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By Link621


We're not so different as you like to think. Looking into chocolate eyes, I know that you've come to accept it. That doesn't mean you don't hate it. You insist on getting hot headed about everything.

Similarity number one, right there.

Not to mention, how worked up you get about your little kitten.

And there's number two.

I think I noticed it sometime before Takatori's death. I'd begun to notice the little things that made it hard to discern between Weiss and Shwartz. After all, we all kill, none of us have our sanity, and everyone dies. Not just that, though. Abyssian and Crawford are sometimes so alike it is scary. Stoic, strong, and to the end leaders of their friends. Little Ranny- poo would do anything for that sister of his, which wouldn't be expected from the redhead. Similarly, Crawford would actually sacrifice for any member of Shwartz without thinking twice, even though he may seem to have no heart.

I love him for it. I hate him for it. I can't tell where you stand with Abyssian.

Then, we have Nagi and Bombay. Don't even get me started on those two. I swear, they are two sides of the same coin; like the light and dark sides of the moon. Both were hurt terribly and seek revenge on those who would ruin their lives. Both are far too young to live with this burden. The only difference, your little lover likes to act. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I know about your little love affair. That isn't important, though.

Speaking of love affairs, Nagi clings to Tot in the way Omi clings to you, if you want another comparison. I can tell you are all that holds Omi's sanity in place anymore, and possibly visa versa. I can feel it almost radiating off you at any moment.

You stayed with Omi, you live with Omi, and you'll die for Omi. My feelings for Crawford have already killed me. It is the shell of the man I once was who is now able to face you as a friend.

Which brings me to Yohji and Farfarello. I once believed myself to be very much so like Yohji. He shares my carefree attitude and slight affinity for sleeping around. It wasn't until looking at it in retrospective that I realized I was just careless. I'm really nothing like Yohji. He feels the pain of love lost by his own hands more than once. He hides in a mask of womanizing to protect himself from the careful observations of his friends. Much like Farfarello, he seeks annexation from his own mind, but is often left to his own devices. Yohji is masterfully kept from being as insane as Farfarello by his simplicity. In reality, Farfarello is a prodigy. He drives himself further and further into the depths of insanity by simply thinking things that many would never understand. He is alone in the world, much like the eldest of your litter of kittens.

You once told me that the girls at the shop liked to refer to you as the weather. Ran, like Crawford, is the snow; beautiful but cold, and quietly lulling you to your death within peaceful slumber. Farfarello and Yohji are the wind: blowing over everything in a rush, only leaving a brief impression before rushing off again in an attempt to be free of their troubles. Omi and Nagi are the clear skies of the day and night like the sun and moon. Giving light to all around them, while secretly slowly dying, just to bounce back at the next dawn or dusk.

You and I, Ken, we are the rain.

Cool and refreshing on a warm day, or chilling on a cold late winter's noon. Sometimes quietly looming little gray storm clouds, and other times violently crashing down to the Earth in a display of light and booming sound. We bring death and then new life, always leaving behind a trace of color in the bright blue sky as a symbol of hope.

You and I, we aren't that different, after all.

I can love, Ken. I can also hate. You've shown me that in this world we live in, extremes of every emotion are still present. I see in your mind, in your heart, that you have no restraint on what you feel. You are the first person I've met to date that shares my lack of control of emotions, only yours are all your own. You and I, we had easy pasts. I was unfortunate to be plagued by these outside thoughts that drove me to the brink of insanity, and you were betrayed by your best friend. Otherwise, we'd be the normal ones of the group. I guess we are, really. As crazy as that sounds, I think we really are the only ones left with hope and faith in anything.

Farfarello lost faith in god. Yohji lost faith in love. Omi lost faith in family. Ran lost faith in himself. Nagi lost faith in people. Crawford lost faith in truth. You and I, we still have hope for something. You should have lost your faith in friendship, but it goes on, almost to your destruction. I should have lost hope for everything, but I still have faith in many, many things; including love-the one thing I'll most likely never feel reciprocated.

You, Ken; you were the one who showed me all of this. You taught me more about myself than my many years have.

I hate you for it. I love you for it.

Facing you now, facing a real smile of edgy but true friendship, I laugh.

The differences between you and I... I hardly see them anymore....



Author's Notes: I wrote this at 2:30 in the morning, so you will have to forgive the randomness of the whole thing. It is slightly based off my belief that each Weiss member does have a complimenting Shwartz member, but I just don't see the whole Yotan/Shushu thing. Feel free to argue with me. Anyway, I hope you liked this. Peace, everyone, and thanks for reading.

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