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Inside the Darkness

Part 17 - Understanding

By Morgana


Legolas finally reached the stream and watched mesmerized as Lurtz dived beneath the water, washing off the war paint. Indulging himself, he admired the muscular body, trying to peek beneath the waist line, but the water hid the lower half of Lurtz's body, leaving him clueless. What kind of lover would Lurtz be? He hoped that the somewhat more primitive side was still there. Seeing Lurtz feral was one thing that had triggered his interest. He would love to command all that raw power.

Lurtz surfaced, threw back his hair and the long dark manes clung to his torso. Legolas sighed, seeing the well defined chest and biceps. Lurtz's eyes settled on him, searchingly. Could Lurtz smell his arousal? By the Valar, he was already hard with need.

Realizing Lurtz was waiting for him, Legolas placed the extra clothes on the ground and then slowly, methodically, began to strip. First he removed his tunic, then his shirt. Before finally sliding off his leggings he gazed at Lurtz. He gasped, seeing the tip of Lurtz's arousal rise from the water.

He had planned to take things slow, to get accustomed to being with a mate again, but now that he saw Lurtz's desire for him, he reeled with passion as well. Trembling, he stepped in to the water, swimming toward Lurtz.

Lurtz involuntarily held his breath as Legolas silver like hair floated on the water. His fingers impatiently wanted to undo those braids and to let the long locks dance on Legolas' back. When Legolas finally stood in front of him, the Elf raised a hand and let a droplet of water slide on to his fingertip. Lurtz licked the water from his lover's finger and Legolas' pupils dilated.

He cradled Legolas' hand in his and kissed each fingertip, making sure his teeth never touched any skin. "You are beautiful, Elf." Amused, he watched as the tips of Legolas' pointed ears turned dark pink. "Very beautiful indeed. Do you also feel it? The need to touch and be touched?"

Speechless, Legolas nodded; he felt the fire as well and it was about to burn him. Rippling muscle felt soft to the touch as his fingertips explored the bronze flesh. "I did not expect to feel this passionately about you."

Lurtz smiled knowingly. "Will you teach me to make love to you? Or is that inappropriate at such an early stage?"

Legolas laughed warmly. "As long as you understand that we are officially mated after we made love..."

"Oh, but I want to be your mate... for as long as I live."

Legolas peeked at Lurtz, finding sincerity in the dark eyes. "I want you..." he admitted in a tone, filled with passion. "I want you inside of me. I want to feel you. I want you to be a part of me."

Lurtz growled possessively. "Are you sure?" He took Legolas' hand in his and placed it on his erection. "Have you ever been with a man before?"

Legolas shook his head. "Nay, I have not, but I am sure you know what to do."

Lurtz suddenly felt insecure. "Legolas, I never made love before..." How could he explain his fear that he might hurt his new love? The Uruk-Hai's approach to sex was brutal and painful, and he wanted things to be different with Legolas. "Teach me, show me, talk me through it."

 "Aye, I will." Legolas leaned in closer and placed Lurtz's arms around his waist. "Hold me... tight. I am not fragile."

Lurtz smirked and pulled Legolas close. Surprised he felt Legolas' erection brush his. "You really want this..." For some reason he hadn't expected Legolas to be this eager. "I wish I could kiss you..." but he dared not, fearing to injure Legolas with his fangs.

"Then let me kiss you..." Legolas sighed deeply and kissed Lurtz passionately. His lips left a hot trail down Lurtz's neck and when he encountered a nipple, he sucked it hard, making Lurtz growl in surprise. Passion, love and lust burned in his veins and their intensity startled him. "I never felt this way before..."

Lurtz smiled warmly. "Tell me what to do..." His fingertips ghosted down Legolas' spine until they encountered two firm mounds of flesh. Teasingly he squeezed Legolas' buttocks, releasing another growl. At first he feared the growl might lessen Legolas' desire, but the blue eyes darkened in pleasure. /You like this.../ He would never let the beast control him, but he could play along if Legolas desired so.

Another growl made Legolas rub himself against Lurtz and his lover obliged him, stealing one hand to his groin. Legolas bucked in surprise when Lurtz stroked him. "Nay, I do not want to come this way... Let us leave the water..." A dark desire burned him and demanded satisfaction. Lurtz's suddenly cupped his buttocks in his hands, lifted him, and he instinctively wrapped his long legs around his lover.

