Dinîf en Qualen

Part 27

By Morgana


Elrohir cursed privately as another violent cough squeezed the air from his lungs. A warm hand settled against his back and he smiled apologetically at Legolas. “Sorry for ruining the day. It was not my intention to contract a cold.”

“Do not worry about it,” said Legolas reassuringly. They were on their way to Glorfindel’s rooms to keep up their part of the bargain. They had agreed to create a romantic atmosphere in the seneschal’s rooms in turn for Erestor’s silence. Feeling like an Elfling again, Legolas grinned. “What items do you reckon we need to ‘decorate’ the rooms with? How romantic does Erestor want them?”

A similarly wicked grin surfaced on Elrohir’s face, which was growing hotter due to his rising temperature. “Romantic? We should go for seductive instead.”

Elrohir laughed warmly, as the reached Glorfindel’s rooms. “After you, my fair Prince.”

Legolas quickly hurried inside, hoping Elrohir hadn’t seen his nervousness at hearing the half-Elf call him fair. He composed himself again and studied the luxurious rooms. “We will need candles. Lots of them,” he mused aloud.

“And flowers. Roses, preferably.” Elrohir nodded absentmindedly. “I do not want to head outside again and you do know where the gardens are. Would you supply the roses?”

“Of course.” Legolas didn’t want Elrohir to step out into the open either, afraid the half-Elf’s cold might worsen. “Is there anything else you want me to bring?”

“Wine… Glasses… Maybe some fruits or sweets?” A plan was forming in Elrohir’s mind. Oh, he would make sure Erestor was pleased with him. This would make perfect blackmail material someday.

“I will bring those items as well,” said Legolas, moving toward the doorway. “And aye, I also know where the kitchen is,” he said before Elrohir could ask anything. He recalled the incident with the rabbit and hoped the animal was relishing its freedom. “I will be back in a few minutes.”

“Take your time,” whispered Elrohir in a thoughtful tone.

Turning around, he scanned the room with his eyes. It definitely had potential, and with candles and roses added, things would look even more inviting. He looked over his shoulder, realized Legolas was gone already, and returned to stare at the bed. Oh, he would love to share a bed, whatever bed, with the blond!

He was about to release a tormented sigh when a sneeze unexpectedly shook his frame. This chill would confine him to bed eventually -- but not yet. First, he wanted to spend as much time as possible with Legolas.

/The bed…/ Glorfindel’s sheets were soft, but not perfect for lovemaking. His father had a lovely collection of sheets made of the finest, purest silk. /I doubt he will miss a set./

Elrohir headed for his father’s rooms, where he collected two sheets and coverlets. Priding himself on not having been caught, he headed for Glorfindel’s rooms once more. Calling out to a servant, he asked her to deliver scented candles to the seneschal’s rooms and did his best to ignore her curious expression.

Stepping into Glorfindel’s rooms again, he found that Legolas had returned as well. Dozens of roses lay on the table and next to the flowers stood a tray with wine, goblets and sweets. “Perfect,” commented Elrohir, beginning to change the sheets.

“We could crush some rose petals so they will release their fragrances and then spread the rest across the floor and bed. That way Erestor and Glorfindel do not have to worry about thorns.”

“That is an excellent idea!” Elrohir finished changing the sheets and straightened the fabric. He grinned madly; Erestor and Glorfindel wouldn’t know what hit them! Pleased, he turned around and helped Legolas separate the petals. “Maybe we could create a private setting near the fireplace?”

Legolas nodded. “There is already a pile of blankets and pillows tucked away in that corner. All you have to do is spread them over the floor.”

“I will do just that.” Elrohir positioned the blankets and pillows to his liking and then scattered a few handfuls of rose petals over the area. Hearing someone knock on the door, he reckoned it was the servant bringing the candles. After opening the door, he selected a few sweetly scented candles and placed them around the bed.

Legolas had finished removing the petals, but had saved three particularly beautiful roses and now placed them on the pillows. “They are too lovely to ruin,” mused Legolas aloud. Dreamily, he scattered the rose petals all over the bed and the floor. After collecting some scented candles, he placed them on the nightstand. “I will open the window and let the breeze in. Ithil shines exceptionally bright tonight.” He was starting to feel romantic himself, and wished he had someone to share his bed with.

Looking at Elrohir, he sighed, feeling melancholy. His heart was growing heavier with each passing day. Elrohir had managed to unlock his heart and for the first time in his life he wasn’t afraid to share it with someone. But Elrohir didn’t want him in that way. Another miserable sigh wrestled free from his lips as the moon’s light illuminated the room.

