Dinîf en Qualen

Part 18

By Morgana


A worried expression appeared on Elladan’s face. During their short sparring match Thranduil had told him about his sons, but he had never expected to actually meet one. “Legolas…” He paused, looked at his brother and nodded. “Thranduil mentioned him to me.”

 “What should I do?” asked the servant. In the distance the last flames were dying, and in their reflection he could see Elrond and Thranduil, slowly heading for the half-Elf’s quarters. He didn’t want to disturb the two Elf Lords during such a painful moment.

“We will take care of this,” said Elladan after exchanging another look with his twin.

“And tomorrow morning we will tell Thranduil that Legolas has arrived.” Elrohir felt it was important that tonight Thranduil and his father could talk about everything that had happened lately.

The servant bowed slightly. “I asked Legolas to wait in the Halls of Fire.”

“We will welcome him and then escort him to the guest rooms,” said Elladan, taking charge.

The servant, relieved that the twins would see to their guest, returned to his duties.

“What do we say?” asked Elladan.

Elrohir shrugged his shoulders. “The words will come to us.” Then he mused, “I wonder what Legolas is like. Do you think he will resemble his father?”

“Elrohir, he is bound to find out about his father and ours…” Unable to finish, his voice faded. “Do you think he will accept their love?”

“We can worry about that later,” said Elrohir, being the voice of reason. “We should welcome him first.”

The two dark-haired half-Elves headed for the Halls of Fire, wondering why Legolas had arrived so unexpectedly.


Legolas waited patiently, hoping Elrond Peredhel would allow him to meet up with his father shortly. He realized that his arrival was unexpected, but he carried a message from Celeborn, who had asked him to deliver it to his father when he had been passing through Lothlorien. He liked Celeborn and Galadriel, he always had, and had assured them that carrying this message to his father was no burden at all.

Apparently Orcs had been sighted on Lothlorien’s borders, and Celeborn was becoming worried that the foul creatures would grow increasingly bolder. This was a danger they should face together, instead of fighting separately.

Straightening out his tunic, his gaze traveled to the entrance, hearing voices. He was surprised to see two young, dark-haired Elves enter, instead of a much older Elrond Peredhel. He had never met any of the Peredhil and felt curious. He raised an eyebrow, realizing the two half-Elves looked identical.

/Twins. Ada once told me about Elrond’s sons./ So Elrond had sent his sons to welcome him. Was the older half-Elf too busy to welcome him personally? Had something happened? He knew his father had been worried because Eridhren wanted to accompany him. Had this something to do with Eridhren? He had always known the Elf presented a danger.

The twins came to a halt in front of him and Legolas politely inclined his head in greeting.

“Welcome, Legolas, son of Thranduil. I am Elladan, son of Elrond and this is my younger brother, Elrohir. You are most welcome in Imladris.” Elladan smiled at the Mirkwood prince. Legolas looked like a younger version of Thranduil, but the large, blue eyes definitely set father and son apart.

“Thank you for your kind words, Elladan, son of Elrond.” Legolas studied them, and found himself wondering if there was a way to tell them apart. Both half-Elves were dressed in long, brown robes and their hair had been braided according to their station. They truly were a magnificent sight.

Elrohir spoke next. “The night is already upon us and I assume you would like to rest before speaking with your father. Please allow us to guide you to your guest rooms.” He caught himself staring dreamily at the golden-haired beauty. Something about Legolas had immediately caught his attention. He had never felt such an instant attraction before, and he quickly averted his eyes to make sure the blond couldn’t read the confusion in them.

Legolas looked questioningly at Elrohir. He had hoped to speak with his father as quickly as possible, but he was willing to wait until the morning. “Thank you for your hospitality.”

Elrohir nodded his head once, feeling surprisingly nervous when he raised his hand to direct Legolas in the right direction.

Legolas followed Elladan and looked at Elrohir when the twin fell into step beside him. His father had told him about Elrond and most of the time sadness and regret had sounded in Thranduil’s voice, when he had expected to hear anger and frustration. It was no secret to him that his father had once loved Elrond.

Elrohir’s eyes danced nervously, stealing glances at their guest. Legolas was fluid elegance and his hair glimmered like Arien. But the eyes were what stunned him most. Looking at the blue orbs, he felt like staring into the sky, warmed by the sun. Suddenly Elladan looked at him over his shoulder and he quickly lowered his gaze. His twin knew him through and through and had probably figured out he felt attracted to the blond.

They reached the guest rooms and Elladan opened the door to let Legolas enter. “Is there anything you need? A servant will bring you some refreshments and in the morning you will be escorted to the dining room so you can speak with your father.”

Legolas’ gaze swept through the room, finding it furnished luxuriously. He was hungry and thirsty and already looking forward to those refreshments Elladan had hinted at. “I will be fine.”

