Heart In Chains

Part 16

By Morgana


“You should drink this now,” advised Galadriel softly. “Then you will fall asleep within the hour.” She had returned to Elrond’s room when Ithil had appeared and was now trying to convince the half-Elf to drink the sleeping potion.

“I will do so in a moment,” said Elrond, stretching slowly. The progress he had made since this morning was amazing. Gone were most of his negative emotions. Although he still longed to be reunited with Celebrian, the shattering grief had faded and instead curiosity had appeared. Except for Glorfindel, who had hovered close all day long -- and whom he had ignored -- everyone had left him alone. It had given him an opportunity to ponder everything that had happened last night… and *that* night three millennia ago.

Someone had come to his room last night and had given himself to him. Now that he concentrated, he remembered the fears that had echoed in the other Elf’s voice and he flashed back to that night after the Battle of the Last Alliance. Back then he had been convinced Ereinion had returned to him, but the next morning cruel realization had set in. The blood that had clung to his flaccid member and the stained sheets had told him he had taken an inexperienced Elf, and had taken him hard, without proper preparation. Even three thousand years later, he still felt guilty for using someone in that way.

Later, once he had regained his wits, he had questioned Glorfindel and Cirdan. They had told him about the healer’s visit and the next time he had met Celeborn and Galadriel, he had questioned them, but they had simply said that the healer had worked his art and that the rest had been due to his feverish dreams. /But there was blood. I did not imagine that./ Realizing they wouldn’t volunteer more information, he had stopped asking.

Then last night had happened and now Galadriel was urging him to drink that sleeping potion again. Well, he wasn’t going to do it. “I appreciate it that you are taking care of me, Galadriel, and I am sure you will understand that I want to rest now. And aye, I will drink that sleeping potion you prepared.”

Realizing she was being dismissed, Galadriel had no other choice than to move toward the doorway. “I will see you in the morning, then.”

“Aye, you will.” Elrond waited for her to close the door behind her and then stared at the sleeping potion. “I want to know what this is all about and I won’t find out when drugged.” Elrond took hold of the crystal flask and emptied its content in the sink. He wanted to be clear-headed should his mysterious Elf return tonight.


Elrond had positioned himself in the center of his bed. His head rested on an arm, which he had folded beneath his brow, giving him an excellent view of the door. He hoped the dark-haired Elf would return tonight, for he wanted his questions answered. Elrond also realized he had to act carefully, and in order not to chase his visitor away, he would pretend to be drugged.

Long hours passed by until the door knob was finally turned and the door opened. Through the slits of his eyes, he carefully studied his mysterious visitor, who was wearing a long, black cloak, which hid his form and features. The other Elf seemed to briefly hesitate, but then closed the door softly behind him. Now that the other was advancing on him, the stranger dropped the cloak. The dark robes were next and Elrond’s eyes narrowed, seeing the too thin body. Long, dark hair danced against the other Elf’s lower back and large, chocolate eyes were afloat in a sea of blue. The paint briefly confused him, making it impossible for him to identify the Elf standing in front of him. When his visitor knelt on the bed, Elrond caught a hint of fear in the huge, doe-like eyes. /He is still afraid of me./ Remaining motionless, he waited for the other Elf to make his first move.

“You seem better today. I worried about you. I am sorry that I am so weak and could not spare you more healing energy last night. I will try to do better tonight. Our last night together.”

Elrond stopped himself from frowning, hearing those words, which were uttered in a sad and abandoned tone. He wished he didn’t have to pretend being drugged, as for some reason he wanted to envelop the other in a tight hug.

“I had better get this over with. That way you can make a full recovery and return to your family, which will surely miss you.”

/He cares for me -- deeply --./ Elrond considered the way he had acted last night and knew he couldn’t deviate too much or else he would scare this caring soul away. He didn’t want to, but in the end, he whispered, “Ereinion, you are here again.” He caught the shivers that coursed through the raven-haired Elf’s body and realized he wanted to get to know this Elf, who for some reason continued to sneak into his bed.

