Warning: Haldir decided to play games with Glorfindel, so slight bondage ahead…

Heart In Chains

Part 30

By Morgana


Erestor had difficulty believing Elrond was really kissing him. He had come here with every intention of letting their budding relationship die, and now the half-Elf was doing this! And the worst thing was, he was responding! For so many millennia he had waited for this, had hoped Elrond would take the initiative, and now… “Ah…” The soft, pleased sound escaped him when the half-Elf’s tongue pushed against his lips, asking for entry, and he allowed it -- greedily. Now that Elrond had conquered that territory, his tongue began to tease its way past his teeth as well, and suddenly the warm and moist tongue was wrapping itself around his. He was weak in the knees and swayed. Thankfully Elrond had anticipated his reaction and folded a supportive arm around his waist. Elrond’s fingers caressed his face and the sensations were quickly overwhelming him.

Elrond was thrilled when Erestor responded so eagerly to his kiss, for it told him the pregnant Elf did want this. /And I won’t allow him to sacrifice his feelings for me because my sons are acting in such an unbecoming manner./ Elrond ran his fingers through Erestor’s long, dark hair and regretted having to break off the kiss, but they were both breathless by now.

Staring into Elrond’s stormy eyes, Erestor panted softly. “I need to sit down.”

Elrond guided him to the chair opposite his desk, where Erestor had sat working these last few days and helped him to sit down. Leaning against the desk, he searched Erestor’s chocolate brown eyes. “I gather I took you by surprise by kissing you.”

“You did,” said Erestor, shakily nodding his head. “I did not expect this.”

Elrond moistened his lips. “We both want this, and although I know that you are in a precarious condition due to your pregnancy, I do not want to give up on this blossoming relationship without a fight. We will take this slowly until after your daughter has been born and then we will explore our feelings further.”

Erestor smiled thankfully. “I would prefer that as well, but… We can continue to kiss, can’t we?”

“Of course!” To prove his point, Elrond leaned in closer and placed a sweet kiss on Erestor’s slightly bruised lips. “But would you now kindly help me so that we can take a walk later? There are only a few more recipes left for you to copy and then I might have a new task for you; that is, if you are not too tired.”

“I like doing things for you,” mumbled Erestor shyly. “And it keeps me distracted.”

“From what?” Elrond frowned, puzzled.

“A lot of things.” Erestor gave Elrond a pleading look. “Can I start copying the recipes now?” He hoped that the half-Elf understood and wouldn’t question him further.

Elrond did understand and placed the book in front of Erestor, handing him the last recipes that needed to be copied. Sitting down behind his desk, he told himself to remain calm, knowing Erestor still wanted him. They could work out possible problems – like his sons – later.


After their walk they returned to the Last Homely House. Elrond had kept a protective arm around Erestor during their stroll, needing to know him safe and close. He could tell that Erestor had gained several pounds since his arrival in Imladris, for which he felt thankful. Erestor had been too skinny when he had arrived. “Arwen told me the nursery should be ready in one month.” Arwen had told her father that she wanted the nursery to be cozy and had arranged for the best artists to paint the walls and ceiling. Carpenters were making the crib and other, additional furniture was being designed as well.

“She actually shooed me out of my rooms this morning.” Erestor chuckled softly; he had seldom felt this much at peace. For one moment he gave in to his desires and imaged everything was right in his world.

“You must tell me if she gets carried away. She is like that, I am afraid… She inherited that character trait from me.”

Erestor smiled adoringly at the half-Elf, relishing the gentle touch to his face when Elrond caressed his cheek.

“Haldir and Glorfindel will return from their patrol in time for dinner. Would you like to dine in the Hall of Fire tonight?”

Erestor nodded. “I have missed those two. Especially Haldir.” For one moment he wished he could tell Elrond his secrets, but how would Galadriel react? He simply couldn’t take that risk. Allowing Elrond to guide him back to his rooms, he wished there was a way to ensure his daughter’s safety, should he ever decide to tell the half-Elf the truth.


“Lord Glorfindel?” Lindir smiled, entering the Elda’s rooms. He could hear water splashing in the bathroom, but the Balrog Slayer was sitting on his bed, already dressed for dinner. It was a well-known fact that Haldir and Glorfindel were sharing quarters and Lindir reckoned the relationship went a lot deeper than he knew.

“Aye?” Glorfindel rose from the bed, rearranging his robes. He preferred a shirt and leggings, but Elrond insisted on robes for dinner.

