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My Liege, My Love

Chapter 4

By Riley


"... Aragorn?"

"Yes, Legolas, 'tis me."

Legolas shut his eyes briefly and winced from the throbbing within his head. He felt as if a Balrog had whopped his skull and left him for dead. The pain was so severe that he almost slipped back into the darkness but he opened his eyes once more and focused on Aragorn, Elbereth! he was so handsome! There was an orange aurora from the fire nearby surrounding the Man's figure and it shone how beautiful his face truly was. The Elf stifled a cry of pain when his heart panged with the realization of never being able to give that face of Aragorn's the attention it deserved with his lips. Legolas felt beads of sweat rolling down the sides of his face, and brought a slender hand upwards to wipe away the moisture, but Aragorn had beaten him to it.

The drumming between Legolas' ears stopped when the Ranger's hand made its way down his cheek. It was amazing how well Legolas instantly felt, but when Aragorn pulled away, the banging returned.

"Legolas, I have something to tell you. Please, stay awake long enough to hear my words. I know you are weary but you must listen to what I have to say."

Legolas detected the urgency in the Man's voice despite the pounding within his head. He managed to nod his head and awaited Aragorn's words.

"I know the heart to which you bind yourself to." Aragorn said softly while caressing Legolas' cheek once more. He felt the Prince tense at his statement but he gave the Elf a reassuring smile and continued. "Legolas, I didn't know until just now. Why did you not say anything to me?"

"How... how did you find out?" Legolas stuttered.

Legolas' eyes adjusted enough for him to see a bulky figure step to the side of where Aragorn was kneeling before him. "'Twas me, Master Elf," Gimli announced, "forgive me for intruding in your affairs but I was desperate to seek out the truth behind your illness."

Legolas wanted to die. He closed his eyes and welcomed his grief to overtake him. He could not withstand the rejection Aragorn was sure to give him nor could he put up with, 'I hold you dear to my heart as a friend and nothing more but you must live for your people,' speech he was sure to hear from the Man. But death would not come to him just yet, not with Aragorn shaking him and touching his skin again. Why does he have to keep placing his hands upon my body? Legolas screamed silently.

Reluctantly, Legolas opened his eyes to meet Aragorn's gaze once more.

"Stop doing that!" Aragorn hollered.


"Slipping away! You keep closing your eyes! I will not lose you, Legolas. You must stay here with me."

Legolas sighed. "Why?" He asked, knowing full well what the Man's answer would be.

"Because I love you." Aragorn blurted, to Legolas' shock. The Elf ignored all the pain within his body and sat up straight with an alarming look upon his pallid face.

"How dare you say such a thing!" Legolas cried. "The Lady Arwen holds your heart, and you hold her immortality, have you forgotten that? And you would lower your standards so quickly to say such a lie to keep me from death? I know not who you are anymore, son of Arathorn!"

Legolas was shaking uncontrollably now but it wasn't from the illness; he had never been so upset with anyone like he was with Aragorn right now. Surely, the Man had gone mad!

"Calm yourself, Legolas." Aragorn ordered while placing a hand upon one of the Prince's shoulders. Legolas went to swipe it away but Aragorn refused to let go. "It seems you are a poor spy."


"I am told you witnessed Arwen offering her immortality to me, nay?"

Legolas nodded his head but not ere he sent Gimli the look of death.

"You clearly did not witness the entire scene that night." Aragorn stated. "If you had watched a while longer, you would have seen that I declined Arwen's offer and told her that I loved another."

"Wha- that is what happened?" Legolas asked increduously.

"Yes, Legolas, that is exactly what happened. And that other being I love is you. 'Tis you, Legolas! I never said anything because I feared your reaction, so call me a coward if you will, but I am a coward in love with a beautiful Elf and I want him to stay by my side so I can show him just how strong my love is for him."

Legolas could not voice any words. He was that shocked and that happy. His heart was beating erratically and his face was on fire. "I... I... do not know what to say."

"Say you'll let me love you, Legolas. Say you'll return my love. Say you'll never leave me. Say-"

The Man's words were cut off by a pair of thin lips overlapping his full ones. Aragorn decided right then and there, if Legolas was ever to interrupt him again, that this was how it was to be done. If someone was to tell this Man how love could be displayed through one kiss, he would have laughed at them, but now, as Legolas kissed him, he realized how strongly the Elf loved him. It seemed as if Legolas knew how to kiss his heart through his lips because Aragorn's heart had never felt so complete.

"The fire is dwindling... yeah, so I'll be fetching some wood. Like either one of you is listening to me nor will either one of you even notice my absence..." Gimli muttered while walking away, but he did turn around and smile at the couple ere he disappeared into the wood.

"I love you, Aragorn." Legolas stated proudly after pulling away.

"And I love you, Legolas." Aragorn declared while stealing a quick kiss from the Prince's lips. "You really gave me a scare. I do not want to see you ill like that again."

"You won't," the Elf said with a smile.

Aragorn studied Legolas for a short time and smiled upon the sight of some color returning to the Elf's fair face. "How do you feel now?"

"Better, much better, only..."

"Only what?" Aragorn questioned.

"Only I will not be fully healed until..."

"Until what?" Aragorn asked with a chuckle. "Must I force an answer out of you?"

"Exactly." Legolas said with a broad smile.

"Huh?" Aragorn asked with confusion. "I do not - oh! I see... hmmn, well let us not tarry any longer."

Aragorn crawled on his hands and knees the short distance towards Legolas and attacked the Prince's lips with his own while settling Legolas down onto the ground. He stroked the long blond hair with admiration before his hand wandered down to Legolas' tunic. He undid the buttons while still lip-locked with the Elf and pinched a hard nipple eagerly, laughing softly when Legolas gasped from the action.