Lurtz left the water and laid Legolas down on the grass, removing some small branches and stones that might get in the way. "Legolas, what do you want me to do?"

Legolas suddenly grew flustered; his own passion overwhelming him. "I am a warrior. I face death daily and yet I never made love to another man. I find that I tremble with desire for your touch, to become one with you. I fear I need your services... Are you willing?"

Lurtz growled again, this time low in his throat and the hard flesh in his hand twitched, revealing Legolas' need for him. "I heard of something that Man calls foreplay?"

Legolas laughed. "Ai, Lurtz, that would be pure torment. I feared losing you, then I found you and you took that knife for me. I thought I had lost you again. We are warriors and we know our desires." Legolas fingered a strand of long dark hair and stared into Lurtz's eyes. "I want you inside of me... But go slowly..."

Lurtz nodded, swallowing hard. "Legolas... I might leave you sore..." He recalled his former 'bed partners' calling out in pain when he had entered. Uruk-Hai didn't bother to prepare their partners.

"Look beneath the clothes and you will find a flask filled with aloe. I brought it for your injured shoulder, but it looks healed to me." He could barely pinpoint the entry point of the knife.

Lurtz reached out with one hand, searched beneath the pile of clothes and uncovered the flask.

"Rub it on, it will ease your way in."

Lurtz opened it and let some drops fall on his fingertips. "This will help?"

"Aye..." Legolas smiled. Butterflies tickled his insides and although he was nervous he was also eager to feel Lurtz move inside him. He watched Lurtz closely. He had planned to be in control of their first encounter and now that he was, he almost wished Lurtz would take over, but no, Lurtz had asked to guide him. Quickly, he turned about, got on to all fours and looked over his shoulder at Lurtz, whose eyes had turned black.

"Legolas..." Lurtz rested his hands on his lover's buttocks, massaging the firm flesh. "This is the way you want to do it?" Seeing Legolas this trusting made his heart beat faster. The trust in Legolas' eyes was unconditional and he was determined not to betray his lover's trust in him. "No foreplay then?"

Legolas drew in a deep breath as Lurtz placed the slippery head of his cock at his entrance. "By the Valar, go slow. The aloe should help, but..." Lips descended on to his back and Lurtz attained a firm grip on his erection, stroking him firmly. Legolas panted hard, eyes widening in want. "Now, I want you now!"

Lurtz growled. /Slowly,/ he reminded himself. /You do not want to hurt him./

Legolas' eyes widened as Lurtz pushed in, slowly, giving him time to adjust to the invasion. Panting hard, he pushed back, allowing Lurtz to slide deeper.

Lurtz breathed hard, seeing himself buried to the hilt inside his lover's body. "Legolas..." Growling, he leaned in closer, placed his body on Legolas' and managed to catch the Elf's eyes when Legolas looked over his shoulder. He stroked his lover's erection again, felt Legolas tense beneath him, and his lover's rocking took him by surprise. Legolas pushed back, trying to get him to move. Lurtz groaned, licked Legolas' neck and then let the tip of his tongue slide down Legolas' spine.

"Ai!" Legolas cocked his head, watching his lover. "Move, Lurtz, move."

Lurtz set a slow rhythm; maybe he was overly careful, but he didn't want to risk hurting his lover. His lips suckled soft skin, leaving a mark on Legolas' throat and made his lover pant even harder.

"Harder... growl, bite me..." Legolas threw back his head, arched his back and tried to match each of Lurtz's thrusts.

Lurtz never lost control, not even for Legolas. His hands grabbed Legolas' waist, and his thrusts grew fast and deep. He growled, nipped at Legolas' throat, but never bit down, never drew any blood.

Legolas didn't last long. Lurtz still stroked him and the head of his lover's cock constantly battered against this pleasurable spot deep inside him. His hands gave away underneath him and he went down on to his stomach. His eyes widened with pleasure for now Lurtz's thrusts were directly aimed at this sweet spot inside him.