“Erestor would like a word with you and asks if you could possibly visit with him in his rooms. He is rather tired, you see.”

“I will go to him,” said Glorfindel at once, realizing Erestor would never contact him if it weren’t important.

Lindir left and so did Glorfindel. He had been pleasantly surprised to hear that Erestor had been moved to the quarters next to Elrond’s. It meant the pregnant Elf was becoming a part of this family, for which he felt grateful. Knocking on the door to Erestor’s rooms, he patiently waited for the dark-haired Elf to answer him.


“It is I, Glorfindel.”

“Please come inside, Glorfindel.”

The blond opened the door. At one time, Elrond had offered him these rooms, but he had declined. He had been the childrens’ tutor for centuries and had wanted some privacy during his time off. He smiled warmly, finding Erestor seated in a comfortable chair next to the fireplace. “You wanted to talk to me?” He frowned, seeing the pallor on the other Elf’s face. “Did something go amiss today?”

Erestor shook his head, moistened his lips and signaled for Glorfindel to take the seat opposite him, which the Elda did. “I have a favor to ask of you.”

Glorfindel arched an eyebrow. Erestor usually was so timid that this request alerted him. “I pledged my sword to you.”

Erestor nervously licked his lips. “I know that… but I need something else from you.”

“Ask me,” Glorfindel nodded once.

“I need a promise…” Erestor lowered his eyes and stared at the floor.

“What sort of promise?” Cocking his head, Glorfindel tried to appear patient, knowing Erestor was easily intimidated.

Erestor pushed himself to his feet, finding he couldn’t do this when looking at Glorfindel. Slowly pacing the bedroom, he tried to ignore the fact that his daughter was moving about and kicking him. “There is a very real possibility that I will die in childbirth.”

Glorfindel sucked in his breath, not having anticipated this subject. “But Elrond is an excellent healer and—“ Erestor raised a hand in a surprisingly authoritative manner, and Glorfindel bit his bottom lip, holding his tongue.

“The problem is the surgery itself, Glorfindel, not Elrond’s healing skills. I studied a number of cases of male pregnancy in which either the baby or the Elf died. I told Elrond to put the baby’s needs first at all costs.”

“But Erestor--”

“Nay, this is the way it should be. This little one deserves to live.” Erestor drew in a deep breath. “I have lived too long as it is. I should have died with my sons, but Haldir pulled me back.”

Glorfindel’s eyes had darkened to midnight blue and he was doing his best to hold back the tears threatening to build in them.

“I was thinking that my daughter deserves at least one parent to love her, should I die.” Erestor had been looking out of the window, but now turned around to meet Glorfindel’s piercing gaze. “And Elrond in turn deserves to know she is his daughter.”

“I told you that from the beginning,” said Glorfindel. Unable to stay seated, he rose and came to a stand still in front of the pregnant Elf. “Will you tell Elrond?”

“No, *you* will.” At seeing Glorfindel’s approval, Erestor quickly added, “But only if I die in childbirth.”

Glorfindel’s eyes narrowed. “No!”

“Only if I die!” Erestor held Glorfindel’s gaze firmly, surprising himself by ordering Glorfindel in this way. “You will only tell him if I die. If I survive, there is no need for Elrond to know. She will grow up here in Imladris and Elrond will come to love her without knowing her true identity.”

Glorfindel shook his head. “This is wrong!”

“I know it is, but I do not know how Galadriel will react should I tell Elrond. When I am dead and my daughter is in Elrond’s safe keeping, her hands will be bound.” Erestor’s expression changed to pleading. “You must understand, Glorfindel, I cannot take any risks. My daughter’s life is at stake.”

“I still do not agree with your decision, but I will honor it.” Glorfindel raised his right hand and placed it on Erestor’s shoulder, in what was hopefully a soothing gesture. “I will keep my word and I hope you will live so that you can hold your daughter in your arms.”

“So do I,” mumbled Erestor sincerely. “Thank you.”

Glorfindel wished there was more he could do for Erestor than making a mere promise, but his hands were tied.


After dinner, Haldir pulled his husband aside in the corridor. Glorfindel had been gloomy all evening and the Elda’s dark mood was beginning to worry him. “What is amiss? Tell me.”

Glorfindel lifted saddened eyes to Haldir’s and told his mate what he had promised Erestor.

