summary: why it can never be so, but we keep on wishing anyways. because there's no need for me... without you. -kenren x ???- -kenren POV- -drabble- -one-shot-

Happily Ever After

By kora


I don't believe in love, because it wasn't real. I couldn't touch it, and anything intangible was always beyond my grasp. Material things may be superficial, but when you go to sleep at night, you have something physically to hold onto.

You couldn't hold on to love. It slipped through your fingers and painted your soul black when it was unfulfilled. It twisted your heart and wretched it until you bleed. Love was something that the Heavens didn't allow.

It should be that way.

I don't believe in following the rules they have in this so-called paradise. Gods were perfect beings. We shouldn't need rules to make sure our behaviour is 'flawless'. We are gods, we are perfect and flawless. We are the envy of humans and the hate of youkai.

But youkai had freedom. We do not. Is this something to give up when we were created perfectly? If so, then this feeling of hatred and envy should not be in us, us Gods. We shouldn't have to be jealous.

We shouldn't.

I don't believe in happily ever after. In this so-called paradise, it doesn't allow for there to ever be one. I don't believe in love, because the rules restrict us so. I don't believe in love, because you are tangible, and love is not.

I believe in you, because you are not perfection.

I believe in you, because you allow me to do so.

I believe in you....

... because I can hold you at night, and whisper these thoughts to you.




i had originally intended this to be kenren talking about goujun, but i didn't specifiy, so it could be anyone, really... so take your pick out of the gaiden cast!

love? hate? i don't care, but feedback is nice -heart- R & R, please!

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