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Chapter 1

By Amber


Legolas sat by the dying embers of the fire, thinking over the events of the day. He had spent it, along with Gimli and Aragorn, running through woods and clambering over mountains, in an attempt to catch the Orcs that had taken Merry and Pippin as captive. As he was an elf, he didn't feel the exhaustion that the other two felt, so he agreed to stay up and keep watch. Now that Frodo had made his own way to Mordor with Sam, they could no longer rely on his sword to tell them if Orcs were nearby, so they constantly had to be on the lookout.

Sighing, he reached behind him for his bow. He wanted to make sure his weapon was in a good condition, should the need to use it arise. After studying it for several moments in the pale moonlight, he became aware of someone watching him. He turned round to find Aragorn looking at him.

"Can you not sleep, Aragorn?," he asked. Aragorn gave him a rueful smile and a slight shake of his head.

"I'm worrying too much about the hobbits," he replied. Legolas nodded in understanding, and moved over so that he was now sitting next to where Aragorn was resting.

"I know you're concerned, but if you don't rest, you won't be able to continue chasing after the Orcs tomorrow." Changing his position, so that he was now sitting behind Aragorn, he rested his hands on Aragorns' shoulders.

"You need to learn how to relax, my friend," and then Legolas began to gently massage Aragorns' back. At first, Aragorn flinched, feeling uncomfortable at Legolas' touch, but after a while, he grew used to it, and actually began to enjoy the soothing motions of Legolas' hands. Soon, Aragorn felt the welcoming solace of sleep drift over him, and his eyelids began to shut, his head resting on Legolas' arm. Legolas stopped what he was doing and gently rested Aragorns' head on the ground.

"Feeling better?," he whispered. Aragon nodded his thanks, and Legolas returned to his place by the dying fire.


Through his closing eyelids, Aragorn gazed at the young elf. Although the thin crescent of the moon was covered by cloud, the absence of light still couldn't hide Legolas' ethereal beauty. The few rays of moonlight that did manage to shine through, all seemed to be attracted to Legolas' golden blond hair and ivory skin, making him look like some kind of angel.

"He looks so innocent," Aragorn mused. It seemed a shame to him that such a beautiful creature had to be subjected to all the ugliness in Middle-Earth; war, evil, shadows...Aragorn couldn't stay awake any longer, and drifted off into a deep sleep, and for once, his dreams were filled with beauty, love and tenderness, making a change from the darkness they were usually filled with.

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