Glorfindel's Darkest Hour

Chapter 21 - Your Time Has Come

By Morgana



Elrond looked up from hanging herbs at the ceiling, where they would dry so he could use them for his healing potions later. In the doorway stood Glorfindel and Erestor. The dark-haired Elfís arm was slung tightly around the pregnant Elf and Glorfindel appeared to be leaning into the embrace. Smiling brightly, Elrond signaled for them to enter. "You seem happy."

Erestor beamed with love. "We are, butÖ Glorfindel has some questions about the baby." He guided his lover closer to the half-Elf. Glorfindel was nervous and Erestor was doing his best to emotionally and physically support his lover.

Nodding his head in understanding, Elrond met Glorfindelís concerned eyes. "Let us find a bed for you to lie down in so I can properly examine you." His gaze drifted lower, and he frowned, encountering the obvious distention.

Feeling nervous, Glorfindel grabbed hold of Erestorís hand, dragging his lover along when he followed Elrond into a room. "You are not leaving me alone with him."

Erestor nodded reassuringly. "I will stay if that is what you desire."

Having overheard the private conversation, Elrond felt extremely pleased. When Glorfindel had returned to them, the blond had been terrified and insecure. Erestorís company and support had done wonders for the Eldaís confidence. Turning about, he addressed Glorfindel, "Please remove your robes and lie down." His friend grew flustered and Elrond quickly added, "You can keep your leggings on, meldir." (Friend.)

Glorfindel nodded thankfully and slipped out of his robes. In order to do so he had to let go of Erestorís hand for one moment, but he immediately reclaimed it, squeezing it tightly.

"Everything will be fine," said Erestor, repeating his promise.

Reassured, Glorfindel slowly lay down, tightly holding on to Erestor.

Elrond, who had been waiting for Glorfindel to settle down comfortably, now approached and placed a hand on the blondís swollen stomach. His expert fingers probed carefully, trying to establish how far along his friend was. After examining Glorfindel for some minutes, he said, "Had this been a normal pregnancy you would now be six months pregnant, half term."

Glorfindel gasped at the news and squeezed Erestorís hand again, missing the pained look in his loverís dark eyes at the strength he was using on the poor limb. "It only took a few daysÖ"

Elrond helped Glorfindel sit upright and draped warm robes over his patientís shoulders. "I was wrong when I said it would take weeks. Judging by the rate at which your baby is developing, I can safely say that you will give birth in a few days. Saruman made sure the babyís development would be sped up when he cast that spell."

Glorfindel shuddered violently and then stared into Erestorís calm eyes. "Do you think Saruman will try to get his hands onÖ my baby?" He only used Ďmy babyí to please Erestor. If it had been up to him he would have said Ďthe monsterí.

The question made Erestor apprehensive. "I hope not." But he couldnít rule out the possibility that Saruman would try to get to Glorfindel and the baby. "We will be careful." Looking at Elrond he said, "We should double the number of guards."

Elrond nodded his approval. "It will be done. I will tell Haldir." Mentioning his loverís name made him uncomfortable. He hadnít told Glorfindel yet that he had been replaced.

But Glorfindel caught the look of discomfort on Elrondís face. "Erestor told me that Haldir has agreed to take over my duties. You chose well."

Relieved that Glorfindel seemed to accept this, Elrond smiled thankfully. "He offered his services and he has served as Celebornís seneschal. He was a logical choice." Elrond moistened his lips. "But I do expect you to return to your duties once your personal situation allows it." The thankful expression in the azure eyes told him everything he needed to know; those were the exact words Glorfindel had needed to hear.

"What do we do now?" asked Erestor. He wanted to be ready when the moment of birth arrived.

"We will monitor the babyís development closely and I will examine Glorfindel daily. I think we can deliver the baby in less than one week." Elrond caught Glorfindelís shivers and understood only too well. "We will do this together, meldir. You have a family here."

Glorfindelís eyes filled with tears of gratitude. Elrond, a bit startled at seeing them, looked at Erestor questioningly.

"Mood swingsÖ and his are even worse than CelebrŪanís," said Erestor softly. Glorfindel was still sitting upright in bed and Erestor quickly seated himself next to his lover. After wrapping his arms around the blond, he rocked his lover and whispered soft reassurances.

