The Test of the Fellowship

Part 7

By Morgana


For the next twenty-four hours Aragorn stayed at Legolas' side. Although the Elf's sleep was a healing one, he still woke Legolas each hour to drink the herbal tea. Once every two hours, he would push down the blanket and check for the blue lines, which were fading slowly. Aided by the Ring of Fire, Legolas was recovering and Aragorn expected the Elf to be up and about in no more than two days.

During the entire time Legolas mumbled softly. The words didn't make sense and were inspired by a high fever, not by any desire to talk. The only thing Aragorn could make out was the Elf speaking his name. It seemed that even in a feverish sleep Legolas remembered him and wanted him close.

"Rest now, my friend, my beloved. In a few days you'll have recovered and we can follow Gimli and Gandalf on their quest." Tenderly he stroked the blond strands of hair and he couldn't resist loosening the braids. He let the soft hair glide through his fingers. All this time, Legolas, lost in sleep, clutched his hand, squeezing it when a spasm of feverish pain coursed through his recovering body.

Handicapped, because he only had one hand to check with, Aragorn probed Legolas' shoulder and ribs. They were healing nicely and wouldn't bother the Elf once he got back on his feet.

When night fell, Aragorn had to free his hand so he could rekindle the fire and make more tea. When he returned to the bed he found that Legolas was staring at him. It wasn't the dead expression he had grown used to. "Legolas?"

"I can see you," whispered the Elf in a surprised tone. "You're a big black blur, but I can see the fire behind you. I'm no longer completely blind. Must be the Ring's doing."

"Your eyesight is returning? That's certainly good news, my friend." He rested one hand on the Elf's brow and found that the fever was retreating at last. "We're winning the battle."

Legolas smiled at Aragorn's touch. "Was it just a dream?"

"What was?" Aragorn's heart leapt in joy, hearing that Legolas' vision was returning. Seeing the Elf blind had caused his heart to ache in sympathy.

"That we proclaimed our love for each other?" Legolas grew quiet, trying to sort out the different lights and shadows that made up his vision. Aragorn was close, the Man's fingertips rested on his forehead, but he still couldn't make out Aragorn's expression.

"It was no dream..." Aragorn hesitated one moment, but then added, "my beloved. I should have told you that Arwen and I had set each other free."

"But you didn't know I had feelings for you." Legolas didn't blame Aragorn at all. Carefully he shifted on to his right side, facing Aragorn. "And I knew I couldn't compete with Arwen. She was even willing to give up her immortality for you."

"That was a sacrifice I never wanted," stated Aragorn. Absentmindedly his fingers tangled in the golden hair. "When I fell in love with Arwen, I fell in love with an Elf maiden... She was beyond my reach, but she reached out and accepted me. Then she started to change; she wanted to become mortal..." Aragorn hesitated again. "Legolas, we live a dangerous life. Death lurks around the corner as we just found out. I don't want to waste the little time we have with arguments. I don't want to talk about Arwen, I want to talk about you, us."

"What do you want?" Legolas preferred being direct. "How much do you desire me?"

Aragorn considered his answer carefully. His fingers got lost in the sea of flaxen hair and he smiled, knowing darn well why Elves grew their hair long like this. The lure was impossible to resist. "I desire you with all my heart. When the Uruk-Hai took you I died a thousand deaths... When Gandalf returned I grew hopeful again and when I found you at Saruman's feet dread filled my heart, but now that you're safe and recovering I feel at peace."

Legolas took a moment to ponder everything Aragorn had said. "Do you want me?"

Aragorn nodded once. "Aye, I do, but I still don't know how much you desire me."

Legolas moistened his chapped lips. "My heart loved you from a distance, believing you were bound to Arwen. I desire you as much the sky craves the sun."

"Elves mate for life..." said Aragorn thoughtfully. "You do realize I will grow old and grey while you will remain young and beautiful?"

"My heart will know your valor and wisdom, and remember your beauty when you are old." Legolas' heart already ached with the prospect of losing Aragorn to old age. He never feared losing Aragorn in battle; the Man was too great a warrior.

