Author's note: This took longer than I expected and Iím sorry that I kept you waiting. Unfortunately, there will be no wedding in this chapter, as I hadnít planned to write it. It happened almost "accidentally" as I kept writing, new scenes came into my mind and formed this chapter. But donít worry, the next chapter will probably be up in a few days. Thanks for your support.

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Love is all that matters

Chapter 6: Love conquers all

By Marylou


~~~~ Aragorn ~~~~

The Gods had shown mercy to me. Waiting, suffering, hurting... it had all come to an ending, now that my enchanted angel was lying in my arms, our arms and legs curled together, as if we were afraid that some dark force would tear us apart.

I melted inside, seeing the wry smile that was written on Legolasí face, as he lay there sleeping, with his big brown eyes open. I felt that I could drown myself in the depths of those magic eyes.

Alas, how I adored this creature! What spell had been cast on me to make me find such a great love? Never, not even in my wildest dreams, had I thought that my prince could respond to my love with such intensity. He almost seemed to feel like I did, desperate and needy for my touch.

I could not help but smile, as I recalled the incidents of the previous night. First our love-vows and then this... incredible love-making, that had lasted almost the entire night and truly made me believe that Legolas and I were born for each-other. Created only for one single purpose - to love each other.

I was almost startled when the grip around my waist tightened. So lost I was in my thoughts, that I hadnít even realized that Legolasí eyes had changed back to their wakeful state. Before I could outer a word, his sweet, velvet lips covered mine in a kiss of affection, that soon became passionate and wild, almost turning me on again.

The need for breath, forced me to pull away. Legolas flashed me a smile, which lit up my heart, as I had never seen anything so charming before. The elf was surely a walking miracle.

"You are so handsome," he murmured sleepily, before nuzzling at my throat. I threw my head back and welcomed the warm kisses.

"Look whoís talking," I replied and smiled as I heard his sweet laughter. "Legolas, I want to thank you," I then stated seriously.

"For what?" he asked, as he pulled slightly back to look at me into the eyes. Gods, his gaze was so powerful that could almost kill me.

"For saying that you love me. For last night. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me," I replied earnestly. I wished that I could see behind that unreadable expression behind my loverís face.

"You do not have to thank me. I wanted that as much as you did. I have never wanted anything as badly as you Aragorn, and what I said last night was true. I do love you," he said.

I was unable to find the right words to answer to this breathtaking statement, so I just sealed his lips with a kiss that quickly lead to more...



How swiftly time passes, even for a mortal. Mid-summer had come. I was the king of Gondor. I would marry the lady of Rivendell. Damn to it all!

I did not want any of it. The only thing my heart longed for was the blond elf, who slept so innocently in my bed. The most beautiful creature of the world.

I did not want to give Legolas away. I did not have the strength to do that. Long had I thought that he was only a distant dream for me, but now, somehow, the gods had brought him to me.

Lose him... No, I couldnít! Never had I loved anyone like that before, and now... everything would be ruined.

"Estel," Legolas called me softly. I quickly wiped the tears from my eyes and returned to the bed to sit next to him. He snuggled closer to me and gave me a small kiss on the neck.

"The day has come," he whispered sadly. I knew that he feared it too. We had talked about it, but nothing could ease the pain in our souls.

"Yes, it has," I replied with a broken voice, "But there is still time... " he shushed me by putting a finger on my mouth.

"No Estel," he said firmly, "We have talked about this a million times. The wedding will take place as planned. I will not let you ruin everything over this." With that, he rose to his feet and began dressing.

"Over this? You make it sound as if it is only a stupid game and nothing more, when you know it isnít," I protested and stood up as well, "You know I love you and you know that I do not want this marriage."

Legolas turned and looked at me strictly. "Yet, but it was your choice, Estel. You must keep your promise. I will not let you do otherwise," he stated.

I made another step and captured him in my embrace. "What would I do if I hadnít you?" I asked as I nuzzled his throat.

He did not respond but leaned as close to me as he could and we simply stood there, savoring each otherís touch for as long as we still could.



~~~ Legolas ~~~

I stood at the balcony, my thoughts and eyes focused on the company that road slowly towards Minas Tirith. I estimated that they would arrive within 10 or maybe 15 minutes.

With my keen eyesight, I quickly spotted the fair lady as she rode last, talking to her father beside her. I smiled bitterly. She was heading towards her new life, which would be filled with happiness and love, and in her hands, she also carried my future.

Oh, pretty Undomiel! Why must your heart beat in the same way mine does? Why must you melt when you look into his eyes, just like I do? And why did you have to bind yourself to him? Couldnít you foresee that he would not love you long enough? Couldnít you foresee that he would soon exchange the same vows with me?

I turned around as I heard soft steps approaching me. "You!" I exclaimed startled, "What are you doing here? You should be at the gates!"

Aragorn didnít pay any attention to my protest, as he walked slowly towards me and took me in his arms lovingly. "Why rush?" he asked, "I still have time."

"No," I protested weakly, trying to shove him away, but without putting any strength in my push, "You must go. They will probably already be looking for you. Why are you here?"

He brought his face closer to mine, smiling affectionately. "I missed your taste, beloved," he whispered seductively, "Let me feel your lips once again and help me endure what is to come."

