Unbecoming an Elf

By Tricia


Arrogance was unbecoming an Elf. That was Legolas' first thought upon meeting Haldir of Lorien.

He had been traveling for many days now, adventuring the length and breadth of Middle Earth. As always, he was enjoying his leisurely ride through the woods, entranced by the different turn of leaf and feather that were unique to each area.

It was almost a sacrilege, then, when his peace was broken by the growing rumble of swiftly approaching horses. They broke loudly through the trees, prompting Legolas to turn with concern. A good thing, too, for he had the barest of moments to register that the riders were Elves before the leader of the small pack veered his horse straight at Legolas, forcing him to jerk his mount aside to avoid a collision.

"Have care!" he cried, reaching down to soothe his startled horse.

The Elven riders pulled up, laughing breathlessly, their horses snorting and pawing at the dirt. "Excellent!" exclaimed the one who had nearly run over Legolas. His Elven features were handsome and high-browed. Gray eyes sparkled above his grin. "I win and now you owe me, Rumil!"

The one he addressed had similar enough features that Legolas guessed they must be related. All three, he decided, looking them

over."'Tis not fair. I was beating you by a head. If this one hadn't been in the way, I wouldn't have had to pull up ," protested the one called Rumil.

All three of the Elves turned to look at Legolas accusingly. He straightened, returning the stares until the Elf who had first spoken guided his horse alongside. Up close, Legolas noted that the other Elf was even more handsome than he had first thought. The self-assuredness in the gray eyes proved that the Elf knew it, too. "Though we have not yet met, you are my friend already," the handsome Elf declared. He reached across and grabbed Legolas' hand. "To whom do I owe my thanks, cousin?"

Still slightly irritated by their near-collision, Legolas' manner was stiff. "I am called Legolas, of Mirkwood."

The Elf holding his hand raised an eyebrow. "You are far from home, my fair cousin. I am Haldir, of Lorien. These are my brothers, Rumil and Orophin. What brings you to this road?"

Legolas tried to pull his hand free and was surprised to find Haldir unwilling to relinquish it. The other Elf smiled at him -- a bit indulgently, Legolas thought -- before loosening his grip. Annoyance grew in Legolas as he pulled back his hand.

"I am on my way to Rivendell to visit Lord Elrond," he answered. Spurred by the other's smugness, Legolas added, "He is a close friend of my father's." Immediately, he felt childish for having done so. Why the need to impress this Elf?

His embarassment increased tenfold as Haldir smirked. "Ah, so you are the Prince of Mirkwood." He turned and addressed the others, "How fortunate, my brothers. We shall travel to Rivendell in the company of royalty!" He followed this with a laugh and Legolas decided, in a manner quite unlike his usual self, that he strongly disliked Haldir.

Before the other Elf could avoid it, Haldir forced contact again -- grasping Legolas' shoulder. He squeezed lightly, his fingers massaging, as a bright grin spread across his handsome face. "We are lucky, indeed, my brothers," he continued, running his eyes in a blatant perusal over Legolas' face and down his body. "Our journey to Rivendell will be a pleasant one, indeed."

Legolas couldn't help being shocked. Was such boldness normal amongst the Elves of Lorien? Or was Haldir the exception? Rattled, Legolas ducked his shoulder, breaking the contact. Anger brought the color to his cheeks as he met Haldir's amused eyes. "Be advised: I am traveling with some haste," he lied. "If you insist on traveling with me, let us not tarry."

Haldir cocked his head, the look on his face showing he recalled Legolas' leisurely pace before he and his brothers had appeared. But instead of calling the lie, he only smiled enigmatically. "Indeed, let us not linger," he agreed. "We are only a few days out, and I look forward to a soft bed. Don't you, Legolas?"

Legolas frowned, but Haldir turned away. "Come, my brothers. The Prince of Mirkwood wants to be in Rivendell. Let us be his loyal retinue and guide him there at once."

The three brothers laughed. Legolas ignored them. He urged his horse forward, hoping in vain that the others would not follow. As he listened to the Elves whisper and snicker behind him, he decided he did not dislike Haldir, after all.