Elrond cleared his throat, trying to gain their attention and it worked. "Glorfindel," he said, pulling up a chair and sitting down. "These next days will be hard on you. The child will continue to grow and the added weight might make you uncomfortable. You should only eat small portions, drink lots of fluids and take sufficient rest." He hesitated briefly, uncertain of Glorfindelís reaction to his next words, "The baby might start to move about and you will be able to feel his movements."

Glorfindel grew deadly pale, hearing Elrondís words. Things were beginning to feel too real and he wasnít sure if he could deal with feeling the babyís kicks. "I wish this were already over with."

Elrond and Erestor exchanged a concerned look. In the end, the half-Elf addressed them again. "I will examine Glorfindel each morning in your quarters. Try to convince him to stay in bed and make sure he eats." After seeing Erestor nod, Elrond concentrated on Glorfindel again. "Any child of yours will be courageous and charming. Have faith in yourself, mellon-nÓn." (My friend.)

Glorfindel snorted, but remained quiet. When Erestor urged him to his feet, he obeyed, letting his lover support him.

"I will see you early in the morning." Elrond watched them leave, feeling concerned about Glorfindel. He could only hope that the baby would be more Elven than Uruk-Hai.


Haldirís first order as Imladrisí new seneschal was doubling the number of guards. He wasnít sure why Elrond thought they were in danger, but he trusted the half-Elf to know best. After a long day of getting acquainted with his staff and guards, he returned to Elrondís private chambers, finding his lover looking out of the window.

"You are worried." Haldir walked up to the Peredhel and wrapped his arms around Elrond. "Will you tell me why?"

Elrond had privately debated if he should confide in Haldir. It was only a matter of time before his lover found out the truth about Glorfindelís pregnancy. Seeing a baby, part Uruk-Hai, would make Haldir turn to him with lots of questions. "There is something you need to know," said Elrond, turning in Haldirís embrace. "Let us sit down and then I will tell you."

Haldir, feeling apprehensive, followed Elrond and they seated themselves near the fire. He listened in shock when Elrond told him about the abduction and Sarumanís actions. It was hard to believe that the Istar had done such a terrible thing to an Elf.

"I understand." Haldir sighed, realizing why Elrond had needed a new seneschal. "Glorfindel has my sympathy and my support."

Elrond nodded thankfully. He felt drained and needed to grow calm again. "I would like to walk in the gardens for some time." His mind was preoccupied with the upcoming birth, as he had to deliver the baby. The prospect of performing such surgery on his friend worried him.

"I will join you then." Haldir rose from his chair, extended his hand and smiled when Elrond took it. Rubbing the half-Elfís knuckles, they ventured into the gardens. /I will hold you tightly tonight./ He had long read his loverís mood and realized there wouldnít be any passionate lovemaking tonight. Elrond needed to be held and reassured instead.


That evening, Glorfindel sat on a comfortable chair, which Erestor had moved onto the balcony so he could enjoy the stunning sunset. Erestor was back in the kitchens, fixing him something to eat. During the last few hours, he had tried hard to make his peace with the fact that this baby was coming into the world, regardless of his feelings. Erestor had tried to help him accept this fact and had urged him to make the best of it, but how could he? He was carrying a monster inside his body. How he could love an Uruk-Hai?

Moving about on the chair, he tried to attain a more comfortable position. He had been sitting in the same position for too long and now his legs had cramped up. Lifting his robes, he frowned, seeing how swollen his ankles were. Tears appeared in his eyes, but he fought them back. Crying wouldnít help him.

"Melamin?" Erestor, who had arrived only a moment ago, saw the sullen expression on his loverís face. He placed the tray with food items on the table and knelt in front of the blond. "Cramps?"

Biting his bottom lip, Glorfindel nodded once. Speechless, he watched as Erestor began to lovingly massage the abused limbs. "How can you still find pleasure in touching me?"

"Because I love you," was Erestorís simple reply. He continued to work on the long legs until Glorfindel released a pleased sigh. The massage had apparently eased the cramps. "Can I tempt you with some food?"

Glorfindel began to shake his head, but then realized that the soup smelled delicious. "I will try some."

Erestor filled a bowl and handed it to the Elda, who began to eat slowly, almost thoughtfully. Erestor pulled up a chair and sat down next to his lover, feeding him bits of freshly baked bread, which he teasingly pushed past the blondís lips.