“Aye, I am here now, Elrond. You can let go. Take what you need from me.”

Unexpectedly, a hand cupped the side of his face, rubbing gentle fingertips against his skin. Elrond briefly startled at the tingling sensation that now seeped into his skin, but when the energy surged through his body, he finally realized what was really going on. /He is a true healer and is giving me his life energy!/ But how was that possible? The few documented cases he had encountered had said that a tight bond was necessary between the healer and his patient for this to work. /Aiya, by the Grace of the Valar, he has been giving me –his patient – his life energy for how long? Did this really start three millennia? Does this mean…/ His thoughts raced! /Does this mean we are bound? But nay, I would know if I were bound to someone. No one would accept a half-formed bond; it would leave him weak as he cannot draw strength from me in turn./

Studying the other Elf, Elrond saw the gaunt features, sunken, dark-rimmed eyes and the too thin body. /By Elbereth, is that what happened three millennia ago? Did he bind himself to me?/ It would explain the blood on his lips and the fact that they’d had intercourse. /But why would someone agree to such a half-life?/

“Elrond, is anything amiss?”

The raven-haired Elf sounded troubled, and Elrond suddenly realized what was wrong. /He expects me to claim him and thus reconfirm the bond./ If he didn’t make love to the other Elf, his mysterious stranger would realize something was wrong and flee. That was something he had to avoid at all cost. “Nothing is amiss. Everything is right now.” Elrond kept his eyes half-open, hoping to assure the other Elf that he was duly drugged. “Come here.” Reaching for the stranger, he pulled him atop of him. The confused look the other Elf gave him made it hard for him to pretend not noticing his distress. And his body reacted instinctively to having the other Elf close. He was quickly growing erect and he wanted to bury his visitor in a tight hug, which he promptly did. “I want to hold you… Ereinion,” he forced that name passed his teeth, when in reality he desperately wanted to know who he was holding in his arms.

“Then hold me…”

Elrond cocked his head and tried to keep his expression unfocused when he looked at the trembling Elf in his arms. When he tried hard, he could detect the other’s energy floating into his mind. Even now, the raven-haired Elf was strengthening him. /The healing bond is firmly in place. And it is old. Aye, it was created three millennia ago./ Running his hands down the shaking Elf’s back, he tried to soothe him. “I longed to hold you again.”

The stranger swallowed hard, and fascinated, Elrond watched his Adam ’s apple bob nervously. “Shst, I am being gentle with you, am I not? Just as you requested last night.”

“Aye, you were gentle with me. Thank you for that.”

The other Elf’s nervousness now began to show clearly, as he shifted uncomfortably atop of him, clearly trying to avoid contact with his aroused flesh. In that moment Elrond realized another truth. “I want you.”

“I know you do. Take me, then. As you said last night, I am yours.”

Elrond was startled, briefly, realizing the other was dead serious. /Aye, the bond binds him to me. He is mine, but I am not his./ Elrond allowed for one hand to tangle in the dark mane. /His energy is flowing into my fëa, not leaving much behind to sustain him. He is in this weakened state because of me./ Curling his fingers around a strand of the other’s Elf’s hair, he gently forced him to lean in closer. Elrond claimed his lips, which tasted bittersweet and… salty? /He has been crying./ That seemed so wrong and he desperately wanted to soothe the other Elf’s pain away. “Trust yourself to me. I will be gentle.”

The raven-haired Elf nodded shakily and Elrond proceeded to gently roll him onto his back. The long legs parted automatically and the thin fingers instantly clawed at the sheet. His bed partner was tense and rigid and the chocolate eyes closed, doubtlessly expecting pain. Knowing words wouldn’t reassure him, Elrond soothed with kisses instead. He started by exploring the sweet mouth, and the taste sparkled memories. He had tasted this raven-haired Elf before. /I was right all along./ It was a good thing that he hadn’t drunk Galadriel’s potion, for then he would never have fully realized the truth!

