Glorfindel's Darkest Hour

Chapter 3 - Pain

By Morgana


Elrond stood on the balcony, watching out over the courtyard and immediately noticing the return of his sons. Both looked emotionally drained and disappointed. He could only think of one reason why his sons had returned; Erestor. What had his friend done in order to make them come back?

He left his study and stepped into the courtyard. His sons had dismounted and now walked toward him. "You went against my wishes," he said, sternly. But in reality he was rather relieved to know them safe in Imladris. He had grown worried when Lindir had reported the twins’ departure.

"We are sorry," said Elladan, regretfully. His stare was directed at the ground, unable to meet his father’s eyes just yet.

"What did Erestor do?" Elrond knew he had guessed right when he saw Elladan’s startled expression. "He scared you, did he not?"

"He sneaked up on us," admitted Elrohir, "We were careless and deserved to be taught that lesson. We went to sleep."

Elrond sighed. "That is exactly the reason why I do not want you to go to Orthanc. You are excellent warriors, but you are too inexperienced to venture into the lion’s den. Let Erestor do this."

"He really scared me," confessed Elrohir in a heavy tone. "I woke up with a blade pressed against my throat."

Elrond couldn’t help but smile. "Oh, do not feel too bad. He did the same thing to me once."

Elladan frowned. "Just how old is Erestor? I always assumed he was younger than you."

"Erestor is about eight thousand years old, Elrohir. There is a good reason why he is my chief advisor." Elrond signaled for his sons to follow him back to his study.

Elrohir and Elladan exchanged a glance. There was something they wanted to discuss with their father. After seating themselves opposite the ancient desk, Elrohir addressed Elrond. "Ada, I want to ask you a question of a delicate nature."

Elrond raised an eyebrow, wondering what was on his son’s mind.

"Glorfindel and you…" said Elladan, taking over. The exact same thing had been on his mind as well.

Sighing, frustrated that this had to come up *now*, Elrond nodded for his sons to continue.

"Do you love him?" asked Elrohir; knowing instinctively what Elladan wanted to say.

"Love," said Elrond, thoughtfully, "Nay, I care for him, but our friendship never deepened into love." Suddenly he realized where this was going. "You found out that Erestor loves Glorfindel."

The twins nodded once and then Elladan continued, "We also know Glorfindel occasionally shares your bed." He felt somewhat amused, seeing the blush on their father’s face. "Ada, we do not understand. If Erestor loves Glorfindel, then why is he in *your* bed?"

Elrond cleared his throat and briefly considered telling them that this was personal and that he had no desire to discuss this, but then reconsidered. "When Glorfindel arrived in Imladris, I had no idea Erestor felt attracted to him. Erestor is very good at hiding his feelings. He only lets you see what he wants you to see."

The twins now realized that as well. "What happened?" asked Elrohir, curiously.

"Glorfindel came to my rooms one night and admitted that he felt attracted to me. I was lonely," he offered apologetically, "and accepted what he offered. I told him there was no love on my part, but his nightly visits continued. In the end, I confessed I found some comfort in his touch and we continued to see each other that way.

Then, one day, I caught the smoldering expression in Erestor’s eyes when he was looking at Glorfindel and I suddenly realized I had missed something very important. I questioned Erestor about his feelings for Glorfindel, but he was quite stubborn. He knew about Glorfindel and me, and refused to admit his feelings to Glorfindel. I even broke things off once with Glorfindel to give Erestor his chance, but nothing happened. When Glorfindel sought me out again, I was unable to dismiss him."

Elladan felt saddened; it was a tangled web indeed. "What will happen now?"

"Now?" Elrond inclined his head. "We will wait for Erestor and Glorfindel to return to us."

"You are very confident that Erestor will succeed," observed Elladan.

Elrond’s tone was remarkably gentle when he said, "Elladan, Erestor loves Glorfindel. He won’t give up until he has found him."

Elrohir reached out andplaced a hand on his brother’s arm. "Ada knows best."

"I just hope we did not make a mistake in letting Erestor continue alone. He is only one Elf against many."

Elrond nodded once, hearing Elladan’s words, but then said, "But he is one Elf I would not like to face in battle."

The three of them grew quiet, hoping Erestor was gaining on the Orcs and their prisoner.


"Keep up with the pace or I will carry you the rest of the way," said the Uruk-Hai, displeased that their prisoner was slowing them down. "Forget about someone coming to your rescue. No one would dare to attack my pack."

Glorfindel hated to admit it, but the creature was right. The sight of nearly twenty Orcs and several Uruk-Hai would change anyone’s mind who wanted to help him.