Lurtz wrapped his arms around Legolas, followed him down and stroked his lover one last time. Hot liquid shot on to his hand and he waited for his lover's passage to contract around his throbbing cock. Spasms surrounded him, massaging him and he released a possessive growl, howling when he came.

Legolas blinked as Lurtz climaxed. Panting, he remained motionless, letting ecstasy  wash over him. Their lovemaking had been wild and fast and he loved it. Cocking his head, he managed to lock eyes with a sated Lurtz. "You are heavy..." Now that the pleasure inside him was fading, he realized that Lurtz's weight was making it hard for him to breathe.

"Hold on..." Lurtz tightened the hold he had on Legolas and he slowly pulled out, careful not to hurt in his lover.

Legolas moaned at the loss, but Lurtz used his hold to roll him on top. Legolas suddenly found Lurtz beneath him and he wrapped his arms around Lurtz. He rested his head on his lover's chest and smiled pleased. "Aye, my husband. You preformed your duties excellently today."

Lurtz laughed warmly, stroking the soft, silk like hair. "And when may I perform them again?"

Legolas raised his head and looked in to Lurtz's eyes. "I need a little time to recover."

"But Elves heal fast," reminded Lurtz his lover.

Legolas' eyes sparkled with mirth. "Using my own words against me..."

"When you are... 'rested', we will swim some more and clean ourselves up." Lurtz gazed in to Legolas' darkened eyes. "So you are mine now?"

Legolas nodded against Lurtz's chest. "Aye."

Lurtz sighed deeply. "For the first time in my short life I feel complete, at peace with myself. Thank you."

Legolas rested his head on Lurtz's chest once more. "Aye, I feel the same, melethron."

Lurtz continued to stroke the long hair, occasionally rubbing Legolas' back with long strokes. /Now that I have you, I will never let you go again./

Tired, but extremely pleased, Legolas bestowed a chaste kissed on Lurtz's chest. After all these centuries he had finally found a worthy mate.


Amused, Elladan pushed Glorfindel inside. While the door remained open, cold air slipped inside and he wanted the warm to stay inside. It served as the perfect reason to tell Glorfindel to hurry. Elrohir looked up at him and Elladan gave him a wink. "Let us give these two some privacy."

Elrohir got the hint and rose to his feet after stroking his father's brow one last time. "We will be back in a few minutes to work on your ankles, but talk to Glorfindel first?"

Elrond sighed, knowing only too well how stubborn the twins were. If necessary they would lock Glorfindel and him up in the cabin to make sure they talked. He nodded and watched his sons leave. Now that he was alone with Glorfindel, he looked at his seneschal and was shocked to see how pale the blond was. Instantly alarmed, he struggled in to an upright position.

Glorfindel heard the choked yelp when Elrond jostled his feet and he hurried over to the bed. "Do not move, my Lord."

Elrond glared at him. "Why do you call me that? What happened to Elrond or meldir?" Seeing the guilt in the deep pools of Glorfindel's eyes, his gaze softened. "Sit with me."

Glorfindel hesitantly sat down, making sure he didn't touch Elrond, afraid he might add to the half-Elf's discomfort. "I lost that right when I let them capture you."

The words were whispered so softly that Elrond had to strain to hear them. He rested his back against the wall and pulled the blanket up to his shoulders, cursing his weakness; he wanted to shake some sense in to the elder Elf. "Nonsense! It was my fault! I should have known better than to pick that moment to kiss you... even though that kiss was worth it."

Glorfindel briefly made eye contact. "Why did you kiss me?"

Elrond sighed; getting through to Glorfindel would take time, especially now that the blond was determined to take the blame for his abduction. "I kissed you because I love you." He watched Glorfindel closely; disbelief and hope were are war in those sapphire eyes. "You do not believe me?"

Glorfindel shrugged apologetically; he was at a loss for words. "I am not worthy of your love. I failed to protect you..."

Elrond was getting frustrated. He grabbed Glorfindel's wrist and pulled the blond closer, using his last strength to make his point. He planned to kiss Glorfindel again, but when the elder Elf flinched back, he let go. Glorfindel's eyes seemed glued to the cut on his face.