He hated him.


By nightfall, Legolas told himself he had been uncharitable in his assessment of Haldir. Despite his fears, the Lorien Elves had left him alone, asking a question or two about the news out of Mirkwood, but not bothering him with those things personal. Haldir still regarded him with an amused haughtiness that annoyed Legolas, but the brazen Elf said nothing further untoward.

So it was that when they stopped and set up camp, Legolas allowed himself to relax for the first time since encountering the Lorien Elves. With his back to a tree, he stretched his legs out upon the grass and sighed contentedly, looking up through the hatchwork of limbs and leaves to the full moon above. A faint smile curved his lips as he mapped the stars.

"I see my princeling loves the night sky."

Legolas' smile faded a fraction, but he refused to let Haldir's taunt bother him. He could feel Haldir's predatory stare across the darkness, but would not meet it.

"In Lorien, we do not have night," Haldir continued. "Did you know that?"

At this, Legolas lowered his gaze. "I had heard such a thing, from those of my kind who have passed by Lorien. It sounds wondrous: a place of eternal light. I would like to see it one day."

Haldir's eyes caught the moonlight and seemed to gleam. "I would like for you to see it, as well. Perhaps someday I will be the one to show you."

Legolas did not know how to respond. Uncomfortable, he looked away, his gaze falling upon Haldir's brothers several yards away. "What are they doing?" he asked in surprise, watching the two Elves who appeared to be engaged in a fight upon the grass.

Haldir laughed quietly. "Why, they are grappling. Where we come from, we like to extend our physical conditioning beyond mere skill with the bow. I don't imagine the Mirkwood Elves do anything of the sort?"

Legolas sensed he was being deliberately led, but pride got the better of him. "We don't do anything so barbaric as grappling," he returned, gritting his teeth as Haldir smiled. "We prefer hand-to-hand combat, actually."

"Really?" Haldir stood, his slender form glowing beneath the moonlight. "Then I challenge you, fair cousin. A lowly elf of Lorien against the revered Prince of Mirkwood. My inferior grappling skills versus your inimitable training. Surely you can't refuse an opportunity to put me in my place?" He grinned. "I know you've been thinking of ways all afternoon."

"Nay," Legolas replied, refusing the bait. "I have been thinking of no such thing. I have, in fact, been making a concerted effort to like you."

"And have no doubt failed," Haldir said with a laugh. He stepped up to where Legolas sat and stood over him. Legolas looked up, unnerved by the invasion of his space. "You know you hate the way I mock you," Haldir murmured. He reached down and brushed the back of his hand against the other's cheek. "Now's your chance for revenge."

Haldir's touch was warm on his skin. Unexpectedly, it felt good. Without realizing that he did it, Legolas leaned into the touch. He raised his eyes only to find the other Elf looking down at him with a smug smile on his face. Furious, Legolas slapped his hand away and pushed from the tree.

"Your challenge is accepted," he hissed, backing away. "And you're right: I *will* enjoy putting you in your place."

Haldir's pleasure was evident. "Wonderful." With only a nod of warning, he dove forward.

Expecting the move, Legolas jumped aside, using the other Elf's momentum to shove him past. But Haldir had anticipated that and managed to hook an arm around Legolas' waist as he stumbled past. Thrown off balance, the Elves tumbled to the earth.

Legolas recovered first, flipping nimbly to his feet. He aimed a kick at Haldir's head and only just missed as the other twisted to the side. Haldir responded by rushing headlong into the other Elf. Legolas managed to swing his palm out, connecting with Haldir's mouth and drawing blood, before the larger Elf brought him down with the force of his charge.

A small cry of pain burst from Legolas' lips as he crashed to the ground, Haldir's weight knocking the breath from him. He swung a fist into the other Elf's ear, momentarily loosening Haldir's hold. With a brutal shove, Legolas reversed their positions, straddling his opponant. A smile of triumph started to crease his lips when light burst behind his eyes as Haldir's fist caught him below the chin. Limply, Legolas fell sideways. The Lorien Elf was quick to take advantage. He rolled them over until he was atop the lighter Elf, Legolas' hands pinned to the earth above his head.

