Glorfindel's Darkest Hour

Chapter 25 - Claimed

By Morgana


"No!" Trying hard to fight down his panic, Haldir pushed the dead Uruk-Hai out of his way so he could kneel beside Elrond. Gently, he gathered the half-Elf in his arms. He breathed a sigh of relief, realizing his loverís chest was rising. Elrond was still alive. Looking about, he saw that the guards were taking down the last of Sarumanís creatures. They had won.

Erestorís gaze met Elrohirís. The younger half-Elf was fighting alongside his brother and had seen Elrond go down. Elladan however, didnít know yet what had happened. Erestor, seeing the last Uruk-Hai go down, quickly turned to Glorfindel. The blondís eyes were fastened on Elrond and Glorfindel seemed thoroughly shaken. He quickly wrapped an arm around his lover, forcing him to focus. "Melamin, check on Erion and make sure all women and children are reassured." He wanted to join his lover when checking on their son, but he was still needed here.

Glorfindel nodded once and drew in a deep breath. His gaze settled on his nemesis, who had fallen under his onslaught. This was one demon he could finally put to rest. Walking away from Erestor, he stepped into the house, heading for the inner chambers where he would find Lindir and Erion.

Elladan, who turned around, froze in his tracks, seeing Haldir hold his fatherís fallen form. "Elbereth, nayÖ" Elrohirís hand settled on his shoulder and he found comfort in his brotherís touch. "Please tell me he is still alive."

"I can tell he is breathing," said Erestor, who had joined the twins. "Haldir and I will take care of him. Would you make sure the Uruk-Haiís corpses are gathered and burned?"

Elladan desperately wanted to trade places with Haldir, and be the one holding Elrond. But at the same time he realized that Haldir and Erestor were the ones best suited to take of his father. Nodding once, he drew in a deep breath. "We will make sure the corpses are disposed of."

Erestor now hurried to Haldirís side. Hazel eyes, obviously scared, met his. "Let me examine him." His gifts as a healer didnít compare to Elrondís, but he felt confident he could help.

Reluctantly Haldir allowed Erestor to gather Elrond in his arms.

"Elrond? Meldir? Can you hear me?" Erestor thoroughly examined the wound, and although the half-Elf was losing blood rapidly, he didnít think the injury was mortal.

After blinking his eyes once, Elrond managed to focus on his old friend. "IÖ hearÖ youÖ"

"I will take you to the Healing House, mellon-nÓn." Erestor lifted Elrond carefully in his arms and gave Haldir a reassuring smile. "Do not worry too much, Haldir. Elrond has survived worse injuries."

Haldir sighed relieved and quickly followed Erestor to the Healing House.


Glorfindel ran down the corridors, eager to be reunited with his son. Slaying his nemesis had freed him of a burden he hadnít known he carried. He had never delighted in killing someone before, but taking this Uruk-Haiís life had filled him with a bittersweet feeling of satisfaction.

Catching sight of Lindir, who was reassuring the women and children, he quickly informed them that the attack was over.

Lindir, relieved to see Glorfindel unharmed, tenderly placed Erion in the blondís arms. "He is a brave baby. He did not cry once."

Glorfindel smiled and cradled Erion close to his chest. Erionís blue eyes sparkled with delight and Glorfindel pressed a loving kiss on his sonís brow. "We are safe, Erion." Saruman now knew that his plan had failed and hopefully the Istar wouldnít bother with him again.


Erestor placed the half-Elf on the bed and then stepped back, letting the healers take over. After exchanging a glance with his old comrade in arms, Erestor folded an arm around Haldir and led the shocked Galadhrim to the waiting area. "Elrond will be fine. He trained the healers himself and they will take good care of him. Do net fret. Elrond is strong."

Haldir suddenly remembered something. "But he is half-Elven. Doesnít that mean he is weaker, compared to us?"

Erestor sat Haldir down and removed the sword from the silver-haired Elfís hand. Haldir was still tightly clutching it. "I would never dare to call Elrond weak," he said teasingly.

Realizing he was still holding onto his sword, Haldir relaxed his fingers and let Erestor place it aside. "Are you sure the wound is not mortal?"

"Aye, I am sure." Erestor gathered one of Haldirís hands in his and rubbed the knuckles. "Elrond will recover. It is only a matter of time before the healers will let you visit with him. But they need to tend to him first."

"I need to see him, talk to him. This sweet madness has never possessed me before and my heart aches with the need to be close to him." Haldir pleadingly looked at Erestor. "Do you understand?"

"I do," said Erestor reassuringly. "I feel the same way about Glorfindel and Erion."