The pack had set a grueling pace and normally he would be able to keep up, but not with this terrible headache that continued to make him feel nauseous. And then there was this bitter taste in his mouth. The Uruk-Hai had given him a few sips of stale water, but that had done little to rid him of the creature’s taste.

His hands were tied behind his back and the other end of the Elven rope was in the Uruk-Hai’s hand. The creature never left him out of his sight and so far he’d had no chance at escape.

In the distance, the dark tower of Orthanc had appeared and chills of foreboding shook his frame. He had no idea what Saruman wanted from him, and he feared he might never return to Imladris now that the Wizard’s creatures had gotten their hands on him.

"Don’t stall, Elf…" The Uruk-Hai was growing frustrated with his uncooperative charge now that the Elf didn’t move.

Glorfindel mentally shook himself and was about to obey and start running when a strong hand roughly grabbed his hair. The headache instantly increased and his eyes nearly bulged from their sockets when the beast slung him over his shoulder. "I can walk! I will run!"

"Too late."

Dismayed and shaking, Glorfindel bit his bottom lip when the Uruk-Hai’s hand settled on his backside again, rubbing through the fabric of his leggings. He realized he was extremely fortunate that the creature held himself in check, but something in the beast’s yellow eyes told him that the Uruk-Hai counted on having his way with him in the end.

The pack picked up speed again and Glorfindel tried to hold on as best as he could, draped over the Uruk-Hai’s shoulder. In a few hours, they would arrive in Orthanc. He shivered at the thought of having to face Saruman, knowing instinctively that the Istar had had him abducted for a reason. /I do not want to find out what that reason is!/


Hours later, Glorfindel had abandoned hope. The pack now entered the dark tower and the Uruk-Hai carried him up the stairs, probably eager to deliver him to Saruman’s doorstep.

Bruises had formed on his skin from being hauled about in this manner and he breathed a sigh of relief when the beast finally dropped him to the floor.

Looking about, he quickly scanned the room with his eyes. Dried herbs hung from the ceiling and a stone altar stood in the center of the room, made from black marble. Candles had been placed around it and the mere sight of it made him shiver.


The Uruk-Hai’s command took him aback, but the order was hardly a surprise. He had expected something like this all along. Suddenly the beast moved forward, cut the rope around his wrists and leered lustfully.

"I said, strip."

"No…" Glorfindel pressed himself against the wall, kneeling on the cold floor.

The Uruk-Hai grinned, obviously pleased. "Even better. Now I get to make you." He raised his dagger and advanced on the trembling Elf.

"Wait!" Glorfindel raised his hands defensively in front of him, realizing it was a bad idea to challenge the creature. "I will obey." He had to remain relatively uninjured if he wanted to escape and the beast’s eyes told him he was eager to inflict pain.

The Uruk-Hai stopped in his tracks, leaned against the wall, and grinned. "Strip."

Glorfindel shakily got to his feet, wishing his head would stop spinning. Slowly, -stalling-, he first removed his boots and socks. He made it a point to ignore the Uruk-Hai when he removed his cloak and shirt. Gooseflesh had formed over his body and he shivered fiercely, as he stepped out of his leggings. Standing naked in front of the beast, his hands involuntarily went down to cover up his private parts.

His breath caught, seeing the beast approach. The Uruk-Hai lifted his hand and teased his nipples, which had grown hard due to the chill in the room. He squirmed away, but the creature reacted at once by curling his fingers around his throat. Violent shivers coursed through his body when the Uruk-Hai ground his groin against his hip. The creature was hard and he tried to get away from the beast. But the grip on his throat tightened and suddenly he was lifted and then slammed onto the altar. The cold marble beneath his back froze his skin and he panted hard, trying to remain conscious, as the Uruk-Hai continued to choke him.

Slowly, darkness rose around him and his eyes closed. A moment later a vile fragrance invaded his nostrils. He managed to half-open his eyes and found that a grayish-black smoke twirled around him, laying itself over his body like a blanket.

It was becoming harder to think rationally and he felt adrift on the sedative smoke that seeped into his pores. In the background he heard the spidery language of Mordor, spoken at a demanding tone. He didn’t need to see Saruman to know the Istar was casting a spell on him. The murmuring lasted a few more moments, and then stopped unexpectedly.

"Take him to my room."

/Saruman’s voice,/ realized Glorfindel, feeling strangely detached.

"And tie him to my bed. I do not want him to ‘wander off’."