“That is typically Erestor,” said Haldir, grimacing, after learning about the promise Glorfindel had made. “I can understand why he fears Galadriel, but…”

“There is so little we can do! ‘Tis frustrating!” Glorfindel banged a fist against the wall, hissing in pain when the wall proved harder than his knuckles.

Haldir carefully gathered the abused limb in his hands and probed Glorfindel’s burning eyes, correctly reading the need in them “Come with me, I know what you need.”

Glorfindel stared at Haldir for a moment, wondering what his husband was up to, but then decided to put his trust in him. Following Haldir, they headed to the armory, where Haldir selected a sword and shield for each of them. The silver-haired Elf then led him to the training grounds, handing Glorfindel a sword and shield.

“Defend yourself!” Haldir raised his sword and attacked, hoping that a sparring match would help Glorfindel let go of some of his frustrations.

Understanding his husband’s intentions, Glorfindel attacked, releasing his frustrations, and trusting in Haldir’s considerable skill to block him and make sure neither of them received any injuries.

The fight continued for nearly an hour before Glorfindel collapsed onto his knees, panting hard and flinging sword and shield away from him. “Why… does it have… to be this way?” Panting, he met Haldir’s knowing eyes.

The march warden placed aside his weapons, knelt in front of Glorfindel and wrapped his arms around him. “Life is not fair, hervenn-nîn.”

“But… he has already lost two sons!” Still angry with Galadriel for treating Erestor in this way, Glorfindel glowered at his husband. Physically he was exhausted and tired, but mentally he still raged.

Haldir gathered Glorfindel’s hands in his and carefully pulled the Elda to his feet. “There is still much anger in you… Will you trust yourself to me?”

Glorfindel stared at Haldir in wonder, but once more, he trusted his husband and followed the march warden when the silver-haired Elf led him back to his rooms.


Glorfindel’s fingers absentmindedly caressed Haldir’s silken skin, finally beginning to understand his husband’s intentions. Haldir had removed both of their clothing and was now laying him down on the bed, covering him with his body and kissing him passionately.

“Let me guide you, my love,” whispered Haldir, “You need to let go and I can help.”

Glorfindel lazily looked at the silver-haired Elf, who was now moving against him, rubbing his erection against his. “What do you want to do to me?”

“I want to claim you, Glorfindel,” said Haldir softly. “You need to let go…”

Swallowing hard, Glorfindel said, “I am not sure I can do that. I have never yielded before.”

Haldir’s eyes burned with passion. “Claiming you and making you understand that this is not about yielding is my greatest desire. Please allow me to do this.” He reached for the silken ribbons which he now removed from Glorfindel’s golden tresses and slowly wrapped one of them around the Elda’s left wrist. “I will tie them loosely so that you can pull free if you so desire.”

Glorfindel suddenly fully understood and his eyes widened. “You want to tie me to the bed?”

“You need to learn to let go and that you can trust me. You said that you would never yield and I believe you. But this is different. This is about me wanting to give you something. You do not have to yield to me, just enjoy it, but you won’t let yourself do that so I am making it easier for you.” Haldir bound first one wrist and then the other to the bed posts.

Glorfindel wasn’t sure how to react to this unexpected development. Was he really allowing Haldir to tie him down? Why? Searching Haldir’s eyes, he found love and the desire to please in them and he forced himself to let go of the breath that he had been holding. “I am not sure I can do this.”

“Then let us find out,” whispered Haldir seductively. Nuzzling the soft skin of Glorfindel’s neck, he licked it, swirling the tip of his tongue over the sensitive skin. The soft whimpers that unwillingly escaped Glorfindel made him smile sorrowfully. For how many millennia had Glorfindel been the strong one, never having the chance to let go for the briefest of moments? That would change now. He planned on being there for his mate in every possible way.

“Close your eyes for me,” whispered Haldir, hoping Glorfindel trusted him enough to do that. Briefly, an unreadable expression appeared in the azure eyes, but then they closed. “And now feel me. That is all you have to do. Feel.”