Haldir forced himself to relax. Elrond was in the best of hands. Erestor was right; it wouldnít be long before he could visit with Elrond. He clung to Erestorís words when the dark-haired Elf once more reassured him that Elrondís wound wasnít mortal. /I cannot lose him! I love him!/


"How badly injured is Ada, do you think?" Elladan found it impossible to concentrate on his task of disposing of their attackers. "Do you think Erestor did not want us near because Ada is seriously injured? What ifÖ?"

In an effort to reassure his twin, Elrohir rested a hand on his brotherís shoulder. He waited for Elladan to make eye contact with him and then said, "Ada was breathing and conscious. We wonít lose him." Between the two of them, Elladan had taken losing CelebrŪan the worst. And no matter how much he tried to comfort his twin, Elladan still hurt inside.

"We can take care of this," said one of the guards, who had seen the worried expressions on the twinsí faces. "You should be with your father."

Elladan shot the guard a thankful look and then dragged Elrohir toward the Healing House.


Erestor rose from the chair when the twins entered. Seeing their worried expressions, he tried to soothe them. "The healers are attending to Elrondís wounds."

Elladan took up pacing the waiting room whilst Elrohir seated himself next to Haldir. The silver-haired Elf was biting his bottom lip and a frightened expression shone from the hazel eyes. Elrohir felt like he should comfort Haldir and smiled reassuringly. "Ada will be fine."

At exactly that moment a healer entered the room, informing them that Elrond was conscious and willing to receive visitors. The twins and Haldir immediately hurried into the next room, eager to be reunited with Elrond.

Erestor however, turned away and left the waiting area. He needed to see Glorfindel and Erion.


Elrond should have known chaos would erupt within the sick room when his sons and lover stormed inside. He had hoped they would take turns visiting him, but all three of them now huddled near his bed.

Haldir possessively claimed one of his hands, rubbing the skin. It was obvious that his lover needed the physical contact and he allowed it, pleased that their love ran this deep.

Next was Elladan, who flung himself at his father. Elrond tensed momentarily and Elladan immediately pulled back, realizing his father was hurting. "How do you fare, Ada?"

Elrohir had managed to stay into the background. Seeing Elrond awake and coherent was enough to reassure him.

"Elladan, I cannot deny I am hurting, but I hope to be on my feet again in a few days. For now, the healers have confined me to bed."

"And you *will* stay in your bed until they give you permission to rise," said Haldir firmly. "You made sure that I rested when I was injured and now I will do the same thing for you."

Elladan caught the tension between Haldir and his father and stepped away from the bed. Elrondís wound was clearly not life-threatening and he could safely leave his father in Haldirís capable hands. "You scared me, Ada."

Elrond smiled apologetically. "He surprised me. I did not realize someone was behind me. I should train more regularly. I do not want to be taken out again."

"I will help you get back in shape," promised Haldir, who now carefully sat down on the side of the bed.

Elladan gave in when Elrohir began to pull him toward the doorway. He realized Haldir and his father wanted a moment alone, but he didnít want to leave Elrond yet.

"Come with me, brother. Ada does not need us. We should help our injured comrades instead." Several guards had been injured, and as Elrond had trained his sons in the art of healing, they should offer their help and look after the wounded.

Elladan nodded once. His father was in the best of hands with Haldir. Looking up, he suddenly realized that Erestor had left. /Probably to check on his son./ Elrohir pulled him along and they joined forces with the healers, tending to their wounded.


Erestor opened his arms and caught Glorfindel in them. Erion, now cradled between them, cooed happily at having his parents close again. "Everything is well. Elrondís wound is not life-threatening and we successfully dealt with Saruman."

Glorfindel nodded. "Now that Saruman knows his plan failed he will hopefully leave us alone."

Keeping one arm folded around his lover, Erestor guided him and their son back to their rooms, where they cuddled up on the bed and started playing with Erion. /I thank the Valar no one was killed or seriously hurt. I would not have survived losing Glorfindel and Erion./

Similar thoughts were racing through Glorfindelís head. "I am so glad we dealt with this threat successfully."

"And you killedÖ *him*."

Glorfindel swallowed hard and met Erestorís eyes. "It was he, whoÖ"

"Who hurt you," finished Erestor for his lover. "How do you feel now?"

"BetterÖ relieved, knowing he cannot hurt me any longer."

"You fought well," said Erestor, complimenting his lover. Glorfindel could have easily frozen in the heat of the fight, but the blond had stood his ground.

Glorfindel smiled radiantly at Erestor. "I feel whole again." Kissing Erestor on the lips, he held his lover and son close.


