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New Emotions

Chapter 8 - Solace

By Riley


Legolas and the two remaining members of the Fellowship, Aragorn and Gimli, had buried Boromir within the ground. They spoke little of it after doing so for none of them wished to discuss it. They had decided to go after Merry and Pippin when the sun rose. Time was not something they had a lot of but all three were weary mentally and physically from the day's battle. Aragorn insisted they rest through the night and head out first thing in the morning to retrieve the Hobbits. Gimli voiced no objections and Legolas remained silent.

They lit a fire but spoke no words. Gimli finally lay on the ground by the heat and rested his weary body. He was fully of worry for all his friends and of the days to come but his last glance before succumbing to sleep was the blank stare within Legolas' eyes; which would haunt him as he slept.

Legolas stared into the empty flames before him: his mind fixated on the warrior that had fallen in battle today. The image of the Man caressing his cheek played over and over inside his head. Legolas absentmindedly brought his slender hand to his face, concentrating on the last touch Boromir had placed upon him. He couldn't describe the gesture when it had happened but the Elf could now recall the shape of each coarse finger: the amount of sweat that rubbed off and evaporated from his skin after his hand had fallen: and the blood that tarnished the Man's hand had tarnished his face as well. Legolas had not wiped the bloodstained hand print away; he left it there for reasons unknown.

He sat there watching the flames and stroking his cheek repeatedly. He only looked into the fire to see the Man's face before he had ceased breathing but Legolas could not determine the look in Boromir's eyes. Surely he was full of sadness to be parting from this life yet Legolas had not sensed it nor saw it.

He hated himself for Boromir's death. It was because of him and him alone for the warrior's departure. Legolas had never felt so ill in his entire life; his stomach churned from Boromir's name being spoken, for every time he heard it, he felt guilty about his fatality. Legolas' head throbbed with pain: it pounded in repetition with his heart... boom ba buh boom... it was something he never experienced before but he did not complain for he felt as though he deserved it. He berated himself quietly from the thought of actually whining about his discomfort for what would Boromir say about it? Or even Aragorn? Legolas had no right to even think of himself in need of any aid... Boromir had been struck with an arrow and did not complain once - not once. Boromir knew he was going to die and did not voice his fear - not one hint of his insecurities before passing on. Legolas bowed his head and sighed... he was a pathetic excuse for an Elf; no Elf would ever act this way - no *true* Elf.

"Legolas, I need to change the bandage on your hand."

The Elf did not answer the Ranger yet he complied and slowly walked over to where the Man sat. Legolas did not want Aragorn worrying over him and knew best to just do what he said to avoid any conflicts. He sat down and brought his hand forward for Aragorn to inspect without saying one word.

Aragorn began to unwrap the bandage gently but his dark eyes remained on Legolas' face. He knew the Elf was feeling guilty for things he shouldn't be but Aragorn failed miserably at finding the words that needed to be spoken. He did not want Legolas to push him away nor did he want to intrude too much...

Aragorn sighed and drove his attention towards Legolas' wound. "You're lucky this went straight through," he commented after applying a mixture of herbs, leaves, and other wildlife remedies upon his hand. "You should be able to handle your bow with ease by tomorrow."

Legolas made no effort to comment on the Ranger's words. He sat still and stared past the Man's face causing Aragorn to lose the little patience he had left.

"Don't do this, Legolas," Aragorn said sternly. "Do not shut yourself off and push me away."

Legolas continued to ignore the Man despite his sincere efforts; despite wanting to latch onto him and be held within his strong arms; despite his heart rejoicing for having this Man still alive; despite the fact that he loved him.

Aragorn was fuming on the inside. He had to control the part of him that wanted to grasp the Elf's shoulders and shake him furiously until he answered him. His worry for the Elf was increasing by the second as was his anger. He didn't know what to say to grasp the Elf's attention: to bring him back from the void he was living in.

