Heart In Chains

Part 21

By Morgana


Haldir was displeased with the lack of clothing at his disposal. When they had fled Lothlorien, he had packed only one spare set, hoping to acquire more clothing in Imladris. However, he hadn’t had the time to do that yet, so he slipped back into the colors of the Galadhrim. At least the bath he had taken had refreshed him. His still damp hair needed combing and braiding, and he sat down in front of the mirror to attend to the tangled strands.

A few minutes later, the braids were back in place. Studying his reflection, he knew it had to do. There was nothing more he could do to improve his looks and he left his room, heading for Glorfindel’s.

What would happen tonight? Now that he’d had the time to ponder the day’s events, he was rather convinced that the attraction was mutual. Why else would Glorfindel stutter when issuing that invitation? /This will be interesting, considering neither of us will yield to the other./ He grinned, picturing them wrestling each other to find out who would get to be on top during their first sexual encounter. As always, he was fairly confident that he would win, especially after their sparring match. /And then I can do whatever I want to do to him./ That thought alone caused him to grow erect.

When he reached the door to Glorfindel’s rooms, he knocked and waited for an answer. He expected Glorfindel to tell him to enter, not fling the door open and stare at him with big eyes.

“Haldir.” Glorfindel swallowed hard at the sight of the march warden’s ethereal beauty. The long, silver hair was partly braided, but wayward strands still teased the guardian’s handsome face. The clothes brought out the muscular chest and Glorfindel found himself nearly drowning in those sparkling eyes. “Please come inside.”

Haldir approved of Glorfindel’s appearance in turn. The Balrog Slayer had apparently bathed as well, smelling of pine and daffodils. He had changed into a blue shirt that highlighted his azure eyes. Knee-high boots of soft leather completed the look, along with black leggings. His groin stirred and he felt the urge to throw Glorfindel against the wall and take him standing upright. Haldir forced himself to leave his daydreams for what they were and said, “Good evening, my friend.” When Glorfindel closed the door behind him, he caught a weak blush on the Elda’s face, which led him to believe that the attraction was still growing on Glorfindel’s part. /Good./

“A good evening to you too,” said Glorfindel, hoping his voice sounded steady. He didn’t feel in control at all – it seemed to be slipping away from his very hands, looking at Haldir. “I hope you brought a good appetite.”

“Oh, I am hungry all right,” stated Haldir teasingly, hoping Glorfindel would read between the lines. To make sure there was no way the blond could misunderstand, he provocatively licked his lips.

Glorfindel panted softly and had to avert his gaze. /The Valar help me. I want to devour him alive./ Recalling he was to act as Haldir’s host, he directed his guest to the table. “Please sit down.”

Haldir made himself comfortable, quickly identifying the food items. He had somewhat of a sweet tooth and favored the starter with fruits and the dessert, a tempting looking cake with sugar coating… and there was cream as well. His day couldn’t get any better.

Glorfindel, more nervous than he had ever been before, stared at the strawberries. How was he going to address this attraction between them without making a complete fool of himself? What if he was wrong and Haldir wasn’t interested in him at all? Peeking at Haldir, he saw that the guardian’s smug smirk was back in place.

Haldir felt Glorfindel’s tension and wondered about the same thing. /What do I have to lose? I am fairly sure he wants me in return./ Taking the initiative, he selected a fat strawberry and brought it to Glorfindel’s lips, running it along the blond’s bottom lip. “Do you like strawberries?”

“I do,” whispered Glorfindel breathlessly, realizing Haldir was willing to take the risk. In that case, he could do no less, and parted his lips and teeth.

Glorfindel’s reaction made Haldir even more hopeful, and he pushed the sweet fruit past the open lips. When he wanted to pull back, he involuntarily held his breath, at the delicate sensation of Glorfindel sucking his fingertip. The dark pupils in a sea of blue had dilated and left little to the imagination as to what Glorfindel wanted to do to him. “You feel it too, then?” This would be easier than he had thought.

“Aye, I do,” whispered Glorfindel, letting the digit slip from his lips. “What are we going to do about this attraction?”

