Author's Note: Uhm, yeah, this was supposed to be a PWP and I think it still might be... I dunno. I was just needing a break from my other fic since it's kind of intense so this is what I wrote.

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Greenleaf's Addiction

By Riley


Boromir cleared his throat and ran his fingers over his chin while tilting his head to the side. It was a simple gesture really, and not one member of the Company took notice to him, except, of course, the one he was signaling to.

Legolas nodded his head in approval and watched Boromir silently slip into the darkness amongst the trees. The Elf stood to his feet and smiled warmly at the Hobbits sitting by the fire, rambling about nonsense while eating their small provisions. His eyes glanced quickly at Gandalf, Aragorn, and Gimli, who were all inhaling the smoke from their pipes a short distance away from the Hobbits.

Legolas turned on his heel in pursuit of Boromir but ceased all movement when a voice rang out to him.

"Going somewhere?" The blond archer turned around to see Aragorn approaching him, his voice being a little muffled from the pipe dangling from his bottom lip, but the Man removed it upon reaching Legolas. "Shouldn't stray too far away, my friend."

"One does not have a choice when such foulness is within the air," the Elf replied while swatting the small puffs of smoke away from his face with his hand.

"You whine terribly, my good Legolas." The Man said with a smirk.

"Then you will find my departure pleasurable," Legolas said teasingly. "I hope to see you minus the pipe when I return."

Aragorn rolled his eyes and stifled a laugh. "You should try it, perhaps you would find it to your liking." The Ranger did not think an Elf's eyes could become so large, yet they did upon his words.

"I do *not* like smoke, Aragorn. You know that!" Legolas stated boldly.

The Man grinned and stepped so close to the Elf that their bodies brushed one another. Aragorn leaned in close to Legolas' pointed ear and grazed his lips against the sensitive flesh. "You have never inhaled the smoke from my lips, Legolas."

Legolas stiffened... was Aragorn coming on to him?

'Aye, he is!' Legolas mused as he felt the Man push against his groin, snding shivers up his spine.

Aragorn glanced over his shoulder to the other members of the Company to see if they were paying attention to what he and Legolas were doing, and to his relief, he saw none of them looking their way.

Legolas was caught off guard from the Ranger's actions that he failed to notice the Man's hand grabbing the back of his neck, pulling him close so their noses were touching. "Open up," Aragorn ordered gently.

Why Legolas complied he did not know, perhaps it was the way that Aragorn was rubbing against him that felt so good or maybe it was out of sheer curiosity as to what this Man tasted like. Whatever the reasoning, Legolas soon found himself coughing from the small amount of smoke drifting into his lungs. They were only small gasps of air more than actual coughs and Aragorn realized that rather quickly; he inhaled deeply from his pipe once more and gently grabbed Legolas' chin with his fingers, bringing the ethereal face towards his own. He then gave the Elf a small smirk and pressed his lips to the Prince's and parted the thin lips with a rough flick of his tongue. He then exhaled the smoke into Legolas' mouth.

Legolas felt a burning sensation arise within his throat but he also saw stars from Aragorn's kiss. He felt himself become light headed and wished to know if it was from the Man's kiss or the smoke sailing within his body. Either way, he knew he had other priorities at the moment and could not leave Boromir waiting for long.

He stepped back from the Ranger and stood proudly, adjusting his tunic and hair as only a Prince would. "That was... definitely something to ponder about."

"Definitely." The Man replied sharply, his eyes staring down the Elf.

"I must go, Aragorn."

"Must you?"

Legolas frowned at the pleading in Aragorn's voice. Since when did this Man care what he did or didn't do?

"I must, Aragorn... I trust you shall be rid of that pipe when I return?""Strider! You *must* join us!" Pippin exclaimed excitedly from across the fire. "Merry here has offered me a wager that I can outdo you with blowing smoke rings!"

"Is that so?" Aragorn asked with amusement, tearing his gaze away from the Elf. "I believe I shall have to prove him wrong then."

"Indeed!" Pippin said with excitement.

Legolas took the distraction as a good time to depart and was nearly into the darkness of the wood when he heard Aragorn call out to him once more. "Legolas?"

The Elf sighed and reluctantly turned around to see the Man wearing a concerned look upon his worn face. "Be... careful."