Despite the fact that my mind was screaming me not to, I brought my soft lips on the kingís mouth and once again I allowed myself to be drown into his sweetness.

But not for long. After a few seconds, I pushed him away softly. "You have to go now. I promise you, you will have more of that, tonight," I said and freed myself from his embrace, unwillingly, I admit.

Aragorn made a few steps backwards until he reached the railing of the balcony. "Just one more," he whispered and before I could even react, he had captured me in his embrace again and we shared another moment of passion.

Then, without a word he leapt off the balcony. "Aragorn!" I exclaimed in panic. It wasnít too high, but it was still enough to...

When I looked down, I couldnít help but smile. He had landed gracefully on the top of a white stallion. "Until later, my angel," he screamed and waved his hand, as the horse carried him away.

Ah, Estel, I thought, despite your age and axioms, you remain a child. Still smiling, I made my way to the gates as well. My lover had somehow managed to ease the sorrow in my heart, but it was still there and I knew that no matter how hard I tried, it would never go away.

It did not take me a long time to reach the parapet where my father was standing. He welcomed me with a smile. "I was almost convinced that you would not come," he told me and put a hand around my shoulders.

I did not respond, but instead I picked Gimli out of the crowd and gestured him to come to me. "Your friendship with the dwarf truly amazes me, my son," my father said.

"He has a good heart," I replied, while silently, I made only one thought. How much you would be amazed, my father, if you knew that I loved a man!

"I do not doubt it, my child," he replied, as he squeezed my shoulder friendly, "Neither, do I object to it." In my mind, I thanked the gods for having such a loving and caring father. Something inside me told me, that he would most probably not object to my love to Aragorn either.

I looked down at my beloved and met his gaze. Slowly, he brought his hand to his heart, a simple gesture of affection and devotion.

I simply nodded as a response, in order not to draw so much attention on me and then... it all faded away. The first of the company entered the city.

I flinched when I saw Galadriel. The words that she had said to me in Lorien, still echoed in my ears: "Estel is betrothed, son of Thranduil. Never forget that. I understand how you feel, but you must be strong because you will be hurt. He will never return your love."

Why did she say that? She knew, I am sure, she knew that Aragorn loved me. How could she not know? Her mirror sees everything she could not have missed that.

She looked at us, and while my father smiled at her, I looked away. I had great respect for her, but no one could force me to like her. Her arrogance was always like a stab in my heart.

But when the Evenstar entered the city, I could not avert my gaze from her. Beautiful she was, but oh! so blind. I quickly turned to see Aragorn.

My jaw dropped open when I faced him. The mortal fool was looking at me! Stupid Aragorn, I muttered, your obsessive love will ruin it all. How can you look at me, when your future wife arrives?

I pulled away from my father and after murmuring some kind of excuse, I left as fast as I could. Silently, I cursed Aragorn, for not being able to play his part right, even for a while, but deep inside me, I could not help but feeling short of honored to receive such affection from the Dunedain.


Later that day

~~~ Aragorn ~~~

"Where have you been? I have been looking everywhere for you," I said, as I closed the door of our room behind me.

Legolas seemed ready to explode. "What did you think you were doing?" he hissed angrily, "In front of everyone, in a moment like that, you were looking at ME! Have you no mind left?"

I smiled. Arguing with him was the last thing I wanted to do at the moment. "Not really. You have stolen it from me," I replied.

I was pleased to see that his expression had softened a bit. "Do not do that again, Aragorn," he said, a little calmer now, "We cannot afford another mistake."

Without a word, I sat on the bed and looked at him. My look must have been inviting enough, as he sat next to me and, much to my surprise, he took me in his arms.

"I admit it. I do not want to lose you. I am afraid," he said with a broken voice. I opened my mouth to speak, but he spoke first, "But that doesnít mean, that I want you to stop. You will go and do as your duty commands you and you do not have to think about me."

I cupped his ever-young face in my hands, realizing, for the first time, that he had tears in his eyes. "How can I not think about you, Legolas? How can I do that, when you live inside me, when I see your face everywhere, when all I want to do is kiss your lips and then die? You cannot ask me, not think about you. I love you too much to do that."

He smiled bitterly, before bringing his lips on mine. "I will not, son of Arathorn, if you claim that you cannot. But, tomorrow you will wed your lady and whether you want it or not, you will not see me again," he said.

"I may have to wed tomorrow," I replied, "But keep one think in mind, prince of Mirkwood, or should I say prince of my heart. Love conquers all."


To be continued...

Author's Note: I want to thank you all for the great amount of help that you offered me, answering my questions. I didnít expect such a response and I am very grateful. The truth is though, that I was a little confused as your opinions differ widely. Iíve came to the conclusion that Aragorn died when he was 210 years old (it was in the book after all, The return of the king, Appendix 1iii, last paragraph), Legolas seems to be a Sindarin elf, and as for the immortality, he canít give it up, so Iíll make that up. Donít worry that wonít happen in this story, I will use this information on another story that I am preparing.

I have another question though: An elven king or prince is superior to an elven lord or the opposite? Can somebody enlighten me please?

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