Aragorn became lost within his own rage and didn't pay attention to what he was doing for Legolas cried out in pain when Aragorn pulled tightly on his bandage. Aragorn's first reaction was to offer an apology but babying Legolas right now would not solve anything, he had to be strong and show no weakness. "Does that hurt?"

Legolas did not even blink his eyes at the Ranger; he continued to stare forward with a blank expression. He looked to be asleep from his eyes looking as though they peered elsewhere than where he was.

Aragorn sighed with frustration but did not give up. He put all the pressure he could muster from his own hand against Legolas' hoping for a reaction. The Ranger most certainly got one when Legolas pulled his hand back forcefully and sprung to his feet. "Ah! Are you mad?!"

Aragorn stood to meet the Elf's glare and smirked. "I had to do something to get you to answer me! Now answer my questions ere I lose my temper."

"Do not treat me as if I'm a child," Legolas muttered.

"Than stop acting like one," Aragorn shot back. "And stop blaming yourself for Boromir's death. It wasn't your fault."

Legolas clutched his temples at the sound of Boromir's name as his head spun uncontrollably. He felt a wave of nausea hit him and he soon found himself on his knees retching on the ground. Aragorn wasted no time sinking down next to him; pulling the Elf's hair back and rubbing his back gently. The Ranger's worry grew to the utmost limit as he soothed Legolas to his best ability. 'Elves do not get sick. Elves do not get sick.' He kept saying to himself. 'But their grief is horrid.' The other part of his mind told him.

"Legolas, stop this... right now," Aragorn demanded. "You have nothing to feel guilty about, if anyone should feel guilty it is I."

Legolas wiped his mouth with his hand and cast his dull eyes at the Ranger. "Why?"

"That arrow was meant for me, Legolas, not Boromir. It should have been me that was buried today, not Boromir. And it was me who should've let you go, not Boromir." The Ranger's last statement made the Elf control his emotions enough to stop vomitting. He looked deep into Aragorn's eyes and shook his head. "Why would you say such a thing?"

Aragorn sighed. "You say you only cared deeply for Boromir, yet you grieve as if you loved him. I do not mean to disrespect Boromir, I miss him greatly too, but you're pushing me away as if I don't even matter to you. I am lost, Greenleaf... so lost."

The Ranger placed his head in his hands and rocked himself back and forth on the ground; his own emotions getting the best of him. He was tired of being the strong one; the leader; the Man with all the answers. This journey was proving to be more damaging emotionally than physically. Aragorn never remembered a time as stressing as this and he had been through a lot as it was.

Legolas watched the Man behave in a way he never witnessed before. It frightened him at first: he had always thought Aragorn to be so strong - too strong actually. He was a rock. Nothing could break him... or so he had believed.

Legolas knew he was taking Boromir's death hard, but it was more guilt than anything. He did indeed care deeply for him and might have loved him, if not for Aragorn. The Elf's heart did not hold back any longer when the Ranger was near; it pumped more blood at a furious rate and it pounded madly. But there was one thing the Elf was afraid of; death. Legolas did not want to lose Aragorn to the same fate as Boromir. Of course he knew the Man would die eventually but Legolas did not want to view it, he could not live through another death like this... but as he watched Aragorn slowly drop his shield of emotions, he found himself crawling over towards him, placing his hand under the warrior's chin and looking into his deep grey eyes. The words were not ones he dwelled on for he spoke only what his heart told him to. "I believe I would be dead right now if that arrow had pierced you."

"Then why do you push me away?" Aragorn asked in a whisper.

Legolas sighed heavily while lowering his head and released his grip on the Man but Aragorn reacted quickly by mimicking what the Elf had done seconds ago; he now cupped Legolas' face with his calloused hands and searched his eyes for an answer.

Legolas tried looking away from Aragorn but the Man held a tight grip, one the Elf could not free himself of. He hesitated for a moment before he caught the worry in the pair of eyes before him. "I fear of losing you, Aragorn."