They stared at each other and Glorfindel spoke first. "My fault. The fact that you are now scarred is my fault. I cannot believe he slashed your face like that." Glorfindel averted his eyes. /It should have been me./

Elrond finally understood the depths of Glorfindel's guilt, but he also understood why Glorfindel had flinched. It wasn't because the blond found him less attractive but because he blamed himself. Elrond decided on a different, more direct approach. "Glorfindel..." He patted the space next to him, where the elder Elf had sat until a moment ago. Now Glorfindel was pacing the room like a caged and frightened animal. "Sit down." Glorfindel wouldn't disobey a direct order.

Reluctantly Glorfindel sat down again, wringing his hands in his lap. "I can understand if you want someone else in charge of your safety. Elladan would be the best choice."

"Glorfindel, stop feeling sorry for yourself. It does not suit you." Glorfindel flinched again and Elrond held the blond's stare when his friend looked at him in surprise. "It was not your fault and I do not want to hear you say it again. I only desire one answer from you."

"And what is the question?" Glorfindel suddenly felt alarmed. He knew that look on Elrond's face! He was in trouble!

"Do you love me?" Elrond read the answer in Glorfindel's expressive eyes, but he wanted to hear the words.

Glorfindel fidgeted with the corner of the blanket. "Aye, you know I do, but..." He was silenced when Elrond placed a finger against his lips. /But you must understand that I forfeited the right to love you./

"Then you wish to be with me? To be my lover? To see me through this?" His tactics were dirty, but Glorfindel's guilt worried him. Why was Glorfindel acting so out of character? He didn't know the blond like this. Then he noticed the bandages around the blond's head. "Did you get hit again?"

Glorfindel nodded. "Aye, but..."

Elrond's eyes narrowed. "Any vertigo? Headaches?"

Glorfindel cringed. "You should not worry about me when you are injured yourself."

Elrond studied Glorfindel closely; the face was too pale, the eyes guilt ridden and the blond's whole behavior worried him. /He needs time to heal as well. He has been pushing himself./

A knock on the door disrupted their conversation and the twins entered once more.

Elrohir watched both men, and realized that they needed more time; too many things had remained unspoken. "I regret interrupting, but I need to see to Ada's ankles and Glorfindel, I need your help."

Glorfindel nodded, pushed himself to his feet and an unexpected weariness swept through him. He simply wanted to lie down and sleep, sleep forever and to wake up in the Halls of Mandos. /Not yet. I am still needed./  Elrond's eyes followed him and he began to feel uneasy. /He knows what I am thinking. I never managed to hide much from him./ The fact that he had managed to hide his crush still amazed him.

"Elladan, I want you to restrain Ada. When we set the bones it will hurt..." And even the tea wouldn't lull the pain entirely. "Glorfindel, make Ada drink this." He handed Glorfindel a cup filled with a brew that should sedate Elrond and hopefully put him to sleep.

Elrond recognized the fragrance and looked up at his youngest son. "You want me to sleep through this?"

"I want you to suffer as less pain as possible," replied Elrohir, pushing back the blanket. His face contorted, seeing the ruined ankles. "Ai, Ada, this will hurt."

Glorfindel sat next to Elrond on the bed, helped him lean against him and let Elrond sip his tea. He shuddered, seeing the broken and misaligned bones. This wasn't supposed to be their job. Elrond was the healer, but now the healer needed healing. During the last centuries he had watched Elrond closely, had seen him mend broken bones and bring down fevers; he knew what to do. Elrond finished his tea and Glorfindel disposed of the cup. "Elladan, take my place."

He got to his feet, handed his precious charge to Elladan and waited for father and son to find a more comfortable position. Elrond grew sleepy; the tea was working. Glorfindel knelt at the foot end and cautiously reached for Elrond's right ankle. "How did he do it?"

"W-with an-n axe," said Elrond, his voice slightly slurred. "I never s-saw it coming..."

Glorfindel drew in a deep breath and curled his fingers around Elrond's ankle. Elrohir was watching his every move and Glorfindel deeply regretted adding more pain to Elrond's agony. Carefully probing the damage, he manipulated the bones, hearing Elrond hiss his pain. Gritting his teeth, he pushed and pulled the bones in to their correct position, but he froze in his movements when Elrond released a strangled yelp.