"And when I'm old and grey my eyes will feast upon your eternal beauty." Aragorn leaned in closer, staring deeply into the Elf's eyes. "My love for you goes deep, deeper than I thought possible. We're alike, you and I. We're warriors, bound by honor."

Legolas nodded his head once. "You speak true words, my beloved."

Aragorn's heart sung with joy, hearing Legolas address him in that way. "I will be yours until the day I die."

"And I will be yours..." Legolas smiled, and then felt embarrassed with a yawn crept up on him.

"You're still tired, go back to rest." Aragorn pulled the blanket back in to place.

"I will rest far more comfortable if you keep me company," Legolas hinted with a pleading tone in his voice.

Aragorn knew when he was beat; Legolas already winded him around his little finger effortlessly. "I will join you then, but let me remove my sword and cloak first." Aragorn quickly did away with the two items and climbed into bed behind Legolas. He sighed blissfully when Legolas pushed back, relaxing in his arms. The Elf's smooth skin sent quavers of excitement through his body and when he grew aroused, he felt the need to apologize.

But Legolas, sensing Aragorn's confusion, spoke first. "It's been too long since I rested in my lover's embrace. Let us not talk tonight but rest and enjoy each other's closeness."

Aragorn gracefully accepted Legolas' offer. He rested his head against Legolas' shoulder and deeply inhaled the other man's scent. Thoughts of losing Legolas to Saruman or the poison were gone now and for the first time since the quest had started, he slept peacefully.


Legolas woke first. Sunlight flowed in to the small cabin and its golden fingers finally reached his skin, warming him. The sun felt like a soothing balm and he cherished its touch. He longed to go outside, feel the wind blow through his hair, touch the earth and rest his back against the trunk of an ancient tree. For it was his nature as an Elf to be one with the elements.

Aragorn's breathing told him that the Man was still asleep. It was probably the first time that Aragorn got the chance to rest. He smiled, suddenly realizing that his vision was almost back to normal. There was still some blurriness, but he managed to make out the interior of the cabin.

Aragorn's arms were wrapped tightly around him, pulling him close to the Man's chest and it reminded him of waking up like this thousands of years ago. When he was seventy he had chosen a lover. They had been married, as was custom, and they had spent many centuries being in love and happy. But then his lover had been killed in battle and he had chosen not to take another mate, unable to bear the thought of losing a loved one again. That had changed when Aragorn had appeared and now he couldn't imagine living without the courageous Man.

It still baffled him that the attraction was mutual. He had been firmly convinced that Aragorn only loved Arwen. Not wanting to disturb the Man's sleep he was content to look out of the window, and to listen to the birds' song.

When Aragorn's breathing quickened at last, he knew that the other man was waking up. Slowly, he turned around in the embrace until he lay facing Aragorn. The Man's eyes opened and filled with joy. He lifted his right hand and touched Aragorn's lips. "I desire you..." As an Elf he enjoyed making love, but at the same time he realized that by doing so he would bind himself to Aragorn for the rest of his life.

"And I desire you..." Aragorn wondered if he was still dreaming, finding this willing and beautiful Elf in his arms. "But you do realize what the consequences are when we make love?" His fingers gently traveled up Legolas' spine, drawing tiny circles on the Elf's back. He was hard, had been aroused for most of the night and now he ached for his lover's touch.

Legolas only knew too well. "We would be considered married, Aragorn..."

"And you desire that? Being bound to me until I die?"

"I desire being bound to you and you will be bound to me in turn." Legolas smiled and a wicked expression stole in to his eyes. Now that the decision had been made his heart felt incredibly light. "I want to consummate our marriage, my beloved."

Aragorn cleared his throat, suddenly feeling caught. He hadn't thought Legolas would call his bluff this quickly. "There is something you need to know, my Prince."

Legolas waited patiently, feeling Aragorn tense up against his.

"I was to be bound to Arwen and I never looked at another woman... or man."