The Uruk-Hai’s growl told Glorfindel that the beast would carry out the Wizard’s orders and suddenly he was draped across a very familiar shoulder. His insides rebelled, but there was nothing in his stomach to throw up and the Uruk-Hai continued, carrying him through a long, dark corridor.

Something soft and warm suddenly rose to meet him and he vaguely realized he had been lain down on a bed. His hands and feet were pulled toward the bed posts and tied tightly.

"My time will come, Elf…" hissed the Uruk-Hai, before leaving the room.

At first Glorfindel listlessly stared at the ceiling, but he then managed to slightly lift his head to look about. He was in Saruman’s bedroom all right, tied to the Wizard’s bed. Naked and feeling incredibly weak, he shivered and waited for the Istar to make his appearance. In his heart he knew what would happen and he hoped Mandos would allow him entrance to the Great Halls after his body had been violated. This could only result in his death.


Saruman entered his rooms slowly, and indulged himself, letting his gaze travel down the blond’s naked body. He thoroughly enjoyed seeing the panicked expression in the Balrog Slayer’s eyes. Glorfindel was doing his best to appear courageous, but was unable to pull it off.

Glorfindel shivered over his entire body, hearing the soft footfalls. He was naked and helpless, tied to the bedposts and Saruman could do whatever he wanted. /Please, Elbereth, give me strength./

Saruman came to a stand still next to the bed and placed a cold hand on Glorfindel’s chest. Savoring the feel of the Elf’s smooth skin, he ran a sharp fingernail down the hairless chest, teasing a hardened nipple on his way down to the blond’s groin area. "You are perfect. Your courage and your extraordinary skills are just what my fighting Uruk-Hai need. You will start a new race of them, stronger, more enduring and way more cunning. But before letting them have you, *I* will enjoy your body."

Glorfindel’s shivers turned into violent tremors, as the Istar’s hand settled near his lax member. He had long realized what the Wizard planned to do to him, but part of him still couldn’t believe Saruman would follow through. He had respected Saruman the White for millennia. How was it possible that the Istar had degraded into something this evil?

"A… new… race?" Glorfindel hated the shaky tone to his voice, but he had to know what Saruman’s plans were. The Istar couldn’t be serious! He shivered as a sharp fingernail settled against the perineum and then traveled down, scraping along his cleft until the fingertip settled against his opening. "No… do not do this." He gasped when a sharp fingernail pressed inside.

"Oh, but I will. Glorfindel, you do not realize it yet, but you will help me win this war and defeat Sauron. Your offspring, which will carry Uruk-Hai traits, will help me gain victory."

Glorfindel continued to shudder, as Saruman’s finger probed deeper inside his passage. It hurt. "You lost your… mind," whispered Glorfindel, trying to bite down the pain that now radiated from his lower body. "I won’t be… part of this!" He struggled against the bonds, but stopped when Saruman’s nail tore his insides.

"But you have no choice in the matter, my dear Elda. You are wide open for my… ministrations." Saruman laughed, amused, and cruelly scraped his fingernail against the blond’s soft flesh before pulling out.

Glorfindel’s eyes widened at the pain and humiliation. "You are… insane."

"Insane? You are quick to judge. No, I am brilliant. My magic will ensure you conceive and you will give birth to a new breed of Uruk-Hai, which Orthanc will nurture and multiply."

Bound spreadeagled on the bed, Glorfindel pulled at his bonds again, slowly realizing just how hopeless his situation was. At least Saruman was now walking away from the bed, giving him a moment to recompose himself.

"I would enjoy you more if I had the luxury of making you submit to me, but I am running out of time. Sauron already directs his gaze to Orthanc, suspecting I might betray him. But I cannot refuse someone like you… I must have you before my Uruk-Hai do!" Saruman licked his lips.

Glorfindel wanted to look away, but found that an invisible source rendered him motionless. Staring blindly, he subjected to Saruman devouring him with his eyes. Suddenly the bounds snapped and his eyes widened, taking heart, but when he tried to move, he felt paralyzed. He was completely immobile!

Feeling detached from his body, he watched Saruman sit down on a chair. His body now moved against his will, as he rose to his feet and walked toward the Wizard. Inwardly he screamed, but his body refused to obey and he now came to a halt in front of the Istar.

Saruman’s eyes smoldered with lust as his fingers moved against the armrest, directing Glorfindel as if he were a mere puppet. With his other hand, the Wizard freed himself from the confines of his robes.

Anger rose in Glorfindel when he crawled onto Saruman’s lap, positioning himself above the long, thin shaft. /No. I do not want this!/ But his body still didn’t obey and he was suddenly breached, as hard flesh invaded his unprepared and already hurting passage. Groans of pain tumbled from his lips, as his body raised itself, only to impale him on the Wizard’s erection again.

