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By Link261


~~~ Bouquet 1 ~~~

Omi rolled over in his bed to groggily face the bedside table. On it was a bouquet of flowers, camellia, of every color they came in. The oddball of the bouquet was the dwarf sunflower somewhat randomly placed just in the center of the flowers. Omi, at first, in his reverie, did not even find this strange. Then, reality began to come back to him and he realized that there were flowers on his bedside table most likely for him. Omi shot up, looking at the flowers analytically. Pink camellia for longing, red and blue camellia both for passion, white camellia for adoration, and then the person had put in a dwarf sunflower to show they were a devout admirer. It would seem like the perfect coincidence were it not for the fact that the sender had to be someone in Weiss. Someone in Weiss?

Omi blushed furiously, drawing the blanket up over himself farther. There was simply NO WAY that any of the boys had sent it. It was almost the kind of thing that Aya would do, but it was Aya, so Omi ruled him out. Yohji wouldn't want to go to all the trouble, so he was easily ruled out. And Ken... Omi would like to think it was Ken, but he had been so busy for the past few weeks that Omi found it hard to believe that he would take the time to actually do something like make Omi a bouquet. Omi, shaking, pushed himself out of bed, feeling his feet hit the hard wood floor with a little complaint. Standing all day at the flower shop was trying on young feet.

Omi took one last glance at the flowers as he went through his morning routine, deciding that things would reveal themselves soon enough and that there was no reason to worry. With this sentiment in his heart he made his way up to the kitchen to get some breakfast. In the kitchen, looking more energetic than usual, was Ken, Omi's friend and object-of-drool for several years. Ken turned to Omi with a cup of coffee in hand and said, "Morning! Did you sleep well, Omi?" Omi loved the way his name sounded from Ken's lips.

"Eh," Omi replied, stealing Ken's cup for a sip of coffee. Ken looked amused, biting a piece off of his toast and chewing with a smile. Omi sighed happily as he felt the warm liquid slide down to his stomach. "Are you working open with me today, Ken-kun?"

"Nope. Soccer obligation," Ken replied simply. "My boys have a tournament today, so I'll be home kind of late." Ken stole his coffee mug back, much to Omi's disappointment, and finished off the rest in one gulp. He then flashed Omi a grin. "I think we'll win, though, so I'm fine with this." Ken ruffled Omi's still somewhat damp hair and said, "Good luck opening with Aya. He can be such a vulture. He was already getting ready to open when I went in there." Ken slung a duffel over his shoulder from its resting place on the floor and left the room. Omi watched him go, frowning the whole way.

"Good luck to you, too, Ken-kun..." Omi whispered when he was sure Ken was gone. He hoped the flowers were from Ken, but it seemed too fruitless to even believe.


~~~ Bouquet 2 ~~~

It was nearing close at the shop, and Omi had just returned from a delivery when Aya left. He said he needed time alone, most likely something to do with finding Aya-chan, and left a bit flustered. That left Omi and Yohji alone in the shop on a horribly slow day. Omi was working on an arrangement for delivery the next morning when Yohji casually put and arm around the younger boy's shoulders. "Omi, you are so gloomy today. Wanna tell me what's wrong?"

"Yohji..." Omi sighed. "Not now, Yohji."

"Is it a girl?" Omi shook his head. "Fine then, a boy?" Omi blushed profusely to this, drawing lazy laughter from his playboy of a friend. "I see. I thought that might be it. Lemme guess... Ken-kun?" Omi now turned around fully to face Yohji. His eyes were filled with disbelief, and he knew his jaw was slack. "It's really quite obvious, you know."

"Aya and Ken know?" Omi asked dumbly.

"I said it was quite obvious, not obvious for the observationally impaired." Yohji laughed, and Omi offered only a nervous snicker. In that moment, Ken entered the flower shop with a huge grin.

"We took first place!" He announced. Then he took a moment to observe the positions of Yohji and Omi and one of his eyebrows shot up. "I'm sorry... Am I interrupting something?" The question was directed right at Yohji, for some reason. Omi looked at the other blonde to see he was giving Ken a bit of a sour smile.

"No problem, Ken-kun. I'm glad to hear the tournament went well," Omi said enthusiastically, drawing Ken's attention away from Yohji. "You must be really proud," the younger boy added after a moment.

Ken chuckled. "I suppose I am." His eyes went a little more serious, and he hefted his duffel again as if it were getting heavy. "Well, anyway, I'm all sweaty now, so I'm gonna go take a shower. You better behave, you guys," Ken added with a wink to Yohji. Was it possible Yohji liked Omi and Ken knew and.... Nah.

As soon as Ken was gone, Yohji put his lips almost against Omi's ear. "Can you imagine that?" he asked wickedly. "Ken running down the soccer field with sweat dripping down his flat stomach and sculpted back. His hair wildly blowing in the wind in some places, and clinging damply to his tanned skin in others...."

"Yohji... SERIOUSLY...." Omi went back to he bouquet, trying to ignore what Yohji was saying.

"Now he's in the shower, letting that hot water splash over his smooth muscled skin. He'll turn his head up to the shower head and sigh deeply as the water pours over his lightly tanned face. Moaning, he uses the water to massage his sore back from hours of practice. Water beads trail down his chest and flat stomach in erratic patterns, finally reaching his groin and...."

"Enough!" Omi cried helplessly. "You finish this! I'm turning in early!" Omi stormed away from Yohji, not bothering to hide his wild blush, and made his way to his room. For the love of everything right, Yohji just did not know any limits!