Legolas arched an eyebrow, for once clearly showing his surprise. "You never made love before?"

Aragorn nodded. "That's what I am trying to tell you... I fear I might disappoint you."

Legolas' smile turned gentle and clearly showed his love. "Will you trust yourself to me then?"

Aragorn swallowed nervously. "I will always trust you..."

Legolas leaned in closer and pressed a kiss on to Aragorn's lips. "Then let me guide you. There is no need to be nervous or to fear you might disappoint me. I desire you greatly and it's obvious that you desire me as well." Legolas felt his lover's arousal against his hip and hoped he had recovered enough from the fever to make love without growing weak again. There was only one way to find out.

Aragorn stared in disbelief when Legolas draped the blanket on to the floor. Cat like, the Elf raised himself on all fours and grinned wickedly at him. Speechless, he accepted the kiss, and parted his lips and teeth, and Legolas' tongue found a way inside his mouth. He brought up his arms behind the Elf's back and pulled him close. Legolas covered him with his body, making him ache for their union.

Legolas raised himself, breaking the kiss and stared at his lover. "I want you inside me. Is that your desire as well?"

Aragorn's eyes widened. "Aye," he moaned. "It's my greatest desire indeed." Agile Elf fingers found a way beneath his tunic and quickly undid the buttons. Before he realized it, Legolas had done away with the garment and the Elf's fingers now gently caressed his bare chest. He cupped the back of Legolas' neck in his hand and brought him in for another kiss. Legolas yielded willingly, deepening the kiss once more. Another strangled moan fled his lips when his lover rolled a hardened nipple between his fingertips. "Oh Legolas..."

Legolas smiled, seeing Aragorn's unfocused expression. "Do not speak, my beloved. Let me take your breath away." He straddled Aragorn's hips, bowed down and let his tongue travel down the Man's throat. He licked, teased, nipped and finally encountered a hard nub of flesh. He suckled hard, while his fingers already unbuttoned Aragorn's trousers. He looked up at his lover, and reveled in the Man's surrender and beauty. Aragorn had thrown back his head and mumbled incoherently.

The feelings raging through his body were enough to drive Aragorn mad. Legolas' touch was a mixture of gentleness and controlled force. He raised his hips involuntarily when Legolas' fingers stole around his erection. Suddenly realizing what was happening, he managed to push himself in an upright position and he grabbed the Elf's wrists.

Legolas, amused, let him. "Do you have second thoughts, my beloved?"

"No, but... I wish to pleasure you as well."

Legolas' expression softened. "There will be many times when you can return the pleasure. Now I want to show you how much I desire you. Will you let me?"

Unable to resist, Aragorn nodded. Only now he realized that the Elf must have had lovers in his long life and should be the person to show him. "I will let you, show me."

Pleased, Legolas continued his explorations. "Lift your hips." Aragorn obeyed and Legolas quickly disposed of the last garment that hid the Man's body from him. "You're truly pleasing to the eye," he whispered appreciatively. He bowed down again and used his tongue to circle the leaking erection. "You're well endowed..."

Aragorn heard the compliment and blushed. "You're the first..." Unable to finish his sentence, he bucked hard when a warm mouth closed around him. His eyes widened and he stared at the Elf in disbelief. He knew Elves enjoyed sex, but he had never thought they enjoyed it this much!

Legolas gently lapped at the weeping erection, suckled teasingly and tasted Aragorn for the first time. He managed to look up, and the dazed expression in Aragorn's eyes made him even harder. His own arousal begged for attention, but first he wanted Aragorn to come. The Man was nervous, too excited and wouldn't last long in this state and he wanted their union to last!

"Legolas..." Aragorn swallowed hard, bucked again and nearly lost his mind when Legolas started to stroke him hard. A soft yelp left his lips, coming hard.

Legolas pulled back and watched the white cream shoot from his lover's cock in fascination. He was tempted to clean his lover up, but the come with serve as lubrication later. He sat upright, still straddling his lover's legs and swayed slowly, softly chanting an Elven melody.