Aragorn looked baffled. His brow creased and he shrugged his shoulders. "Lose me? To whom? I told you how I no longer desire Lady Arwen, I-"

"Nay, Aragorn," Legolas interrupted softly. "I can not bear another death like this. You will die one day and that frightens me."

Aragorn pulled the Elf into his chest and embraced him tightly. "Death will not come upon me for a long time, Greenleaf... I promise; but it shall come one day, that I can not stop, but tell me... does it not frighten you more to live your life without ever knowing what my love for you feels like? I know my love for you may seem weak from it being a new discovery but I have lived a vivid life, I have seen things many will never see and I have loved what I thought love to be yet I have never, *never* been in love with anything as much as I am with you, Legolas. I can not describe it with words for there are none strong enough."

Legolas opened his mouth to reply but Aragorn continued his comforting whispers. "Boromir gave us a gift, Legolas, and we must seize it. He died so our love could grow. Do you not want it?"

"I want it more than anything I've ever dreamed of," Legolas replied.

"Than it shall be so." Aragorn stated as he drew in close towards the Elf. His lips were inches away from the flesh he desired when Legolas threw his hand up as a barrier. "What's wrong?"

"My sincere apologies, Aragorn, but I am of not the best flavor right now. I need to wash up."

Aragorn smirked. "Right. I think that's a good idea. Just don't take too long."

The Ranger watched as Legolas rose to his feet and headed towards the path that led to a small stream not too far off. He then grew nervous for what seemed like the first time. His palms began to build up with sweat as did his face and neck but he shrugged it off and awaited the Elf's return.

"If you're thinking about doing anything besides talking, than you best go in the direction Legolas went."

Aragorn shot his head towards Gimli, who he had thought to be sleeping. "Gimli? You're awake?"

"Aye," The Dwarf mumbled. "That blasted Elf makes me worry too much, but I'm not going to take witness to any more of his escapades of lust. Take it somewhere else, Aragorn. I shall stay here and keep an eye out on things."

Aragorn smiled at the Dwarf before leaping to his feet to find Legolas. This was one time Aragorn did not need to look for footprints amongst the dirt to find his prey for his heart could find its way to his desire without missing a beat.


Legolas swished the water around his mouth repeatedly before spitting it out. He had never thrown up before and found he disliked it very much; so much that he vowed to never do it again, that was if it could be helped.
He sensed someone approaching as he rose to his feet and turned round. He gasped when he saw Aragorn inches from his face. He had been so occupied with recalling his action of sickness (as to how he threw-up) that he did not hear the Man approach until now. "Ara-"

The Elf did not get to complete the Man's name aloud for Aragorn cut him off by applying his moist lips against his own. Legolas moaned as the kiss deepened along with the Ranger's hands under his tunic exploring his skin gently. Legolas felt his blood boil from the Man's tongue delving into his mouth. He allowed the Ranger to remove the clothing that lay on his upper body, immediately praising himself for doing so when Aragorn planted kiss after kiss upon his skin. The Man started out at his shoulder blades and worked his way down to one of his nipple's, sucking it relentlessly. It was more pleasurable than painful to the Elf but he couldn't help but give a small cry when Aragorn nipped harshly with his teeth. New sensations sparked within the Elf's body and before he knew what was happening, he had Aragorn pinned down to the ground.

Legolas smiled mischievously at him and attacked his neck. The taste of the Man's sweat aroused the Elf so much that he stripped Aragorn of his tunic and trailed his tongue wherever there was open flesh.

The desire to taste this Man burned within the Elf. The feeling of wanting to be loved physically whirled through his soul as he covered Aragorn's lips with his own. He was able to express his desire for him and it nearly caused his heart to stop beating.

Aragorn grasped the Elf's hair tightly; his fingers savoring the silky locks. His lust for doing such a simple thing raged through his body like a dam being broken. How long he had craved to tug on the blond strands like this he knew not yet it struck a fire within his own soul and he wished not to let go.

Legolas' body became numb when he broke contact with Aragorn and he did not like it. He yearned to feel his body heat rise like it had when touching the Man; to feel his blood flow through his veins - to actually *feel* it... Legolas pushed his weight against Aragorn's shoulders and took his mouth once more with a bruising force.

