Dinîf en Qualen

Part 25

By Morgana


The next morning, after spending another blissful night in Glorfindel’s arms, Erestor shyly knocked on the door to Elrond’s quarters. He had hoped to find the half-Elf in his study, but apparently Elrond had decided to sleep in, which was rather unusual for the Lord of Imladris.

Knocking softly, he sincerely hoped he wasn’t disturbing any intimacy that was taken place inside the room. The last thing he wanted was to interrupt Elrond and Thranduil when making love. Suddenly his hand dropped; wasn’t he making a big mistake in coming here? Aye, he should reconsider and leave. He couldn’t possibly ask the Elf-Lords these kinds of questions!

But Elrond’s voice already echoed through the room. “Enter.”

After drawing in a deep breath, Erestor pushed down the handle and opened the door. He quickly stepped into the room and immediately closed the door behind him, not wanting anyone to accidentally glance inside the room. Keeping his eyes lowered, he waited for Elrond to address him.

Elrond, sitting up against the headboard, looked up from braiding his lover’s hair and was delighted to see Erestor. “Mellon-nîn, you look better every time I see you… And is that a blush on your face?”

Thranduil now fastened his gaze on Erestor’s as well, recognizing their friend’s unease when Erestor shuffled his feet.

“I can leave if you want me to,” offered Erestor, carefully glancing at them and then lowering his eyes again. “I do not want interrupt…” His voice faded, leaving a nervous tremor in the air.

Elrond continued to smile at the younger Elf. He finished one braid and then began another with his lover seated between his legs. It was a good thing they had covered themselves up with sheets at the sound of that knock. Erestor looked like he was ready to bolt and the younger Elf certainly would have done just that, had he found them naked.

“Pull up a chair and sit down,” said Thranduil, wondering what had brought Erestor here. The younger Elf’s movements were slow and hesitant, but Thranduil’s warm smile seemed to encourage Erestor to take a seat. “How can we help?” Having known Erestor as an Elfling, he easily identified the pleading expression in the dark eyes.

Erestor nervously moistened his lips and still felt unable to look at the two Elves, who so easily displayed their love and affection to one another. “I have made a mistake in coming here…” he offered eventually in a shy tone. “I should have known better. I will leave now.” But contrary to his words, he didn’t move.

Thranduil looked over his shoulder at Elrond and signaled for his lover to stop braiding his hair, which the half-Elf did. Moving away from his lover, he shifted closer toward Erestor and slowly gathered one of the younger Elf’s hands in his. “Now tell me what is wrong. When you were younger I told you that you could always come to me. That offer still stands.”

Elrond smiled warmly at hearing his lover’s tone and was content to watch the scene unfold. Thranduil was at an advantage here, sharing a lot of history with Erestor. Hopefully Thranduil would manage to make Erestor open up about whatever troubled him.

Erestor swallowed hard, trying to rid himself of the growing lump in his throat. All kinds of emotions made it hard for him to meet Thranduil’s eyes, but when he did, he only encountered concern and genuine interest in the deep green orbs. For some reason he felt like the Elfling that had put the little trust he had in Thranduil and his wife. Maybe he could confide in the golden-haired Elf again.

“I…I…” Erestor stuttered and suddenly became aware of Thranduil soothingly rubbing the back of his hand. “I need your advice.”

Elrond moved closer, resting his chest against his lover’s back, listening intently. Maybe he could help as well?

“You know you can have it,” said Thranduil reassuringly. “Would you look at me?” It unnerved him that even after all these centuries Erestor was still hesitant to meet his gaze. When the younger Elf looked at him, he gently squeezed Erestor’s hand. “Tell me what troubles you.”

Erestor couldn’t believe he was actually going to tell Thranduil, but suddenly the words tumbled from his lips.


Thranduil shushed him, hearing him ramble. “Calm down, Erestor, and try again.”

Elrond’s heart grew heavy, seeing the self-doubt in Erestor’s swimming eyes. By the Grace of the Valar, coming here to ask for their advice was hard on their friend. Still, he remained quiet, listening closely instead.

“I do not know what to do,” said Erestor eventually, doing his best to maintain eye contract with his former protector.

Thranduil nodded in understanding. “You have never had a lover before,” he said, sighing. “I should have known.”

Elrond now felt even guiltier for never having pressed Erestor to tell him the truth about his past. Maybe then the younger Elf’s life wouldn’t have been so incredibly lonely. His heart twitched in his chest when Erestor finally found the courage to include him in his glance as well. The pleading expression in those dark eyes was so obvious that Elrond reached out and placed his hand on top of Thranduil’s, cradling both.