Aragorn stared at the vision above him. Legolas' hair danced on his shoulders, cradled his face and the bruised lips whispered words that were unfamiliar to him. "Legolas?" He forgot to breathe momentarily when the Elf's eyes changed to the darkest blue he had ever seen. "I want to see you naked..." The Elf was still wearing his trousers and boots!

Legolas smiled gracefully, leapt to his feet, deserting his lover, and removed the offending items in mere seconds.

Aragorn licked his lips, seeing the smooth and agile body in front of him. "Come to me..." He raised a hand, which Legolas accepted and the Elf knelt between his legs. Aragorn lazily stroked back a few strands of blond hair. Legolas leaned in closer to kiss him, and Aragorn rested his back against the wall, pulling the Elf close to him.

When Aragorn grew hard again Legolas judged the time ready to take the next step. His hand stole down, finding Aragorn slick and hard. "Will you let me ride you?"

Aragorn studied his lover for a short time and then nodded. "If that is what you desire." His heart thundered madly at the thought of being inside Legolas. "But you'll have to guide me..."

Legolas smiled knowingly. "Do not trouble yourself..." He cradled Aragorn's face in his hands, showered his lover's face with kisses and then raised himself until Aragorn's erection was positioned against his entrance. Aragorn tensed and Legolas took away his lover's nervousness by kissing him deeply and passionately. "I bind myself to you, Aragorn, son of Arathorn."

Slowly, he impaled himself on his lover's cock and he held Aragorn tightly as the Man's eyes widened in bliss. When his buttocks touched Aragorn's lap, he shifted, trying to make himself more comfortable. It had been a while since he had made love to another man, but his body still remembered the invasion and adapted quickly.

Aragorn realized just in time that he was supposed to return the vow. "I bind myself to you, Legolas, son of Thranduil." He folded his arms around Legolas, offering the Elf some support. Legolas now sat in his lap, moving seductively, luring soft moans of delight from his lips.

Legolas placed his hands on Aragorn's shoulders and leaned in closer to instigate another passionate kiss. At the same time he raised his body only to impale himself again and he set a rhythm that made their bodies hum with lust and passion.

Aragorn kept Legolas' stare prisoner while they made love. He bestowed gentle kisses on Legolas' face and suckled the skin near the Elf's collarbone. Acting on instinct, his hands slipped lower, cupped Legolas' buttocks and assisted his lover in setting a more violent rhythm. Entranced, he stared in to his lover's eyes, wondering how such a wondrous creature could want him.

Legolas lost himself as Aragorn began to thrust of his own accord. His lover drove deeper in to him, and he rode Aragorn hard, trying to hold back his own orgasm until Aragorn was ready to come a second time.

Aragorn first kissed, then licked Legolas' eyelids and the tension in his groin became unbearable. Driving himself hard in to Legolas' willing body, he crushed his lover to him.

Legolas let go as well when Aragorn reached his climax and he buried his face against his lover's shoulder, resting and panting softly.

Aragorn's eyes betrayed his surprise, feeling Legolas' contract around him and he threw back his head in wonder, breaking eye contact with his lover.

Legolas, spent and exhausted, leaned against Aragorn and managed to slow down his ragged breathing. "We're bound to each other now."

The soft words pulled Aragorn from his ecstasy. He cupped Legolas' chin in his hand and raised the Elf's head to make eye contact once more. "And I'll desire you for the rest of my mortal life," he vowed passionately.

Legolas smiled tiredly. He had obviously overestimated his strength and was now paying for using up his energy. "I need your help..."

Aragorn understood. "Let me..." His strong arms enfolded Legolas and slowly lifted him so his sated sex could slip from the Elf's body. They both moaned when they were separated again. "I never want to be without you again. I need you like the air I breathe. Don't ever leave me, my love."

Legolas, too tired to speak, simply nodded his head. "You have me..."

"And I'll never let go..." Aragorn pulled Legolas close, covered them with the blanket and held his love close. "Never..."


The End!





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