Haldir still wasnít used to seeing Elrond sleep with his eyes closed, and he regularly checked on his lover to make sure the half-Elf was still alive. He couldnít help worrying; his thoughts were still racing, making him relive the moment he saw Elrond go down, over and over again.

"Do not brood," said Elrond, who had just woken from his healing sleep. The healers had laid him on his stomach so they could easily tend to his wound and he had to cock his head uncomfortably in order to look at Haldir.

Haldir shook himself from his dark musings and moved closer to Elrond. Kneeling, he deeply looked into Elrondís eyes, which, he noted thankfully, were free of any pain. "My heart stopped beating when you went down. For one terrible moment I thought I had lost you. Until then I did not realize just *how* much I love you, but I know now."

Elrond managed to smile weakly, wishing he could sit upright and wrap his arms around the silver-haired Elf. "The healers already told you that I will be on my feet in a few days, so why are you still this worried?"

"I could have lost you, Elrond," said Haldir in a serious tone. "The thought of losing you is unbearable. I am afraid I would have followed you to the Great Halls of Waiting as my heart would have been consumed with grief."

Those words took Elrond aback. "NÓn naur, I am alive and I will make a full recovery. Stop worrying about losing me. I am here to stay."

Haldir sighed relieved. "For the next few days you will want for nothing. I will read your every wish from your eyes."

Elrond grinned wickedly, momentarily forgetting the ache that throbbed through his back. "And what is my wish now?"

Haldir laughed. "You are too easy to read, Elrond."

"I want a kissÖ" Elrond tried to roll onto his side, but a wave of pain stopped him. Immediately, he felt Haldirís hands on him, holding him in place.

"Stay." Haldirís face inched closer to Elrondís. The silver-haired Elf managed to capture Elrondís lips and bestowed a tender kiss on them. "Do not move and do not try to rise from the bed. Rest."

The determined expression in the hazel eyes told Elrond that his lover was serious. "I promise to rest."

"Good," said Haldir smugly. "And now you will go back to sleep." The healing sleep would aid Elrondís recovery.

Elrond reluctantly agreed; Haldir was right. But first he needed to ask some questions. "How does Glorfindel fare? And Erion? Did we suffer any casualties?" He had seen his sons, so he knew they hadnít been injured.

"Glorfindel killed many of the beasts. And after the end of the fight he rushed inside to be reunited with his son. They are both well."

"Any casualties?"

"Several sentries were killed when the Uruk-Hai washed over the land and during the fight some more guards were injured."† Haldir raised a hand and stroked the tangled, long dark hair. "Let me worry about the guards. You should rest."

Reassured that all was relatively well, Elrond allowed himself to relax and he slowly began to fall asleep again. The soothing caresses to his hair continued and he smiled, happy that he had found true love with Haldir.


"Thank you for looking after Erion tonight." Glorfindel appreciated Elrohirís offer to baby-sit Erion. Erestor and he had planned a romantic encounter and knowing Erion was safe with the younger half-Elf would help them relax and enjoy this night.

"You are welcome, meldir. It is a pleasure to look after Erion," said Elrohir, smiling. Erionís expression was a little doubtful, but Elrohir was confident the baby would feel comfortable with him eventually. Arwen had loved to play with him when she had been little. "Do not worry about Erion, Glorfindel. Go, be with Erestor."

Glorfindel blushed weakly, realizing Elrohir knew only too well why he wanted to be alone with his lover. ĎThank you," he whispered again and then turned around, leaving the corridor Elrohirís rooms were in. Tonight, he would finally claim Erestor.


Erestor stared at the star-lit sky, recalling Glorfindelís worried reaction when he had beseeched the blond to make love under the stars. It had taken him some time to reassure Glorfindel; the Elda had been worried that making love in the open, beneath the moon and stars, would remind Erestor of losing Gil-galad. But that wouldnít happen.

"I am still not sure why you want to do this here," said Glorfindel puzzled. He carried a blanket with him and a glass vial filled with oil.

Erestor came to a standstill and signaled for Glorfindel to spread the blanket over the grass. "I am a free spirit, melamin. You may not know this, but there have been nights I sneaked out of the Last Homely House to spend my nights under the star speckled heavens."

They both pried off their shoes and Glorfindel sat down on the blanket, pulling Erestor down with him. They settled comfortably, resting in each otherís arms. The night was long and they had all the time they needed. Nothing would be rushed tonight.

"I miss Erion," admitted Erestor softly. "He has become part of my life so quickly. I never thought I would have children one day."

"Neither did I," confessed Glorfindel, "But I thank the Valar for granting us Erion. We will find great joy in seeing him grow up."