“If anything is amiss just contact one of the servants.” Elladan took a step back and bumped into his brother, who was still staring at Legolas. Intent on saving his twin from more embarrassment, he turned Elrohir around and quickly pulled him along. “What is wrong with you?” he asked, hearing Legolas close the door behind him. “What has gotten into you?”

Elrohir shook his head, trying to clear it of Legolas’ image, and then looked at his brother. “I do not dare say the words.”

“What words?” Elladan quickly steered his younger brother into the corridor their rooms were in. A moment later, he opened the door, closed it again and now that they were in the privacy of his rooms, he placed his hands on Elrohir’s shoulders. “What is wrong? Elrohir, you worry me! I have never seen you act like this before!”

Elrohir swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. “You will think me insane.”

Elladan was now really growing worried. Why was his brother acting this peculiarly? “Why would I think that?”

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” There, he had said it. Now Elrohir closed his eyes; he didn’t want to see Elladan laugh at him for this folly. But he couldn’t deny the sweet, maddening desire that was rushing through his veins. “I never did. Until now.”

Elladan’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Love at first sight? Elrohir, what are you trying to tell me? Is it Legolas?”

Elrohir nodded, but his eyes remained closed. “I never felt anything like it before. I cannot describe the feelings coursing through me.” In the end, his eyes opened to look at Elladan, now that no laughter was forthcoming. “I have never been in love before, but this feeling swept me off my feet.”

Elladan studied his younger brother. He could tell Elrohir was serious from the look in his twin’s eyes. A new passion had taken up residence in them, and yet, there was also confusion and fear. “I never experienced love at first sight, but I do think it exists.”

Elrohir sighed, relieved. “Brother, do not leave me alone tonight. And talk to me. Maybe your closeness and the sound of your voice will keep my thoughts from straying back to Legolas.”

Elladan steered his brother toward his bed and sat him down. After pulling up a chair, he sat down and clasped Elrohir’s hands in his. “You do not wish to feel this way?”

Elrohir looked at him pleadingly. “Elladan, think about it. He is Thranduil’s son. What would father and Thranduil say, should I tell them about this unexpected attraction? We should be like brothers, and now I find myself attracted to him.”

Elladan understood Elrohir’s worries, but only to a certain degree. He sighed, wondering when things would go back to normal so they could get some rest. Seeing Elrohir’s distressed expression, he opted for humor. “It seems you have inherited Ada’s preference for beautiful, golden-haired Elves then.”

For one brief moment Elrohir stared at his brother in shock. Then Elladan smiled warmly at him and he couldn’t help returning that smile. But in the end, the smile faded again. “Will you help me fight this?”

Elladan frowned; his brother’s frantic tone worried him. “Fight this? Elrohir, in Elbereth’s name, why do you want to fight this?”

“He is the son of Ada’s lover! How can I possibly...” His voice faltered. “I cannot feel this way about Legolas.”

Elladan gave Elrohir a thoughtful glance. “I do not think you should fight it.”

“But Ada and Thranduil will never allow it!”

Elladan’s frown deepened. “Why do you think that?”

“I just know.”

“I think you are making a mistake in judgment, but I will stay close in the mean time, if that is what you want.”

Elrohir nodded thankfully. “I felt so incredibly nervous when he stared at me. Elladan, what is happening to me? Even now, all I can think about are his eyes.” He felt utterly helpless, and that feeling scared him.

“My brother, you are in love,” said Elladan, smiling. “Enjoy it.”

But Elrohir shook his head and then lowered his eyes. “I am scared.”

Elladan shifted over onto the bed and enfolded his brother in his arms. “You do not have to be scared.” Holding Elrohir, he thought back to the golden-haired prince that had arrived today. /You had better not hurt his feelings, Legolas./


Thranduil sat down on the bed and stared at the remains of the pyre. Was it wrong to feel relieved now that Eridhren was dead?

“Here, have some miruvor.” Elrond pressed a glass filled with the potent liquid into the blond’s hand and then stood beside him, watching the swirling black ashes as well. “You have finally been released from his presence. Guarding him during all these centuries must have been tiring.”

“It was,” admitted Thranduil, sipping. He looked up and made eye contact with the half-Elf. “Erestor is finally free.”

Elrond sat down next to the blond and held Thranduil’s gaze. “We need to talk, nîn glaur. Are you cross with me for telling them the truth?”

“It could not be helped. Lying to them felt wrong as well.” He took another sip, and it burned his throat.

“I did not want to lie to them either,” said Elrond. He slowly raised one hand and wrapped a strand of golden hair around his fingertip. “We should discuss our future.”

