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Warning: This idea was conceived in the STRANGEST manner. It had to do with my Physics class (a real source of inspiration) and a hot soccer player I know (who I happen to be in love with) and a friend of mine who had me thinking about Weiß Kreuz in the first place. This is a yaoi, it will contain Yohji (I think we all know what that means), and some harsh language.

Author's Notes: This has humor at the beginning, but PLEASE don't read this if you want a happy ending. Sorry, Omi/Ken fans, I sorta lost it at the end...

Gott Nur Weiß

By Link621


~~ In Physics Class.... ~~

Omi stared blankly at the teacher. She was talking about the four fundamental forces and nuclear fusion, and really a whole bunch of other stuff that was enough to make Omi, the genius he was, want to transfer to Biology and dissect frogs, or anything but talk about the sun. When class was finally over, Omi came to realize he had learned just about nothing in the class, and that there were twenty-seven black dots on the ceiling from a Chemistry class gone bad. That was when Omi began to feel lucky that Yohji was good at Physics.

As Omi left school, he passed the field where the soccer club practiced, and was met with a surprise. Standing amongst the boys playing soccer was none-other than Hidaka Ken, soccer extrodinaire. He was grinning like an idiot, giving instructions to his defenders right up until the last two seconds of the game when the other team shot, and Ken made a beautiful save by sacrificing his body and taking the ball into his stomach as he fell. The girls who had been slowly gathering around all cooed in awe. "Hidaka-san is SO wonderful!" one exclaimed, apparently melting into her socks.

"Hidaka... san..." Omi trailed off.

"Didn't you know?" One of his female classmates asked him. "Hidaka is supposedly a nineteen-year-old soccer prodigy that is the new assistant coach for the boy's soccer club. Isn't he just amazing? I really don't understand why he isn't playing professionally!" The girl got stars in her eyes. "I would love to meet him!" She let out a happy sigh like she was about to faint.

"Um... he isn't that interesting really. He is really nice, but his most defining feature is he never forgives anyone for doing something to hurt someone else. He is very passionate..." Omi realized he was muttering to himself and shut up. Little did he know, the damage had already been done.

"YOU know Hidaka-san?" The girl exclaimed in surprise.

"Um... he works at the flower shop with Aya-kun, Yohji-kun, and me..."

"You're his friend!" The girl suddenly looked stunned. "Will you introduce us?" The girl's eyes shimmered with pure glee.

"Um... I don't even know if he'll..."

"Omi!" A voice yelled. Of course, it was Ken. Omi sweat dropped, slowly turning to face Ken. The boy wore a pair of green Adidas shorts and a loose white t-shirt that said "soccer-player by birth, goalie by the grace of god" on it in big blue letters. "Omi, are classes already over?"

"E-Eh..." Omi nearly slapped his forehead. Ken was such an idiot. "Ken-kun, why didn't you tell me you were going to start working at my school?" Omi put a hand on his hip to mock an upset look. "Don't you think that is information I might like to know?"

Ken smiled. "Let me go get my gym bag. We can argue about this at the shop, okay?" Ken glanced at the girl and winked at her before jogging off toward the locker room. Bless his heart, he tripped a little on the pavement, awkward in his cleats. Omi smiled sadly. He really was an idiot.

The girl beside him laughed. "You should tell him," she said. Omi looked back at her. "I know that all the girls around here will be sad, but you two look so happy." She blew Omi a mock kiss. "I think he might just feel the same as you do, blondie."

As the girl left his side, Omi couldn't help but wonder what she'd meant by her last few remarks. She did sound rather like Yohji, though. With a confused sigh, Omi began the long walk back to work.


~~ In the flower shop ~~

Aya took another sip of tea from his mug ignoring Yohji entirely. "C'mon, man! Don't you even want one night off?" Yohji sighed. "You are so hopeless, you know that? I will get you to go clubbing with me one of these days! Seriously, man, you need to get some-or something." Yohji slumped into his chair again. "All the pretty women... do you know how many hot chicks I might be missing right now because you 'don't want to leave work'?"

Aya calmly sipped his tea.

"Yare, yare," muttered Yohji.

The bells on the door rang, signaling a new customer. Yohji began to get excited, hoping it would be a leggy brunette, or maybe a wild redhead... but it was Ken, getting back from his little coaching job. Ken ditched his bright green Adidas bag by the stairs and yawned. "Man, what a day. Three deliveries, including a wedding, soccer practice, and I saw Omi. I think I'll go watch TV." Ken proceeded to head toward the stairwell that led down into the base of operations.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?" Yohji grabbed Ken's jacket by the collar and yanked. "You can't just leave us up here high and dry! We've been working all day, you know?"

"You just want me to stay up here and attract customers with my pretty face!" Ken smiled victoriously. Aya took a sip of his tea.

Yohji frowned. "If it weren't for the fact you were right, I would scold you further."