The agony that ripped through his body was almost too much to bear and Glorfindel wished it was enough to make him lose consciousness, but Saruman’s power kept him awake. Endless waves of pain moved through him and he couldn’t hold back a choked whimper when a hot, burning essence filled him, making his skin crawl.

Panting softly, Saruman looked absolutely ecstatic. "I would almost think you were a virgin. You are tight… but then again, I know Elrond Half-Elven enjoys taking you as well. Now I understand why he is so fond of you."

Saruman’s icy words burned his very soul. How dared the Wizard insult Elrond like that! "Elrond… never… raped… me," he hissed between clenched teeth. Saruman’s now sated sex slipped from his body and Glorfindel stared at the Istar in pure hate. It was easier to hate than to show the pain and humiliation that threatened to overwhelm him.

"Ah, but you might learn to like it." Saruman used his powers to lift the trembling Elf from his lap and then dropped Glorfindel unceremoniously to the floor, which caused the blond to yelp in pain, but Saruman ignored it. "I hope that put you in your place… If not, my Uruk-Hai will."

Glorfindel stared defiantly at the Wizard through a red haze of pain. "You sentenced me to death… Mandos will claim my soul before your foul plan can come into action… I will never give birth to your despicable race!"

Saruman slowly shook his head. "Your body will find pleasure in this act the next time you are subjected to it. How can it be rape then? Besides, my power will keep your spirit from fading away. I also doubt Mandos has a personal interest in you. He will hardly challenge me to get to your battered soul."

Glorfindel stared at the Istar in pained disbelief. "How can you be that cruel?"

"You are nothing to me but a vessel to carry my new breed of Uruk-Hai."

Biting down the pain that had settled in his lower body, Glorfindel managed to crawl closer to the wall and then glared at Saruman. "I will fight you until my last breath."

"I know you will," purred Saruman, "It is the very reason I chose you. You defeated a Balrog… Your offspring will be strong." His eyes gleamed with an insane glow, letting his gaze linger on the Elf’s naked form. But then his gaze shifted to the doorway. It was time for the second part of his plan to be carried out.

Tensing, Glorfindel watched the door to Saruman’s right open. His nemesis, the Uruk-Hai, entered, naked, and clearly aroused at seeing him crouch on the floor. He decided to fight and inflict as much pain and injuries as he could on the Uruk-Hai who stared predatorily at him. Saruman laughed, amused, when the creature entered the room.

With his back against the wall, Glorfindel was already cornered, but he still had some strength left to fight the foul creature. Long fangs glimmered in the candle light and the corners of the monster’s mouth twitched in eager anticipation. Glorfindel’s hands turned into fists, ready to defend himself. He would rather die than give in without a fight! No one abused his body in that way!

He felt humiliated when the Uruk-Hai’s eyes devoured his naked body. /It is a matter of time. Mandos will have pity on me and call me to him. I won’t dwell on Arda much longer./ He doubted Saruman’s spell was strong enough to keep him here. Being raped once was bad enough, but now he faced an Uruk-Hai who delighted in making him scream in pain.

Grinning wickedly, Saruman closed the door behind him. He would have loved to witness the Elf’s utter humiliation, but he had more important things to do. Sauron needed to be contacted and more Uruk-Hai would be born from the earth under his guidance. And soon -- very soon -- his creatures would be even more powerful due to Glorfindel’s legacy.


"Ah, still beautiful in your pain and anger," growled the Uruk-Hai, closing in on the blond Elf. "But that beauty won’t help you now…"

Glorfindel swallowed hard, realizing the treatment he had received at Saruman’s hands had been gentle, compared to what the Uruk-Hai had in mind for him. He couldn’t let the monster get to him! Why didn’t he have any weapons to defend himself with and why did he feel this weak?

The Uruk-Hai laughed cruelly. "You will fight me, won’t you, Elf? Good, that will make it even better!"

Glorfindel pushed himself back onto his feet, trying to keep some distance between them. "Stay away from me!"

"Not a chance!"

The Uruk-Hai suddenly charged, completely surprising Glorfindel. Two strong hands were brutally wrapped around his throat and his feet no longer touched the floor. Reacting instinctively, he kicked at the monster, trying to regain his freedom, but he had to stop his struggle when he was slammed into the wall. The breath was knocked out of him and he hung limply in the creature’s grasp.

