The Struggle Within


By Morgana


Warm and sparkling sunbeams flowed in to the cave, signaling that the dark of night had left. Legolas woke first and shook his head to clear it of cobwebs. At night he had wrapped himself around Boromir, making sure his lover was warm and comfortable.

Carefully he lifted the bandages and checked the wound. There was no sign of infection and Legolas was growing hopeful that the arrow hadn't been poisoned. Hopefully Boromir would recover quickly and then they could join Aragorn and Gimli again.

He untangled himself from Boromir, making sure the Man stayed asleep. Stretching like a cat, he left the cave to greet the day. And a beautiful day it was. The sun shone strongly, warming Middle Earth and Legolas walked over to the stream to his right. It had been days since he had bathed last and he craved diving beneath the blue surface. He stripped quickly, undid his braids and waded in to the water. Diving beneath the surface, he relaxed, enjoying the water's soft caress. Moments later, he surfaced again and wrung the water from his hair. It was time to find Boromir some food and to renew the bandages.

""Why didn't you wake me?"

Boromir's voice took Legolas by surprise and he chided himself for not paying attention to his surroundings. Boromir was sitting on a rock near the stream, face contorted with pain. "You should be lying down, not walking about."

"You weren't there when I woke up," said Boromir accusingly. He had been afraid that Legolas had left him. It was a silly thing to think, but he felt terribly insecure when it came down to being with Legolas.

Legolas slowly left the water and watched Boromir's expression carefully. The Man's eyes were filled with love and lust, emotions that were very familiar to him. When he bowed down to retrieve his clothes, he heard Boromir's strangled sigh. "Is your wound still troubling you?"

"Nay, it something else that ails me..." Boromir panted softly, hoping Legolas wouldn't notice his aroused state.

"We should return to the cave where you can rest." Legolas slipped in to his leggings, shirt and tunic and stepped in to his boots. "Come with me, melethron."

Boromir still had to get used to hearing the Elvish endearments. "Legolas, there is something I want to discuss with you."

"Once we are inside," said Legolas firmly. "Can you manage on your own?" He stood back, not wanting to treat Boromir like a cripple for being injured.

Boromir struggled to his feet and slowly made his way in to the cave, where he lay down again. All the time he watched Legolas' expression closely, recognizing the smoldering fire in those azure eyes. Legolas wanted to be with him as well, but... "I regret denying you when you wanted to make love to me."

Legolas knelt next to Boromir and examined the wound once more, ripping off pieces of fabric which would serve as new bandages. "Your wound is closing and there is no sign of infection." He wasn't sure what to say about Boromir's comment and decided to wait a little longer to see where Boromir was going to take this.

Boromir shamefacedly stared at Legolas' hands, which tended to his injures so gently that it almost made him weep. He had made so many mistakes and yet Legolas still loved him. "I also fear losing you."

"Why?" Legolas sat back and searched Boromir's eyes. The Man quickly averted his.

"I am not sure I can give you... that what you need. Maybe after a while once I feel... safer in this relationship." Boromir wondered if he was still making sense to Legolas.

"I think I understand, melethron. You are not yet ready to trust yourself to me in that way."

"And I am afraid I will lose you because of it," admitted Boromir in a choked tone. "I never had something for myself. I always had to share it with Faramir."

Legolas' eyes softened. "Boromir, it will take time for you to change, but you can always count on my unconditional love."

Unconditional... The word touched something deep inside Boromir. "I never wanted you more than right now."

Legolas raised an eyebrow. "But you already have me."

Boromir laughed bitterly. "I mean... to really have you."

Legolas finally understood what Boromir was trying to tell him. "You want to make love to me." To his utter delight, Boromir blushed. "You merely have to ask, Boromir." He moved closer to Boromir until he sat beside him. Gently, he maneuvered Boromir on to his back, placing his lover's head in his lap. Stroking the brown hair, he leaned in closer and brushed Boromir's lips.