"He has lost consciousness," said Elladan, who was holding his father tightly.

"Thank the Valar for that," whispered Elrohir. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

"I need wood for splints and clean bandages. He won't be able to walk for several weeks." Glorfindel placed Elrond's fixed ankle carefully back on the bed and reached for the other.

Elladan swallowed hard, seeing tears flow from Glorfindel's eyes. "You are helping him," he said, trying to take away some of Glorfindel's emotional pain. "You can do this... for him."

Glorfindel felt numb as he tended to Elrond's ankle once more. Aligning the bones, he wondered if Elrond would ever forgive him. The Lord of Imladris had said the abduction wasn't his fault, but deep in his heart he knew he was to blame for Elrond's pain.

Elrohir handed him the splints and bandages and Glorfindel finished the job quickly, eager to let Elrond rest. "I will instruct my men to build a litter. He cannot ride a horse or walk." Glorfindel stared at Elrond's bandaged ankles and his heart twisted with a sharp pain. /My fault./ Suddenly Elrohir's hand came to rest on his and he looked at the younger twin, startled and expecting to be blamed for Elrond's misery.

"You did well, Glorfindel. Now I want you to rest as well." Elrohir couldn't shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong with the blond. Had he ever seen Glorfindel this sad? This listless? "Why do you not lie down beside Ada? He already feels cold." Glorfindel started to shake his head, but Elrohir glared at him, using the expression Elrond usually adopted when dealing with the stubborn seneschal. "Lie down, Glorfindel."

Elladan involuntarily held his breath. Glorfindel was about to protest, but Elrohir wasn't going to back down either; he knew his twin too well for that. Seeing Glorfindel bow his head and avert his eyes should have pleased him, but it was so unlike the elder Elf that it worried him instead. Glorfindel seemed... empty, defeated.

Glorfindel lay down, realizing Elrohir and Elladan would make him if he didn't. He lay facing Elrond, and his right arm involuntarily folded around the half-Elf's waist. He was too tired to think; his black mood paralyzed him. Slipping in to sleep, he vaguely heard Elrohir's voice, but he dismissed it as not important. All he wanted was to sleep and never wake up again.

Elrohir exchanged a worried look with his brother. "What is wrong with Glorfindel?"

Elladan left the bed and paced slowly, constantly watching the two men on the bed. "Ada once told me that a head injury can have side effects. Maybe this... listlessness is such a side effect."

"He feels guilty for what happened to Ada," said Elrohir thoughtfully.

"Even if Glorfindel had heard the Uruk-Hai coming, they would still have been greatly outnumbered." Elladan returned to the bed and watched them sleep. "I wish Ada could advise us. I am not a healer and neither are you."

Elrohir nodded. "But Ada cannot help us with this. Maybe time will heal their wounds."

Elladan looked at his twin. "All we can do for now is watch them carefully. Especially Glorfindel. I never know what is going on in that head of his."

"Do you fear he might hurt himself?"

Elladan shrugged his shoulders. "I hope not, but he has been in the Halls of Mandos. Who knows how it affected him?"

"And he came back because of Ada's call. Ada deserves to know the truth about that as well."

"They need to talk," realized Elladan. "Especially Glorfindel needs to release some of his feelings. I fear for him."

"So do I," admitted Elrohir.

"I will see to the litter Glorfindel mentioned. Let me know when they are ready to move. I want to return to Imladris where they can rest and heal."

"I reckon we can leave in the morning." Elrohir sighed. "I do not know whom I worry for most. Ada's wounds are physical and will heal; he might limp, but he will heal."

"But Glorfindel?" finished Elladan for his twin.

"Once he starts to talk about his feelings the healing will start."

"Then we will make him talk," said Elladan smugly. "We will see to that."




Two notes;

1. In my view Legolas isn't a shy man, or weak, but someone who know wants he wants and who looks at sex in a 'healthy' way. He expresses his wishes and makes sure he and his lover enjoy himself. And did I mention he is a bit controlling and wicked?

2. Sorry that I made Glorfindel this depressed, but I am feeling a bit depressed myself, so I decided to let poor Glorfindel suffer as well. Heck, what's love without complications?

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