"Yohji!" Omi ran up into the room from downstairs holding a physics text in one hand and a pencil in the other. "Please, PLEASE, help me with my Physics homework? I didn't understand the lecture on the sun at all!" Omi pouted, pulling the book to his chest. "You were always good at science, so..."

"Sure, I'm always willing to help out a friend in distress!" Yohji blurted out.

"First time I've ever seen you do it without getting some on the other end of the deal," Ken commented. Aya took another sip of his tea and rolled his neck, looking peaceful.

"What was that?! I don't give away my brains for sex!" Yohji growled in response. "It isn't MY fault women find me irresistible!"

"It's because you don't wear enough clothing!"

"At least I have fashion sense!"

"At lease I don't correct my friends' style, you vulture!"


Omi sweat dropped. "Guys, guys, how about we just go downstairs, okay?"

"Whatever," Yohji muttered, brushing past Ken.

"Hai, hai," Ken growled, following Yohji.

"Are you coming too, Aya?" Omi looked expectantly upon the gorgeous boy who sat at the table with his eyes closed in what looked to be a state of absolute peace. His blood-red hair fell around his face in wisps that fit into the look of bliss perfectly. Omi had to admit, waiting for his response gave him a chance to gaze upon the other boy, and he could do that all day.

Half a minute passed with no response. Finally, Aya raised his mug to his lips and took a sip of tea. That was when Omi decided it was time to go.


~~ Downstairs... ~~

Omi was staring at Ken, Yohji could tell. The other boy was laying on the couch with no shirt looking just like a playgirl centerfold while Yohji was trying to tell Omi all about the sun. Yohji, to see if he had Omi's attention, continued to explain, throwing in some innuendoes. "... And there are no e- on the atoms because they were stripped off at a high speed when in the excited state in the super-hot core of the sun." Omi drooled a little. As Yohji thought, electrons DO equal clothes to a horny teenage boy.

"That makes PERFECT sense..." Omi commented like a zombie. Yohji followed his gaze to the hip where Ken's warm-ups had slipped a little, exposing even more of his beautiful naturally-tanned skin.

"So, back to the creation theory stuff you wanted to review... Let's make a list of some things that a creation theory would need to explain... So, gravity, for one." Yohji wrote that down on his notepad.

"God," Ken added jokingly.

"Yes, you are," Yohji heard the drooling Omi mutter under his breath. How did the boy NOT see that he was so attracted to Ken, anyway?

"The space between planets and stars," Yohji added.

"Aya," Ken commented, again, jokingly. Ken and Yohji enjoyed a laugh.

"I heard my name?" Aya was just then coming down the stairs. Yohji couldn't help but smile. The store must've been closed for the night for Aya to come down. Naturally, though, he came down right as his name was mentioned.

"Apparently you are a phenomenon that we would need to explain if we created our own universal creation theory." the recovered Omi explained to Aya with a smile. Aya, bless his heart, cracked a small smile before going over and sitting on the chair Ken was flopped across.

"Ack! I'm sitting here, you know?!" Ken growled.

"I am too." Aya looked at Ken, and for a moment, something passed in between their eyes that someone not present at the time couldn't even begin to understand. There was some sort of spark between the violet and the royal blue that left both of them with a vulnerable look on their face before recovering almost instantly.

Yohji felt his lips curve into a wicked smile. If his eyes did not deceive him, there might be something there between Ken and Aya. Not only that, but he knew that Omi wanted Ken physically and that he loved him. On top of all that, there was always Sakura-chan... "Well, at least you look comfortable."

Ken put his arms around Aya's waist and pulled against him as if the redhead were a giant teddy bear. "Yes, I am, and don't even think of making him move." Ken gave a mock-threatening face. Yohji now couldn't control the laughter. He had seen that scene before, only not surrounded by humor...

"I can't help it, Yohji. It isn't like I can choose who I love or not. Sometimes, I begin to think it isn't hopeless... when he gives me that look..." "Huh? I've never seen a special look for you." "When I sit in his favorite chair." Ken put two fingers to his lips. "His eyes widen a little and he almost smiles. Then, of course, we argue over the chair. But that look, it is just for me." "Ken, everyone likes that chair best..." "Sometimes he just stops arguing and sits in the chair with me." Yohji felt his eyes go wide. "It is really hard, as you can imagine, to sit there, looking at him. I always want to scoop him up in my arms and just hold him against me. I find myself wondering if he'd object..."

Well, he didn't. Or, if he did, he wasn't saying anything about it. Yohji glanced over at Omi who was looking fairly cross. He was holding his pencil tightly in his fist with no apparent intention of letting up before it snapped. When it did break in two, he simply threw the two broken pieces to the table and stood. "I have a history test tomorrow. If you guys don't mind, I'm gonna go study for that." Omi left to go to his room, presumably.

"Hm, what an emotional kid." Yohji shrugged.