Boromir greedily parted his teeth, almost sucking Legolas' tongue in to his mouth. Raising one hand, he let his fingers tangle in the golden hair, emitting hungry groans. His body came to life, and his groin stirred with need. To his surprise, Legolas matched his passion, chasing his tongue in a wild chase. /I always forget I am dealing with a thousand years old Elf!/

Legolas rubbed his thumb across Boromir's chin, drawing hungry growls from his lover. By the Valar, he needed this as well, needed to know that their bond was still intact and had survived the temptation the Ring presented! He struggled free when Boromir refused to let him go and he stared in to the Man's dark, needy eyes. "I want you to take me..."

Boromir swallowed hard. "I thought... I thought you wanted... to take me...?" His greatest fear was being unable to give his lover what he really needed and losing Legolas because of his fears.

Legolas smiled warmly. "Maybe later, once you feel more confident. For now I desire to be taken. Will you oblige me?"

Boromir's eyes swam. "Legolas, I... Why must I be injured at a time like this! I can't even make love to you passionately!"

Legolas grinned wickedly and traced the inside of his lover's lips. "Then make slow love to me, melethron. You can show me your passion when you have recovered." Legolas straddled Boromir's waist, careful not to put any pressure on his lover's wound. "I want to feel you inside. I need to know we overcame the lure of the Ring."

"I feel the same way," sighed Boromir blissfully, letting Legolas' soft hair glide through his fingers. "How can someone as beautiful and cunning as you want me?"

"You have a passionate heart, melethron, but you are afraid to show it. I realized the truth about you when you cared for me after I was raped. That was when your true nature showed and I love you for it." Legolas looked at Boromir thoughtfully. "You must stop to doubt yourself, Boromir."

"I doubted myself all my life," whispered Boromir, "how can I stop now?"

"I will show you how." Legolas leaned in closer once more and challenged Boromir to another duel, tongues chasing after each other in an ancient dance. Legolas maintained eye contact while his hands slid over Boromir's bare chest, always staying clear of the bandages.

Boromir hesitantly raised his hand and started to remove Legolas' tunic and shirt. He gasped, seeing the smooth, hairless chest, but he felt the tense muscles beneath the soft surface. Indulging himself, he combed Legolas' hair with his fingers, enjoying the feel of the silken locks between his fingertips. He wanted to speak again, but Legolas rested a finger against his lips.

"No more words," said Legolas softly. "We do not need them." He threw back his head, trembling as one of Boromir's hands rubbed down his spine.

Boromir stared at Legolas in wonder and was content to let the Elf set the pace of this encounter. He moaned his displeasure when Legolas broke the close contact to remove his boots and leggings, but his eyes widened, seeing his lover already erect. "You are beautiful, Legolas..."

Legolas smiled and laid down next to Boromir, who rolled on to his side as well. For some moments they lay facing each other, simply content to have the other close.

Boromir swallowed nervously, as one of Legolas' hands slipped into his trousers, slowly removing them. A moment later, he flushed slightly, laying naked in front of his lover. "I hope my body pleases you?"

Legolas licked his lips. "It pleases me indeed, melethron." He placed his hands on either side of Boromir's head and instigated a long, slow kiss, that eventually took their breath away. Panting softly, they looked into each other's eyes.

"Are you sure about this, Legolas?" Boromir tentatively raised a hand, letting his fingertips explore his lover's body. A hard nipple begged for his attention and he rolled it between his fingertips. The soft, needy moans that fled Legolas' lips made him even harder.

"Aye, I am sure," managed Legolas between kisses. "But we should chose a position in which your shoulder will not trouble you."

Boromir considered his answer carefully, taking his time to caress the insides of Legolas' thighs. Long legs opened invitingly and Boromir felt the need in his lover as well. "Lie down in front of me..."

Legolas nodded approvingly. "That may work..." He raised himself on all fours, licked Boromir's throat teasingly and left a wet trail down the Man's stomach, gracing the tip of his lover's erection with one delicate lick.

Boromir groaned, fearing he might come right now. "Legolas, please... I am close... not yet." He craved coming inside his lover, bringing Legolas pleasure and ecstasy.

"Aye, melethron, not yet..." Legolas moved in front of Boromir and pulled his knees to his chest. He rested his head against Boromir's chest, and a strong arm encircled his  waist. "Are you comfortable? What about your wound?"

