Author's Notes: Written for a Secret Santa challenge! Not too familiar with the books yet so please forgive me my mistakes!

Night Before the Judgement

By Merlynslegacy and Safire1


He cut a dashing figure in his armour and leather, his helmet tucked under his arm, he allowed his long white hair to cascade down his shoulders and back.  He stepped from his Elven tent and looked around, assembled around him, the armies of Middle earth, with a proud step he turned left and walked past the assembled ranks of the Elves, their backs stiffened as he passed.  He nodded slightly as he continued to pass, as hard as he looked he couldn’t find a single problem with the assembled, but then he had other things on his mind. 

The smell of wet horses assaulted his nostrils as he approached the riders of Rohan. Slowly he made his way past the slumbering beasts and their riders most of who also slept.  Some however stopped sharpening and polishing their blades to watch him pass, he ignored them and focused on the tall tent towards the back of the ranks.

Gently Celeborn pushed aside the tent flaps and gazed into the gloom.

Celeborn stepped into the tent and gently placed his helmet onto a stool positioned by the door, his cape and breastplate joined it and was soon followed by his tunic and boots.  The air felt cool against his exposed skin, and he crossed to the cot in the darkest corner, where a sleeping Theodred king lay.  Celeborn lowered himself carefully onto the edge of the cot gazed down at his lover.  The few of his comrades who knew of the relationship, could never understand what the tall elf saw in the young thin human, Celeborn himself had difficulty explaining it, there was something about Theodred a sort of animal attraction that the elf found enchanting. 

He brushed a lock of hair from the face of Theodred and bent low.  The smell that reached his nostrils sent a shiver down his spine, the smell of soap and leather with just a faint odour of horse.  He gently kissed Theodred and held it until he felt the man move under the skins that the riders used for blankets. Celeborn felt the prince stiffen for a second then return the kiss, recognising his assailant and the faintly spicy, fresh scent that accompanied the lithe elf.

“My lord?” Theodred questioned sleepily, shifting a little under the slight weight above him, doing naught but fuel the elf’s insatiable passions.


“What are you doing?”

Celeborn grinned, ducking his head slightly, his long golden hair cascading down his shoulders draping across the prince’s chest. He leant down, kissing the young mortal again, speaking with barely contained laughter “What does it look like meleth (love)?”

Theodred chuckled tiredly, reaching up and entangling his hand in Celeborn’s mane.

“Insatiable, meldiramin (my friend), though I shall do my best to satisfy your hunger.” With a mischievous grin, suddenly wide-awake he flipped the surprised lord onto his back, straddling the slight form.

Celeborn laughed. “Mercy! You tricked me!”

Theodred leant forward, splaying his hands on the slender chest beneath him. “That I did my lord, you should be more on your guard next time.”

Celeborn snorted in an undignified manner, reaching and placing his hands on the hips of the man above him, massaging the soft skin gently, sapphire eyes darkening with lust as he drank in the sight above him. Though not as delicate as Celeborn the broad chest, a smattering of light hair and toned muscles made for a fine picture. Reaching up the elf lord caught the mortals face in his hands, bringing it down to his own, pulling the man to lie on top of him, pressing their lips tightly together. The elf’s tongue brushed the satiny smoothness of his lips, demanding entrance to the hotness within, quickly granted with a small moan. Celeborn smiled, now he was in charge! Tiny sparks flew down Theodred’s body, feeling his body stir under the elf’s knowing touch. Celeborn ran his hands over the man’s chest, enjoying the coarseness and hardness against his own hypersensitive skin. He too felt a tightening in his leggings as Theodred moved to his ears, licking and nipping at the sensitive tip. Celeborn groaned, moving his hands down, his deft fingers unlacing the breeches, still hugging Theodred’s legs. It was quickly untied and hurriedly discarded, Celeborn moving so the man was in easier reach. Theodred used the leeway to his own advantage hastily removing the leather breeches the elf lord was still clad in, Celeborn raising his hips in assistance.

Theodred looked upon his prize with undisguised lust and admiration. How he had manager to gain the lord of ’Lorien as his lover was a mystery to him, but one he was not going to question, lest he be taken from him. 

Raising his hands to place his palms on the unmarred flesh of the ethereal being, he shivered with anticipation. No other could make him tremble so, make him feel so young, untouched. Guiding his hand lower he traced the strong, taut muscles of Celeborn’s stomach, his thighs and up to his member, fully erect. Theodred met his lover’s eyes as he took it in hand, watching the Elven features contort with pleasure as he swirled his thumb over the tip, spreading the pearly fluid, Celeborn gasped, reaching up and clasping Theodred tightly by the shoulders, rolling over, straddling the smaller man. Bending down Celeborn captured one of Theodred’s nipples between his teeth, nipping the small nub as it drew up and hardened. Grinning wickedly he licked a path down is stomach, imitating Theodred’s earlier movements, Theodred’s breath caught and he balled his fists, willing himself still as Celeborn surveyed his shaft with a predatory glint in his eye before swiftly taking the organ into his mouth.

“By the Valar!” he gasped, stealing a favourite phrase or Celeborn’s, hips thrusting forward involuntarily. A few quick swipes of his tongue and he could feel every fibre of his being vibrating with the tension of staying still. Celeborn stopped; the young prince moaned at the loss of contact, quieting as Celeborn whispered to him, voice ragged and husky with need

“Im baur lle, saes (I need you, please)” he murmured, breathing erratic as he gathered the man close to him. Theodred nodded assenting as Celeborn crushed his body to his own, shaking with desire before lowering him to the bed, fingers searching for the tiny ring of muscle “lle naa vanima (you are beautiful)” he murmured, stilling the mans squirming as he pressed inside the tight opening widening for what was to come. He watched Theodred’s face carefully for any signs of pain as he withdrew his fingers, positioning himself for entry, ducking down he captured the princes mouth with his own, pressing in gently. Theodred winced slightly as Celeborn sheathed himself fully in Theodred’s tightness, suppressing an urge to groan. So hot. So tight.

“Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” Celeborn asked worriedly, allowing the young man to grow accustomed to the invasion. Theodred shook his head no. Celeborn moved cautiously, ensuring that the moan Theodred cried was one of pleasure and not of pain before setting a steady rhythm, the sound of their mingled moans and erratic breathing the only noise. Celeborn reached around his lover, grasping his hardness in hand, stroking it in time with his thrusts. He gasped, words mingling between elvish and the common tongue as white light blinded his vision as he came violently with a cry, closely followed by Theodred’s own climax as he slipped over the brink, spilling pearly whiteness into Celeborn’s hand

Collapsing in a head, Celeborn had enough energy to roll off the young mortal, snuggling up spoon like, ignoring the stickiness of Theodred’s passion as their breathing returned to normal.

“amin mela lle” Celeborn whispered as he drifted off to sleep kissing the nape of Theodred’s neck. Theodred lay in silence a moment, reflecting on what could have possibly been their last time together- tomorrow the battle for middle earth began.

“I love you too.” He murmured, closing his eyes to fall into a dreamless slumber.

The End

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