Erestor smiled, weakly. “I do not know what to do. I want to please him and I am afraid to disappoint him. What do I do?” Now that he had asked his questions he felt slightly calmer. “Can you give me some advice?”

“Advice...” Thranduil grinned encouragingly at his former charge. “What would you prefer? Us telling you what to expect or ask us questions instead?”

Erestor quickly averted his eyes. “I had hoped to catch Elrond alone. I never really counted on you being here as well.”

But Thranduil merely continued his grin. “There is a third option. We could –show- you.” However ridiculous it sounded, it did make sense. Seeing Elrond and him make love might take away Erestor’s fears. He still wondered how badly Eridhren had damaged Erestor. Was the younger Elf afraid to be intimate with Glorfindel, or was it just nervousness?

“-Show- him?” Elrond didn’t know if he should be amused or shocked. During these last few days his lover had undergone quite a transformation. Gone was the angry, insecure and doubt-driven Elf from his past, and instead a confident, playful mate had emerged

Erestor, who looked stricken, was lost for words. He must have misheard!

“Aye, show him. Elrond, it makes sense if you think about it.” Thranduil’s gaze shifted from Erestor to the half-Elf. In a barely audible tone he added, “Who knows how scared Erestor is after what his father did to him. In case you have forgotten, he was submitted to sexual abuse. It would be good for him to realize that sex is also caring and beautiful. He has only known pain and fear. Do you understand?”

In a weird way, Elrond did. He understood the point Thranduil was making. Nodding his head, he agreed to the proposal. Once they were focused on each other, they would quickly forget Erestor’s presence.

Thranduil placed a kiss on his lover’s brow and then looked at Erestor, whose big eyes told him how stunned the younger Elf was. “What do you say, mellon-nîn? Are you willing to learn by watching us? I will explain my actions as our lovemaking progresses and I promise you that you will learn how to please Glorfindel.”

Erestor couldn’t believe he was actually considering the King’s proposal. “But… but what about… This is personal, private. I cannot watch you… make love… I cannot.” He seriously doubted this was okay with Elrond. The half-Elf was probably only going along because Thranduil had asked him.

Elrond sensed some of Erestor’s worries and decided to ease them. “We are serious, Erestor. We would not mind if you watched us this one time.”

Erestor’s eyes darted wildly from Elrond to Thranduil. “I cannot do that.”

Thranduil decided to take charge. “Move your chair back toward the wall.” Erestor wouldn’t be comfortable being this close, but maybe if there was some distance between them, things might be easier for the younger Elf.

Erestor wavered, uncertain what to do. Two different needs were dueling inside him. He didn’t want to invade their privacy, but how else would he ever learn how to please his lover and keep his insecurities at bay? He was desperate not to disappoint Glorfindel. That last feeling won in the end, and he slowly did as Thranduil had said, pushing back his chair until there were several feet between him and the bed.

Thranduil, realizing he had to make slow, passionate and maddening love to Elrond, already looked forward to the challenge. Turning around, he shifted Elrond on the bed until Erestor had a good view of both of them. The half-Elf’s eyes had already darkened with expectation and he smiled lazily. “Always take your time to explore your lover’s body. Tease him with soft caresses, let your tongue taste his skin, and find all those places that make him scream.”

Just hearing those words had caused Elrond to grow painfully erect. Moaning, he allowed Thranduil to lay him down on the bed, and when the blond moved between his legs, he eagerly parted them.

Kneeling between his lover’s long legs, Thranduil bent forward, set on utterly possessing the half-Elf during their love making.

Erestor stared in disbelief at Thranduil, who was now kissing Elrond slowly, and had lured the half-Elf into parting his teeth. Then Thranduil enthusiastically dipped his tongue inside the warm, welcoming mouth.

Glorfindel and he had kissed before as well, but there had never been this intensity between them. His fears and self-doubt always kept him back. But looking at Thranduil now, he saw the passion and eagerness with which the golden-haired Elf devoured his lover’s mouth.

“Pay particular attention to his throat, neck, ears and eyes.” Lovingly, Thranduil placed tiny kisses on Elrond’s closed eyelids and then moved on to subtly suckle the flushed skin beneath his lover’s collarbone. Moving up, he nipped at an earlobe and ran his tongue along a pointed ear, causing the half-Elf to buck hard in need.

Erestor couldn’t help being fascinated by the sensual, wanton display. The certainty with which Thranduil explored Elrond’s body was something he had never witnessed before. It almost seemed like the elder Elf wasn’t worried in the least.