"I am more than comfortable." Boromir nibbled at a pointed ear, making Legolas squirm. His tongue moved down his lover's neck, nipping, and sucking the soft flesh, leaving a mark on him. "I love you..." He smiled, hearing Legolas murmur a reply in Elvish. "Am I driving you insane?"

"Aye..." Legolas leaned back against Boromir, cocked his head and surrendered to his lover's passionate kiss. Boromir's fingers suddenly curled themselves around his erection, stroking slowly, drawing pre-ejaculate from him. A moment later the stroking stopped and a slippery finger gently massaged his entrance, loosening the guardian muscle.

Boromir forced himself to go slowly, refusing to hurry the Elf. He gasped when his finger easily slid inside. Legolas was relaxed and welcomed the intimate caress. He withdrew, returned to stroking his lover's erection and used the pre-ejaculate to ease his way inside when two fingers slid inside. Legolas pushed back, eagerly taking in more. "Do you trust me?"

"Completely..." Legolas found it harder to think clearly now that Boromir was stroking that pleasurable spot inside him that made him squirm with desire. Looking over his shoulder, his eyes mutely begged Boromir to end their torment.

Boromir nodded once in complete understanding and replaced his fingers with the head of his cock. "I love you," he whispered once more, licking a pointed ear.

"Ai..." Legolas curled his hands around Boromir's arm, holding on tightly as his lover slowly claimed him.

Boromir briefly looked down, realizing the Elf had taken him completely. His balls slapped against naked flesh, drawing a moan from both of them. His shoulder was beginning to sting, but the pleasure coursing through him momentarily numbed the pain. "I love you, my heart..."

Legolas cocked his head and managed to maintain eye contact with Boromir. He panted hard when his lover began to set a steady rhythm, bringing him pleasure with each thrust. "Bo... ro... mir..." He willingly surrendered as the rhythm grew erratic, as Boromir plunged in deeper, making him scream his pleasure. Eager to come, he wrapped his fingers around his erection. All it took was two strokes. A warm and creamy liquid dripped from his hand and he sighed blissfully.

"Lego...las!" Boromir's eyes widened, feeling the spasms around his cock. His lover had come and was now taking him with him. Boromir buried himself deeply with one more thrust and climaxed, holding Legolas tightly in his arm.

Both were covered in sweat and panted hard, but Boromir still remained inside his lover, enjoying the sea of pleasure inside him. "Thank you..."

Legolas smiled sated, but refrained from answering. Boromir slowly pulled out and Legolas tensed involuntarily at the motion.

Boromir moaned, wishing he could stay inside his lover's body for all eternity, but now that the pleasure was fading the penetration would only bring Legolas discomfort. Hearing Legolas hiss, he pulled his lover close. "Did I hurt you?"

"Nay..." Legolas slowly rolled onto his other side, facing Boromir once more. "How is your shoulder?"

Boromir gritted his teeth now that Legolas' inquiry made him aware of the throbbing in his shoulder. "Fine."

"Liar," said Legolas knowingly. He smiled warmly, stroking damp locks out of Boromir's face. "But I will check on your wound once more.."

"Legolas, will you promise me something?" Boromir soothingly rubbed his lover's back and enjoyed feeling Legolas' long legs wrapped around him.

Legolas read Boromir's question in his eyes. "Melethron, we are mated for life. I won't ever leave you. Only death will us part."

Boromir felt briefly reassured, but then startled again. "But I will die and you will remain... as you are now. I will leave you behind. I am not immortal."

"I will mourn your passing," said Legolas compassionately, "But eventually I will move on... You would want that, do you not?"

"Aye, I want you to be happy, even if that means finding a new love after I died."

"Elves believe that souls are born again. Maybe I will find you in another life time?"

Boromir smiled. "Will you look for me then?"

"Aye, I will never stop." Legolas tenderly caressed Boromir's brow. "I promise you."

Boromir closed his eyes, giving in to exhaustion. His shoulder continued to throb and he had greatly overestimated his strength.

"Close your eyes, melethron. I will watch over you..." Legolas wrapped himself around his lover and watched Boromir sleep. For the very first time since they had met, the shadows had lifted and Boromir bathed in sunlight. From this day on, the Ring no longer had a hold on Boromir, Son of Gondor.


The End

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