Ken frowned. He pushed away from Aya, who ended up with his face in the arm of the chair, and stood. "I'm gonna go check on him. At very least, I can help him study." Ken disappeared in the direction Omi had exited in. Aya slowly lifted his face from the chair cursing quietly at the space Ken had occupied a moment before.

"You think Ken likes Omi?" Yohji light a cigarette, and glanced at Aya. "Or do you think Omi is caught in a one-sided love?" Yohji's voice was teasing until he caught sight of Aya's eyes. The redhead looked betrayed. "Oi, Aya-kun, what's wrong?"

"He usually means what he says," Aya explained, "Unlike you." Not that it was much of an explanation. He stood, looking like he could growl, and grabbed his coat. "I'm going out. I don't know when I'll get home." He turned to go up the stairs.

"Wait! I spent hours trying to convince you to do just that! Aren't you going to invite me with you?" Yohji threw Aya a teasing smile.

"No," Aya replied and walked out. Yohji fell over.

"Yare, yare."


~~ In the hallway outside Omi's room ~~

Ken lifted his hand to knock, but it fell back to his side quickly. "I can't just go in there, can I?" Ken thought about it. Omi seemed pretty upset, and teenagers didn't respond well if they were upset and adults came "just to talk". Though, "adult" was being used rather loosely when applied to Ken.

Ken frowned. It really shouldn't have been so hard to just knock on the door. He set his jaw and rapped on the door lightly. "Omi? It's Ken. Can we talk?"

"Door's open." A voice came weakly back. That was better than being out right rejected, at least. Ken took the invitation, opening the door and walking into the dark room. The only light sat around Omi like a halo from his circular desk light. He was leaned over his History book, as if he'd just raised his head off the book.

"History was my best subject, if you need any help," Ken told Omi sweetly. Omi just looked back at him blankly. He looked like he felt too angry to act angry. He whispered, "I think I'll be fine on my own." He added a moment later, "I don't care if you wanna stay or go, but please shut the door either way."

Ken nodded, shutting the door behind him. He walked across the carpeted floor to the unmade bed and sat on it to look directly at Omi's back in their current positions. "In that case, can I just talk to you?" Ken tried to sound as innocent as possible. It was so hard working with people Omi's age.

"What's your motivation?"

"I like talking to you."

"Bull shit."

"Omi..." Ken sighed. This was going to be very difficult. "Did I upset you tonight?"

There was a long pause after Ken spoke. When Omi finally did look up at Ken, there was fury in his eyes. "Oh? You mean that little fluffy-hug- session with Aya? No, that didn't bother me at all! Now, if you've just come to make me feel like shit, this is the part where you just go the fuck away!" Typical teenage reaction in a nutshell.

Ken considered commenting on Omi's language, but decided that would only piss the boy off more. "Omi, I didn't realize that bothered you, I'm sorry." Ken hung his head. "I was so happy, but I didn't even think about your feelings, or those of Yohji and Aya. I'll be more considerate in the future."

Omi's eyes hadn't even wavered toward the direction of calm. "You like him, or something?"

Ken felt heat rising to his cheeks. Did he like Aya? Well-yes, basically. He found Aya very attractive, and something about his quiet charisma entranced Ken. Was he someone that Ken could see him self with for a long period of time? No, not really. But if even for a moment, he liked the idea of being with Aya. Being Aya's. "Omi, I don't know how to explain. I do like Aya, very much so in fact, but I don't want that coming in between us guys-as coworkers or as friends."

Omi's eyes filled with tears, and Ken couldn't even begin to comprehend why. "Fuck you, Ken," Omi whispered. He slammed a fist against his desk. "You have no idea how long I have been holding back. I wouldn't even admit it to myself..." Omi stood, walking briskly to Ken, and put his hands on either of Ken's shoulders. "I have been watching you all this time, and you haven't even noticed me. All this time..." Omi broke down, putting his face against Ken's bare chest. The warm tears slid down Ken's chest in random patterns that went ignored.

"Omi," Ken took Omi in his arms, pulling the boy down to him. "Omi, please don't cry." Ken was trying not to cry himself. Yes, he did like Aya a lot. But he did not love Aya. The one he loved was Omi, but the boy had always been off-limits until just a moment ago.

"Fuck you, Ken," Omi whispered again. This time, his voice was very weak. One of his arms lightly punched Ken's shoulder repeatedly. Omi remained crying like that for a few minutes, in Ken's arms, and neither of them said a word. Finally, Omi quieted. He had drifted to sleep.

Ken smiled sadly, looking down on that angelic face. "I love you, Omi," he whispered. He leaned over and kissed the path of one of Omi's tears. Ken proceeded to gently put Omi in his bed. "God only knows what I'd do for you," the boy continued. "That is why this is for the best." Ken walked to the door. "I'm sorry, Omi." Ken closed the door behind him when he left. It was the least he could do.

~~ Owari ~~


Link: *maniacal laughter* I wrote a sad story! Finally!

Ken: ...

Omi: *snore*

Aya: *Sips tea*

Yohji: But, what have you really accomplished?

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