At first he had felt uncomfortable watching them, but now he saw the beauty in their movement, the kisses and caresses. Love radiated from their forms and all he could do was watch silently and listen to every word Thranduil panted between the caresses he now bestowed on his partner.

“Nipples are a delight to toy with,” continued Thranduil, moving lower. “You can do all kinds of delicious things to them.” Briefly he looked at Elrond, making sure his lover was enjoying himself during the lecture.

Elrond’s stormy eyes were dark with passion and he wished Thranduil would hurry and take him, but for Erestor’s sake he knew the blond would draw this out and only take him after a long preparation. This was going to be torment!

Erestor gasped softly, seeing Thranduil’s tongue swirl around an erect nipple, drawing delirious groans from Elrond’s lips.

“Treat them gently at first,” said Thranduil, truly enjoying himself whilst giving Erestor these pointers. One nipple twitched against his lips when he sucked gently and the other hardened even further, rolling the nub between his fingertips. “You might want to ask Glorfindel just how sensitive his nipples are.” Grinning at Elrond, he added, “Concentrating on them like this can make your lover come if you are not careful.”

Elrond trembled with need, and buried his fingers in the sheets, clawing at the material. Thranduil was driving him insane with lust!

“Once you have satisfied your curiosity, explore other areas as well.” Thranduil licked his lips, leaving a wet trail down Elrond’s abdomen. “But ignore his arousal for now.”

“Ai!” Elrond bucked, frustrated, when Thranduil licked the inside of his thighs, but blatantly ignored his throbbing erection. Closing his eyes, he resigned himself to this sweet and slow torment, realizing it would be some time before he found release.

Erestor vaguely wondered if Thranduil expected him to take notes, and smiled warmly for the first time since entering these rooms. A faint twinge of arousal warmed his veins as well, and although he appreciated their beauty, his passion was kept at bay by the realization that he only wanted to be with Glorfindel.

“Sometimes licking skin can really spark the fire,” whispered Thranduil, wickedly, licking the back of Elrond’s knees and then lowering himself to massage the half-Elf’s feet. “Touch your lover in whatever way you desire. As long as love accompanies your touch it will be eagerly accepted, even craved.” Teasingly, he let go of Elrond’s foot and sat back, watching his lover squirm and groan softly. “At this point he should be purring.”

Erestor smiled privately, hearing Elrond’s distressed whimpers and groans. Looking at them, he wondered which role Glorfindel would want him to adopt. The passive or the active one? Clearing his throat, he hesitantly formulated his question. “How do I know… if… my lover wants to do these things to me? Or if he wants me to do them to him?”

Thranduil nodded thoughtfully. At seeing Elrond’s distress, he resumed stroking those long legs. “When you are not very sure of his preference, simply ask. Glorfindel will answer you truthfully. Communication does make things easier.”

Elrond, getting fed up by being Thranduil’s test subject, sat up slightly and reached for his lover. “Aiya, do not leave me like this…”

Thranduil smiled reassuringly. “Erestor? Always carefully prepare your lover, and should you find yourself in Elrond’s position insist Glorfindel does the same thing for you. During your first time there might be some discomfort.”

Erestor mentally made a note and then watched, open-mouthed, as Thranduil reached for a small vial of oil. The golden-haired Elf coated a finger in the scented oil and then circled his lover’s entrance.

“First of all, be gentle.” Thranduil, still kneeling between the half-Elf’s legs, tenderly massaged the guardian ring, relaxing Elrond even further. “Don’t push inside… Slide inside…”

Elrond bit his bottom lip, feeling his lover’s probing finger easily slide inside. Now the torment had started to become agony. “Please touch me…”

“Always listen to your lover,” continued Thranduil, curling his fingers around the half-Elf’s erection and stroking the hard flesh slowly.

Erestor was now growing hot and wondered if this was the moment when he should discretely disappear, but he found he was fascinated, watching the two Elves.

“Make sure your lover does not climax yet. He will want you to be inside of him when he does…” Thranduil smiled at Elrond, who now pushed back onto his finger. “Don’t you, melamin?”

“Aye… You inside of me… Now…” Elrond continued to push down, but one finger was barely enough stimulation for him to find release.

“Crook your finger,” said Thranduil, “and explore. A gland is hidden inside his passage and when you find it…” He paused wickedly and brushed his lover’s sweet spot. “You will know.” Elrond yelped pitifully and wriggled on the bed.

Erestor now grinned, crooking his finger as well, realizing how much pleasure he could give Glorfindel by locating the gland Thranduil had mentioned.