The mysterious Elf squirmed beneath him, but not due to passion. The doe-like eyes had reopened and revealed all fears. Elrond’s hands now joined in his effort to relax his bed partner. Gently, he explored all the area’s that made the other moan and found that the raven-haired grew erect when he licked the back of his knees. He could tell that the tension was slowly leaving the other Elf’s body and his partner was beginning to relax. “I will make this good for you.” He wanted to make it up to him for that first time, when he had hurt him so badly.

Seeing the other Elf bite his bottom lip, he was reminded of the way his temporary lover had suckled his bottom lip until it had bled. He was passionate then, this trembling Elf.

Elrond straddled the narrow hips and set to explore the other’s body in depth, taking his time. The hard nipples were a true delight to suckle and the raven-haired Elf reacted to this manipulation by raising his hips. /He does want this, but he is scared./ Elrond couldn’t blame him for being afraid, considering the way he had hurt his bed partner that first time.

The large, dark eyes had closed again and his head was turned away. It was obvious his mysterious lover expected to be taken now, and taken hard. Elrond smiled sorrowfully, now that the other’s eyes were closed, and reached for the phial of oil that he had placed near his bed earlier. He had hoped – almost expected – the other to return to him tonight.

He regretted having to stop rolling one hard nipple between his fingertips, but he had to remove the stopper. After letting a generous amount of oil flow into the palm of his hand, he wrapped his slick fingers around the other’s hard flesh. The chocolate eyes instantly opened and soft, begging groans escaped bruised lips. /I meant it when I said I was going to make this good for you./ Elrond stroked the hard flesh in his hand and blanketed the other Elf so he could reclaim those soft lips.

Once he judged his partner was sufficiently relaxed, he removed his hand, added more oil and then crawled downward, until he could kneel between the other’s legs. He regretted that the large eyes had closed, but he respected that. Placing one finger near the tight entrance of the raven-haired Elf’s body, he began to gently massage the tense guardian ring. /I really must have hurt him that first time for him to be this tense now./ Leaning in closer, he continued the preparing massage, but now also showered the Elf’s inner thighs with light kisses, which drew soft moans. When he was finally convinced his partner was relaxing after all, he inserted his digit into the tight heat.

The raven-haired Elf emitted a pleading mew, but Elrond couldn’t be sure if it was because he needed more stimulation or if he was trying to make him stop. Instinctively, he cupped the other’s sac and rolled it through his palm, making him moan more loudly. Wriggling his digit inside the tight passage, he then removed it, added more oil and returned with two, which he slowly inserted. “There is no reason to be this tense. I won’t hurt you,” he said, hoping to reassure his mysterious lover.

But the dark eyes remained closed and the fingers continued to cling to the rumpled sheet. Sighing his disappointment, Elrond bowed down and licked at the slit, which was already slick with beads of pre-ejaculate. /I won’t hurt you, I promise./ He just had to work harder to please his lover. Relaxing his throat, he took Erestor deeply. He ran his tongue along the length and suckled gently. The raven-haired Elf thrust unexpectedly and Elrond took that as a sign to add another finger. Moving them inside the warm glove, he carefully prepared his partner.

“Oh, what… are you…doing to me?”

Elrond grinned, let the aroused flesh slip from his mouth and blew gently at the enflamed head.

“Aiya, you…”

His mysterious lover was now purring with pleasure and Elrond deemed the time ready to complete their union. Already positioned between the long legs, he guided them further apart and then began to inch inside, slowly. He had hoped the doe-like eyes would open again, but they didn’t. Instead the other’s brow grew knitted with concentration. Encountering resistance because his lover was still rather tense, he stopped regularly to allow him to adjust to the invasive feeling. “It will get better, I promise.” Once Elrond felt his partner relax further, he continued to bury himself in the tight passage until he was completely sheathed. Realizing the raven-haired Elf still expected to be badly hurt, he forced himself to remain motionless. “Please try to enjoy this. I want to pleasure you.” A nod from the dark-haired head told him the other had heard, but he doubted his temporary lover believed him. Aiming his first thrust, he smiled warmly, as his hard flesh nudged against the other’s prostate.

“Ai!” The eyes finally opened and stared at him in wonder.