Legolas nodded his head and then watched Aragorn take a seat next to the Hobbits. He then turned his back on them and walked with great speed to meet up with Boromir.


Legolas' mind would not allow him to think of nothing but Aragorn's last words. The Man had said them with such feeling that it bothered the Elf... and that kiss? What was that all about? Since when did Aragorn take a liking to him? He had never noticed before and what of Lady Arwen? Wasn't she the one who held the Ranger's heart and desire?

Legolas was not paying attention to where he was walking or else he would have seen the hands that came out from the blackness, grabbing onto his waist and pulling him close. Legolas gasped but relaxed when he recognized the scent he was inhaling.


Boromir stole a sweet kiss from the Prince while embracing him tightly. "What took you so long?" He asked with concern. "And why do you taste like smoke?"

Legolas kissed the Man back quickly and grinned. "Aragorn needed to speak with me, I am sorry for my lateness." Another soft kiss to the Man's lips. "And 'tis nearly impossible not to smell of smoke with the company we are travelling with."

Boromir pulled away from the Elf and glared at him with dark eyes. "I did not say you smelled of smoke, Legolas. I said you *tasted* like smoke."

Legolas felt his cheeks become hot. How was he going to explain himself? Another thought that ocurred to him was that he didn't need to explain himself at all, he and Boromir did not have a stable relationship. They merely shared their bodies with one another and nothing else. It was, in fact, Boromir who wished it to be kept secretive.

"What does it matter?" Legolas said strongly. "I am here now, with you. Do you wish not to share yourself with me?"

Boromir ran a hand through his hair and sighed. "Was it Aragorn?"


"He's always looking at you. I know he wants you."

"Aragorn has promised himself to Lady Arwen. He desires me not."

"He desires you, Legolas, trust me, I know."

"How do you know?" Legolas asked curiously.

"Because he holds the same look in his eyes that I do." Boromir confessed. "And it drives me insane."

"Why? You have had me, Boromir, if anything, he should be jealous of you, if what you say is true that is." Legolas said in a matter-of-fact tone. "And I do not see why you are so bothered by him... you wish us to tell no one about our relationship as it is. Your feelings for me are not strong."

"Is that what you think?" Boromir spat. "That I don't care about you?"

"What else am I supposed to think?"

"I do not wish anyone thinking my mind lays elsewhere besides our journey, Legolas. Surely you know we would be ridiculed if anything was said."

"Aye, I understand that."

"But you don't understand me, do you?" Boromir said quietly, his eyes scanning the Elf with intensity. "Let me show you, Legolas, just how much I care..."

Legolas did not have time for a reply, Boromir could have passed for an Elf with his swift movements, for Legolas found himself gasping for air from being slammed up against a tree; Boromir's mouth attached to his neck as strong arms were wrapped around his slender frame, pinning him against the tree behind.

Legolas moaned from the Man sucking his neck and from the hand sliding up underneath his shirt. He felt skilled fingers squeeze his left nub and he jumped slightly from the pain. Everything was happening so fast that he didn't even know his tunic was lying on the ground until he felt the wind dancing across his bare chest.

Boromir slid his tongue from the Elf's navel up to a hard nipple. He licked it teasingly and felt his arousal harden from the moans Legolas gave him in response. He worked his way up to the Elf's collarbone and just suckled for as long as Legolas would allow him to. He knew he was harsh with his teeth but Legolas had gotten better at enduring the pain. Boromir simply loved the taste of this Elf and found it very hard to pull away, but he knew what each and every one of Legolas' moans sounded like and he knew a painful one quite well. He ceased his actions when he heard Legolas give him that unpleasurable moan and sunk to his knees, bringing forth Legolas' hard member within seconds.

Legolas groaned when the Man took his erection into his warm mouth. Boromir knew just where to place his tongue and how to move his head up and down without grazing his teeth against his flesh. The Elf grabbed a handful of the Man's hair when Boromir began to push his tongue within the slit of his penis. "Ai! Boromir...."

The Man ceased his suckling and pulled his head away from the Elf's strong grasp. "Yes, my Prince?"

Legolas closed his eyes and sighed heavily. "Do not stop... please..."

"As you wish," the Man replied with a grin before attacking Legolas' member once more. He covered the flesh with his full lips and swirled his tongue at a steady pace while bobbing his head gracefully.