Erestor nodded against Glorfindelís chest. The urge to feel Glorfindelís skin on his overwhelmed him and he brought up his arms behind the blondís back, effortlessly rolling his lover atop of him. "When will you finally claim me? I crave your touch, melamin."

Glorfindel smiled dotingly. "Soon, nÓn bellas." Slowly, he began to unbutton his loverís shirt, and then slid it down the shoulders, revealing his loverís upper torso. "I remember being surprised at seeing your well-trained body. I never knew you were hiding such a lean form beneath your robes."

Erestor swallowed hard as the tips of his loverís fingers ghosted over his skin. Glorfindelís fingernails teased his nipples into hardness and his leggings suddenly were too tight, as his arousal strained against the fabric. He fought for control, allowing Glorfindel to be in charge.

Glorfindel saw the strain and tension in his loverís dark eyes. With practiced moves, he removed his own shirt and lowered himself until their chests touched. Rubbing his nipples against his loverís, they moaned in unison and shared pleasure.

"I am afraid I wonít last long, melamin." Erestorís breath came in short gasps, as he lovingly ran his fingertips down Glorfindelís back.

"I remember how careful you were when you prepared me," whispered Glorfindel, undoing the lacing of Erestorís leggings. "There was no oil and youÖ"

"I promised not to hurt you," panted Erestor softly. Unexpectedly, Glorfindel pushed down the fabric, sliding the leggings down his long legs until the blond flung them aside. His erection stood proud, arching slightly and already leaking pre-ejaculate.

Glorfindel loved feeling Erestor squirm beneath him. After removing his own leggings, he pushed a knee between his loverís legs, which eagerly parted for him. Settling down between the muscular thighs, his fingertips explored his loverís body. Erestorís was rubbing his lower body against him, eager to find release and the sensation made him smile as another memory returned to him. "You came the moment you had buried yourself in me."

Erestor stared into Glorfindelís eyes, feeling entranced by the blondís closeness. "I had wanted to make love to you for so long and when it finally happened I was unable to keep back."

Glorfindel had opened the vial and poured some oil into his hand. He liked the way Erestorís eyes widened when he stroked himself, spreading the oil over his hard flesh. "I hope I will last longer. My body is also tense." "I want to be inside you, melamin," he said as he rubbed some oil in between Erestorís cheeks.

"Then take me." Erestor lifted his head and claimed Glorfindelís lips whilst his hands guided his loverís erection into his warm and welcoming body.

Glorfindel sighed deeply, sheathing himself in one fluent thrust. "MelaminÖ" Now that he was inside the tight passage, he felt like coming, but he forced himself to remain motionless. Blanketing Erestorís body with his, he wrapped his arms around the dark-haired Elf.

Erestor wasnít sure what to make of Glorfindelís actions, but after a moment he felt it as well. The connection, which had been formed by the Valar, sparkled with energy and love. Wrapping his long legs around the blondís waist, he rocked slowly, encouraging Glorfindel to thrust.

"I love you so much." Glorfindel pressed a tender kiss on Erestorís brow before accepting the challenge and setting a slow rhythm. Kissing, their tongues chased each other lazily. Their love intensified their pleasure and slowly he picked up speed.

Erestor arched his back and met each of Glorfindelís thrusts. Moaning, he surrendered to his loverís passion and awarded the invading tongue victory.

With firm and determined strokes, Glorfindel made sure he constantly hit that hidden gland inside Erestorís passage. "Come for me, melamin. Show me how much you love me."

Those words pushed Erestor over the edge. He bit his bottom lip until a droplet of blood appeared -- which Glorfindel kissed away -- and then released a contented moan.

Erestorís twitching inner muscles helped Glorfindel reach orgasm, finding release deep inside his loverís body. Holding Erestor tightly, he claimed his loverís lips in a lazy kiss.

Satiated and spent, they stared into each otherís eyes. The air around them sizzled with energy and for one brief moment they saw the golden cord

-- their connection -- that bound them together. It faded the moment ecstasy left their bodies.

"Please do not pull out yet," whispered Erestor, "I like feeling you inside me."

Glorfindel obliged and pressed closer to Erestorís quivering body. "I am never letting you go again."

Erestor smiled, hearing the possessive tone to Glorfindelís voice. "I have always been yours."

Glorfindel lifted his head and nodded once. "Yes, you are mine." He rested his head on Erestorís chest and deeply inhaled his loverís scent. "And I am yours."

In his darkest hour, Erestor had been his guiding light. It was the dark-haired Elfís love that had seen him through and for that he would love Erestor forever.

The End

May 2003

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