“I will take you with me…” Elrond set a gentle rhythm, making sure he continued to hit the sensitive gland inside his lover’s passage. Suddenly growing tired of the position they were in, Elrond pushed his arms beneath the Elf’s back, and began to pull him into an upright position. The confusion and surprise that shone back at him, made him smile. After guiding the long legs around his waist, he placed his lover’s arms around his neck. Supporting him, he waited for the dark-haired Elf to acquire a more comfortable position. Staring into the wide eyes, he gently thrust upwards, hoping the other Elf understood he could control the speed and depth of the thrusts if he wanted to. But sheer disbelief and confusion stared back at him and Elrond realized exercising control was the last thing on his partner’s mind. So he continued the slow and gentle rhythm, making sure he wasn’t thrusting too deeply as he didn’t want to hurt him. Slowly, building their orgasm, he took his lover to the edge. When warm cream splashed against his belly, and inner muscles contracted around him, Elrond let go as well. Involuntarily, he bit into his lover’s shoulder, then realized what he was doing and licked the small wound he had created.

Clinging to his mysterious lover, he tightened his embrace and held him close. “Oh, my, that was…” Lost for words, Elrond guided the other Elf’s head onto his shoulder. He could sense the energy their lovemaking had created and was slightly shocked to feel it flow into his body and soul. /Not all of it. You need some to sustain yourself as well!/ But saying that would give him away and he remained silent instead. He could render this later, once he had found out this Elf’s identity.

His sated member slipped out of the now slick passage and he tenderly laid his lover down, curling himself around him. “Rest now.” The thin body was shaking with tremors and Elrond soothingly stroked the long, damp hair. “You are safe with me.”

A healing sleep was sneaking up on him, making it harder for Elrond to remain alert. Slowly, he drifted off into reverie, but he maintained his tight hold on the other Elf. His last thought before falling asleep was; /I will find out who you are and why you are doing this./


Stunned and confused, Erestor reluctantly freed himself of Elrond’s comforting embrace. He would have loved to stay in those strong arms forever, but Elrond was not for him; Galadriel had made that very clear.

Elrond… Elrond had taken him by surprise. They had really made love this time. He had expected more discomfort and soreness, but none of it had come to pass. His body tingled with pleasure, and when he sat on the side of the bed, even the soreness was absent. /So this is how making love feels?/ He decided he liked it and wished there was a way for him to stay close to Elrond and to make love to him again.

/Nay, what is wrong with me for wanting that? Every time we make love I can conceive. I do not want to go through another pregnancy./ Elrond stirred beneath the blanket and Erestor reacted instinctively, soothing the half-Elf. A smile appeared on his face. “Thank you for giving me this. I will always cherish this memory, even when you were under the impression that you were making love to Ereinion.” No one could ever take this bittersweet memory away from him.

After bestowing a last kiss on Elrond’s brow, he dressed and reluctantly left the room. “I would love to stay with you, but I cannot. You will never be mine and thinking that you are, would mean deluding myself.”

Opening the door, he looked over his shoulder at Elrond, who was peacefully asleep. “I wish you well and I hope your children are enough reason for you to pick up your life again.” Wishing he could have stayed in Elrond’s arms, he gingerly stepped into the corridor. His skin crawled, finding Galadriel there waiting for him. Erestor instantly lowered his gaze, not wanting to defy her in any way. “I did as you ordered. Elrond is now strong enough to make a complete recovery.”

“Excellent. I won’t be needing your… ‘services’ any more, then.”

The way she spat the word at him made him feel cheap. /But I am not. Elrond is my bonded mate./ Forcing himself to reply, he said, “I will return to my talan, then.”

“Aye, stay clear from Elrond from this moment on. Now that he is on his way to recovery he needs to focus on himself and his family. That does not include you.”

Erestor’s eyes flared, enraged, but he made sure she didn’t see that expression. “As you wish.” Slowly, he shuffled away from her.

Once he was back in the safety of his rooms, he flung himself onto the bed, sobbing softly. His heart called out for Elrond and Haldir, but none of the Elves were close.