Glorfindel did something he had thought he would never do; he surrendered to Haldir when the exploring hands caressed his body. They stroked his flat abdomen, coaxed him into parting his legs and when the fingers curled around his hard flesh possessively, he hissed and arched his back. Haldir’s soft lips descended onto his and he was tempted to open his eyes, but as Haldir had asked him to close them, he stopped himself. Now that he couldn’t see, his other senses seemed intensified. Every touch bestowed to his body made his lust flare and he was soon panting softly, thrusting hard into Haldir’s hand. And then…

“Ai!” Something wet, moist and swirling touched the head of his erection and Glorfindel bucked hard, needing release. Release, which his mate still denied him. The moist tongue flickered against the head, drawing moans from him. “Haldir, please.” Had he really yielded that quickly after telling the march warden that he never would? What had caused this? Unexpectedly, that deliciously licking tongue withdrew and firm hands began to roll him onto his side and then onto his stomach. As the ribbons were tied loosely, he managed to shift his wrists within them, still making this a comfortable position.

“Lift your hips, melamin.”

Glorfindel briefly hesitated, knowing he would make himself extremely vulnerable in that way.

“You trust me, remember?”

Sighing, Glorfindel complied and a soft pillow was slipped beneath his groin, slightly lifting his buttocks. “What…?” The probing tongue returned, making it impossible for him to complete his question, but this time it targeted another area. He tensed, sensing the tip of Haldir’s tongue tease against the entrance to his body. “Haldir…”

“Please enjoy this.” Haldir parted the buttocks and targeted the guardian ring again. “I know this is your first time…”

Glorfindel’s stomach was growing tense due to nervousness, but then the soft tongue dipped into his body and… Glorfindel screamed out, grinded his groin into the pillow and felt like he was about to come that instant.

“Ah, I hit my target, then,” said Haldir wickedly.

Glorfindel twisted beneath Haldir when the possessive tongue returned, doing incredible things to him. He was quickly losing his mind *and* his reluctance to let Haldir do this. Before he knew it, he was pushing back. “Hal…dir…” His need to find release was overwhelming and his erection painful.

But Haldir wouldn’t be rushed and continued the probing, making Glorfindel squirm violently and pant hard. Realizing his husband was about to come, he pulled away and reached for the oil on the nightstand. Although he had adequately prepared Glorfindel for penetration, he took every possible precaution to ensure that the Elda would enjoy this. After rubbing the oil onto his erection, he positioned himself against the opening. Grabbing hold of Glorfindel’s hips, he slowly pushed inside, listening to his lover’s soft whimpers.

Glorfindel’s eyes widened at the invasion. Haldir was slowly sheathing himself and the sense of fullness that coursed through him surprised him. Haldir hadn’t seemed that big when they had been intimate before! Curling his fingers around the bed posts, he bit down onto his bottom lip. There wasn’t any pain, just a sense of fullness.

Haldir ran a hand over Glorfindel’s lower back and remained motionless now that he had buried himself in his lover’s body, wanting to give his mate a chance to adjust to the bulk inside him. “You are doing excellently,” he whispered reassuringly, knowing that manipulating Glorfindel’s pleasure gland as he had earlier had helped the blond to relax to the point where he could effortlessly take him.

Still panting, Glorfindel looked over his shoulder and his breath caught at the sight of his lover. Haldir’s hands now rested on his buttocks and were massaging the firm mounds. Kneeling behind him, the silver-haired Elf had thrown back his head, suckling his bottom lip. His hazel eyes were closed and Glorfindel wished they would open.

Feeling Glorfindel’s eyes upon him, Haldir returned his mate’s stare. “Are you ready?”

Glorfindel nodded once. He had no idea what to expect, but when Haldir thrust for the first time, stars exploded in front of his eyes. Now he was grateful for the pillow, because it provided him with much needed support. Just what was happening to him? 

Hearing Haldir’s yelp, Glorfindel bowed his head in concentration and pushed back. “Aiya!”  A scream escaped him, realizing Haldir had rubbed his pleasure gland again. The sensation running through him caused Glorfindel to moan in his need. They quickly established a rhythm, Glorfindel meeting Haldir’s thrusts. The fabric of the pillow provided him with just enough friction to reach orgasm and he released a long whimper, spilling his seed onto the soft fabric. He was panting heavily and shaking like a leaf.

Haldir drove himself home and then froze, feeling Glorfindel’s inner muscles contract around his member for the first time. Releasing his orgasm, he buried himself as deeply as possible. Leaning in closer, he marked Glorfindel with a bite delivered to the side of his throat, suckling possessively and tasting blood.

Glorfindel was incapable of movement and allowed Haldir to do as he pleased. His skin was pierced, sharp teeth were buried inside his flesh and he whimpered softly, realizing he was completely at Haldir’s mercy. Oddly enough, it felt reassuring.