His attention was drawn to Elrohir when the half-Elf sneezed again. His companion was shivering all over his body and his brow was covered in sweat. “You should be in bed.” Growing concerned, he advanced on the half-Elf. “How much longer until they finish dinner?”

“Ten more minutes, I think.” Elrohir pulled Legolas’ cloak even closer and inhaled the blond’s scent. “We should light the candles.” He doubted something would go wrong in those few minutes after they had had left.

Together they lit the candles and after one last, pleased look at the rooms, they headed for the doorway.

“Let us get out of here before they return.” Elrohir had no desire to watch his former tutors seduce each other. Shivering, he began to long for his warm, comfortable bed. “I hope Erestor appreciates what we did for him.”

Legolas, concerned at seeing the tremors grow worse, wrapped an arm around Elrohir’s shoulders, hoping that the half-Elf would benefit from his body heat.

Elrohir, nervous, wondered what Legolas thought of him; a half-Elf, contracting a cold! Being ill was an alien concept to the blond.

Legolas walked Elrohir to his rooms and when they reached the door, he felt reluctant to part with his companion. He wanted to make sure Elrohir was safe and warmly tucked beneath the blankets.

As he entered his rooms, Elrohir frowned, making sure his features were hidden from Legolas’ view by letting his hair fall in front of his face. The blond was still close -- why?

“Why don’t you slip into a sleeping robe?” suggested Legolas, who now headed toward the bed to push down the covers.

“Uh?” Elrohir stuttered incoherently. Legolas had reached the closet, selected a warm, brown sleeping robe and handed it to him.

“Go change.”

Elrohir simply accepted the sleeping robe and feeling strangely prudish, he disappeared into the bathroom where he changed his clothes.

Legolas watched him go with a grin on his face. He hadn’t thought Elrohir was that shy! But then again, the half-Elf had wanted to keep his leggings on when they had gone swimming.

Elrohir returned a moment later, clad in the sleeping robe. His hair was a tangled mess after undoing his braids, as he was too tired to brush it. All he wanted was to lie down and rest.

Legolas watched Elrohir carefully. “Lie down.”

Elrohir obeyed; he didn’t want to fight Legolas anyway. Lying down, he allowed Legolas to tuck him in.

“Is there anything you need?” Worried, Legolas placed his head on Elrohir’s brow. Hissing in surprise, he pulled back his hand. “You feel hot. Maybe it would be best if we told your father.”

“I will be all right,” said Elrohir reassuringly. He pressed deeper into the comfort of the mattress, relishing the warmth that now surrounded him. “I just need to drink lots of water.”

Legolas’ eyes scanned the room, trying to locate a carafe filled with drinking water, but failed. “I will fetch you some from the kitchen.” Halfway to the doorway, he looked over his shoulder and said, “What about hot tea? Would that help?”

Shivering, Elrohir nodded. “It did the last time.”

“I will be back with water and tea then.” And he would add some bread, which Elrohir could soak in the tea in case he grew hungry.

Elrohir closed his eyes when Legolas left, thankful that the blond would return shortly. Having a chill wasn’t that bad when Legolas was near.


Erestor couldn’t help growing slightly nervous during dinner. He wondered if trusting Elrohir and Legolas had been an intelligent thing to do. Only Elbereth knew what those two younger Elves were up to. If they wanted to, they could hugely embarrass him. Sighing worriedly, he wondered in what state Glorfindel’s rooms would be in upon their return.

Glorfindel… As he looked at his lover, a now familiar and sensual tingling spread through his groin. After watching Elrond and Thranduil make love he ached for the blond’s touch. Wasn’t it yet time to return to their rooms? Having to wait was driving him crazy.

Suddenly Glorfindel’s hand settled on his knee beneath the table, gently squeezing it. The worry and questions in Glorfindel’s eyes were obvious, but Erestor just shook his head. No, they couldn’t discuss this now!

Glorfindel was becoming increasingly worried where his lover was concerned. Erestor’s face was flustered and the big, dark eyes seemed too large, too intense. He just knew something troubled Erestor. “Shall we return to my rooms?” he whispered, concerned. Hearing Elrond chuckle, he glanced at the half-Elf. It didn’t seem appropriate for Elrond to be chuckling when Erestor felt nervous.

“Aye, let us do that,” whispered Erestor, his voice unsteady with anticipation.