Haldir laughed as Legolas thrashed angrily beneath him. "Princeling, what have we here? It seems as though your revenge has not turned out as planned."

"You've made your point," Legolas ground out. "Now get off me!"

"Ah, but what good is victory if there aren't any spoils?" Haldir made a show of looking his captive over. "Hmmm. I wonder what I shall claim as my reward?"

Legolas could not remember ever being so angry. Or so aroused. This only made him angrier. He did *not* want to be attracted to Haldir. He did not want to give the insufferably arrogant Elf the satisfaction of knowing Legolas responded to him. With a desperate surge of strength, he tore one hand free and punched Haldir across the jaw.

The Elf's head bounced back, blood from his split lip splashing down his chin. But to Legolas' dismay, Haldir was tougher than he expected. The Lorien Elf retained his hold despite the blow, returning to his senses with a muffled oath.

"You will not make this easy, will you?" he growled. Without waiting for an answer, Haldir caught Legolas' free wrist and slammed it painfully to the ground. He ground his hips hard into Legolas', forcing the other Elf to feel his erection. "I claim my spoils now," Haldir grated, before slamming his mouth down.

Legolas' cry of outrage was smothered by the lips covering his. Haldir thrust against him, driving his body into Legolas' with no attempt at seduction. Legolas' face heated. He knew that his own arousal would be apparent to Haldir, but the other Elf did not break the kiss to gloat. When a particularly violent thrust brought their cocks into sizzling contact, Legolas gasped, giving Haldir the opportunity to push his tongue inside.

Legolas' world narrowed. The ground was soft beneath him but a tree root was digging into his shoulder. Haldir's hands around his wrists had tightened so that his nails bit into Legolas' skin. His mouth was crushed beneath the other Elf's, teeth cutting into soft flesh. He could taste the coppery tang of Haldir's blood.

He had never been kissed like this. A kiss that was like an invasion, a seizure. Haldir was not tempting him. He was taking Legolas. Whether or not the Elf wanted it. As Haldir pumped rhythmically above him, driving Legolas' buttocks into the earth, Legolas was beginning to think he did, indeed, want this. Which was impossible, a part of him protested. He hated Haldir. Except his body...his body wasn't quite so certain.

The first betraying moan slid past Legolas' lips. Haldir abruptly broke off their kiss. Legolas knew it was so the other Elf could better hear him. His indignation was short-lived, as Haldir began licking and kissing the exposed column of his throat.

"Let me hear that again," Haldir whispered against his skin. Legolas shook his head. There was no way he'd give that satisfaction -- Then Haldir found the sensitive skin along the side of his neck that had always been Legolas' weakness. His resolve disintegrated. He arched up beneath the searching lips, a ragged groan escaping him.

"That's better," Haldir murmured, moving back up to kiss him again.

When his lips were released, Legolas gasped, "I hate you. I hate you for doing this."

Haldir paused, studying him with pewter eyes. Now that the Elf had stopped moving, Legolas realized the truth of their positions. Unconsciously, Legolas had opened his thighs, allowing Haldir to settle between them, cocks pressed together intimately through their clothing. Emphasizing the point, Haldir rolled his hips slowly, dragging his cock along the other Elf's. Legolas' eyelids fluttered.

"Do you really hate this?" Haldir asked slowly. "Or do you just hate yourself for liking it?

Legolas stared back, defiance and a strange fear mingling within him. He felt his heart pounding. He felt Haldir's pulse in his cock, a mocking reminder of their intimacy.


Legolas' eyes shot over Haldir's shoulder. Rumil and Orophin were standing over them, both of them trying, and failing, to disguise their amusement.

"We realize we're supposed to be the Prince's loyal retinue," Orophin began, "but we didn't realize you meant *that* loyal."