The sadness he was feeling came rushing forward with his kisses and his guilt poured out evenly. Aragorn moaned painfully from Legolas pushing so hard against him but the Elf did not let-up. He continued his lip-lock until he craved the Man's neck. Legolas bit the soft flesh with his teeth and sucked harshly; ignoring the Man's cry of pain.

Legolas was biting and sucking relentlessly; not fully aware of what he was doing. With closed eyes he knew Aragorn lay underneath him and that the taste of his skin drove him mad; it savored his tongue until he swallowed - it moved gracefully down his throat where it filled his stomach like nothing ever had before. He could not pull his lips away from the Man no matter how hard he tried... his lips refused.

Legolas blocked away everything from his mind except for the flavor of Aragorn's skin. His lips were controlling him but he took little notice - until he felt himself being pushed away with a greater force; one that took him by surprise. He opened his eyes to see Aragorn above him now - his face full of sweat and his eyes staring down at him with concern.

"I'm all for the rough stuff, Legolas." Aragorn panted. "But you're not here with me... you're somewhere else."

Legolas sighed and shook his head as if he was just noticing Aragorn's presence for the first time. Then the realization of what he had been doing flooded his mind; the moans of discomfort that Aragorn released echoed between his ears. "I do not know what came over me. I am sorry, Aragorn... It is the taste of you... It drives me mad."

Aragorn smirked. "Mad in a good way I hope?"

"Of course," Legolas replied.

"I think maybe I should stay on top for a while. My neck is now killing me thanks to you."

"You may seek out your revenge upon me," Legolas teased.

Aragorn chuckled. "*You're* giving me permission to do so? Well who am I to deny my love what he wishes for..." He whispered as he aimed his tongue towards the Elf's ear. Aragorn loved the curves and the tip of it so much that he did not want to pull away but he felt himself becoming more aroused from his bare chest contacting with the Elf's. He began to slide from the sweat accumulating on his abdomen and he gave a small snicker when he slid right off Legolas.

The Prince gave an amused look and smiled, but took little time to enjoy the comical aspect for he quickly rolled over and positioned himself on top of the Man again. Aragorn squinted his eyes and spoke in a serious tone. "You will be more gentle, nay?"

Legolas' reply was of his tongue tracing the Ranger's jawline; he travelled it into the cleft of the Man's chin and pushed hard... snickering as he did so. He gave Aragorn a most serious look as he slid his tongue down his neck, savoring the Man's sweat yet again. Legolas continued his exploration down the Ranger's chest... to his abdomen... and finally towards the flesh he had come to desire greatly.

Legolas placed his hands under Aragorn's buttocks and pushed him up so he could remove his leggings. Aragorn did not deny the Elf his craving, for he pushed up along with Legolas and kicked his boots off so he could lay naked under the moon's beams; under the Elf's body; under his love's adoring gaze.

Legolas gasped softly when he took in the sight of the Man's penis; it was of a size he thought to be most impressive. He licked his lips before crashing his pink flesh over the hard erection. Legolas had thought the Man's skin to be the most pleasurable taste he had ever savored yet he could not help but roll his tongue furiously against the flesh he was devouring right now; it tasted *that* much better.

Aragorn moaned in delight from the Elf's tongue dancing along his member. He had never been this pleased from anyone else and he found it hard to not succumb to the passion all ready, but he hung on and opened his eyes and grew more aroused from seeing Legolas' head moving up and down from pleasing him. Aragorn grasped Legolas' head and pushed him down further onto his erection - feeling a little poorly for doing so but then shrugged it off completely when he remember how Legolas had treated him a few minutes ago: plus Legolas did not seem to mind... he did not choke but moaned himself from hearing Aragorn cry out with pleasure.

Aragorn was close... so very close to releasing his seed into the Elf's mouth and he loved the thought of doing so but he yearned for something else... something that he had been dreaming of doing for what seemed forever to the Man.