Both of them were panting hard by the time they had ridden out their orgasm. Haldir’s face rested on Glorfindel’s right shoulder and he chuckled softly. “My, taking you is divine.”

Glorfindel didn’t know how to react to that and remained quiet. His body had never felt more alive than this and when Haldir pulled out, he felt the loss sharply. The ribbons were removed from his wrists and he was gently rolled onto his side until he was face to face with Haldir. He half expected to see a smug and accomplished grin on Haldir’s face, but the expression in those hazel eyes spoke of love and dedication. “You were right,” Glorfindel admitted once he had steadied his breathing. “That was just what I needed, but…”

“You did not yield, my love,” said Haldir in understanding, caressing the golden tresses. It was important to him that Glorfindel admitted his needs in his own time, without being forced to do so. After brushing some wayward locks behind Glorfindel’s ear, he curled himself protectively around the golden-haired Elf. He could not right all wrongs, but he could hold his mate and express his love for him in the way Glorfindel needed most.


Glorfindel’s world had been upended upon his realizing that he had loved Haldir assuming control in that way, but he was too tired to question himself in this matter. Savoring the closeness of feeling Haldir’s arms around him, he allowed himself to enjoy the sensation and slowly drifted off into reverie.


The next morning found Erestor standing in the corridor, looking longingly at the door to his rooms.

Elrond found him like that and frowned at the sight. “Erestor?” He closed the door to his own quarters and covered the few steps to Erestor.

“They threw me out,” whispered Erestor uncertainly.

“Who did?”

“Arwen and the artists she asked to paint the nursery. They told me I was in the way and was not to return until the evening.” Erestor shrugged. “I do not mind, not really, but where do I go in the meantime?”

“Your problem is easily solved,” said Elrond, pleased that he would have Erestor’s company this morning due to his daughter’s meddling. “I am going to my study and I would love for you to join me.” Slowly, so Erestor could see what he was doing, he leaned in closer and placed a chaste kiss on the other Elf’s lips.

Erestor’s mood instantly brightened. “In that case, I will gladly desert my quarters.” Falling into step next to Elrond, he followed the half-Elf to his study.


They soon settled down into a daily routine. Elrond and Erestor spent most of the day in each other’s company, usually at work in the library or walking in the gardens.

Three months passed by and due to the pregnancy, he continued to grow heavier. Walking about was becoming more awkward, but thankfully Elrond, Haldir, Glorfindel, Arwen and even Lindir were always keeping an eye on him in case he needed help. He appreciated their concern, which made him feel secure and cherished.

Eleven months pregnant – with only one more month to go until birth – Elrond cut their strolls short, preferring to sit quietly with his beloved. They never went further than holding hands and kissing, although both felt the need for more. However, they had agreed to wait and were not about to change their minds.

They were sitting like that one evening and Erestor was leaning into Elrond’s embrace, his head resting on the half-Elf’s shoulder. His daughter was extremely active and kicking him almost constantly. Elrond had obtained permission to feel her kicks a long time ago and his hand rested on the swollen abdomen, enjoying feeling the movement beneath his fingertips.

“She is very eager to be born, Erestor.” Within the month he would have to perform surgery on the pregnant Elf in order to remove the baby from his body. He hoped the Valar would aid him when the hour was upon them.

“Aye, she is.” Half-asleep already, Erestor nuzzled Elrond’s throat. Completely relaxed, he was therefore startled when three forms unexpectedly appeared in front of them.

Elrond, who had seen the party approach, wondered about the stranger who was being accompanied by Lindir and Haldir. The silver-haired Elf wore grey robes and a brooch in the form of a mallorn leaf. /He is from Lothlorien, then./ He briefly felt alarmed, but seeing the calm expression in Haldir’s eyes, he realized there was no reason for concern.

“My Lord?” Haldir bowed politely. “We have received an unexpected visitor. May I introduce Lord Celeborn’s chief healer to you? This is Master Camfael and he is here to help you deliver the baby at Lord Celeborn’s request.”

Erestor stirred at hearing his old tutor’s name. “Camfael?” His eyes narrowed, seeing the silver-haired form standing in front of him. “Is that really you?”

“Aye, it is I,” replied Camfael calmly, pleased to find Erestor in good health and obviously surrounded by Elves who cared for him. He would make absolutely certain Erestor suffered no miscarriage and that the child was born healthy.

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