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Under the Evening Sky

Chapter 6

By Guanín


The morning sun shed the cloak of rich reds and purples it had draped across the sky and cast its bright rays over the slumbering inhabitants of the Golden Wood. It found the two lovers dozing under the shade of the tree on which they were perched earlier. After determining that sleeping on a branch several feet off the ground was not the safest of options, they descended and lied down intertwined on a soft patch of grass, luxuriating in the close proximity of their bodies. No words were spoken, none were needed. Their loving gazes and lingering touches communicated their emotions more vividly than mere words could.

Legolas woke first, squinting a little at the beaming light, and smiled contentedly as he beheld the welcome sight of his love still in the land of dreams. His head was cradled by Legolas’s arm, so each warm breath he exhaled blew on the elf’s skin. His face looked peaceful, the lines of weariness and toil smoothened. Legolas enjoyed this preciously rare moment. He brushed back a strand of hair that had fallen on Boromir’s face and leaned in to give him a kiss on the forehead. Boromir stirred and opened sleepy eyes. He glanced up at the happy face before him and returned his smile with a lazy one of his own.

“What are you smiling about?”

“I like watching you sleep.”

Legolas leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on Boromir’s half-parted lips. They curved slightly in a serene smile.

“You taste good in the morning.”

He reached for another sampling of the supple lips.

“Real good.”

Legolas smiled back.

“You’re not too bad yourself.”
Absently, Boromir glanced up at the sky and started slightly when he saw the sun high beyond the treetops.

“We slept for longer than I expected.”

Legolas looked up also and noticed that midmorning had already passed. He sighed.

“We probably should return.”

“They don’t know where we are.”

“Maybe they think we got lost in the dark.”

“They’re probably searching for us right now.”

Legolas looked into his partner’s gray eyes and tenderly caressed a stubble covered cheek.

“Let them,” he said in a slightly possessive tone. “I’m not letting go of you today.”

Boromir returned desirous look with a beguiling smile.

“Oh really.”

He wrapped his arm around Legolas’s waist and pressed the lengths of their bodies together.

“What did you have in mind.?”

The elf trailed his hand suggestively over Boromir’s chest.

“Well, we could,” he joined their lips in a short kiss, “stay here,” he kissed him again, “and I can show you,” he parted the yielding lips with his tongue, “how much you mean to me.”

Boromir claimed his lips in a fervent kiss and threaded his fingers through his silky hair. When their mouths finally parted both were left breathless.

“I want you.”

Boromir dragged his lips over Legolas’s jaw.

“I need you.”

He lapped the satiny earlobe and nibbled on the pointy tip.

“I love you.”

A low moan escaped Legolas’s lips and his breath quickened. He gripped Boromir’s shoulders, his fingers raking over the thin veil of his tunic, a barrier between them that he desperately wanted to get rid off. His hand strayed down Boromir’s torso and began to pull it when his eyes detected a movement and a flash of blonde hair among the trees.

“Boromir,” he whispered urgently.

A ‘umm’ and a hand stroking the curve of his hip was the only response he received.

“Boromir,” he repeated more insistently while pushing against his chest.

Boromir finally relented and ceased his joyful play on the elf’s throat.

“What is it?” he said, his voice a blend of frustration and desire. “You are not going to back up on your offer to me, are you?”

“No, but we will have to go somewhere else. There is someone coming.”

Boromir turned his head in the direction Legolas was looking but failed to find anything in the distance.

“I don’t see anyone…”

Just then a tall figure appeared in his line of vision, blonde head turning around inquisitively.

Boromir lowered his head rapidly.

“Damn. They are looking for us.” He turned to face his vexed partner. “Where can we go?”

“I’m not sure, I am no more familiar with these woods than you are. In any case we will have to move now before he sees us.”

Silently and swiftly, Legolas lifted his body and moving closely to the wide trunk, stood hidden from the Galadrim’s view. He motioned to Boromir.

“Come quickly.”

Boromir risked one more glance the strange elf’s way, who at the moment looked away from their location, and sidled up next to the tree, though in a less graceful fashion than Legolas, to stand next to him.

“Where to now?” he breathed into the elf’s ear.

Legolas’s keen eyes searched the woods to the opposite side for signs of any other elf or man who could be seeking them. Finding none, he whispered.

“I don’t see anyone this way, though they may be concealed by the foliage. I don’t to stray too far or we really could get lost.”

“What if we go back for a little while, allay their fears, and then sneak off again? It would also serve to get something to eat.”

Realization came over Legolas’s face.

“To be honest I had forgotten about food. It is not till now when I feel pangs of hunger. It would be wise to go back in that case. Though my other hunger, I fear,” he placed his hands on Boromir’s lower back and pulled him forward. His face remained not an inch from the human’s, “cannot be appeased so easily.”

Boromir slid his hand down Legolas’s abdomen, reached inside the tight leggings and cupped the semi-hard shaft. Legolas gasped in unexpected pleasure.

“Perhaps just a quick one then.”

Boromir wrapped his hand fully around the needy column and began a steady pace of long, even strokes. Legolas whimpered softly, his eyes half closed in bliss, and his fingers dug into Boromir’s flesh. His eyes never leaving Boromir’s, he moved one of his hands between them and unclasped the man’s trousers. Finding his prize, he caressed him as urgently and completely as he himself was being stroked. Blue eyes looked intensely into gray. Passion, rapture, and love flowed freely between. The fire within them burned hotter with each accelerating stroke, each feverish touch, each ecstatic moan, each desperate pawing of the flesh. As they brought each other to climax, Legolas took Boromir’s lips in an ardent kiss and eagerly swallowed the loud moan that he emitted when he spilled his seed into the elf’s waiting hand. Legolas came barely seconds afterward. Both leaned bonelessly against the tree and their mouths separated. When he had recovered some of his breath, Boromir asked.

“Was that enough to placate your hunger for the moment?”

Legolas smiled lethargically.

“Yes, but only for now. I’ll wish to enjoy the main course later.”

“Don’t worry. You won’t have to wait long.”

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