Feeling uncomfortable, Thranduil sipped again. The miruvor was quickly traveling to his head, making him speak freely. “What future? I will return to Mirkwood and you will stay here. All we have is the moment.”

Elrond frowned. “It does not have to be that way.”

Thranduil quickly emptied his glass, got to his feet, and walked over to the cabinet where he refilled his glass. He seldom drank miruvor, but now craved the rush it would bring. Now that he had found out that Elrond returned his love, he didn’t want to lose it again -- but losing the half-Elf was inevitable.

Worried, Elrond rose and joined Thranduil. “What is really troubling you?” He placed his glass on the table and then rested his hands on the blond’s hips, turning him around so they were facing each other.

“I do not want to live without you,” admitted Thranduil, breathlessly. “I have been alone for so long. Now that I have tasted love again I do not want to go without it.”

Elrond’s eyes filled with love and understanding. “I never realized how much I hurt you.”

Thranduil’s gaze dropped. “First I lost you, then my father, and I only led one third of my people home. Death quickly became a constant in my life and I wished you were still there with me. But I had lost you as well.”

Elrond led Thranduil to the bed, where they sat down. “What happened next?”

“I grieved for everyone and everything I had lost. I was afraid I would follow my father to Mandos, but then Aewithôn entered my life. She was like a refreshing breeze, when I felt suffocated. I tried to push her away, but she stopped me. Her persistence warmed my heart and I began to greatly care about her. It was never passion; what Aewithôn and I shared was more of a spiritual nature. She gave me two sons. Valthoron, my oldest took after her, but Legolas… He reminds me of myself when I was much younger, but he is more confident, and wiser than I ever was.” 

“I am glad you found comfort in her arms,” offered Elrond.

“When I began to court her I told her about you. My love for you. I still wonder if that was a mistake. She spent the rest of her life living in your shadow.”

Elrond’s gaze dropped. “I am sorry.”

“We found happiness in seeing our sons grow up,” continued Thranduil, “but after several millennia she realized she could not win over a ghost. My heart never fully belonged to her. Mentally tired and emotionally exhausted, she told me she needed to rest. She sailed for Valinor the day after Legolas reached his majority. We still mourn her departure.”

Elrond grew saddened, hearing Thranduil’s tale. “I do not know what to say.”

“There is nothing to say,” said Thranduil, shrugging his shoulders. “I find comfort in the thought that she is happy now.” After this emotional bloodletting, Thranduil emptied his glass again, enjoying the dizzy sensation that now swept through his head. The warmth that spread through his body finally relaxed his tense and cramped muscles. “Must we speak of this?”

Seeing the unfocused expression in Thranduil’s eyes, Elrond took hold of the blond’s empty glass and placed it on the floor. “You have had enough.” He wanted to discuss something important and needed Thranduil clear-headed.

Thranduil now stared at his empty hands, lying idly in his lap. Elrond’s heart contracted with sympathy. “I want to discuss our future because I have this idea…”

“What idea?” Sighing dejectedly, Thranduil reluctantly met the half-Elf’s eyes.

“My sons are old enough to rule Imladris. It is time they accepted their responsibilities -- and your sons are capable of ruling Mirkwood. We could spend a year in Imladris and the next in Mirkwood. That way we could stay together. What do you think?” Elrond paused, seeing the stunned disbelief in Thranduil’s feline eyes. “I mean it, nîn glaur. This does not have to end when you return to Mirkwood.”

“You would come with me and live with me in Mirkwood? I cannot let you make such a sacrifice.” Suddenly realizing how close Elrond was, the urge to kiss the half-Elf’s lips overwhelmed him. “By Elbereth, I need you.” The wine made him bold and he leaned in, claiming Elrond’s lips and possessively wrapping his arms around the half-Elf. “I want you so badly,” he breathed into his lover’s mouth.

A pang of arousal swept through Elrond’s body, pooling in his groin. Growing erect, he let himself fall back onto the bed and Thranduil straddled him within seconds, eagerly rubbing his erection against him. This was what he had dreamt of; a possessive and an eager Thranduil. “Take me, nîn glaur. Make love to me.”

The look Thranduil directed at him, made goose flesh appear all over his body. Never before had the blond looked this predatorily at him. Suddenly Thranduil bowed forward, brutally claiming his lips and forcing himself a way past his teeth to explore his mouth. It had been like this with Gil-galad, and now that Thranduil was acting in the same way his entire body felt on fire. “Please take me…” He wasn’t beyond begging at this time. His erection throbbed painfully and he couldn’t wait to feel his lover move inside him.

Elrond’s eagerness urged Thranduil on. Drunk on the miruvor, it was easier to let go and try new things. His hand stole inside Elrond’s robes, quickly unbuttoning them until he could push them aside. Staring at Elrond’s smooth, hairless chest and slender hips, he pinched a nipple and then rolled the hard flesh between his fingertips. The moan that left the half-Elf’s lips went straight to his groin. “Now, I want you now.”