“Now…now…now…” raved Elrond, far beyond thinking. His entire body hummed with need.

“Soon, nîn ind, soon.” Thranduil removed his finger and added more oil. Although Elrond was more than ready to be taken, he was going to do this by the book. “Add more oil and then return with two fingers.”

Elrond raised his hips in want, easily allowing his lover entry to his body. “Take me… Make me yours!”

Thranduil laughed warmly. “I am sorry, melamin. I know you are ready, but Erestor needs to learn how to do this without hurting Glorfindel or being hurt himself.”

Erestor blushed at hearing Thranduil’s words, and was once more reminded they were doing this for him. He should probably apologize to Elrond later, for making him suffer in this way.

“Move them inside the tight passage. You do not want to hurt him later.” Scissoring his fingers inside his lover’s heat, Thranduil stretched and prepared the half-Elf. He had stopped stroking his lover’s erection and watched Elrond arch his back and thrust in return. “So eager, nîn ind?”

“Aiya…” Elrond was panting hard. “Now… Now…”

“Not yet,” teased Thranduil. “Erestor? Add more oil and then slide three fingers inside.” Which he did. “If your lover can take those, he is ready.”

Elrond raised his hips, welcoming the solid pressure when three fingers slid inside his body. “Now? Nîn glaur, I am about come…”

“Ah, that presents us with two options.” Thranduil cast a quick look over his shoulder, watching Erestor briefly. The expression in the younger Elf’s eyes was admiring, even affectionate. The fact that they were willing to demonstrate this act must mean a lot to Erestor. After smiling reassuringly, he focused on his squirming lover once more.

“What…two… options?” Big-eyed, Elrond stared at his lover. For some reason those words worried him. What was the blond up to?

Thranduil lazily stroked his lover’s skin, letting his fingertips bestow feather light touches to Elrond’s abdomen. “You could let him come right now… That way he will be utterly relaxed when you take him, but… there is much pleasure in feeling him come when you are buried inside him. So, the question is; do we let him come now and then wait for him to grow hard so he can come again… or not?”

Elrond nearly cursed his lover. “Take me now! We are –not- waiting for me to grow hard again!” He wouldn’t endure more of this torment, not even for the sake of Erestor’s ‘education’.

“Always listen to your lover,” whispered Erestor, wondering when he had become this involved in their lovemaking.

Elrond sighed thankfully. “Erestor is right. That is what you said!”

Sighing dramatically, Thranduil’s green eyes twinkled with mischief, but in the end his own arousal made him humor his lover. Taking hold of the oil again, he applied a generous amount to his hard flesh. “You would be better to use too much than too little.”

Elrond grabbed some strands of Thranduil’s hair, forcing the blond to speed up. “Take me… now!” Thranduil’s blazing emerald eyes made him twitch in anticipation.

“Your lover should be relaxed by now,” resumed Thranduil, as he curled his fingers around his hard flesh. “But continue slowly.” Positioning himself at his lover’s entrance, he antagonizing slowly slid inside.

Elrond threw back his head, arched his back and relished the feel of Thranduil burying himself to the hilt effortlessly. Using his hold on the blond’s hair, he pulled Thranduil closer.

Thranduil was finding it increasingly difficult to teach Erestor the finesse of lovemaking. His tone was raw when he whispered, ”Always look into his eyes, Erestor, for they are the mirror of your lover’s soul.” Setting a slow and lazy rhythm, he supported his lover’s legs, whilst making passionate love to Elrond. For a few moments he lost himself in the thrusts, and all he knew was this incredibly slick heat engulfing him. “I love you, nîn ind,” he declared, kissing Elrond breathless.

Once more, Erestor wondered if he was supposed to leave now, but he couldn’t take his eyes of the two radiant being making such sweet and tender love. Instinctively, he knew that this was what making love should be like.

Elrond, unable to keep back any longer, came hard, spilling warm cream between their joined bodies.

Thranduil stopped thrusting, craving the sensations clenching his hot flesh. The spasms, caused by Elrond’s inner muscle, led him to his orgasm. Belatedly, he realized he should tell Erestor what this felt like, but he couldn’t be bothered, riding out tidal waves of passion instead.

Exhausted, Thranduil collapsed on top of his trembling lover. Hearing sounds behind him, he forced himself to say, “Stay, Erestor. We are not done yet.”

Erestor obediently settled down in his chair again. What else was there for him to learn?

