Silent Heart

Part 10

By Morgana


Several weeks later.

Elrond encouraged Erestor to open and close his formerly injured hand. The fingernails had finally grown back and the fingers had mended. Elrond was pleased with the result; Erestor no longer suffered any discomfort and had regained full control over his fingers. “And again. Open and close.”

Erestor obeyed willingly, occasionally smiling at Elrond as the healer probed his fingers. “The pain is gone. You are a true healer, Callon-nîn.”

Elrond still wasn’t used to being called that. “You are my hero, Erestor. You were willing to sacrifice your life for me.” Holding Erestor’s hand in his, he still marveled at the other’s determination. During those long hours in which Erestor had been at the mercy of those foul Orcs and Uruk-Hai, he had never given in. Erestor would have died, letting his tormenters believe he was Elrond Half-Elven.

Erestor blushed. When he had grown flustered the first time, Elrond had assumed Erestor would get over being shy, but that hadn’t happened yet. The merest touch, gentle caress or a softly whispered compliment would cause Erestor to blush. “Erestor, I want you close as long as I live.”

“You already have me. You always did,” whispered Erestor, entranced by the passionate expression in Elrond’s eyes. During the last few weeks they had exchanged caresses and kisses, but Elrond had insisted they wait with taking that final step until he was fully healed.

And now Elrond had finally proclaimed him healed. The lashes on his back had long closed and the scars were fading. He had full control over his hand again and the cuts on his face had healed, barely leaving any scars. Physically he had made a full recovery, but he needed to heal emotionally as well.

Elrond wondered about the look on Erestor’s face and cocked his head inquisitively. “What is it you need, Ithil-nîn?” During the long nights, in which he had held Erestor, he had seen the moon reflected in Erestor’s dark eyes. “You are the light that guides my steps when I am helpless in the dark. Guide me now as well.”

“Will you bind yourself to me?” Erestor held his breath. He had asked Elrond this question before, but back then Elrond had asked him to wait, too concerned about his well-being whilst he was still healing. “Because I want to bind myself to you.”

Elrond studied Erestor closely. “You waited for this moment for many millennia. Can you wait until tonight?” He would never deny Erestor, but wanted their first time to be special.

“I can wait until tonight, but why?” Erestor frowned.

“Meet me at the Bruinen at sunset?” He wasn’t giving away his plans yet. Elrond buried his fingers in his lover’s long hair, deeply inhaling the sweet fragrance of roses and lilacs that clung to Erestor lately. Now that they were lovers, Erestor tried even harder to be desirable to Elrond, rubbing flowery fragranced oil on his skin, which was regaining its former smoothness.

Elrond knew Erestor worried about the fading scars, and no matter how often he assured his lover that he loved him just the way he was, Erestor always remained insecure. Overwhelmed by a sudden urge to feel Erestor close, he folded his arms around the other’s waist and pulled him close, hungrily claiming his lover’s lips. “I love you so much,” breathed Elrond into his lover’s mouth, holding him close. “I need you so badly.”

Erestor gave in to Elrond’s hunger, like he always did, and answered the passionate kiss with his own need. When Elrond’s tongue pushed past his lips, Erestor eagerly parted his teeth, challenging his lover to chase his tongue in a wild duel. Elrond moaned wantonly, and the sound caused a jolt of passion to move through Erestor’s groin. “I want you, need you as well.”

“Tonight you will have me,” vowed Elrond. “But do not tempt me yet. When Ithil lights the midnight sky I will lay you down and make love to you, but not any sooner.” The need to finally become one was building in his body as well, but he refused to rush this.

“Tonight…” Erestor whispered dreamily.

“Aye, tonight at the Bruinen.”


Erestor was finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on his correspondence. Elrond’s promise echoed in his thoughts and made his heart race with eager anticipation.

These last few weeks had been a revelation. Elrond had patiently nursed him back to health, sharing his healing energy whenever he could, and Erestor had learned to accept what Elrond gave him. That was one of the hardest things he had ever done. He was used to giving, not to taking what he needed, but Elrond insisted he did both.

“Your thoughts seem far away today,” said Glorfindel, busy copying a map. Rumil sat in a chair next to the window, reading, and dozing off occasionally. Fondly, Glorfindel looked at the silver haired Elf, thanking Elbereth daily for finding love when he had least expected it. Rumil was still occasionally overtaken by grief for his brothers, but knowing he was loved greatly aided his recovery.