Glorfindel pushed back his chair and got to his feet. Extending his hand, he waited for his lover to place his in it, and then guided Erestor out of the dining room and into the corridor, heading for his quarters. “What is wrong, nîn amdir?”

“Wrong?” Erestor grinned giddily at his lover. “Nothing is wrong. For the very first time in my life everything is right!”

Puzzled, Glorfindel pulled his lover close, wrapping an arm around Erestor’s waist. “Are you sure?” Seeing Erestor nod, he sighed. “It is just… I have never seen you this… happy before. Are you truly happy, then?”

“More than happy,” Erestor said reassuringly.

Glorfindel involuntarily held his breath when Erestor leaned in closer. Expecting to be kissed on the lips, he grinned, when his lover gently kissed the tip of his nose. “I am not complaining, mind you. I could get used to this more playful side of yours.”

Erestor beamed with bliss, hearing his lover’s words. “And this is just the beginning,” he hinted mysteriously.

Glorfindel arched an eyebrow. “The beginning? Do you have more plans for tonight then?” By the way Erestor was moving in his arms, it almost felt like his lover was rubbing himself against his body. The manipulation was successful; he was growing hard.

“Aye, I have plans for tonight.” Erestor let his voice trail off and held his breath, opening the door to Glorfindel’s rooms. /Please, Elrohir, do not let me down. I trusted in you to.../ Unable to finish that thought, he trembled with delight, seeing the romantic atmosphere, which Elrohir and Legolas had created. /Thank you, pyn-neth./ He stepped aside to let Glorfindel enter and carefully watched the blond’s reaction.

Glorfindel needed a moment to take in the stunning sight. The candles had filled the room with warm, sweet fragrances and a moonbeam illuminated the three red, long-stemmed roses resting on the pillow. Turning around to face his lover, everything suddenly fell into place. “Elrohir and Legolas.”

Erestor shuffled his feet. “Aye, they did this when we were having dinner.” Taking in his surroundings more carefully, he walked toward the bed. His fingertips caressed the silk sheets, encountering soft rose petals. “Are these sheets yours?”

Glorfindel laughed warmly, recognizing them. “They are Elrond’s!”

Erestor chuckled as well, wondering what had possessed Elrohir to plunder his father’s linen closet. “But they do feel nice.” Another fingertip slid along the soft, inviting fabric.

Glorfindel cocked his head to study his lover extensively. He couldn’t remember ever seeing Erestor this relaxed, this much at peace with himself. “Lirimaer?” After walking over to the dark-haired beauty, he folded his arms around his lover’s waist. “Why did you arrange this?” He thought he already knew the answer, but wanted Erestor to say the words.

“Because I want to make love to you,” replied Erestor, blushing. “You mentioned taking small steps, but I feel so comfortable around you that I want to…” Pausing, he searched for the right words. “I want to completely bind myself to you.”

Glorfindel’s eyes were soft, warm and radiated love. Had his lover been nervous and afraid, he would never have consented to this, but now he was actually considering giving in. “You want to make love with me?” Not even in his wildest dreams had he expected Erestor to take the lead in this.

Erestor recalled Thranduil’s advice to ask Glorfindel about his preferences concerning lovemaking. After clearing his throat, he whispered, “I do not really know how to say this, but… What would you prefer? Me taking you or…?” Peeking shyly at Glorfindel, he squirmed when the blond tightened his hold on him, pulling him close enough to kiss.

Glorfindel searched Erestor’s eyes and thought he saw his lover’s real needs. “Tell me what –you- want.” It would be best if Erestor took him, as the dark-haired Elf had literally no experience when it came down to lovemaking. After all the abuse Erestor had suffered, he wanted to empower him.

“What –I- want?” Erestor averted his eyes and then rested his head against Glorfindel’s shoulder. “I want to give you pleasure and…” He couldn’t possibly tell the blond he had watched Elrond and Thranduil make love! But then again, his lover might wonder about this sudden desire to take him.

“You want to make love to me, to take me,” supplied Glorfindel. He felt the nod against his shoulder and smiled. Until now he had always been the dominant one in his relationships, but for Erestor, he would do anything. All he wanted was to make his lover happy. “Then take me, meleth-nîn.”

Suddenly Erestor’s head jerked back, staring at him in disbelief. “What?” questioned Glorfindel, “You did not think I would let you take me?”

“I thought you would prefer to take me.” Erestor nervously moistened his lips. “I have never done this before and you have.”

“Feel free to explore then. I am still your more than willing subject.” Glorfindel slid one hand up Erestor’s back and cradled the nape of his lover’s neck in his palm. “Do whatever you want to me.”

