Glorfindel's Darkest Hour

Chapter 23 - Taking Care Of...

By Morgana


Erestor found that he was unable to leave Glorfindel’s side during the next few hours. Even whilst his lover was asleep, he continued to fuss over him; tucking the sheet around him, tenderly stroking the still damp hair and regularly checking on the wound, which was covered by bandages, filled with healing herbs. Elrond had told him that a faint scar would remain on Glorfindel’s abdomen, an eternal reminder of having carried their son.

Erion was asleep in the crib and a contented sigh escaped Erestor. The Valar had truly blessed them. He had thought Mandos harsh and unjust in his actions, but now he realized the wisdom in them.

He sat down on the edge of the bed, hoping Glorfindel would wake up. The blond needed to eat and drink in order to keep up his strength. And he had the feeling Erion would be a handful once he woke up. /If he takes after us, we will be constantly busy./

The movement of Erestor sitting down woke Glorfindel, who stretched and released a lazy yawn. He was delighted to find Erestor at his side and reached for his lover’s hand, clasping his fingers around the limb. "How does Erion fare?"

"He is sound asleep." Erestor stared at the blond. Although he had believed it impossible, his feelings for Glorfindel had deepened even more. Reaching for the glass of fresh spring water, he handed it to his lover, who sipped thankfully. "And how do *you* fare, melamin?"

Glorfindel gave Erestor a stunning smile. "I have never before felt better. An enormous burden has been lifted from my shoulders, knowing my son is fully Elven. I was so afraid he would be part Uruk-Hai."

At hearing Glorfindel’s words, Erestor leaned in closer and placed a kiss on his lover’s brow. Staring deeply into the azure eyes, he said, "When we were in the Great Halls, I wondered why Mandos demanded I made love to you. I was scared to touch you because you still remembered what had been done to you—"

Glorfindel raised a hand and placed one finger across Erestor’s lips. "I remember what happened in the Halls of Waiting. I also remember how carefully you made love to me. I remember everything you said to me."

Erestor swallowed hard. "Melamin, I could not live without you. What I did was utterly selfish, but I am glad I reclaimed you."

Glorfindel nodded, smiling. "Mandos wanted us to make love so I could conceive Erion. He must have worked around Saruman’s magic somehow. I still conceived but Mandos ensured *you* fathered my son."

"I wanted to tell you what had happened in the Halls, but Mandos had forbidden me to ever mention it to you. I am surprised the Valar allow you to remember now." Erestor desperately wanted to enfold his lover in his arms and kiss him breathless, but Glorfindel had admitted that he still felt somewhat sore; his abdominal region felt tender. He didn’t want to add to his lover’s discomfort by accidentally applying pressure during an embrace.

Glorfindel cocked his head, looking at his son. "I never thought he would be this beautiful."

Erestor chuckled softly. "I am glad he has your eyes." Leaning in closer, he finally claimed his lover’s lips in a passionate kiss.

Elrond, who just now entered the room, cleared his throat, announcing his arrival. But the kiss continued and his friends only stopped when they felt comfortable with it. There was no haste, shame or discomfort in their touch and Elrond greatly approved of that. His friends had finally found the happiness they deserved. "I regret disturbing you, but you have visitors."

Glorfindel raised an eyebrow. "Who are they?"

"Elladan and Elrohir would like to congratulate you." Elrond took a few steps closer to the bed. "They are happy for you."

Glorfindel nodded his head. "Let them enter." He was tired, but confident he could stay awake during their visit.

Elrond opened the door and signaled for his sons to enter. Elladan and Elrohir slowly shuffled inside. Although Elladan had seen the baby before, he was eager to see Erion again.

Elrohir, who was about to get his first look at the baby, shuffled his feet nervously. Elladan had told him that the baby was fully Elven and that his features already resembled Erestor’s, but he wanted to see for himself.

Erestor regretted having to let go of Glorfindel’s hand, but he needed to leave the bed in order to pick up the baby. With his son safely cradled against his chest, he placed Erion in his lover’s arms.

Glorfindel smiled blissfully and signaled for the twins to approach. He then pushed down the blanket Erion was wrapped in, revealing his son’s features.

Taken aback, Elrohir sank down onto a chair close to the bed and stared at the infant in wonder. "Elladan, you were right. He does resemble Erestor, but his eyes…" The azure eyes were distinctly Glorfindel’s. "He is beautiful." Looking at his former tutors, he easily caught their happy gazes. He rested a hand on Glorfindel’s arm and was pleased when the blond easily accepted the touch. Glorfindel no longer flinched. "May I?" He wanted to hold the baby for a moment.