The monster licked his lips and Glorfindel shuddered violently. /I cannot let this happen again, but…/ The Uruk-Hai’s hold was suffocating and he had to fight for his next breath, though he wasn’t sure why he was still fighting. He should simply give up and wait for Mandos’ call – but what if it never came?

"Oh, I am going to enjoy you…"

The Uruk-Hai’s tone sent ripples of loathing through his body and Glorfindel found his strength again, kicking once more to free himself. But this time the creature wouldn’t allow it. One hand left his throat and he felt encouraged, trying to wrestle free, but that hand now gained a tight hold on his wrists, capturing them above his head. Whimpering against his will, he shivered, as a stabbing pain moved through his shoulder.

The creature turned him around and pressed him face forward into the wall, leaving him no space to maneuver. The shivers became violent tremors, as he realized what would happen next… What would happen *again*!

But he refused to beg for mercy! He was a warrior! One of Imladris’ finest and he wouldn’t beg! Hard flesh twitched against his already aching opening and when the creature pushed inside, the air was forced from his lungs, compelling him to release a keening wail, filled with agony.

Unexpectedly, the Uruk-Hai shoved him onto his knees and Glorfindel had no other choice than to give in. Fighting the creature while the monster was inside him was a bad idea; he would end up even more hurt. Pressed down onto the floor, the Uruk-Hai placed his hands on his hips, piercing soft skin with his claws.

"Ah, Elf. Now you are not that cocky and proud any more, are you?"

The taunting words hardly registered with Glorfindel, as the beast’s thrusts grew more brutal. Biting deeply into his arm, he tried to smother his yelps of pain, not wanting the creature to know just how much he was hurting.

The hard and brutal thrusts shoved him over the floor, bruising and scraping his skin in the process. Sharp fangs buried themselves in his neck and loud growls sounded in his ears. Waves of deep pain washed through him, and he wished Mandos would finally free him of this pain, but the call never came. Warm blood dripped down his thighs.

"I am going to fill you with my seed, pretty Elf, and our offspring will serve the master. Our son will be the first in a new race of Uruk-Hai. You should feel honored, for contributing to his cause in this way!"

Glorfindel nearly choked, as a particularly vicious and hard thrust damaged him deep inside. The beast suddenly pulled hard at his golden mane, causing a strangled whimper to flee his lips. Why couldn’t the Uruk-Hai just finish and leave him alone?

"Argh… now…"

As the monster released his tainted seed deep inside him, Glorfindel failed to stop the tears that had filled his eyes during these last few moments. /Please let me die…/

Unexpectedly the Uruk-Hai pulled out, and Glorfindel released an anguished scream. Lying on the floor, naked and tainted, he tried to curl up into a tight ball, but his lower body ached too much for him to move.

Callused fingers buried themselves in his hair and forced him to look at the creature, which was sitting on its heels and grinning at him.

"Not that haughty any more, Elf? Breeding material; that is all what you are now. You had better get used to serve me in this way. The master said I could take you as many times as I want to… As long as I make sure you live…"

Glorfindel’s eyes widened when he was rolled onto his back. Uncaring fingers curled around his lax member, which began to respond, as the creature stroked him. "No…" He cringed, hating himself for showing this weakness. "Don’t do this…" The beast’s strokes aroused him, coaxing him into hardness. No, this couldn’t be happening! He couldn’t be responding!

"The master says you cannot die when I make you come, Elf. And the master does not want to lose you. You are valuable to him. You will give birth to the first Uruk-Hai that has fully developed Elven senses. Oh, what an edge we will have on you puny creatures."

Glorfindel didn’t want to feel like this, didn’t want to be aroused, but a few moments later, he reached orgasm, much to the beast’s amusement. Biting down his shame and pain, he closed his eyes in an effort to lock out the Uruk-Hai’s amused laughter. /Just leave me alone!/

The creature rose from the floor and grinned menacingly. "The master is very generous indeed to let me have you…I told you I knew what I wanted as my reward." Cocking his head, he added, "And I chose well."

Glorfindel was able to deal with the degrading words, but he flinched when the monster spat at him in disgust. When would this humiliation finally end?

"You will still look pretty when your belly has swollen with child," chuckled the Uruk-Hai, as he headed for the doorway. "I will continue to enjoy taking you even then."

/With child… Swollen with child… Elbereth no… I do not want to give birth to a new breed of Uruk-Hai… Oh, I beg you, Elbereth…. Mandos, have mercy on me and do not let me bear this fate… Please call me to the Great Halls.../

But no one answered his plea and he remained on the floor, slowly curling up as he wrapped his arms around his waist in an effort to make himself feel safe.

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