summary: why is that no-one ever notices them? is it because they refuse to, or because they too, secretly wish it was them? why is it that you have to be the way you are...?


By kora


He thinks it's endearing when I glare at him, when I give him that disapproving glance. He thinks I'm in love with him. He is a fool.

A kiss doesn't mean I've given my sanity to him. It doesn't mean I've given him my heart, my soul, or anything of the sort. A kiss is a kiss.

But he says that I've taken his mind. Because he says all he ever thinks about is me.

He is a fool.

It's in the corridors that he pins me down and gives me those chaste kisses, the ones that remind me of a human's first love, and the first spring rain, when the falling droplets wash away the dirt and corruption of the world.

Because he washes away all of me. All I ever think about is how he tangles his long fingers into my hair, or how his eyes glow with something I don't understand, and god help me if he thinks I've fallen in love with him. Because if he did, then he is...

... a fool.

The Marshal has noticed it, because when we arrive at the meetings, my uniform is ruffled, as is his, but it was expected.

The teeth marks on my neck weren't.

It was raining, a phenomanom in the Heavens, because the weather was always beautiful. He appeared outside of my estate, soaking wet with a smell of alcohol clinging to his lips.

It was interesting, his hands seemed to be more skillfull when he was drunk. My clothing was quickly discarded in the corner, rushed and still-warm when he had fallen asleep beside me, his hot breathe and sweat still clinging to me, his hands wrapped around me and lips still touching my forehead. His naked form still against my own.

He murmurs the oddest things when he has fallen asleep, things that are implied during our... conversations, but never spoken as he knew I would dismiss it if he ever brought it up. If he thinks I will agree to hearing him out when he embraces me so tightly as if I would disappear...

... then he is a fool.

The garden had been empty at the time. He had dragged me out with him, a lop-sided grin on his face that made me want to give him a stern look. Only to be pushed onto the grass, his weight ontop of mine, and in his hands, a box. It was messily prepared, as the ribbon was loose, the paper sticking out at odd angles.

It screamed him.

The wrapping was neatly discarded by me, the ribbon laid to one side and the cover taken off, revealing a well-worn cover of a sketch book. Black, elegant, and in streaming silver caligraphy, was 'interpretations'. Flipping it open, a thought ran across my mind.

He was a fool.

I couldn't be smiling beside him when I fall asleep after making love, as this drawing depicted. I couldn't have given him that kiss in a moment of passion, or could I have looked at him in the eye with a gaze that promised him everything I was.

I couldn't have.


... am a fool.



i hereby declare that keren x goujun is the most delicious couple in all of saiyuki. -nods- there's not enough fanfics out there for this couple... -pouts-

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