Glorfindel hadn’t believed it possible, but he felt reluctant to let go of his son, even for the briefest moment. After angsting about his son being part Uruk-Hai he felt incredibly relieved that his child was fully Elven. But in the end he shook himself and placed Erion in Elrohir’s arms.

Erion, now fully awake, looked at Elrohir curiously. A moment ago he had been asleep and then he had woken in his father’s arms. But now a strange Elf was holding him and he didn’t like that. Testing his lungs, Erion shrieked, wanting his father back.

Erestor reacted at once and gathered Erion in his arms. "Aiya, little one, you are safe with me. Do not cry." Rocking his son, he shot Glorfindel a pleading look.

Erion did calm down, but his blue eyes searched the room. Encountering a golden form, he raised his tiny arms, trying to get closer to it.

A wicked smile appeared on Erestor’s face. "He wants *you*." Placing Erion in Glorfindel’s arms, he hoped the Elda’s presence would soothe the wailing baby.

Glorfindel cradled his son to his chest. It was the strangest feeling when Erion suddenly went quiet in his arms. A smile erupted on Glorfindel’s face. "He likes me."

"He loves you," said Erestor, correcting his lover. He shot Elrohir an apologetic look. "We are new at this, pen-neth. I might have helped to raise Arwen, your brother and you, but this is different."

Elrohir nodded his understanding. "Erion definitely inherited Glorfindel’s charms and your looks, Erestor. I am glad this turned out so well."

Elladan nodded as well, locking gazes with Glorfindel. "We will help any way we can, meldir."

After that, Glorfindel only had eyes for his son, whose tiny fingers had buried themselves in his shirt. Frowning, he looked at Elrond, realizing something very important. "I cannot feed him."

"I already thought of that," said Elrond in a gentle tone, revealing the bottle filled with milk he was carrying. He walked over to the bed and sat down in the chair when Elrohir vacated his space. Elrond showed Glorfindel how to hold the baby when feeding him.

Placing the bottle against his son’s lips, Glorfindel’s eyes widened, realizing how hungry Erion was. The baby was drinking furiously and had emptied the bottle within minutes.

Elrond laughed, amused. "I am confident Erion will be a strong warrior one day." The baby’s appetite was a good sign. "Now make sure he burps."

Glorfindel’s eyes widened, but he did as he was told. Erion released a soft burp and then cooed, pleased. A few moments later, the blue eyes began to grow vacant.

"Erestor? Erion needs to rest." Glorfindel placed Erion in his lover’s arms and watched Erestor’s every move when the dark-haired Elf placed their son back in his crib. During his pregnancy he had been afraid and worried, but now that his son had been born, he felt proud and extremely protective.

A yawn sneaked up on him and Glorfindel pressed deeper into the comfort of the mattress.

"It looks like Erion is not the only one who needs to rest," said Erestor teasingly.

Elrond and the twins exchanged a look, realizing it was time to leave and give the couple some privacy. "I will check on you later," said Elrond, signaling for his sons to follow him.

Erestor’s gaze met Elrond’s. "Thank you for everything."

"You are welcome." Elrond shooed his sons into the corridor and after agreeing they would meet again for dinner, he headed to his quarters, where hopefully Haldir would be waiting for him.


Haldir sighed distressed, putting down the letter he had been reading. Tears simmered in his eyes and whilst staring at the writing he felt strangely vulnerable. He was so engrossed in his own thoughts that he didn’t hear Elrond enter and approach.

Noticing his lover’s dark mood, Elrond came to a stand still behind him. Possessively, he wrapped his arms around Haldir’s shoulders, resting his chin on the silver-haired Elf’s shoulder. "What ails you?"

Haldir startled momentarily, hearing Elrond’s voice that unexpectedly, but he relaxed as his lover stroked his long hair. "I received a letter from my brothers."

Trying hard to be patient, Elrond moved toward the desk and sat down on it. He studied his lover closely and realized something had truly upset the march warden. "What is it?"

"The news of my speedy recovery has reached the Golden Wood and my brothers want to know when I will return." He lifted saddened eyes and met Elrond’s gaze. "I do not want to leave Imladris. I promised you I would stay and I keep my promises."

"But…?" Elrond realized where this was going and he didn’t like it.

"I miss my brothers. I am the oldest and I… I want them close. But at the same time I do not want to leave you either."

"And your letter is still on its way to Celeborn, so they do not know yet that you requested to stay as my seneschal."