Thranduil showered Elrond’s face with tender kisses and locked eyes with the half-Elf, smiling brightly. “I love you,” he repeated and devoured his lover’s words, when Elrond declared his love as well.

Pushing himself away from the half-Elf, he flexed his muscles and slowly pulled out of his lover’s body. “Be careful when you pull out, Erestor. You can actually hurt your lover when you act too rashly.” After easing out, he kissed Elrond again and rolled the half-Elf onto his side, away from Erestor. Spooning up behind Elrond, he said, “There might not be any need to talk, but I am sure your lover will eagerly listen to any compliments you wish to bestow on him. Hold him close; tell him how much you love him.”

Erestor nodded. After clearing his throat, he whispered in a shaky tone, “Thank you for sharing this with me. I never knew how wonderful and tender this act could be. I do not feel afraid any more.”

“Good,” Thranduil chuckled. “And that concludes your lesson. You should now practice on your own lover, Erestor.”

“I will,” said Erestor, feeling incredibly lightheaded and warm. After closing the door behind him, he leaned against the wall for support. His heart was racing with passion for Glorfindel, and if it were up to him, he would seduce the Elda right now. But Thranduil had taught him way more than just the actual act. The golden-haired Elf had taught him to always put his lover first. If he really wanted to follow through and seduce his lover tonight he needed to make preparations.

Hurrying down the corridor, he nearly broke out in song, for his heart was filled with more love than he had ever thought possible.


Elrond laughed softly, feeling Thranduil’s lips pressed against the nape of his neck. “You enjoyed that.”

“Aye, I did,” admitted Thranduil, amused. “But I should apologize for drawing it out this much. I just wanted to make sure Erestor knew what to do.”

“Glorfindel will be a very happy Elf once Erestor finds enough courage to make love to him,” said Elrond, giddily.

“Uhm…” mused Thranduil, “You think Glorfindel will be on the receiving end?” Had he inspired Erestor to be the dominant one?

“I think so,” sighed Elrond, pleasantly tired. “Erestor now realizes just how much pleasure he can give Glorfindel and he will want to do just that.”

“Well, you did squirm nicely beneath my touch.” Thranduil gently suckled his lover’s skin, and then moved to nip at his slightly pointed ear.

“Aye, you made me squirm.” Elrond had seldom felt this sated before. “It was nice though; you making such slow love to me.”

Thranduil nodded, snuggling closer to his lover and pulling Elrond to his chest. They would clean up in a moment, but he wanted to savor this moment. “Maybe the next time we make love you can make me squirm?”

“Maybe. Do you think Erestor needs another lesson then?” teased Elrond. “You did forget to mention the variety of positions available to him.”

“Ah, but that was on purpose. Let him find out himself.” Thranduil grew serious. “I took you in this way, because Erestor will need eye contact with Glorfindel and therefore this was the only right position.” Stroking the long, dark hair, he deeply inhaled the half-Elf’s musky scent. “I love to see that expression in your eyes when you finally find release. This is quickly becoming my favorite position to make love in. What about you?”

“I like to feel you behind me… When I am on all fours and…” A huge yawn made it impossible for Elrond to finish. He blinked sleepily. No, this couldn’t be happening! He couldn’t go back to sleep! It was noon and work was piling in his study.

“I will keep that in mind,” promised Thranduil. His lover’s breathing was slowing down and he could tell the half-Elf was drained. “You are about to fall asleep again. Did I wear you out?”

“I think you did,” sighed Elrond, resigned. “But I cannot stay in bed all day long. There is so much work—“

Thranduil cut him short. “Why don’t you sleep for a few hours? I will ask Elrohir and Elladan to look at all pressing matters.”

“You cannot. Elrohir is at the Bruinen with Legolas, and Elladan…” Yawning again, he chuckled softly. “Elladan joined today’s patrol.”

“Then I will attend to these matters myself. But you should rest.” Running his fingers through the long, dark mane, he waited for Elrond to fall asleep. Once the half-Elf was sound asleep, he whispered, “Elrond, I love you so much that I can no longer live without you.” After pressing a kiss on the silk hair, he rose from the bed and tucked a warm blanket tightly around the half-Elf’s form.

After cleaning himself up and getting dressed again, he regretted leaving Elrond behind. He would have loved to hold the half-Elf in his sleep, but someone had to keep an eye on Imladris.

Closing the door behind him, he wondered how Legolas was doing. Elrohir and Legolas were spending the day at the Bruinen and he hoped his son was enjoying himself. He hated to see his youngest son full of sadness and sorrow. Hopefully Elrohir would be as good for Legolas as Elrond was for him.

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