“Always direct,” said Haldir, paying him a compliment. “I suggest we act on our feelings.”

For one long moment Glorfindel simply stared at Haldir. “If we did that, we would be considered married.” And that was a big step. “Are you here to stay, Haldir? Or will you be heading back for the Golden Wood?”

“I am here to stay, Glorfindel, though I must admit I still feel Lothlorien’s call in my heart.”

Glorfindel considered the answer carefully. “I gather you are not married then?”

Haldir felt he had to be honest. “There is one I care greatly for, but I am not married to him, as he is already bound to someone else. But I would not give up this friendship if you made it a condition. He depends too much on me.”

“Erestor,” said Glorfindel in a moment of complete understanding. “He is one of the strangest Elves I have ever met.”

“His life has been one of pain, misunderstanding and sacrifice,” said Haldir in a compassionate tone. “Once you get to know him, you will understand.”

“I would never make it a condition,” said Glorfindel, “that you give up your friendship with Erestor.”

“I knew you would not,” said Haldir, teasingly, picking up another strawberry and offering it to Glorfindel. This time the Elda wrapped his tongue around his finger and licked it. Glorfindel liked to play, then. “A game, perhaps?”

“A game?” Glorfindel frowned, surprised at the change in topic.

“Do you have a chess board in your rooms?” Haldir would be surprised if Glorfindel didn’t. The Elf struck him as a very good strategist and tactician, and chess honed one’s skills in both of these areas.

“Of course I have one.” Glorfindel rose from his chair and retrieved the game, which he placed on the table next to the strawberries.

“I suggest a game,” said Haldir, his eyes burning with passion. “The loser will yield to the winner, who will have earned the right to claim a reward.”

“What kind of reward?” Glorfindel’s eyes narrowed.

“As we have not yet properly discussed marriage, we should start with a reward… less penetrating.”

Glorfindel blinked, and then shook his head. “Life will never be boring with you around, Haldir of ‘Lorien.”

Haldir grinned impishly. “Good.”

They set up their pieces and Haldir insisted Glorfindel took white, thusly making the first move. He had suggested the game to give them some time to talk and sort out their thoughts and feelings. Their gazes met over the game and Haldir’s gaze followed Glorfindel’s hand when the Elda selected a raspberry. Smiling, he parted his lips, inviting Glorfindel to feed it to him.

Which was exactly what Glorfindel did. The Elda’s toes curled, feeling Haldir suckle his fingertip when he pushed the fruit into the welcoming mouth.

“I suggest you concentrate on the game, my friend,” said Haldir impishly.

“You are making that hard.” Glorfindel groaned, realizing what he had just said. It hadn’t been intentional!

“Hard? You are already hard?” Haldir ran his tongue over his bottom lip.

“You do not play fair!”

“Oh, I was not aware that was a requirement,” laughed Haldir wickedly. But then he forced himself to calm down. “So, what are your thoughts on marriage?”

Glorfindel realized they had returned to the core of their ‘negotiations’ and replied honestly, “I have never been married before, Haldir. I find it hard

– no, simply difficult – to take that step.” He hoped Haldir would let his slip go unnoticed. How else could he concentrate on this subject if Haldir continued to make such innuendo?

“Is it my charming personality or…?” As it was his way to deal with nervousness and insecurity, he hid behind his ‘cockiness’ or arrogance, as others would call it.

Glorfindel smiled warmly. “So far you have been the only one I ever considered being married to.”

“Ah, so there is hope yet?” Haldir moved one of his pieces, seeing a weak spot in Glorfindel’s defenses.

“There is always hope,” said Glorfindel firmly. “Haldir, have you ever been married?”

“Nay, I have not been married either. There were some… distractions… throughout the millennia, but…”

“Was Erestor such a distraction?” Glorfindel hoped he wasn’t pushing it, but he had to know where Haldir stood in this matter.

Haldir’s gaze softened. “For some time I was in love with Erestor, but as he is already bound to someone, our love never stood a chance. We always knew the day would come when our paths would separate.”

“And he agrees with that?” Glorfindel still wasn’t sure what to make of Erestor.