The Ranger released his grip on the Elf's head and buried his fingers into the earth's soil... gaining control before he pulled his member out of Legolas' mouth; nearly whining himself from ceasing such a pleasurable activity.

Legolas looked confused as he brought his head up to meet with the Ranger's eyes; he feared he had done something wrong and wished not to disappoint the Man. "What is wrong? He whispe"red.

Aragorn smiled warmly at the Elf and sat up on his knees returning his gaze. "I wish not to release myself into you like that for our first time."

Legolas' confused look remained as he did not grasp what the Ranger was saying. "You do not want to enjoy yourself fully?" He asked with hesitation.

"My dear, Legolas," Aragorn murmured while cupping the Elf's face. "I wish to let myself go not within your mouth but within your body." Legolas blushed furiously when he realized what the Man was saying. "Do I have your permission to do so?"

"Aye," Legolas replied without hesitation. He helped Aragorn get his own leggings off along with his boots that he kicked away forcefully with anticipation of the Ranger's love.

Aragorn layed Legolas down gently on his back and soon covered him up with his own body. Soft kisses where exchanged between them as were soft whispers of comfort. Aragorn travelled his hand down to Legolas' erection and pumped it at a slow rhythm. While Legolas sighed with pleasure, the Ranger moved his free hand towards the Elf's puckered hole beneath. He gently slid in one finger which made Legolas stiffen and jump from surprise. Aragorn continued moving his finger gently, relaxing the tight muscles that clasped around his finger. He slid in another one when he felt Legolas ease up and move his bottom torso in the same rhythm as his hand.

Aragorn smiled... he was almost ready.

The Man looked down into the murky eyes of the Elf and kissed him passionately before whispering into his ear. "This will only hurt for a short time... It won't last long. Ready?"

Legolas gave a shaky nod and felt the fire from his body flame up to its extent. He sighed softly when Aragorn removed his fingers; it had just started to feel good, almost to the point of seeing stars...

Aragorn gently pushed himself within Legolas; hanging onto the Elf tightly when Legolas winced in pain. His heart broke a little from causing such agony but he knew it would not last long and the pleasure would soon override the discomfort.

Legolas' breathing became heavy and he suppressed back a cry. He closed his eyes and felt Aragorn hold him close to his chest as he thrusted deeper into him. There was much pain; a lot more than what he had thought, but Aragorn was larger than average size and as much as it hurt, Legolas soon found himself enjoying the Man's flesh inside of him.

Legolas relaxed and it helped a great deal for he moved in rhythm with Aragorn and moaned from bliss and not pain. Aragorn released his grip on the Elf and looked down at him with loving eyes. Legolas took notice to the sweat building up on the Man's forearms and found it very attractive.

Aragorn bent down once more and could not help but whisper his affection towards the Elf. "We are one now, Legolas, and I dare say I've never felt so well."

"Aye, me too, Aragorn," Legolas whispered back. He then bit his lip before speaking his voice again. "I heard your heart sing yesterday and I can now feel that melody throughout my body with you inside of me... It is beautiful, Aragorn."

Aragorn put his weight back upon his arms and continued to make love to Legolas; plunging harder; diving deeper; succumbing to the tightness of the Elf. He could feel Legolas coming close to a climax from beneath him as his moans grew louder and his body grew hotter. Aragorn thrusted with all his strength, driving his erection as far as it could go until he saw stars and released his seed into Legolas.

Legolas had climaxed before Aragorn and truly felt if he died now that he would die one happy Elf. He had love making experiences before but none compared to the closeness he felt with Aragorn. He realized there was a huge difference between loving somebody and being *in* love with someone; he was in love with Aragorn and he wished for it to never end... this feeling of being loved surpassed the moon; the stars; the clouds; the sun... everything.

Nothing felt better than rolling over on his side and looking his lover in the eyes while hearing, "I love you, Legolas."

And it felt even better to reply to such words with, "I love you too, Aragorn."

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