With a look of annoyance and regret, Haldir released Legolas and pushed backwards off of him. Legolas sat up, avoiding the Elves' eyes as he massaged his wrists. The two brothers laughed until a look from Haldir stopped them. Ashamed of how his body exposed him, Legolas stood swiftly and escaped into the darkness. He felt Haldir's eyes upon his back.

He spent the night in the forest, alone. Though his aroused body begged for release, he denied himself. In his mind, finding fulfillment would be an acknowledgement of how far Haldir had pushed him. Sleep was a long time coming.

He did not see the Lorien Elves again until morning. The brothers were subdued, but Legolas spoke not a word to them anyway. Though Haldir rode beside him, watching him knowingly, Legolas remained silent until the spires of Rivendell rose above the trees. Relief left him feeling boneless. The constant pressure of Haldir had exhausted him. Soon, he could finally rest. He smiled, not caring if Haldir noticed and wondered at it. Legolas had reached Rivendell. He could not wait to find peace with the one who awaited him there....


Legolas had no sooner swung down from the back of his horse when a deep voice reached him from across the courtyard.


He ran forward a few paces before he was enveloped by the strong arms and chest of Aragorn. The Man smelled of leather and sweat and Legolas inhaled deeply, savoring it. Aragorn pulled back just enough to look at him. The Man's face was fairly glowing with

pleasure."Ah, you are more beautiful every time I see you," Aragorn murmured, tucking a stray lock of pale hair behind the Elf's ear. He chuckled as Legolas blushed. "You have no idea how I've missed you."

Legolas basked in the Man's adoration. Aragorn always managed to make him feel like the most desired being in Middle Earth. "I've missed you, too, Aragorn. A year is too long."

"A day is too long," Aragorn argued, laughing. His thumbs caressed the Elf's cheeks. "If only you knew what's been on my mind ever since I heard that you were coming."

"I can only wonder," Legolas replied archly, but he was secretly delighted to learn Aragorn had been thinking of him.

The Man's smile turned wry. He started to speak, then stopped, glancing over Legolas' shoulder. "Well, hello."

Legolas stiffened, his smile falling away. He had forgotten about Haldir and his brothers. He stepped back, already missing Aragorn's touch as the Man's arms withdrew. The Lorien Elves stepped forward, Haldir looking from Legolas to Aragorn with amused

interest."Greetings," Aragorn said. "I am Aragorn, also known as Estel. Welcome to Rivendell."

Haldir inclined his head. "Well met, Aragorn. My brothers and I know of you in our home of Lorien. I am Haldir and this is Rumil and Orophin. We have come seeking news of the outside world and to visit with our brethren."

"The news here is not much of interest but I will gladly share it with you. Lord Elrond will be pleased to see you," Aragorn told them. He turned to Legolas and smiled. "I had no idea you had friends from Lorien."

*I don't* Legolas wanted to reply, but smiled back instead. "I only just met Haldir and his brothers on my way here. A happy coincidence, that." He wondered if his jovialty sounded as forced as he thought it did.

A crease appeared between Aragorn's brow, but he did not address it. He looked back at the waiting Elves and swept a hand ahead of him. "Let me lead you to your rooms so you may refresh yourselves. I'm sure Lord Elrond would enjoy your company at dinner."

"A feast!" Haldir exclaimed. "Yes, that would be most welcome. I find that I am famished." His eyes touched for a moment on Legolas. "So, too, would I enjoy some good conversation. Perhaps you could spare me the tale of how you and cousin Legolas came to be

friends?"Aragorn laughed, throwing Legolas a fond look. "Ah, but that is a long story, indeed."

Haldir smiled. "Indulge me."

Legolas bit his lip. He was beginning to think this would not be as restful as he had hoped.


The door to Aragorn's room had just clicked shut before Legolas found himself pressed up against the wood, Aragorn's hands pulling at his clothing.

"Something tells me you are in a hurry!" Legolas laughed, obligingly stepping out of his leggings as Aragorn impatiently yanked them down.

"You have no idea," Aragorn muttered, intense desire upon his face. He dropped to his knees before the Elf and immediatley took him into his mouth.