Erestor swallowed, nervously. “Are you sure? And please remember the promise you made; tell me when I make you uncomfortable.”

Glorfindel nodded, smiled, and claimed his lover’s lips, hoping Erestor would take the hint to assume control of the situation.

Erestor cautiously brought his arms up behind Glorfindel’s back, always keeping in mind that he wanted to give his lover as much pleasure as possible. Taking the lead was something he had never done before, but with Glorfindel it seemed almost natural. The blond leaned into his touch and the kiss deepened. Growing bolder, he slowly parted his lover’s lips and rejoiced when the Elda eagerly parted his teeth. His tongue slid into a welcoming moist heat and the sensation was almost enough to make him faint.

Erestor trembled in his arms and a smile surfaced on Glorfindel’s face. Never before had he felt such passion, need and want when being with a lover. When Erestor briefly broke the kiss, he whispered, “I love you.” He took hold of one of the long-stemmed roses and ran the soft petals along Erestor’s jaw line, relishing the tremors the caress brought forth.

Erestor, carefully staying away from the candles, guided his lover to the bed and then laid him down, stroking wayward blond locks behind a pointed ear. “I love you more than life itself.” Gathering his courage, he straddled his lover’s hips, looking down at the blond in rapture. “You are my soul. The very spirit that keeps me alive.”

Glorfindel smiled warmly, raised a hand and let his fingers tangle in the dark locks. “And you are my heart.”

Erestor began to unbutton his lover’s robes. Delighted, he found that Glorfindel had the same idea and was now slowly undressing him. Always maintaining eye contact, Erestor leaned in closer to kiss his lover’s lips, whilst the blond slid his robes down his shoulders. Smiling, Erestor took hold of the Elda’s hand and placed it against his warm chest.

Glorfindel had stopped trying to understand the change that had taken place in Erestor and simply accepted the warmth and pleasure given to him. Sliding his hand down the dark-haired Elf’s abdomen, he undid the laces to his lover’s leggings.

Erestor briefly sat back, removed the annoying clothing and dropped the leggings and robes onto the floor. Although he was completely naked now, he still felt comfortable. Glorfindel’s loving and appreciative glance caressing his body actually made him feel cockier. “You are still wearing too many clothes.”

Glorfindel sat upright and shrugged off his robes. He then allowed his lover to remove his leggings, freeing his erection from its confines. He closely eyed Erestor, still alert in case any unease or discomfort shone from his lover’s dilated pupils. Somehow, he had imagined their first time very differently; Erestor being timid and having to be coaxed into touching him. What he hadn’t expected was this eagerness.

Both were naked now and, recalling Thranduil’s words, Erestor took his time to slide his fingers over his lover’s skin. Straddling his lover’s hips, he smiled, feeling the blond’s arousal press against his buttocks. The absence of fear was liberating and he bowed forward, eagerly caressing Glorfindel’s skin with his lips.

He started by licking down Glorfindel’s throat, chest and playfully swirling his tongue around a hardened nipple. Absentmindedly, he made a mental note to thank Elrond and Thranduil for their demonstration. Glorfindel arched beneath him, lifted a hand and played with his black locks. “You… are… so… beautiful.” Every word was accompanied by a passionate kiss delivered to the blond’s flat abdomen.

Glorfindel was glad he was lying down, for he was afraid his knees would have buckled beneath him, hearing those words and feeling butterfly kisses against his abdomen. Erestor’s tongue had continued down its path and was now licking the inside of his thigh. He hoped his lover would also treat other places of his body to the same procedure, but the raven-haired Elf stayed clear of his arousal.

Feeling some of his lover’s disappointment, Erestor pleadingly locked gazes with the blond. “I cannot pleasure you like that. I am sorry, but it brings back memories.” He had entertained the thought of taking Glorfindel into his mouth, but long forgotten memories had threatened to return when he imagined bestowing a lick on his lover’s hard flesh.

Glorfindel’s features contorted, feeling ashamed and guilty for not keeping in mind how his lover had suffered in the past. “You do not have to.”

“Thank you,” whispered Erestor, willing his father’s face to leave his mind. This was not the moment to remember the abuse. Seeing Glorfindel was about to sit upright, he decided to take the lead again; he didn’t want the blond to end their lovemaking because of this incident.

Glorfindel tried to stop Erestor, but suddenly his lover’s fingers curled around his throbbing erection and he fell back onto the bed, completely surrendering to his lover’s touch. Pushing his body into the comfort of the mattress, he squirmed beneath Erestor.