Rumil, as if sensing that Glorfindel was thinking about him, looked at the blond and smiled wickedly. Having Glorfindel for a lover was quite an adventure, as he had found out recently. They had made love several times during these last two weeks and Glorfindel was quite an inventive and attentive lover.

Glorfindel read the naughty invitation to make love in Rumil’s eyes, but ignored it for now, worried about the distant expression on Erestor’s face. Ever since Erestor had been tortured Glorfindel had kept a close eye on his friend, always searching for signs of discomfort or pain, whether emotional or physical. But those had faded quickly and smiles appeared more often on Erestor’s face. He was happy for his friend that Elrond had finally realized the truth.

Erestor finally registered Glorfindel’s comment and gave the blond an apologetic look.

“You can tell me what is troubling you,” offered Glorfindel. Quickly casting a look at Rumil, he found his younger lover asleep. /I wore him out last night./ 

Erestor realized that Rumil was asleep and considered confiding in Glorfindel about tonight. “Elrond, he—“ Lost for words, he blushed.

“Ah, Elrond finally made his move,” said Glorfindel, pleased. Erestor’s fierce blush told him everything he needed to know.

“Tonight, at the Bruinen… Elrond and I…” Erestor averted his eyes, unable to continue, feeling nervous and shy.

“And you are nervous?” asked Glorfindel. “That is understandable.”

“But—“ Erestor squirmed in his chair. “I have never had…” Erestor pleadingly looked at Glorfindel, hoping his friend understood. “I only ever wanted Elrond and… I do not have any experience. I won’t know what to do when the time comes. I am afraid I will disappoint him and—“

Glorfindel rose from his chair and covered the distance between them. Kneeling in front of Erestor he placed his hand on the other’s arm. “Does Elrond know?”

“I think so. I am not certain though. It never came up.” Erestor was unable to meet Glorfindel’s gaze, feeling embarrassed. “I want to please him as well, but I do not know what to do.”

“First, you need to tell Elrond you have never had a lover before.” Glorfindel felt confident that Elrond had long reached that conclusion on his own, but it wouldn’t hurt to make sure.

“But I do not feel comfortable doing that. I do not want to disappoint him,” said Erestor softly.

“Erestor?” Glorfindel gently squeezed the other’s arm. “You cannot possibly ever disappoint Elrond. He loves you more than life itself.” Those words brought another blush to Erestor’s features. “Do you want me to talk to Elrond?”

Erestor nodded thankfully. “But do not tell him about...” Erestor’s voice trailed off.

Glorfindel smiled. “You can leave this matter in my capable hands.”


“Elrond? Can I have a moment of your time?” Glorfindel entered Elrond’s private rooms.

“I am quite busy,” said Elrond, sighing at the expression in Glorfindel’s eyes. The blond was determined to talk to him. “What is this about?”

“Erestor.” Elrond froze in his movement and made eye contact with him. Now that he had Elrond’s full attention, Glorfindel continued. “You plan on binding yourself to him tonight?”

“Aye.” Elrond cocked his head, wondering why Glorfindel was bringing up this subject now.

“Do you know Erestor remained untouched all these millennia?” Glorfindel read the answer in Elrond’s eyes. “You do.”

“I thought so, but I was not sure. We never discussed it.” Elrond walked over to Glorfindel and said, “I assumed he did not have any lovers as he never mentioned them.”

“You assumed correctly. He waited for you.” Glorfindel saw the sudden pain in Elrond’s eyes.

“If only I had not been blind for so long,” said Elrond, melancholy.

“You cannot change the past, but you can shape the future.” Seeing puzzlement in Elrond’s eyes, he continued, “Erestor is afraid he will disappoint you when you finally make love.”

“He will never disappoint me,” whispered Elrond, taken aback.

Glorfindel smiled, pleased that Elrond realized how important this relationship was for Erestor. “Be gentle with him tonight.”

“I will always be gentle.” Elrond drew in a deep breath. “Thank you for telling me, but I had already suspected he was untouched.”

“I trust you will guide him tonight,” said Glorfindel, stepping into the corridor again. After seeing Elrond nod, he smiled, and headed for the study to check on Rumil and reassure Erestor.


Erestor nervously stood in front of the Bruinen. He began to pace worriedly when there was no sight of Elrond. Where was his lover? Halting abruptly, he stared at the last rays of the setting sun, which had shone all day long. The air still felt hot, and a warm breeze gently caressed his skin. Myriads of stars appeared in the darkening sky and Ithil’s light was liquid silver. It was an enchanting evening; if only Elrond were here as well. Had the half-Elf changed his mind? No, that couldn’t be!