Now that his appetite had returned, Glorfindel asked for more soup. Nursing the warm vegetable soup, he studied Erestor. "Only a few more days. Are you sure you still want to be with me? I would not blame you if you decided to leave me."

"Aiya, melamin, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You wonít chase me away so easily!" He poured Glorfindel some wine, which had been made less potent by adding water to it, and handed it to the pregnant Elf. "This will help you relax."

Glorfindel looked at the wine thoughtfully. He was surprised to realize that he worried about the possible negative effects it might have on his baby.

"I asked Elrond. It is safe for you to sip."

Trusting Erestor, Glorfindel sipped. His eyes widened, feeling sudden movement in his belly. Gasping, he panted for air.

Erestor quickly retrieved the glass and placed it aside. "What is it?" Concerned, he leaned in closer.

"I can feel itÖ It is moving aboutÖ" Tears, which he had fought down earlier, now flowed down his face. "I am scared."

Erestor reacted at once by wrapping his arms around the blond and holding him tight. "I wonít leave your side, melamin, you know that. I will take care of both of you."

Glorfindel involuntarily placed his hand on his abdomen. The baby hadnít settled down yet. Acting on impulse, he grabbed Erestorís hand and placed it on his stomach as well.

Erestor beamed at his lover. "He is strong. You should be proud of that."

"Proud," repeated Glorfindel in a bitter tone. "I never wanted this." Saruman had forced him to carry this child. He frowned, realizing he hadnít thought about the rapes for some time, and when he tried to recall those horrible moments, he found them nearly gone from his memory. He recalled being abducted, arriving in Orthanc, but then his memories went black. The next memory he encountered was Erestor holding him. Wasnít it strange that he had forgotten the details of the rapes?

Erestor, sensing that Glorfindel was brooding, used the link to send the blond soothing feelings. "We will love this baby and he will love us back."

Stunned, Glorfindel looked at his lover. "How can you have such faith?"

"I have to believe nothing evil can come forth from you."

Glorfindel briefly closed his eyes. "Oh, I love you, nÓn bellas." (My strength.) He held on to Erestor for long moments, and then began to feel sleepy again. Elrond had warned him that he would need rest almost constantly.

"Let me help you to the bed. You should lie down."

Azure eyes flashed open. "But you will stay with me?"

"Of course." Erestor gave his lover a reassuring smile. "Always."


Erestor released a sympathetic groan, when Glorfindel moved about in bed. They had turned in an hour ago, but the blond was unable to find sleep. Erestor loosened his hold, allowing Glorfindel to roll onto his other side. Now facing each other, Erestor brushed a wayward lock away from Glorfindelís face. Large, sapphire eyes stared at him pleadingly.

"I cannot find a comfortable position to sleep in andÖ" His voice trailed off, unwilling to admit this to Erestor.

But Erestor had a good idea what else was wrong. His hand moved down the distended stomach until he found his loverís erection. They were only wearing thin sleeping robes and the material was easily brushed aside. "Maybe I can help you fall asleep?" Tenderly, he stroked his loverís hard flesh.

Glorfindel gulped at the touch, but then welcomed it. "Would you? Please?" The erotic dreams had continued these last few nights and he hungered for Erestorís touch.

Eager to please his lover, Erestor nodded and gently maneuvered the blond onto his back. "Allow meÖ" He unbuttoned his loverís sleeping robe and smiled wickedly, licking his lips in anticipation.

Glorfindel squirmed; seeing Erestor lick his lips was making him even harder!

"Relax for me and enjoy." Erestor knelt next to his lover and leaned in closer. "You are beautiful."

"My stomach is in the way," said Glorfindel in a miserable tone. He couldnít understand why Erestor still wanted to touch him. Then Erestor did something that took his breath away. The dark-haired Elf showered his growing belly with kisses and licks. Tears welled up in his azure eyes and he buried his fingers in the mane of dark hair. "I love you, nÓn bellas."

Erestor just grinned wickedly and bowed forward, bestowing a delicate lick to the head of his loverís erection. Glorfindel moaned his surprise and Erestor decided to take his time. His fingers cupped his loverís sac, gently rolling their content in his palm. Glorfindelís eyes widened at that move and Erestor continued the manipulation.