Legolas cried out, clutching at the door handle. His head fell back against the wood, his eyes falling shut as Aragorn's hot tongue curled around his throbbing erection. He breathed heavily, fighting back a moan as Aragorn skillfully teased and licked. The Man's fingers drew lightly up the inside of the Elf's thighs to cup the tight sacs. Legolas finally did moan as Aragorn caressed and lightly squeezed the globes, the Man's lips and tongue moving more swiftly on his cock.

Slim fingers threaded through Aragorn's hair, pulling him away. "I want--"

"Anything," Aragorn panted, looking up at him with glistening lips. Adoration and lust made his blue eyes glow. "Anything you

want."His immediate acquiescence, something Legolas had always cherished, this time gave the Elf a moment's pause. How unlike Haldir, who merely took, he thought distantly. Then disgust washed through him. How could he think of that Elf at a time like this?

Hoping his face had betrayed nothing, Legolas reached down and cupped Aragorn's cheek. "I want to be inside you," he told the Man.

A red flush of desire swept up Aragorn's neck. "Yes," he breathed.

Legolas pulled him up and led him to the high bed. They kissed. Aragorn caressed him with his mouth, his lips soft and soothing. Legolas felt himself melting, relaxing under the care Aragorn showed him. He undressed Aragorn slowly, drawing it out to build anticipation. When he'd at last removed the Man's breeches, Aragorn's cock was weeping with desire.

With a gentle push, Legolas turned the Man around so that he bent over the edge of the bed. Legolas found the small jar in its place on the bedside table and rubbed its contents liberally along the length of his erection. Aragorn waited, patiently, and again Legolas' mind was tainted by thoughts of Haldir. Haldir, who would never submit so willingly. Who would rather force Legolas to do so.

He berated himself for the spike of desire that shot through his body. What was wrong with him? Dragging his attention back to the matter at hand, Legolas took hold of Aragorn's hips and steadied him as he pressed the head of his cock against the Man's pink opening. Aragorn shuddered as he was impaled, Legolas' cock sliding in smoothly. The Elf sighed, bliss rippling through him. He began to

thrust.They moved in tandem, familiarity making their movements efficient. Legolas knew how to angle his body to bring Aragorn the most pleasure. He knew how quickly to stroke the Man's cock while he thrust into him. Such routine, a stray thought chided. Legolas frowned, clenching his eyes shut. Nay, not routine. They were closer than brothers. It was to be expected.

Yet when Legolas increased his pace as was his wont, and Aragorn responded by thrusting back just so, the justification felt contrived. The Elf could almost time the moment when Aragorn would come, shouting hoarsely as he spilled into the sheets. His own release followed swiftly, as it was supposed to.

He could imagine Haldir laughing at the two of them. Gods, how Legolas hated that Elf. He collapsed against Aragorn's sweaty body, gently kissing the back of the Man's neck. Aragorn smiled, whispering his name. They were both content. They were happy. This was how it was supposed to be.

Wasn't it?


Legolas did not want to go to dinner. He was starving, yes, but attending the feast meant seeing Haldir again and he did not think he could bear to look into the arrogant Elf's face yet again. Especially not after his distraction with Aragorn that afternoon.

But of course he had little choice in the matter. To refuse was to insult Lord Elrond's hospitality and prove conclusively that Haldir held power over him. That, Legolas would not allow.

So he joined the others in the great hall of Rivendell and found himself placed, to his great relief, between Aragorn and Lord Elrond. Haldir and his brothers sat on the other side of Elrond, but to Legolas it may have been a hundred leagues away. Unless he leaned either forwards or back, he did not have to face the Lorien Elves. He was thankful.

Aragorn touched him often during dinner, discreet brushes of the hand or a gentle pressure of his leg against the Elf's. The Man took good care of him. When his goblet emptied, Aragorn was quick to refill it. The Elf's plate was never bare. For the first time, Legolas realized that the Man practically worshipped him. The thought was slightly unsettling.

With dinner over, Lord Elrond retired to his study to converse with Haldir and his brothers. Legolas declined the offer, feigning weariness. He carefully avoided Haldir's watchful gaze as he took his leave of the Elves.