Omi threw open his door just to be met with another surprise. A new bouquet of flowers rested on his computer desk. It was an equally mismatched bouquet, but it had an equally deep meaning. Astilbe for waiting and two flowers that meant desire for returned affections. One was white jasmine, a symbol of energy as well. The other, and most disturbing of all the flowers, was the daffodil. Not a gold daffodil, but just a regular old one that happened to mean passionate and almost violent desire for reciprocation. One slender hand went to Omi's mouth, gazing upon the flowers. This just kept getting stranger.


~~~ Bouquet 3 ~~~

All through school the next day, Omi couldn't concentrate on anything but the flowers. Could it have been Aya? He DID leave mysteriously... he would have had the chance. Then, there was Yohji, who was still downstairs when Omi left for work, and could have conceivably taken the time to put them there. Not only that, but he had been suspicious at work. Then there was Ken. He went to take a shower, and could have easily put the flowers there. Shit, it didn't make sense.

Omi meandered into the flower shop that afternoon with even less enthusiasm than normal. Aya and Yohji were both in the shop, but Ken was nowhere to be seen. Aya was, of course, yelling at people for loitering while Yohji was laying some charm on the first actual of-age customer they'd had in ages. Omi walked past them, with the intent of escaping work for homework, and was stopped by a thin pale hand on his arm. He looked up to see very intense violet eyes gazing back at him. "Aya-kun...."

"Omi, Ken wanted to see you before you got started on your homework. He is in the greenhouse." After that, Aya released Omi's arm, and went back to work. Omi blinked a couple times, shrugged it off, and went to the green house as instructed.

Ken was caring for one of the fruit trees when Omi laid eyes upon him. He was beautiful in a way Omi could never hope to compare to. And, Yohji had been right about one thing: the sweat that gently trailed down his bare back was nothing short of erotic. His shirt was discarded, and covering something lumpy near his feet. His legs were covered in a pair of cargo khaki shorts that showed off his perfect soccer-trained calves. Omi was drooling, almost literally. It took two tries to say, "Ken-kun...."

The brunette jumped a little in surprise. "Oh, Omi," he said, turning to show off his nicely sculpted chest. "Did Aya send you in here?" Omi nodded briefly, winning a smile in return. "Great. I have something for you." Ken went to his shirt, and lifted it, shielding with his body so Omi couldn't see what he was getting. When he turned, Omi's world fell apart.

Ken was holding a bouquet of fairly mismatched flowers in a nice little woven basket. He walked over to Omi, placing the flowers in Omi's care, and left the younger boy, stunned beyond belief, alone in the greenhouse. Omi slowly looked down at the bouquet he held and identified the three types of flowers instantly. There were gardenias and canterbury bells that had been lightly sprinkled with mimosa blossom; all of which stood for secret love.

Omi swore he could feel time stop as his heart skipped a beat. Ken, the boy he'd loved for so long, was the one expressing interest through flowers? After another moment of recovery, Omi smiled wickedly. Two could play that game.


~~~ Bouquet 4 ~~~

Ken and Omi didn't see one another for the rest of the evening. Ken went off to soccer practice, and Omi worked the rest of the night, so Ken wasn't able to really ever know what Omi's reaction was. Ken was just hoping that Omi was completely appalled with Ken for what he did. Yohji, if he knew, would likely find the predicament amusing. But, that was Yohji, and Omi was the problem.

After a long hot shower, and his nightly stretching, Ken returned to his room. As soon as he did, he was met with the sight of a lovely and soft bouquet placed nicely in a basket with ribbons sitting upon his bed. Inside were lovely plants that Ken had to congratulate Omi for. They actually coordinated while giving him a message, unlike Ken's arrangements. First, there was ambrosia, which was a sign of reciprocation. Next, there were apricot blossoms and red columbines, which told Ken that Omi was timid in his feelings, and still shaking. But the final flower was what really got to Ken. Soft peach blossoms scattered themselves among the other flowers.

"I'm yours," Ken whispered, naming the meaning of the final plant, and grinned ear-to-ear.


~~~ Bouquet 5 ~~~

The next morning, Ken was surprised to find Omi up earlier than usual. Aya and Ken were working to open shop when Omi bounded in like it was the best day of his life. Ken had to admit, he understood why. Ken said brightly, "Good morning, Omi."

"Morning Ken-kun, Aya-kun!" Omi bounded right up to Ken. "Did you finish my flowers yet? I am on flower duty today, after all!" His bright blue eyes were enough to make Ken's resolve melt.

"Yes, damn you," Ken replied with good humor. He handed Omi a single viscaria bloom wrapped with nearly a dozen white violets. Ken had to hope Omi would understand their meaning. When combined, Ken was saying with flowers, "Take a chance and dance with me." Ken shot a cautious glance at Aya as he handed Omi the flowers, but the redhead was not paying any attention.

"In that case, Ken-kun, I have a flower for you, too!" From a nearby display, Omi grabbed a single bright red carnation, and a single white carnation with pink stripes on the ends of the petals. In the language of flowers, these were "yes" and "no" indicators, and Ken did not miss that. Omi held both up to his face and said teasingly, "Now... you only get ONE." Ken nodded, hoping Omi would give him the one he wanted more than anything else in the world.

Time stood still, looking into one another's eyes. Finally, Omi held forth the red one, instantly sending Ken into pure bliss. Omi and Ken both had tears in their eyes. Without a word, Omi made his way out of the store to head to school. Ken held the flower to his lips, gently caressing the skin there with the soft petals. "Omi..." he whispered.

Aya finally looked up, looking curious. "Hm?" He wondered, "Did I miss something?"

~~~ Owari ~~~


Author's Notes: I really don't know what this is... It came from nowhere. Anyway, I thought of the idea after just looking at a list of plants with their meanings for a good hour or so until I could make the perfect combinations. Um... that really wasn't much of a mystery, huh? Well, in any case, thanks for reading.

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