Glorfindel stared at his raven-haired lover, who seemed to thoroughly enjoy this, given the smug expression in the dark eyes. He sucked in his breath when a warm, wet tongue licked its way down his length to nibble gently at his sac. His breath came in gasps when Erestor took first one, and then the other testicle in his mouth, manipulating it with his tongue. "OiÖ" Glorfindel wasnít capable of intelligent speech whilst that warm mouth enclosed his shaft, licking and suckling gently.

Erestor continued to roll the sac between his fingers, cunningly manipulating to make his partner last longer. Relaxing his throat muscles, he took his lover completely.

Unable to hold still, Glorfindel thrust. For one moment he worried about his lover, but Erestor expertly took him in, allowing him to continue thrusting. Accepting that invitation, he arched his back, utterly possessing his loverís mouth and throat.

Erestor slipped one hand beneath his loverís buttocks for support, allowing Glorfindel to thrust as hard and deep as the Elda desired. The blond lasted surprisingly long, but then tensed against him. Warm cream erupted from his loverís hard flesh and he swallowed it, taking everything Glorfindel offered.

Panting hard, the Elda stared at his lover, who now released his softening member. Erestor licked him clean, and the dark-haired Elf reminded him of a large, predatory cat, ready to defend him against all possible intruders. His body relaxed, sated, and his hooded eyes grew vacant with sleep.

Looking up at the blond, Erestor grinned. "I think we found a way to put you to sleep." After buttoning up his loverís sleeping robe, he curled himself protectively around Glorfindel. He rested one hand on the Eldaís stomach, feeling another kick beneath his fingertips. "Everything will be all right," he repeated, "I promise."


During the next few days, Glorfindel mostly stayed in bed or sat in the sun on the balcony. Erestor fussed over him, enduring the blondís mood swings and frequently helping him to the bathroom. Backrubs became an essential part of their daily routine and Erestor tried hard to lift his loverís darkening moods. He had also asked Glorfindel to think of a name for the baby, but the Elda still refused. At night, he held Glorfindel close, whispering soft declarations of his love.

At one time Glorfindel had asked him to take him, to make love to him, and Erestor had been stunned. After gathering his wits, he had refused the blond, not wanting to hurt the baby accidentally. He had also been afraid to trigger unpleasant memories. Glorfindel had pouted, but when he had taken the blond into his mouth again, his loverís protests had changed into soft, contented mews.

But that morning things suddenly changed. Glorfindel was in pain and had curled up in fetal position. Alarmed, Erestor had quickly fetched Elrond, who quickly finished examining his patient.

"Glorfindel? Your time has come." Elrond caught the terror in the sapphire eyes and placed his hand on his friendís brow.

"NayÖ" Glorfindel sobbed softly. During these last few days, he had become increasingly emotional. "I do not want to live through it!"

Elrond understood. "I will put you to sleep, meldir. You wonít be conscious during the delivery." Glorfindel was too tense and Elrond was afraid the blond wouldnít cooperate during the birthing process.

"Erestor?" Glorfindel clung to his loverís hand, resting it above his heart. "Donít leave me alone."

"I wonít," said Erestor, leaning in closer and pressing a chaste kiss on the blondís brow.

Glorfindel closed his eyes, gathering his strength and courage. After composing himself, he looked at Elrond. "Do it." He wanted this ordeal over with.

Elrond nodded his approval. "We will transfer you to the Healing House, then." He reached for a pouch, filled with herbs. "Open your mouth and chew on these."

Glorfindel obeyed, but shot Elrond a questioning look.

"They will help you relax and eventually you will go to sleep." Elrond tenderly stroked his patientís brow. "I will take very good care of you."

"I know you will," said Glorfindel, growing sleepy. "PleaseÖ do notÖ let itÖ kill meÖ" His eyes lost their sparkle as the troubled Elf fell into a deep sleep.

Elrond sucked in a deep breath and exchanged a knowing look with Erestor. "He is still afraid."

"Can you blame him?" Erestor shrugged his shoulders once. "We should take him to the Healing House."

Elrond nodded. "Elladan will assist me. We already went through the procedure and we know what to do."

Slightly reassured, Erestor looked at his lover, who was thoroughly asleep. Now all he could do was wait and hope for the best.

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