Aragorn was waiting for him in Legolas' bedroom. Surprise lit the Elf's face when he discovered that Aragorn had lit a dozen candles and placed them around the bed. Flower petals were strewn across the coverlet. It should have been unbearably romantic. Legolas hated himself for thinking it looked like a shrine upon which Aragorn could worship him.

Frustrated by his thoughts, Legolas grabbed Aragorn by the shoulders and kissed him roughly. When the Man tried to touch him, the Elf batted his hands away. Legolas hoped he could break their pattern, infuse something new into their lovemaking. But when he broke off the kiss and leaned back, Aragorn's face held a mixture of confusion and dismay. Aragorn was, at heart, a healer. He could never hurt Legolas, no matter how the Elf might encourage it.


Smiling gently, Legolas placed a string of comforting kisses along Aragorn's brow.

"You want only to love me, don't you?" the Elf murmured.

Aragorn reached up to trace Legolas' jaw. "You are the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me," the Man admitted. "I am but a Man, and yet you let me love you."

Pain twisted Legolas' gut. Before he could say more, Legolas sealed his mouth over Aragorn's and pushed him back onto the petal-covered bed. They made love slowly and suredly, the flickering candlelight adding an element of reverence. As Legolas found his pleasure, his eyes lingered for the barest of moments upon the open window.

He left Aragorn asleep, easing quietly from the room. Sadness was upon his heart. He did not know where to go to find comfort from the thoughts that assailed him. Wandering outside, he eventually found himself crossing the bridges to the quiet groves of darkness that edged the waterfalls.

Spray and mist quickly dampened his face. Legolas shut his eyes, wondering if some of the moisture on his cheeks was that of tears. He loved Aragorn, but he was not in love with the Man. He despaired of the fact that he could not return the emotion Aragorn so clearly held for him. Aragorn deserved better. Legolas wished he could give it to him.

"Your presence is not welcome here," Legolas abruptly announced, opening his eyes.

Haldir stepped from the footpath onto the damp grass. Even in the shadows, his smile was evident. "I begin to think you do not like me, my fair princeling."

"Do not call me that."

Haldir's laugh was low and mocking. "Why? It is what you are. It is no doubt what *he* calls you when his mouth is upon you."

Legolas' pain gave way to anger. "Do not speak of him. You are not worthy," he snarled.

"Worthy of him?" Haldir scoffed. "Aragorn is no challenge. He is in love with the idea of loving an Elf." He stepped closer, until less than a foot separated them. "I see why you are with him. He worships you. For him it is a dream come true: his very own creature of light and beauty. He would do anything for you. And I'm sure that he does."

Unable to help himself, Legolas' hands curled into fists by his sides. "You know nothing of what we share. Aragorn loves me with a passion you will never know."

Mist made Haldir's face shine in the filtered moonlight. "Oh, but I do know such passion, dear cousin. I felt it beneath me in the forest. Do you not remember?"

Legolas' mouth went dry. He turned to the water as the Elf continued in a dulcet voice. "I can only imagine how it is between you and the Man. Do you let him enter you, his mortal sword piercing you?" Legolas stiffened. "No, I think it is the reverse," Haldir continued. "I think Aragorn lets you do whatever you want to him. He is a willing vessel for your pleasure. You are his sacred Elf. He would let you do anything."

"Stop it."

Haldir moved closer, until the heat from his body was a flame alongside Legolas. "I am not like Aragorn," the Elf told him in a voice that slid like a teasing caress. "I would take what I want from you and make you enjoy it."

Legolas shuddered. "Say no more," he whispered raggedly.

Breath warmed his cheek. "Admit it, princeling: You do not want to be worshipped. You want to be taken."

Haldir's head snapped back as Legolas' palm connected with his cheek. His stunned expression gave Legolas strange satisfaction.