He was alone.


Celeborn had heard certain rumors, which he didn’t want to believe, and he had to convince himself that they weren’t true. So he sought out Erestor’s talan to talk to the dark-haired healer. “Erestor? May I enter?” He frowned, receiving strangled sobs for an answer and they urged him to open the door and enter.

Finding Erestor curled up on his bed and in tears, he quickly covered the distance that separated them. Uncertain what to do, he sat down on the side of the bed and reached out to stroke the long, dark hair. “Why are you weeping, Erestor?” He dreaded learning why.

“I do not know…” Erestor didn’t feel comfortable confiding in the Lord of the Golden Wood, not sure where Celeborn stood in this matter.

Celeborn’s probing eyes scanned the trembling body and he growled softly encountering the bite mark. “’Tis true, then.”

Hearing Celeborn’s angry tone, Erestor forced himself to stop crying and to calm down. After a long minute, he pushed himself into an upright position and gingerly met Celeborn’s eyes. “What is?”

“She ordered you into his bed again.” He hissed the words passed clenched teeth.

Erestor was growing tired of discussing this. “That is the way it is.”

Celeborn shook his head. “It should not be that way. I assume she drugged him before sending you to him?” He was well aware of his wife’s fondness of mixing potions.

“Aye, so he would not recognize me. Not that it matters. Elrond thinks I am Ereinion when I am with him in that way.” Erestor shrugged his shoulders and instantly regretted it, as the bite burned slightly.

“I will put a stop to this. She cannot continue to abuse you in this way!”

Erestor smiled weakly, realizing he did have a friend in Celeborn. “Do not trouble yourself. Elrond is on his way to recovery and can do without my physical closeness.”

“That does not matter,” said Celeborn determinedly. “Galadriel has to stop hurting you!”

“Thank you for caring, my Lord.”

Celeborn felt like he had failed Erestor, and wished there was a way he could help the hurting Elf right now. He would speak with Galadriel later. “Is there anything I can do…?” He let his voice trail off.

“Actually… there is,” whispered Erestor uncertainly. But could he actually ask the Lord of the Golden Wood ‘that’?

“What is it?” Celeborn inched closer to Erestor, noticing the bruised lips.

“Would you stay here tonight? I do not want to be alone and with Haldir and his brothers out on patrol, I do not have anyone I can ask…” He didn’t want to bother Camfael, fearing the healer’s reaction when he found out about him going to Elrond’s bed willingly.

“I will stay,” promised Celeborn softly. “Know I will keep you safe. Rest, then.” Seeing Erestor’s wavering expression he realized what the dark-haired was *really* asking him. “Move over, Erestor.”

Erestor swallowed hard, realizing Celeborn was actually going to do this. He moved over and watched as the Lord of the Golden Wood stretched beside him.

Celeborn raised an arm, signaling for Erestor to move even closer.

Lying face to face, Erestor complied and rested his cheek on Celeborn’s shoulder. “Thank you.” He needed to feel someone close, someone holding him and maybe, in his dreams, he could pretend it was Elrond holding him.

“You are welcome,” mumbled Celeborn, worried about Erestor’s fragile state. Completing the embrace, he hugged the dark-haired Elf close. “Sleep now.”

“Thank…you,” whispered Erestor, already falling asleep. Elrond had exhausted him.

Celeborn listened closely as Erestor’s breathing deepened and then evened out. He had to find a way to get Erestor away from Galadriel. She would never stop using him as she saw fit. /Maybe I can send Erestor to Imladris. Elrond is always eager to take in new healers./ At least in that way Erestor would be close to his mate.

Celeborn rubbed Erestor’s back, whilst his other hand rested on the sleeping Elf’s hip. A startling thought suddenly occurred to him. /What if he is with child again? What do I do, then?/ The more he thought about all possible scenarios, the more convinced he became that he had to get Erestor away from Galadriel. “I will find a way,” he vowed privately. If Erestor had truly conceived again, he would make sure there was no second miscarriage.

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