Haldir nodded. "I wonder how they will react when learning that fact."

Elrond frowned momentarily. There had to be a solution to their problem. "Why don’t you invite your brothers to stay in Imladris? That way they can convince themselves that you have made a complete recovery and you can spend time with them."

Haldir smiled brilliantly, hearing that suggestion. "That might work!"

/And who knows,/ Elrond thought, /maybe they will like it here so much that they will want to spend their spare time here. That way you can see them regularly… and there will be the odd trip to Lothlórien we can undertake./ He was willing to go to great lengths to keep the silver-haired Elf happy.

"I will write them a letter as well, inviting them to come and stay in Imladris." Seated at Elrond’s desk, he grabbed paper and quill and began to write furiously.

Elrond let him be, enjoying having Haldir in his rooms. "I will be taking a bath, nîn-naur. Take your time writing your letters."

Haldir didn’t look up and merely nodded his head.

Bemused, Elrond gathered several towels before heading into the bathroom. He felt tired and was looking forward to a long soak. Delivering Erion had been taxing and he had used some of his healing powers on Glorfindel to stimulate the Elf’s recovery. He was already looking forward to going to bed, eager to get some much needed sleep. And Haldir didn’t seem in the mood to make love either, which suited him best tonight. His lover was too preoccupied sorting out his private life.

Quickly he undressed and then slipped into the pool of warm, welcoming water.


Haldir returned to Elrond’s rooms after entrusting his letters to a messenger. Closing the door behind him, he found Elrond seated on the bed, staring blindly at the wall. Haldir frowned; why hadn’t he noticed before how drained the half-Elf looked? He had been so consumed by his own problems that he had forgotten about Glorfindel and the birth of the Elda’s child.

"How do Glorfindel and his son fare?" Haldir knelt in front of Elrond and brushed wet hair behind slightly pointed ears. Elrond hadn’t bothered to dress, but had slung a large towel around his frame. Occasionally a wave of shivers coursed through the ruler of Imladris. Haldir had already realized that Elrond was susceptible to cold and he wondered what else he would discover about his lover. "I trust the delivery went well?"

Elrond nodded once. "They are both well and resting. But delivering the baby was not easy."

Haldir changed his position and sat down on the bed next to Elrond. "Tell me about it." At the same time, he wrapped an arm around his lover, sharing his warmth.

"A male’s body is not suited to carry a child and at one point Glorfindel was bleeding profusely."

"What did you do?"

"The only thing I could. I used my healing powers to close the wound." Elrond sagged tiredly against Haldir, resting his body against his lover. "Using them drains me."

"Come, lie down and rest." Haldir felt somewhat guilty for not having noticed before how tired Elrond was and he now eased his lover down onto the bed. Instinctively he began to knead the tense muscles beneath his fingers.

"Ah, that feels good." Elrond released a pleased groan.

"Turn around." Haldir first removed the towel and then helped Elrond to lie down on his stomach. He reached for the oil on the nightstand, poured some into his hands and warmed the substance by rubbing it between his palms.

Elrond looked over his shoulder at Haldir. "What are you doing?" He wasn’t sure what to make of Haldir’s moves. Although making love had proven to be ecstatic, he was too tired to do so now.

Haldir wiggled an eyebrow. "You are much too tense. Let me help you relax."

Elrond surrendered, realizing very well that once Haldir’s mind was set he could do little to change it. Suddenly warm, slick hands settled at the back of his neck, massaging the tense muscles and soon he was moaning softly. Haldir’s hands worked their magic on his sore spots and he began to relax.

Feeling the half-Elf’s tense muscles loosen under his touch, Haldir’s hands slid lower, now working on the small of his lover’s back. "You are lovely, lirimaer."

Elrond grinned into the pillows, but didn’t respond. A soothing laziness coursed through his body and all he wanted was to lie here and enjoy the massage Haldir was giving him. His breath caught when a hand began to knead his buttocks, first one and then the other. His reaction was immediate; he grew hard, which surprised him as he had been too tired to make love tonight.

Sensing Elrond’s response to his massage, Haldir grinned wickedly. Adding more oil, he worked on the long legs, paying special attention to his lover’s calves and feet. His hands now returned to his lover’s lower back, while he contemplated his next move. Leaning in closer, he whispered into Elrond’s ear, "Are you hard?"

"Aye…" Elrond quivered as one slick finger slid down his cleft. "Melme, I am not sure I have enough energy left to make love to you… I am tired to the bones."