The Lorien Elf massaged his face. "Do that again and I --"

Legolas' other hand sliced through the air, but this time Haldir was ready. He caught the Elf's wrist in a bruising grip. Angered, Legolas shoved at him with his free hand. Haldir hooked a leg behind Legolas' and they fell together to the wet grass.

Fury lent Legolas strength, but Haldir's grip upon his wrist disadvantaged him. A sharp twist had Legolas crying out as his arm was wrest behind him. Face down in the grass, Haldir was a solid weight atop his back. He heard something snap, then a length of leather cord from Haldir's tunic wrapped around his captive wrist. He struggled anew, but Haldir's leverage overpowered him. Legolas' other arm was jerked back and bound to the other, leaving him gasping helplessly on the grass.

"Release me!" he demanded, yanking at the cord.

Haldir leaned over him, his breath tickling Legolas' ear. "Why should I? You don't really want me to, do you? Besides --" he ran a hand appreciatively down the other Elf's back, "-- you may enjoy this."

Dreading the Elf's next move, Legolas lay still, every muscle taut. The front of his clothing was soaked through with dew and he was starting to shiver, but these were distant concerns. Nothing seemed to matter except for Haldir's hand as it curved over Legolas' buttock, squeezing and massaging.

"Do you know that I wanted you from the first moment I saw you?"

Legolas laughed bitterly. "I'm sure your attention is easily caught. You seem to enjoy the thought of conquest, whomever it may

be."The hand on his buttock froze, squeezing painfully. "That is not true, princeling. I only want to conquer *you*."

Haldir grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him to his knees. Haldir moved around so that they faced each other upon the grass. Legolas glared at him, anger warming him despite the chilling effects of his wet clothing.

Haldir smiled slightly. He lifted a hand and ran a finger along the curve of the other Elf's cheek. His thumb brushed Legolas' lips. "I find myself envying Aragorn. He has had what I have not." He tilted his head, studying Legolas. "I've oft wondered: What does he see when you are on the cusp of your passion? Will you show me?"

Legolas' eyes widened. He swallowed around a maddening mix of desire and frustration. "Let me go, Haldir," he insisted, painting his words with as much threat as he could. "I do not want this."

Warm lips brushed lightly against his. "I do not believe you," Haldir whispered. He dropped his hand to the waistband of Legolas' leggings. Legolas tried to twist away, but the effort was useless. His leggings were easily stripped to his knees. Legolas dropped his eyes, his face afire, as the evidence of his desire rose between them. A soft sigh issued from between Haldir's lips as he studied Legolas' pulsing arousal. Legolas thought he would die of shame if Haldir taunted him now, but the other Elf was curiously silent. Long fingers experimentally grazed the tip of his erection, making him tremble.

"Now I understand what it is that leads the Man to make a fool of himself," Haldir said at last, almost to himself. "You are lovely, Legolas. Just as I had imagined you would be."

The idea of Haldir imagining him naked sent a coarse thrill through Legolas' body. Haldir noticed, his eyes darkened to steel as he raised them to the Elf's face. "Ah, yes, princeling. I have spent many an hour thinking of this moment. Of what I should like to do to you. And how you would respond."

Arousal had spread like an uncontained fire along Legolas' nerves. He licked his lips. A voice not his own asked, "And what would you do to me?"

The fierce desire that flashed on the other's face stole Legolas' breath. "I would make you weep for want of me," Haldir said huskily. He caught Legolas' jaw with his fingers, forcing their eyes to meet. "I would split you upon my length until you cried out with your release." His smile was feral. "And then I would do it again."

Legolas shut his eyes weakly. He did not want this. He *could* not want this. This was not love, as Aragorn would show him. This was lust, base and impure.

But when Haldir's fingers curled sudenly around him, those arguments fled. He groaned, pushing his hips forward as Haldir expertly stroked his length.

"Open your eyes," Haldir commanded, squeezingly slightly. "I want to watch you."

Legolas shuddered, obeying. He hated how vulnerable he felt. How Haldir's keen eyes noticed every revealing twitch of his mounting desire. He tried looking past the other Elf, but a sudden twist on his flesh brought his eyes back to Haldir's. Warning was upon the handsome face. "Keep your eyes on mine."

