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Chapter 1

By Lalaith Nienóri


The door wasn't even properly closed when the two Elves initiated their new rooms with a passionate kiss, whilst clinging to each other as if promising never to let go.

Elladan was still half-afraid that he would wake up at some point and everything would be nothing but a mocking dream of something he still thought he didn't deserve, but all his fears and doubts were quickly banished by another loving kiss. It aroused him and he moaned softly, taken by surprise by the feelings swamping him. His nervousness from a few hours ago returned as his arousal reminded him of what would happen tonight.

Glorfindel felt his lover tense slightly and, pulling back, tilted Elladan's chin to look his young love in the eyes. What he saw reassured him, his lover's gaze was unguarded and he could see love, desire, trust and nervousness swirling in the dark grey orbs but no real fear and no doubt either. He smiled gently, hiding neither love nor desire in his gaze as he tried to ease some of his young lover's anxiety before bending down to meet Elladan's upturned lips again. After a few seconds he trailed a path to his neck, softly nibbling his way up to an ear to flick his tongue at the delicate, and sensitive, tips. Elladan gasped and arched into him, tilting his head backwards instinctively to grant greater access.

Pleased with Elladan's reactions so far, the Edhel slipped his hands behind the youth's back, starting motions intended both to soothe and to arouse, while moving his lips to Elladan's other ear to pay homage to its twin sensitive point. Another gasp met his ears and arms were wrapped around his waist to ensure he didn't leave. He pulled away from the youth's ear and returned to his mouth to meet his partner in an increasingly passionate growing kiss. After impossibly long moments he broke away, bending forward to kiss his love's neck again and murmured, "Trust yourself to me, Elladan. Let me love you, meleth- nín."

Unable to speak, Elladan pulled Glorfindel up from his neck and locked lips with him again letting his lover possess him utterly to tell him what he couldn't say with words. He could feel the Edhel smile against him as he understood his dilemma before the hands on his back stopped their movement and went to the collar of his tunic to loosen the buttons there, sensually making their way down until the heavily embroidered cloth hung open and the light green shirt underneath was seen. The young Half-elf shrugged the unwanted clothing from his shoulders while he let himself be kissed thoroughly.

Breaking the kiss the Edhel gently turned Elladan around and snaked his arms around his waist, pulling the youth's back against his chest while bending forward to worship the younger Elf's collar bone, frowning when he encountered the shirt his love was still wearing. Deciding the shirt had to go, the Edhel tugged it out of Elladan's breeches and pulled it over his head to let it drop to the floor before his hands moved to his love's hair to undo the braids he found there, loosening them until the dark silky mane was free of its confines and fell down Elladan's back unhindered in long raven tresses. As he placed loving kisses on his love's neck, the Edhel let one hand linger agonisingly low on the youth's abdomen while the other arm encircled his chest to tease the nipples.

Moaning from the exquisite sensations the blonde evoked, a strangled yelp escaped his lips when the hand on his abdomen was moved even lower to cup his already aching erection. When Glorfindel began to rub him softly, he fell back against the Edhel, the delicious friction making it hard for him to remain standing on his own. After a while the pleasure became too much for him to stay on his feet and he would have collapsed if the blonde had not caught him and lifted him up in his arms.

Whilst showering Elladan's face and neck with kisses, the Edhel walked to the bed and laid his lover down gently. He swiftly divested himself of his own tunic and shirt before lying down beside Elladan to study his beloved's face, taking in every detail; the arousal flushed cheeks and ears, the slightly open mouth, lips parted in a silent gasp of pleasure, the scent that was so typically Elladan and his eyes, the grey orbs which had darkened to near black with desire. When the Edhel had come out of his study of his love's features he realised that his lover had become impatient with his observing and was now undoing his braids as well, combing them out of his hair with his fingers while he carefully avoided tangling the gold spun silk.

Glorfindel let his love play with his hair for a few moments to help relax him, but when Elladan's fingers brushed the sensitive tip of his ear he quickly decided that he had given his love enough time to get used to him and he leaned over him again to let his lips meet their partner's in an arduous kiss while his hands roamed the younger Elf's chest freely, relishing the moan of pleasure he elicited when he encountered a very stiff nipple. Breaking the kiss, Glorfindel followed his hands down and took the hard nub in his mouth lashing at it with his tongue while his hands moved to the lacings of the youth's breeches, slowly undoing them. After lifting his head to give Elladan a hungry kiss, the Edhel sat up and removed first his love's boots, then his breeches, quickly followed by his own and threw the bundle of unwanted clothing away from the bed.

Before lying back down beside his slightly blushing lover, Glorfindel reached into the bedside table and produced a crystal vial, but instead of opening it, as Elladan had both hoped and feared, the Edhel stowed it under the pillows and resumed his worship of Elladan's body, steadily moving down, until his love was whimpering with frustrated desire as he refused to go lower than his abdomen.

Elladan didn't notice the Edhel reaching under the pillows to grasp the vial, nor his lover coating his fingers with the oily substance within, but what he did notice was feeling his lover finally take in his erection and the penetration of a finger almost directly after. He cried out at the burn of the invasion mixed with the incredible sensations Glorfindel was bestowing on him with his tongue, his hands gripping the sheets beneath him tightly, and a yelp of both pleasure and a slightly burning pain escaped him as Glorfindel moved his finger slowly, gently beginning his preparation.

He only added a second when Elladan began to push back against him, silently pleading his lover to grant him more of the pleasure with his mouth, the burning sensation having dimmed enough for him to ignore it. Taking his lover in deeper, the Edhel had to hold his love's hips down with one hand to prevent him from bucking up too hard but he did allow Elladan to thrust slowly, moving his fingers in sync with the youth's thrusts.

He waited until Elladan tried to speed up the rhythm again before he added a third finger, holding still as his lover stopped moving to take in a ragged breath, trying to get used to the invasion. The clenching around his fingers told Glorfindel that his lover wasn't relaxing and he probed inside the tight passage, trying to ignore the choked whimper of pain, until he found what he was looking for. He smiled inwardly as he felt Elladan relax again, almost immediately after his strangled cry echoed through the room. Moving both his mouth and his fingers again, the Edhel allowed Elladan no rest from the incredibly pleasurable sensation until his love arched up beneath him and cried out his name hoarsely, spilling himself in powerful gushes while the Edhel swallowed everything he had to give.



Translations, mostly courtesy of The Sindarin Dictionary Project; http://www.geocities.com/almacq.geo/sindar;

Edhel ~ Derived from the plural Edhil, Sindarin form of the Quenya
Elda (plural Eldar).
Peredhel ~ Half-Elf, the plural is Peredhil.
Meleth-nín ~ My love
Nín bain ~ My beautiful
Lirimaer ~ Lovely one
Meleth ~ Love
Saes ~ Please
Im-boe le ~ I need you

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