Boromir was good at many things, this Legolas knew, but the Elf believed him to be superior in this activity and it was not long until he felt himself lose his battle with stamina as he came into the Man's mouth.

Boromir waited until Legolas relaxed before pulling away. He swallowed the Elf's juices with greed and placed his hand over Legolas' member to gather what hadn't shot into his mouth. He used his other hand to pull down his pants and he coated his solid erection with Legolas' seed.

He entered Legolas gracefully, giving the Elf time to adjust before thrusting hard. Legolas hit his head off the back of the tree from the harsh thrusts Boromir was bestowing upon him, but he did not feel any pain from it, he only felt the need for Boromir to push even harder. He rocked his hips against the Man's encouragingly and Boromir wasted no time in complying.

The Man set a fierce rhythm and knew Legolas' back would be bruised from the rough bark it was rubbing against while he was ramming into him, but Legolas was moaning loudly and had his hands cupped around his buttocks, pushing for the roughness.

His Elf liked it hard and Boromir could not have been happier, for he loved using all his strength to please Legolas.

The Man began to think about how many times he had been allowed entrance into this beautiful creature and he realized it had not been nearly enough to satisfy him. There was nothing about Legolas not to like. His body was one of a kind with beauty and the climaxes he felt within him were astounding.

Boromir pulled his head back and looked at Legolas' face to see what he was feeling. The Elf's eyes were closed but all his muscles were relaxed and he looked completely content; his lips parted as a soft moan escaped his lips.

Boromir smiled.

Legolas was making such wondrous sounds because of him.

*Him* and not Aragorn.

It was him that Legolas desired, wasn't it? Or was Legolas picturing someone else?

Boromir did not know where this jealousy was coming from, since when did he get so possessive over Legolas? No matter why, he found he could not control his jealousy...

"Open your eyes," Boromir said strongly. "Look at me, Legolas."

Legolas did as Boromir asked and gave a smile before a hard thrust was sent into him. His eyes went wide with surprise but he kept his gaze on the grey eyes before him.

Boromir returned the smile. Legolas was thinking of him. No mistake about it and it sent his heart into overdrive as he increased his thrusts and pushed harder.

His smile broadened when he heard Legolas cry out his name when his seed escaped him once more. The tight muscles that Boromir was exploring began to spasm and that, along with Legolas' cry, was enough to send him over the edge. He buried himself within the Elf and filled him with his own seed.

The Man stood there for the longest time, just breathing heavily while leaning against the Elf until Legolas spoke. "We need to return to camp ere someone comes looking."

"Let them find us," Boromir said exhausted.

Legolas gasped at the Man's words. "You wish us to be found like this?"

I wish you to know that I care for you more than you realize." The Man replied while placing a gentle kiss to the Elf's lips. "But you're right, I wish not for any one besides you to see my bare arse."

Legolas snickered. "Nay! Then I would have many competitors to deal with winning your affection."

Boromir laughed. "I'll see you back at camp," he said as he pulled up his pants and placed one last kiss to Legolas' forehead.

Legolas watched Boromir walk off while whistling a song he knew not. He sighed happily as he grabbed his tunic and placed it over his head. He winced suddenly from his back burning but paid little attention to it, the cause of the injury was well worth it. He sat on the ground waiting a while before he returned to the Company, listening to the trees and leaves as his heart beated in rhythm to the Man who had just parted.


Legolas could not help but smile when he returned to camp; the Hobbits were all huddled together asleep and Gimli was off to the side grasping his axe while he too slept. Gandalf was still sitting in the same spot when Legolas had left and was still smoking his pipe.

Legolas walked over to where his bedroll was and spotted Boromir on the other side, fast asleep. He longed to lay next to the Man and wrap his arms around him but thought it best not to. He laid down on his back and looked up at the stars with bright eyes.

He wondered if what he felt for Boromir was more than just lust and if the Man truly did care for him as he said. Legolas soon realized sleep would not come to him if he kept his mind on Boromir so he cleared his head of any thoughts and just relaxed the best he could.

But something was bothering him greatly... he yearned for something he could not describe.

It was an addiction of some sort but to what he could not fathom.

A desire rose within his chest and he sat up and rubbed his chin with his hand while glancing to his left where his eyes met with someone else's.

Ah yes, Legolas thought, he craved for a smoke.

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