So he fused his gaze with Haldir's, letting the Elf read the pleasure Legolas was helpless to disguise. Every once in a while, Haldir would flutter his fingers or change the pace of his stroke, cataloging Legolas' whimpers with an arrogant smirk. Legolas wanted badly to slap the smile from his face. But his hands remained bound, and after a while, nothing seemed to matter but the sensation building within him.

His pleasure was nearing its peak. Haldir, ever watchful, recognized the signs and leaned forward, catching Legolas' mouth in a possessive kiss. When Legolas at last cried out, Haldir's tongue filled his mouth, muffling the sound. He felt the hand on his cock cup the tip, catching his release.

The hands left him, but Haldir's mouth did not. The Elf's tongue continued to plunge into Legolas as Haldir yanked down his own leggings and pulled Legolas onto his lap. Legolas broke his mouth away. "What are you--"

"Fulfilling my fantasy," Haldir answered roughly, coating his erection with the glistening silver of Legolas' release. Grabbing Legolas by the hips, he positioned the Elf so that Haldir's erection just brushed the tight opening.

Legolas tensed, pulling ineffectually at his bindings. He was not used to this, nor did he want Haldir to be the one to initiate him. Haldir seemed to sense his fear and for the first time, a hint of gentleness was in his voice. "Relax, princeling. Do not tense, or you will make it hurt more than it should."

Haldir lowered him slowly, until the tip of his erection just pierced the tight ring. Legolas gasped, his entire body trembling despite himself. "Shhh, relax," Haldir soothed, lowering the Elf a little more. A muted cry of pain escaped Legolas' lips as Haldir's flesh stretched him wide. He did not care that Haldir could see his pain. He struggled to free himself. But his efforts only served to push Haldir deeper into him until, with a gutteral groan, Haldir pulled Legolas fully into his lap.

Legolas choked on a sob as Haldir began to move. What had started out as nearly unbearable pain had gradually warmed into a burning pleasure. The hands on his hips guided him up and down Haldir's stiff length. Each stroke sent a frisson of pleasure shooting through Legolas' body.

"Do you like this?" Haldir asked him, his lips latching onto the skin of Legolas' neck.

Legolas whimpered, throwing his head back. As much as he was enjoying this, he could not bring himself to admit it with words.

Haldir pulled Legolas' hips down as he ground his own upwards. He swiveled his hips, making his cock swirl within the slighter Elf's body. "Come, Legolas. Tell me what this feels like," Haldir demanded.

"You're -- you're --"


"You are killing me!" Legolas burst out, rolling his hips to bring Haldir's cock into contact with that delightful spot he'd just discovered within his own body. "'Tis nothing but torture!"

Haldir's laugh was thick. "As it should be, my princeling. As it should be." His own head fell back, silver hair streaming, as he guided Legolas into a faster pace upon him.

Legolas watched him take his pleasure, reflecting how very different Haldir was from Aragorn. The Elf's wicked abandon was intoxicating. Haldir gleamed like a beautiful ice carving. But with one notable difference: he burned. The heat of his passion engulfed Legolas, carried him over the edge as Haldir thrust up violently, shooting his seed in a wild convulsion of his body.

Haldir fell backwards onto the grass, pulling Legolas with him. He reached around and untied the knotted leather that bound the Elf's wrists. Legolas winced as the pressure was relieved from his shoulders.

"Did I hurt you?" Haldir asked, rubbing his wrists.

"Nay, I am fine," Legolas replied, though he was enjoying the other Elf's ministrations.

Haldir grinned, the sight dazzling. "Good. Then we can do it again." His smile turned lascivious. "I know you want to."

Legolas flushed. He had never--

"Has anyone ever told you that arrogance is unbecoming an Elf?" he burst out.

Haldir arched an eyebrow. "Really?" His hand cupped the swelling flesh between the other Elf's thighs. "That's not what your body is telling me."

Legolas' response was a moan as his body was coaxed alive once more. He hated Haldir. Truly, he did.

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