Stroking the blond’s hard flesh slowly, Erestor realized he needed oil or another lubricant to properly prepare his lover. Thranduil’s warning rang clearly in his ears. “Do you have any oil?”

Glorfindel, wondering what Erestor was talking about, forced himself to concentrate, which would be easier if his lover stopped stroking him. Arching his hips in blatant want, he finally realized what Erestor had asked. “Top drawer… Nightstand…” he managed to whisper, whimpering when Erestor’s hands deserted him.

Opening the drawer, Erestor took hold of the massage oil and stared at the vial. Fully realizing what he intended to do to his lover, he sought out Glorfindel’s eyes. The blond was wiggling beneath him, trying to somehow create enough friction to make himself come. Breathless, he watched his lover. Glorfindel was beautiful in his need.

Glorfindel grabbed at strands of Erestor’s hair, making it clear that his lover should hurry.

Erestor opened the vial, let some droplets flow onto his fingertips and then eyed Glorfindel closely. “Do you really want me to take you? It is not too late to reverse roles.”

Glorfindel’s fingers touched his lover’s face. “I am sure. Please make love to me, Lirimaer.”

Bending forward, Erestor showered Glorfindel’s face with tiny, soft kisses. Now that the blond was moaning again, his hand trailed down Glorfindel’s stomach. Moving into a kneeling position, he watched Glorfindel part his legs and then settled between them.

Glorfindel reached out, grabbed a pillow and raised his hips, shoving the pillow beneath him.

Staring at the naked body beneath him, Erestor craved to reach out and touch. Whilst teasing one of Glorfindel’s nipples, he placed one oiled finger at the blond’s entrance, slowly massaging the guardian ring like Thranduil had shown him.

Glorfindel, surprised, looked into Erestor’s dilated pupils. “You know what to do?” He hadn’t expected that!

Erestor cleared his throat, concentrating on loosening and relaxing the ring of muscle. “I should probably have told you earlier, but… Elrond and Thranduil… They showed me.”

“Showed you?” Glorfindel, already relaxed beneath his lover’s touch, frowned and slightly arched his back.

Erestor, not expecting the movement, suddenly found that his finger had easily slid inside. A tight heat enveloped his digit and he stared at Glorfindel in surprise. Recalling Thranduil’s advice, he probed the tight passage cautiously and then crooked his finger, trying to find the hidden gland that would bring the blond so much pleasure.

Glorfindel bit his bottom lip, feeling Erestor’s finger move inside him. His lover was actually trying to locate his sweet spot! “Showed you?” he repeated, slowly.

“Aye, they made love for me,” said Erestor, blushing. “Thranduil showed me what to do.”

Lust flashed through Glorfindel at hearing Erestor’s words. “You watched them make love?” Oh, his hard flesh twitched in delight as he tried to picture that scene.

“I did.” Erestor pulled back, growing frustrated now that he had been unsuccessful in locating his lover’s hidden gland. Adding more oil, he placed two fingers at Glorfindel’s entrance. Looking at the blond, he waited for permission.

Glorfindel blinked, realizing that his lover wanted his permission first, and he nodded eagerly. “Don’t stop now…”

Nodding, Erestor gently slid two fingers inside and stretched his lover. Unexpectedly Glorfindel groaned and pushed back.

“Ah, yes!” Glorfindel smiled adoringly at his lover when one of Erestor’s fingertips brushed against his sweet spot. “Again, please…”

Erestor happily obliged and gently rubbed the nub, relieved that he had managed to find the gland.

Panting softly, Glorfindel tried to push down on his lover’s fingers, but then stopped. He didn’t want to come yet. “Take me,” he whispered, pleadingly. He stared at Erestor in disbelief when his lover shook his head, removing his fingers. “What?”

Erestor coated another finger and then returned with three. He was beginning to feel nervous now. Glorfindel felt incredibly tight and he wondered how he could ever bury himself in his lover’s body.

Glorfindel writhed in impending ecstasy, wishing Erestor would have mercy on him. “I am more than ready, Lirimaer.”

Erestor instinctively knew Glorfindel was right and poured a generous amount of oil over his erection, stroking once to make sure every part of him was covered. Now that he had come so far, he was beginning to waver. Glorfindel was just too tight; there was no way the blond could take him! How had Elrond managed to accommodate Thranduil? The half-Elf hadn’t been in any pain.

After curling his fingers around his throbbing erection, he positioned himself against his lover’s slippery entrance. He helped the blond support his legs, when Glorfindel wrapped them around his waist.

