Aya’s chest. Ken and Yoji pulled away from the couch and let Aya claim Omi’s attention. Omi leaned down and kissed the centre of the rose. Aya held Omi’s shoulders, panting lightly as Omi let his tongue trail down to the base of the stem of the tattoo. Aya’s stomach muscles cringed and Omi kissed back up to Aya’s nipple. Aya moaned.

“Omi...” Aya managed.

Omi pulled up and looked at Aya, smiling.

“Your body is so soft.”

Aya smiled. Then Omi went up and kissed him on the lips. The boys kissed and let their hands fondle each other’s chest. Then Aya pulled away, unable to contain his excitement. He was panting heavily and looking down Omi’s body. Omi grabbed the back of Aya’s neck and pulled him in for another kiss. Aya forced Omi onto his back and ravaged his mouth, his hands groping his chest and torso. The two excited each other with pleased moans and Aya began grinding Omi’s groin with his own. He did it so forcefully that he managed to get Omi to break away, desperate to release.

“Oh, Aya...” Omi panted.

Aya continued to grind hard into Omi’s erection and panted heavily while looking into the younger boy’s eyes with a crooked smile. Omi moaned loudly as he released his tension, clutching onto Aya’s forearms. Aya gasped and leaned down to suck on Omi’s neck as he continued to grind.

“Aya... You can put it inside of me.”

Aya fell on top of Omi, their naked chests plastered together.

“What did you say?” Aya asked for clarity.

“I want you to be inside of me.”

“Are you sure?”

“I wouldn’t say so if I wasn’t.”

Aya smirked and kissed Omi on the lips. Then he proceeded to remove Omi’s boxers, his fingers slowly grazing along Omi’s slender thighs. Omi shuddered. Aya pulled away and looked into Omi’s eyes.

“Bad memory?”

Omi shook his head.

“I’ve never been so naked in front of you.”

Aya fully removed Omi’s boxers and looked down at Omi’s white and flawless body. There was sticky fluid around his erection but Aya just smiled at it. He placed a hand on Omi again, pulling his torso in and kissing it.

“Aya, do it now, okay?”

Aya pulled up and undid his pants with one hand. Ken helped Aya in dropping his pants below his hips. He received no thanks as Aya’s mouth was covering Omi’s. Aya propped Omi’s hips above his waist. And moved his body in close to his.

“Omi, I’m nervous.”

“I was tested again just 2 months ago. I’m clean.”

Aya leaned down and kissed Omi before gently pushing into Omi’s willing form. Aya almost collapsed in pleasure.

“It feels good!”

“Aya!! Go all the way in!”

Aya slowly pushed himself fully into Omi’s body. The two clutched onto each other, moaning loudly, losing themselves in pleasure. Aya stroked inside of Omi, sending wave after wave of inviting sensations through their bodies. Aya nuzzled his mouth under Omi’s ear.

“Where do you want me to...”

Omi held Aya and whispered in his ear.


Aya groaned and grunted as his body arched inward of Omi. Omi grabbed Aya and ejected himself between the two of them. Aya collapsed on top of Omi. The two were panting heavily and looked into each other’s eyes. Aya leaned down and kissed Omi’s quivering lips.

“Was it good?”

Omi smiled. Then he nodded.

“I’m anxious to do it again sometime.”

Aya smiled.

“Let me know.”

Aya slowly removed himself from Omi, inciting another round of excitement for the two of them. Aya climbed down and off of Omi, kissing the tip of Omi’s stirring erection. Omi cooed. Aya crawled off the couch, leaving Omi naked and alone. Ken pulled Omi’s legs to the front of the couch, forcing him back up to a seated position. Ken kneeled between Omi’s knees.

“Is it my turn, yet?”

Omi nodded. Ken licked his lips and sucked gently on the tip of Omi’s length. Omi cooed aloud for Ken. Ken licked under Omi then took him fully in his mouth.

“It’s nice...” Omi sighed.

Ken sucked on Omi gently, teasing him with his tongue and hands.

“Ken...” Omi muttered.

Ken continued to bob on Omi, falling into a rhythm with his eyes closed. Ken would continue in that rhythm forever if he could. But Omi couldn’t handle the pleasure.

“Ken, you need to stop or I’ll...”

Ken pulled up and looked into Omi’s eyes, smiling. He held Omi’s flesh next to his cheek. He rubbed his face along it.

“I tasted you already. And I liked it. You can let it out, can’t you?” Ken seduced as he licked from Omi’s base to his tip.

Omi whined of pleasure. Ken replaced himself on Omi and the youth let himself go in Ken’s mouth. Omi groaned loudly. He was silenced by Yoji’s lips once more. Ken removed his mouth from Omi and wiped his lips with the palm of his hand.

“Ken, do you still have tension?” Aya asked.

“It’ll pass.” Ken answered bashfully.

“Ken...” Omi started, “if we get to do it, you should be allowed, too.”


Aya pulled Ken up on the couch by the arm and sat him in his lap. Omi undid the catch of Ken’s pants and Yoji attacked the zipper. Then Aya reached into them and pulled out Ken’s firm member. Ken’s head fell back into the nook of Aya’s neck. He moaned happily. Omi also put his hand on Ken, stimulating him further.

“You... whoo...” Ken panted.

Yoji assisted and teased Ken’s tip with his fingers. Ken groaned and lost himself fully in the grip of the three. He panted heavily and leaned into Omi.

“I didn’t get to kiss you yet.”

Omi leaned in and kissed Ken. The kiss was sweet and settling. The two pulled away and looked into each other’s eyes. Ken licked his lips while Omi let his glisten. Aya touched Omi’s bottom lip with his thumb, examining the wetness. Omi’s tired eyes were proof that the boys had exhausted him. Ken and Aya saw this and smiled sweetly.

“Let’s take you to bed.” Aya said.

Omi nodded and let his eyes slowly drift closed. From now on, his memory of his past would be replaced with the joy of a relived event.

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