“You have me,” moaned Elrond, blissfully. Thranduil continued to remove his robes and he sighed, relieved when his erection was freed from its confines. But he stopped the blond when Thranduil wanted to remove his clothes as well. “Now.”

Thranduil was too enraptured to question Elrond’s demand. He unlaced his breeches, pushed aside any cloth that was in the way and searched for anything he could use to ease his way inside. Elrond, moaning and reaching frantically for him, seemed frustrated with the delay, so he explained. “Do you have anything I can use?”

Elrond understood and pointed at the vial of oil on the nightstand, which he usually rubbed onto his skin after taking a bath. “That will do. And now hurry!” He raised his hips, urging Thranduil on.

Thranduil took hold of the vial and generously coated his erection with the slippery oil. Had he been thinking rationally he would have stopped to prepare his lover, but the need to be one with the half-Elf was overwhelming. He parted his lover’s legs, knelt between them and then draped the long legs over his shoulders. With one hand he gathered Elrond’s wrists and brought them together above the half-Elf’s head.

Elrond’s member twitched with excitement. “Aiya, take me! I cannot wait any longer!” The fact that he was completely at Thranduil’s mercy thrilled him. Although he could easily free his hands, he didn’t, showing the blond how much he appreciated the fact that he was taking control of the situation. “Please…”

Thranduil surrendered to the overpowering urge to bury himself in Elrond’s body and positioned himself at the tight opening. Locking eyes with the dark-haired half-Elf, he waited for Elrond to nod and then pushed inside.

Elrond released a choked yelp as the invasive feeling grew. Pain and pleasure mixed and danced through his body. “More… Deeper!”

Thranduil growled possessively and looked at their joined bodies now that his erection was disappearing into the tight channel. With one grunt, that erupted from deeply within his throat, his heavy balls slapped against Elrond’s buttocks, burying himself completely. Staring down at the trapped half-Elf, he maintained his hold on Elrond’s wrists.

Throwing back his head, he pulled out, and then pushed inside again. Both groaned in pleased surprise and Thranduil slightly changed the angle of his thrusts. He aimed for his lover’s sweet spot, hoping to ease Elrond’s discomfort, which had finally registered in his lust filled brain.

Pushing back, Elrond stared at the blond in rapture. His wildest dream was quickly becoming true and he screamed his pleasure when Thranduil’s thrusts became harder and deeper. Abandoned to the thrusts, he pushed back. His own erection dripped pre-ejaculate, but he couldn’t touch himself now that Thranduil had a tight hold on his wrists. “Please…” he whimpered again when the golden-haired Elf’s thrusts shoved him over the bed toward the head end. The force of Thranduil’s thrusts increased and Elrond moaned deliriously when his erection twitched again, this time releasing warm cream. His pupils dilated, realizing Thranduil had stopped thrusting.

Thranduil bowed his head, succumbing to the intense ecstasy that now washed over him. Elrond’s inner muscle contracted around him, milking him dry.

The long, golden locks touching his bare chest were torment and ecstasy at the same time, making Elrond groan. Finally their gazes met and Thranduil instantly released his wrists, staring at him in disbelief. Elrond quickly brought up his arms behind the blond’s back and pulled him close, wrapping his legs around his waist, all to make sure Thranduil didn’t pull out yet. 

Finally realizing he had allowed his urges to control him, Thranduil stared at Elrond in disbelief. “What did I do?”

“You made love to me,” said Elrond, teasingly. “And I loved it.”

“You did?” Thranduil frowned. “But…”

“I came, didn’t I?” Elrond soothingly stroked the golden locks. “I need to confess something… I like it when you take control.”

“You do?” Thranduil’s eyes had widened in surprise. “But I did not prepare you properly and—“

Elrond’s fingers now trailed down the long hair, slipped into Thranduil’s robes and effortlessly located one hard nipple, which he pinched teasingly, secretly hoping the blond would grow hard again whilst still inside him. “Will you make love to me again, nîn glaur?” Using his hold on Thranduil, he pulled the Elf close enough to kiss him.

Thranduil groaned when Elrond kissed him hard. What was the half-Elf doing to him? Elrond, rolling one of his nipples between his fingertips, sucked on the tip of his tongue and… “What?” he panted the word, realizing he was growing hard again. “I am still inside you…”

“Then take me again.”

“You will be sore.”

“I do not mind,” whispered Elrond, slowly rocking his hips. “Not as long as you make love to me.”

Unable to deny Elrond, Thranduil planted a passionate kiss on the half-Elf’s lips. “Then I will make love to you until the day we die.”



Beta read by Ilye, thank you!

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