“Take me!” Urgency now sounded in Glorfindel’s voice and he barely refrained from stroking himself to completion. Raising his head, he pleadingly looked at Erestor. “Now…”

Erestor’s hard flesh nudged against his lover’s entrance, but in the end, he pulled back, bowed his head in shameful defeat and almost burst into tears. “I cannot do it. I am afraid I will hurt you.”

Glorfindel sighed worriedly and sat upright. Erestor was kneeling in front of him and the dark eyes were swimming with tears. “You have stretched me, prepared me. I am more than ready. Erestor, you won’t hurt me.”

“Please forgive me, but I cannot do this. I cannot fit in there; it is impossible and I would end up hurting you.” Tears threatened to leave his eyes. “I am so sorry that I have disappointed you. I really thought I could do this, but… you are so tight and…”

Glorfindel decided it was time to take action or Erestor would end up in tears. “Lie down, Lirimaer, let me do this for you.”

Erestor’s eyes widened, but he complied at once. Lying down, he found himself flat on his back with Glorfindel straddling his hips. He couldn’t stop staring at the blond, who positioned himself over his erection.

Glorfindel smiled warmly and eagerly entwined his fingers with Erestor’s when the dark-haired beauty reached for him.

Erestor’s heart missed a beat when Glorfindel began to lower himself onto his shaft. “I cannot believe… you are… doing this!” Speech was becoming incredibly difficult now that this velvet-like glove surrounded him. His eyes filled with warmth and love for his lover, whose buttocks now settled in his lap. How was it possible that Glorfindel had taken him to the hilt?

“I told you I was ready,” remarked Glorfindel teasingly, as he slid his arms beneath Erestor’s back to pull him close. Remaining motionless, he relished the moment and imprinted the look on Erestor’s face in his mind. He had never seen such rapture on his lover’s face before.

Erestor, afraid to move, waited for Glorfindel to take the initiative. “What do we do now?”

“Now you make love to me.” Using his tight hold on his lover, he rolled Erestor atop of him. He closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation of Erestor’s filling him. “Move, Lirimaer. Do not leave me like this.”

Erestor thrust cautiously, uncertain of how much power he should use. The sigh that left Glorfindel’s lips made him claim them and his tongue dived into the hot cavern, dueling wildly.

“Har…der…” groaned Glorfindel when Erestor briefly released his lips. He needed more; more friction, more stimulation, and he needed it hard. Being on the receiving end was way more pleasurable than he had thought, and now that his lover brushed his sweet spot with each stroke, he was slowly losing control. Pushing back, he tried to speed up their rhythm.

Erestor took his lover’s hint and thrust harder. Intertwining their fingers, he made slow love tot the blond.

Unable to keep back any longer, Glorfindel threw back his head, arched his hips and gave into ecstasy. “Ai… nîn amdir… harder… and again… again… oh, yes… harrrrrdeerrrrrr!” He released a strangled moan, reaching orgasm and after tensing, his body relaxed, sated.

Erestor had grown motionless during Glorfindel’s climax and now his eyes widened, feeling the blond’s muscle contract around him. “Glorfindel… what… is… this? I… I…Oh…” Buried to the hilt, he tumbled over the edge, coming hard and releasing his seed deep inside his lover’s body. “Oh….” Collapsing atop of his lover, he clung to Glorfindel.

Glorfindel quickly wrapped his arms around Erestor and whispered words of reassurance. “Just ride it out. Do not try to stop these feelings. Enjoy them.” Rubbing Erestor’s back, he planted an adoring kiss on his lover’s hair.

Trembling with ecstasy, Erestor followed his lover’s advice and enjoyed the pleasant sensations that were coursing through his body. “I love you… nîn faer.”

Wrapped in the other's arms, Glorfindel soothingly stroked Erestor’s hair. He could feel his lover soften inside him and he moaned at the loss when Erestor’s sex slipped from his body.

Curling around Erestor, Glorfindel held him protectively. “I do not know what to say. Words cannot express the feelings I have for you.”

“Then let us be quiet instead.” Erestor rested his head on Glorfindel’s chest, enjoying its up-and-down movement. The silence was more than comfortable; it was reassuring. They didn’t need words to know how deep their love was.

Glorfindel realized they should clean up or else they might end up stuck together, but he didn’t want to release his lover just yet. Listening to Erestor’s deep and steadying breathing, he realized the raven-haired Elf had fallen asleep. “Sleep tight, nîn bellas, and may Elbereth always watch over you.”

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