Power Of Control

By Kumaguro


Sena ran at Toudou and grabbed his white uniform, glaring angrily. Toudou smirked and smugly looked back at the panting pit of rage in front of him.

“Let go of me.”

“How dare you–”

Sena couldn’t finish as he was thrown into the wall behind the elite student. Toudou covered Sena’s body with his own. Sena tried to struggle but Toudou grabbed his wrists.

“You shouldn’t have interfered.”

“What you’re doing is wrong.”

“What’s wrong with creating a perfect society for the future?”

“Don’t play with me. You’ll be stopped.”

“Are you going to stop me?”



“Because I know... what you’re capable of.”

Sena sucked through his teeth as he felt Toudou blowing under his ear.

“Don’t say a word.” Toudou whispered as he began kissing down Sena’s neck.

Sena silently groaned and closed his eyes, reluctantly accepting his new rival’s caresses.

“If you so much as push me away, I’ll have you eliminated.” Was the next whisper from Toudou.

Sena gasped. Toudou shifted his hands from Sena’s wrists to Sena’s waist. Sena’s hands reached for Toudou’s but he couldn’t remove them at the risk of Toudou following through on his threat. The black-haired boy kissed down to front of the brunette’s neck as his hands opened the front of Sena’s pants. Toudou breathed heavily down the front of Sena’s shirt.


“Hmm?” Toudou replied, licking the crevice of Sena’s neck.

“Please don’t.”

Toudou stood up and made eye contact with the scared young man. Toudou’s brown eyes flickered gold in the light.

“Baka... I don’t care what you want. You will accept what I do to you and you will keep quiet about it or I will remove you from this school permanently.”

Sena’s blue eyes sunk into their deep violet colour. He’d never been so fearful. Toudou pulled Sena’s mouth in from the back of his neck and kissed the side of his lip. Then he pulled away and trailed his hand down the front of Sena’s body until he was on his knees. He looked up at Sena’s nervous, panting face. Toudou smiled and tore open the front of Sena’s pants. Sena fell completely into the wall behind him, gasping loudly.

“Shh...shh... Hush... Just accept it.”

Toudou used his index fingers and eased down Sena’s boxers, exposing a well-circulated piece. Toudou licked his lips then held Sena’s piece between his thumb and forefinger. He licked the head of Sena’s organ, throwing the brunette into the wall with anxiety. Sena sighed and gasped, trying to avoid the contact of Toudou’s tongue. Toudou chuckled and moved in closer to the panting young man. He licked again then opened his mouth to take Sena in fully.

“Toudou-sama... Please... Don’t...”

Toudou looked up at Sena, smirking.

“Don’t reject me. Or you’ll regret it.”

Toudou seduced Sena’s piece into his mouth, slowly, licking the bottom until Sena was completely in his mouth. Sena moaned loudly, yet reluctantly. Toudou sucked gently and pulled his head back and forth over the gasping mess above him.

“Toudou– I– ung!”

Toudou sucked Sena off and looked at him, licking his lips.


“I’m afraid I’ll... I’ll...”

“I don’t want to get any on my uniform. So make sure you get it all in my mouth.”

Toudou didn’t waste any more time and went back on Sena. Sena screamed and ejected inside of Toudou’s mouth just as he asked. He grunted and fell further into the wall until he couldn’t release himself anymore. He gasped and panted until Toudou finally got off of him and stood up. The two looked into each other’s eyes as Toudou put Sena back into his boxers and redid his pants. Sena watched Toudou swallow and clean his teeth with his tongue.


“Why not?”

Sena leaned in and kissed Toudou on the lips. Toudou accepted the kiss and softly joined him. They pulled away, gazing into each other’s eyes, almost lovingly. Toudou smiled.

“I’ll be calling for you.”


Toudou opened the door next to Sena and walked through it.

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