“Erestor told me to find out if the attraction was mutual and if it was, he wanted me to seduce you,” said Haldir, amused when Glorfindel’s eyes widened. “He wants me to be happy.”

“And he would not continue to be a distraction to you?” Glorfindel had a few more questions for Haldir and wanted them answered before giving this marriage proposal any real thought.

“Erestor is a good friend, and the Valar know he needs more friends. It is hard to describe what I feel for him. I love him, but no longer as a lover. He has become… like a brother to me.”

“Speaking of Erestor…” Glorfindel carefully considered his next question. “You mentioned him being bound, then where is his mate? Shouldn’t his mate be there for him in these trying times?”

Haldir growled softly, wondering how to answer that one without having to lie to Glorfindel. “The baby’s father is not available at the moment.”

Glorfindel raised an eyebrow at the evasive answer, but allowed it. “If I agreed to this marriage…” Suddenly he didn’t know how to phrase this.

“Are you inquiring about my abilities as a lover?” Haldir studied Glorfindel’s last move and then took the Balrog Slayer’s Knight.

Glorfindel groaned, having lost an important piece to the march warden. He was losing the game!

“I have been told I have a very talented tongue,” said Haldir, hoping to do away with Glorfindel’s nervousness. “I would be more than willing to demonstrate should I win this game.”

“Damn you! How can I concentrate when you continue to say things like that!” Glorfindel had made a move and had now lost another piece to Haldir. “You are distracting me.”

“I can distract you in much more enjoyable ways,” hinted Haldir.

Glorfindel gulped, when one of Haldir’s hands found its way under the table to squeeze his knee. Distracted, he moved his Queen.

Haldir saw the move and realized he had won. But before declaring victory, he moved his hand further up Glorfindel’s thigh to cup the other Elf’s groin. “So what do you say, Glorfindel of Gondolin, do you accept my marriage proposal?”

“Forever is a long time,” mumbled Glorfindel, growing erect now that Haldir was kneading his member. “Especially being married to you.”

“I do have some good character traits… At least I have been told so.” Haldir gave Glorfindel a wink, feeling the blond grow aroused beneath his fingers.

Glorfindel closed his eyes in bliss, wondering what else Haldir wanted to do with him. “’Tis unexpected.”

“But we both crave this and I do think we are evenly matched. I doubt we would regret taking this step.” Haldir, sobering, removed his hand and took Glorfindel’s Queen.

Glorfindel stared at the board in utter disbelief. Haldir had actually won!

Creating some distance between them, Haldir pushed back his chair and watched Glorfindel closely. “Or do you require more time to consider this marriage proposal?”

Glorfindel was surprised that Haldir wasn’t gloating because he had just won. Studying the hazel eyes, he read respect and honor in them, a fierce desire to protect, and to right all wrongs. They were the same in many ways. /From one warrior to another… We would understand one another without words./

Remaining motionless was one of the hardest things Haldir had ever done, but if Glorfindel needed time to consider this, he was going to give it to the Elda. But the longer the silence lasted, the more worried he became that he would get a ‘nay’ for an answer.

Glorfindel studied Haldir in turn. The guardian was beautiful on the inside and out – worthy of him. “I accept.”

Haldir’s eyes burned with pleasure. “You will never regret that decision.” Pushing his chair further away from the table, he rose from it and went to stand in front of his new lover. Extending his right hand, he invited Glorfindel to rise as well.

After drawing in a deep breath, Glorfindel got to his feet. “But I will never yield.”

Haldir laughed warmly. “You lost the game, my love.”

Glorfindel’s eyes darkened at being reminded of that. “And what reward do you claim?”

“Let us start with a kiss.” Haldir placed a hand at the nape of his lover’s neck and slowly guided Glorfindel’s lips to his. He wasn’t sure just how much experience his lover had when it came to lovemaking and was looking for signs that would tell him.

Glorfindel allowed Haldir to guide him in this, although his instincts told him to take control of the situation. Pulling his head back slightly, he savored the sensation of Haldir’s soft lips against his and when a tongue nudged against his teeth, he instinctively parted them. The kiss was unique in his experience, and it made him weak in the knees. Haldir certainly was a talented kisser!