Elrond watched his nervous lover pace. Erestor seemed upset, and when he came to a halt, Elrond took a moment to indulge himself by staring at the raven haired beauty. The scars were barely visible, but he knew exactly where they had been, having tended to his lover’s injuries. Erestor still worried about them. /But there is no need to worry about them. I love you just the way you are./ Elrond’s love was, like Erestor’s, unconditional.

“Ithil-nîn?”  Elrond slowly descended the hill, a soft blanket draped over his arm.

Erestor spun around and anxiously stared at Elrond. His racing heart slowed down at seeing the smile on his lover’s face. “I was afraid you would not meet me here after all.”

A stabbing pain moved through Elrond’s soul, hearing the self-doubt in Erestor’s voice. “I am sorry I am late.” Signaling for his lover to join him, he led Erestor to a lovely spot where Imladris’ waterfalls joined the Bruinen. He placed the blanket on the grass and then opened his arms.

Erestor quickly moved into them. Elrond completed the embrace and gently claimed his lover’s lips, which immediately parted. Accepting the invitation, he led Erestor’s tongue into an ancient and sensual dance. “After tonight you are mine forever.”

“I am already yours,” whispered Erestor, breathlessly. Suddenly Elrond’s warm hands slipped beneath his robes, pushing the fabric down his shoulders. The robes pooled at his waist, only held in place by a belt.

Erestor, uncertain what to do next, let Elrond guide him. When the Lord of Imladris placed his hands on his shoulders, Erestor smiled nervously and pushed down the half-Elf’s burgundy robes. Elrond suddenly pulled him close, and when they made skin on skin contact, the air seemed to sizzle with energy.

“I bind myself to you, Erestor. I will be your mate, friend, and lover. You are the only one I desire and I will always be at your side. Know that my heart belongs to you, and I want you to keep it forever.”

Erestor swallowed hard as his raging emotions almost got the better of him. “Callon-nîn, I always hoped this night would happen, but I gave up hope centuries ago. My love, my heart, always belonged to you.”

“Then trust yourself to me, Ithil-nîn.”

Erestor’s eyes widened, feeling Elrond nibble on his earlobe. The delicate sensation made him moan and he leaned in closer, pressing his bare chest against Elrond’s. His nipples, already hard, liked the friction, and the stimulation caused him to grow erect. “Please…” whispered Erestor. “Do not make me wait any longer. I already waited so long.”

Elrond had to fight back tears, hearing the despair in Erestor’s voice. “You do not have to wait any longer.” Slowly, he lowered his lover onto the blanket and covered him with his body. His lips found an eager nipple and he suckled it, allowing Erestor to grind his erection against his. “You are my midnight moon, Erestor.”

Erestor arched his back at Elrond’s touch. His lover’s tongue had wrapped itself around his nipple and caused impossible sensations to course through his lower body. His large eyes met Elrond’s in wonder.

Elrond smiled whilst unclasping Erestor’s belt and removing the velvet robes. Worshipping his lover’s body, his tongue left a wet trail down Erestor’s skin. He took his time to taste and explore his lover. When he finally reached Erestor’s arousal, he made eye contact with his lover and licked his lips.

Erestor bucked wantonly when suddenly soft, moist lips closed over the head of his erection. The sublime feeling made him bite his bottom lip and he lifted his head, trying to watch Elrond, who was  teasingly licking up and down his shaft. He desperately wanted to tell Elrond how much he loved him, but his nearing orgasm made it impossible for him to form a coherent sentence.

Elrond felt his lover tense, and realized Erestor was nearing his climax. Wrapping his fingers around his lover’s erection he set a slow rhythm whilst licking the head, which was already dripping with pre-ejaculate. Tasting his lover’s essence and hearing Erestor moan deliriously, Elrond smiled wickedly.

That grin pushed Erestor over the edge and he whimpered softly as orgasm overwhelmed him. He wanted to tell Elrond to pull back because he didn’t want his lover to choke on his come, but seeing the half-Elf swallow robbed him of his last coherent thoughts. Panting hard, he propped himself up onto his elbows and reached for Elrond, who was just licking a last drop of warm cream from his lips.

Lost for words, Erestor stared at Elrond. In the end, he wrapped his arms around the half-Elf and pulled him on top of his body.

Elrond listened to his lover’s racing heart beat and smiled against Erestor’s chest. /Another first, I assume./ He was determined to make this a divine experience for Erestor, who had saved himself. Lifting his head, he searched Erestor’s satiated eyes. “I want to bind myself to you.”

Erestor involuntarily held his breath. “I am yours to do with as you please.”