Legolas' head no longer throbbed. It was clear of all pain and the only thing his mind would allow him to focus on was Aragorn and Aragorn's hands.... were they sliding down underneath his breeches? Ai! They were!

Before Aragorn had a chance to explore Legolas fully, the Elf had him pinned to the ground and was straddled atop of him. He marvelled in the sight of Legolas removing his tunic and shirt revealing a firm ivory chest that was just begging attention for a Ranger's tongue. "Where'd all the energy come from?" The Man asked ere leaning forward and licking the nipple he had pinched earlier.

"From you." Legolas replied with a moan. Aragorn's tongue was masterful, Legolas concluded, as it was slowly making its way down to his navel. The blond haired Elf suddenly craved to do the same to Aragorn, and as hard as it was to grasp the Man's dark hair to yank him away, Legolas did so and quickly rid Aragorn of his upper clothing.

Legolas had never been with a Man before and he found it curious how Aragorn's chest had hair upon it, though not a lot. He swiped his tongue over it skeptically at first and while he didn't find it appealing, he most certainly didn't find it to be repulsive either. He ventured his way down to Aragorn's navel and felt himself grow harder when the Ranger moaned. He lifted himself up a bit to pull down Aragorn's leggings and turned around when he felt Aragorn's legs moving to see the Ranger kicking his boots off eagerly. Legolas slid the pants down and allowed Aragorn to use his feet to fully pull them off.

"Know you how long I yearned to see you without clothing?" Legolas remarked lightly.

"Do I disappoint?" Aragorn asked with a laugh.

"Nay, not at all. You are more handsome and-" Legolas slid back a bit to rest upon the Man's knees while his eyes wandered down between the Man's thighs, "quite impressive in areas I knew you would be."

"And will you allow me to put such impressive qualities into action within you?"

"Perhaps," the Elf replied in a neutral tone.

"Perhaps?!" Aragorn exclaimed. "I think not!" The Ranger quickly showed his strength and speed by switching positions with Legolas faster than what the Elf thought possible. Aragorn held the Prince down with one hand while the other pulled Legolas' shoes off followed by one swift tug to remove the Archer's leggings for good.

Legolas rolled his eyes. "Why do men have this 'thing' about being in control? You do realize I can overpower you, nay?"

"Perhaps," Aragorn replied with a shrug of his shoulders. "But not right now, you are still weak and I am very impatient. Let us become one all ready."

"Very well," Legolas said with a smile, "but I do prefer the top."

Aragorn blinked and the next thing he knew Legolas was straddling him once again. "How did you- Oh, nevermind. I like the top too, Legolas, and I want to help heal you which means I should be the one moving inside of you."

"And so you shall," Legolas commented while adjusting himself atop the Ranger. "Have you never done it in this position before?"

"No..." Aragorn admitted, suddenly growing more aroused. He turned his head to see where his clothes had fallen to and grabbed for his shirt. He retrieved a small bottle of lotion and coated his fingers with it generously. Legolas gave him a skeptic look to which he returned with a shrug. "I did plan on telling you how I felt eventually and brought this along just incase."

"Indeed." Legolas said with a chuckle. "I would have enjoyed your attempts at seducing me, Ara- Oh, Aragorn!"

The Man smirked at Legolas' response to his finger invasion. His desire to place himself within Legolas' tight entrance rose from the warmth he felt upon his skin as he slid in another digit. He gently moved his fingers inside the Elf and stretched Legolas for as long as he could endure, which really wasn't very long because Aragorn was becoming more and more jealous of his fingers with each soft moan that escaped the Elf's lips.

"I cannot wait, Legolas." Aragorn hissed while removing his fingers. Aragorn grabbed ahold of his solid penis and placed it underneath the Elf's tight opening. "Please, Legolas..."

Legolas lowered himself slowly and bit back a cry of pain from the intrusion. Aragorn was big and he realized he had not been stretched long enough for the Ranger's member. Aragorn, however, had let out a moan when his tip had plunged through and was still moaning from his entire length submerging into Legolas.

Legolas wanted this and decided to use Aragorn's size to his advantage, he wasn't going to not enjoy himself, he was going to climax like he never had before. This was the man he loved and this man was certainly going to get the ride of his life.

Legolas started off slowly as he adjusted to Aragorn being inside of him. He lifted himself up until he was at midway length of Aragorn's erection before coming back down. He repeated that many times until he became accustomed to Aragorn's size, then once all the pain had ceased, he rode Aragorn harshly. It took a lot of strength on Legolas' part but once Aragorn had said 'I love you' Legolas could have battled a whole army of Orcs victoriously.

Aragorn had a fierce grip on Legolas' hips and silently apologized to the Elf for the bruises that would be visible later on. He nearly spent himself after only a few moments from the combination of being inside Legolas and watching the Elf as he gracefully bounced above him. Aragorn could not stop moaning no matter how hard he tried to control himself; Legolas was *that* good.

Legolas could feel himself and Aragorn both losing their stamina and decided to really feel Aragorn for all he was worth. He rose up until the tip of Aragorn's penis lay just beneath his opening and slammed back down, fully sheathing himself with one motion.

"Oh, Legolas!" Aragorn whined. "Oh... I... I..."

Legolas did it again and cried out with his release. Aragorn had not climaxed yet and gave the Elf a moment to stop shivering ere he lifted Legolas up with his hands and brought him down harshly onto his erection. He did it once more until he too found his release.

They both lay together in utter bliss and awaited the sleep they both deserved. They had a long journey ahead of them with finding the hobbits and yet another long journey awaited them after that; their love for one another.



"You can have the top anytime you wish."


Author's Notes: ** I know I gave this a light-hearted ending but c'mon, I can't take heartwrenching endings when it comes to Aragorn and Legolas. This little series is done, hope it was enjoyable! **

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