"Then let me do the work. Simply lie there and let me attend to your needs."

The offer sounded too good to dismiss and Elrond groaned his approval. Tremors shook his body as his lover’s finger easily slid inside. He parted his legs a little further to give Haldir better access.

The silver-haired Elf knelt between his lover’s legs. Quickly, he located his lover’s sweet spot and he rubbed it lightly, drawing mews of want from the half-Elf. Bowing forward, he placed kisses on Elrond’s back and then suckled the flesh he encountered.

Elrond now squirmed beneath him, trying to rub himself to orgasm. Haldir, still fully clothed, lay down next to his lover and rolled Elrond onto his side, facing away from him. Spooning behind the half-Elf, he added another finger, insistently rubbing the hidden gland. His other hand stroked up and down the long back.

Reaching past the half-Elf, Haldir wrapped his fingers around Elrond’s leaking member and stroked lazily, taking his time. Adding another finger, he now moved three of them inside his lover’s body. "Ah, you like this, don’t you, Elrond? You like feeling me inside you. I am surprised I am the first to do this to you. Your body reacts to my every touch. Can you feel me within you? Can you feel me moving inside you?" Wriggling his fingers inside his lover’s body earned him a pleading wail.

"Hal…dir… I… oh… Ai… now… pl…please…" He was too close, so very close!

But Haldir grinned mischievously and then squeezed hard at the base, keeping his lover from coming.

"No!" Elrond wailed miserably at being denied and tried to look over his shoulder, but then Haldir resumed stroking him inside. He thrust back automatically and wished Haldir would resume pumping him as well. "Please, melme… Let me come…"

Haldir inched closer to his lover and caught the tip of Elrond’s ear between his teeth, nibbling teasingly. "Do you want to come that badly?"

"Aye… I… need to… ah… come…" Haldir had stopped moving inside him and Elrond was now thrusting back in tune with the strokes Haldir bestowed on his hard flesh; taking himself.

Haldir licked down the curve of Elrond’s ear and then settled for suckling his lover’s earlobe. Seeing Elrond move like that took his breath away. "You are amazing, melme. Take yourself harder."

Elrond responded by pushing back hard. Haldir’s fingers now rested against his sweet spot and the sensation was maddening. One more stroke to his shaft made him come.

"Aye, that is it, lirimaer. Come for me." Haldir pressed a possessive kiss at the back of Elrond’s neck, trying to make his lover’s orgasm last. When the contractions ceased around his fingers, he slowly pulled out. He pushed himself up onto all fours and crawled over the bed until he was in front of the half-Elf. Elrond looked utterly sated, his blue-grey eyes already closing with fatigue. "My words aroused you even more. My, I do think you like it when I say things like that."

"I do," whispered Elrond tiredly. He wanted to go to sleep now that he felt this satiated, but he couldn’t be that selfish. "You still need to come."

Haldir’s grin returned. Within seconds, he had removed his tunic and leggings. Naked, he slipped into Elrond’s open arms. Lying face to face, he pressed a kiss on his lover’s lips. "Do not worry about that."

"But…" Elrond’s breath caught; Haldir had curled his fingers around his still hard member and was stroking slowly. "Oh…" Unable to say anything else, he stared at his lover, who was bringing himself to orgasm.

It didn’t take Haldir long to find release. He had been holding back whilst making Elrond come and now his body demanded release as well. Warm cream dripped from his fingers, making him grin impishly.

Swallowing hard, Elrond reached out and pulled Haldir close. Seeing his lover bring himself to orgasm had been an extremely erotic sight. "You must do that again for me… later," he clarified. "I am too exhausted to fully appreciate your stunning beauty."

Haldir grabbed his tunic and cleaned them up. He now had his fair share of clothes and they hung next to Elrond’s robes in the closet. "My, you are a voyeur, lirimear."

Elrond chuckled softly, fighting the sleep that was slowly sneaking up on him. "I wonder what you will do to me next, Haldir of ‘Lórien. You will wear me down. I am only an old half-Elf, you know."

"We must work on your stamina then," decreed Haldir. "I can think of ways to make it last longer…"

Elrond buried his face against Haldir’s chest, craving his lover’s closeness.

Sensing Elrond’s needs, Haldir pulled the half-Elf close and buried him in a tight hug. His lover’s steady breathing told him that Elrond had fallen asleep. "You are a treasure, lirimaer."

Haldir remained awake for many hours, concentrating on the feel of Elrond in his arms. The half-Elf fitted perfectly against him. And in the end, sleep claimed him as well.

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