Haldir tightened his hold on Glorfindel by slipping an arm around the blond’s waist. Glorfindel’s essence was melting against his tongue and he wanted to taste a lot more of his Balrog Slayer.

Glorfindel’s eyes fastened on Haldir’s, reading the desire in them and he wondered what would happen next. Maybe now was the time to tell Haldir something his lover should know before they took this further. “Haldir?”

“Yes, my love?” Haldir delighted in running the tip of his tongue down Glorfindel’s throat, teasingly licking below his Adams apple.

“I have not… been with a male in this way before…” Sparks of desires erupted in his groin, feeling Haldir flick his tongue against his throat. Moaning his need, Glorfindel rested his back against the wall for support.

“I already thought so,” whispered Haldir seductively into Glorfindel’s ear. “You can trust yourself to me.”

“But… I still refuse… to yield,” panted Glorfindel, who had closed his eyes to focus on the feel of Haldir nibbling on an earlobe.

“Do not worry. We won’t go all the way tonight. I want to take my time when making love with you.” But he was hard and in desperate need of release, and judging by the feel of Glorfindel’s hard flesh pressing against his thigh, his lover was in the same predicament. “May I free you from your leggings?” Haldir suspected this passion between them would never extinguish. There was something extremely sexy about his Balrog Slayer and he hoped he pleased Glorfindel in turn.

“You may… if I may do the same to you.” Glorfindel forced his eyes open and lost himself in the sparkling hazel eyes. “Ai, you are so beautiful, Haldir. So passionate.”

“I told you that I did have some good character traits,” teased Haldir, running his tongue down his lover’s throat while undoing the top buttons of the shirt Glorfindel was wearing. At the same time, he managed to undo the lacing of the blond’s leggings and slid one hand inside.

Glorfindel purred and arched his back, involuntarily thrusting against Haldir, who now claimed his lips again, locking them in a passionate kiss. He briefly fumbled with Haldir’s leggings, but then managed to free the other’s erection. Haldir moaned into his mouth when his aroused flesh was set free and that little sound made Glorfindel even more eager for Haldir’s touch.

Kissing each other breathless, Glorfindel mewed softly, feeling Haldir’s fingers lock around his shaft. The slow, yet firm pace that Haldir set would quickly bring him to orgasm. Not wanting to leave his lover behind, he returned the favor, stroking Haldir in turn. One of Haldir’s hands found its way into his shirt and then rolled a nipple between his fingertips, causing Glorfindel to thrust against him.

Haldir was panting hard, quickly losing the fight not to come yet and he arched his back, finding release in Glorfindel’s hand. Crushing his lover’s lips in a maddening kiss, he passionately suckled the tip of the blond’s tongue.

Feeling the hot cream splash onto his hand, Glorfindel took control of the kiss. Pressing his body against Haldir’s, he thrust into his lover’s hand. It was the stimulation he needed to reach orgasm and he sagged against Haldir, finally finding release.

Haldir wasn’t prepared to support Glorfindel when the Elda collapsed against him and they went down on their knees, holding each other tightly. Haldir was the first to laugh warmly, hearing Glorfindel’s soft purrs of delight. Supporting one another, Haldir cupped Glorfindel’s chin in the palm of his hand and their gazes met. “Ah, our marriage will be interesting indeed.”

Glorfindel giggled, holding Haldir tight. “You surprised me.”

“And I still have to demonstrate to you how talented my tongue really is.” As if to prove his point, he stuck out his tongue and wiggled it, grinning wickedly.

Glorfindel, unable to act serious, doubled over with laughter. He couldn’t remember the last time laughing had felt this good. “You may demonstrate that the next time you ravage me, my husband to be.”

Haldir beamed, being addressed as such. “Something tells me it won’t be long before we will fully consummate our marriage.”

“But I won’t yield,” said Glorfindel, snickering softly and wiping tears of mirth from his eyes.

“We will see about that,” whispered Haldir wickedly, placing one more kiss on Glorfindel’s lips. “Maybe I will yield instead.”

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