Elrond’s breath hitched, hearing that answer. “Then trust me again.”

“I trust you with my life.”

Elrond slowly moved away from Erestor, stood, and removed his robes. Kneeling at his Erestor’s side, he leaned in closer and kissed him.

Erestor watched Elrond closely when the half-Elf uncovered a silver flask. After opening it, several crystalline drops dripped onto Elrond’s fingertips. Erestor knew what would happen next, but was still slightly unprepared, feeling a slippery finger at the entrance to his body. “Are you sure you want to bind yourself to me? There is no turning back.”

“I will never let you go again, Erestor,” said Elrond determinedly. His lips descended onto his lover’s again, and his tongue danced against Erestor’s palate, drawing soft whimpers of need from him. Simultaneously, his finger massaged the guardian muscle and his fingertip easily slipped past it and into his lover’s tight passage.

Erestor was startled, feeling Elrond’s finger probe inside his body, but then a fingertip brushed against a sensitive spot, causing him to release an urgent whimper.

“I will make love to you,” whispered Elrond, pulling back his finger, adding more oil and returning with two scissoring fingers to prepare his lover for the final act. “I will worship your body and bring you unspeakable pleasure. Relax for me, Ithil-nîn.” His own arousal throbbed demandingly, but he refused to rush this. He wanted Erestor to scream his pleasure.

Erestor stared at his lover with big eyes. He had never before felt this much pleasure, this much lust, and he arched his hips, causing Elrond’s fingers to probe even deeper.

“Erestor?” Elrond removed his fingers and made eye contact with his lover, needing explicit permission before he could continue.

“Make love to me…” whispered Erestor in a hoarse tone.

Elrond nodded, reminding himself this was Erestor’s first time. “It would be easier on you if you moved onto your side.”

Accepting Elrond’s guidance, Erestor shakily rolled onto his left side. Feeling Elrond spoon behind him, he tensed slightly. His lover’s hard flesh nudged against his entrance, eager to bury himself in his body.

Elrond kissed the back of Erestor’s neck and wrapped one arm around his lover’s waist. “There will only be pleasure, I promise.” Positioning himself, he slowly pushed inside his lover’s passage, pausing momentarily to give Erestor time to adjust to the invasive feeling.

Erestor gasped as Elrond began to bury himself in his body. A shallow pain washed through his lower body and thankfully Elrond paused, giving him time to become accustomed to the feeling. He panted hard when Elrond pushed again, this time burying himself to the hilt and unexpectedly the pain vanished, and gave way to pleasure.

Elrond held his breath. The last thing he wanted was to hurt this beautiful creature in his arms. “Ithil-nîn?”

Erestor moaned low in his throat and experimentally wriggled in Elrond’s arms.

Elrond’s eyes widened at the exquisite sensation and almost came right there and then. He barely managed to hold back. “Do not move, melamin. I want to enjoy this feeling a little longer.”

Erestor smiled, and looked over his shoulder at Elrond. The rapture in the half-Elf’s eyes was beyond words and that expression made him grow hard again.

Elrond smiled knowingly, licked down the elegant curve of his lover’s neck and thrust experimentally. Whispering promises of eternal love, he established a slow rhythm.

Just when Erestor thought he was riding the highest possible waves of bliss Elrond curled his fingers around his new erection and stroked the hard flesh in the same rhythm as his thrusts. Letting Elrond set their pace and rhythm, he surrendered to the maddening sensation. Unable to hold back any longer, he released a soft scream, reaching orgasm a second time.

Elrond bit gently into the soft flesh of Erestor’s neck, as spasms contracted around his shaft, pushing him toward his own orgasm. “Ithil-nîn, amin mela lle,” he whispered, letting go as well.

Erestor managed to cock his head and caught Elrond’s lips in a bruising kiss.

Slowly coming down from their sensual high, Elrond nibbled on a delicately formed ear lobe. His sated sex slipped from his lover’s body and he sighed regretfully at losing this connection with Erestor. Holding his lover close, Elrond softly whispered his name. “Erestor?” Elrond nearly protested when his lover rolled onto his other side, but seeing the expression in the dark eyes made him hold his breath. “Erestor?”

Erestor smiled happily. “It was just the way I always dreamt it would be. It was perfect, Callon-nîn.” He nestled close to Elrond, soaking up his lover’s body heat. “You are mine now.”

“Aye, I am yours, forever.” Elrond tucked Erestor’s head beneath his chin, kissed the dark hair, and felt whole for the first time in his life.

The End



Beta read by Ilye, thank you!

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