This is sort of along the time line of fellowship of the ring. It is going to become Aragorn Legolas slash if you don't like it don't read it!!

Desire and Love

Chapter One - Revelations

By linteloteiel


The first night in Moria

They settled down to sleep. Pippin was supposed to take first watch, after the trick with the stone, but Gandalf took over when he couldn't sleep. Two others were also awake. Legolas hated the dark of Moria, and couldn't rest. Aragorn was watching him carefully, willing himself not to betray his feelings.

He could feel Gandalf watching him as he got up and walked over to the elf.

`What troubles you, friend?' he asked as the elf turned round.

`Something sleeps here. And it's not friendly.' The bright green eyes betrayed he wasn't telling all.

`That is not all. I know you too well, old friend.' Something else bothered him too. Aragorn wished he could tell him of his own feelings but he knew the elf didn't return them and it would only cause him greater pain.

`You're paranoid. I am merely worried about Frodo, about you. He walks to his death, and you follow. But you worry too.' The green eyes searched Aragorn's soul.

`I am Isildur's heir. Frodo carries Isildur's bane, the very thing that caused the ruin of my ancestors. How long til I too sway to the call of the ring?' the ranger seemed incredibly worried about this.

`You will not. You chose to ignore your destiny a long time ago. That will not change. You have worked hard to protect Frodo, even if you felt the call of the ring you would do nothing. You know that.' The elf took the ranger's hand. `Do you honestly think the lady Arwen would cleave to you if she thought you would follow your ancestors?' The ranger thought he detected a slight bitterness in his words but told himself he was imagining it in his love for Legolas.

`Arwen doesn't know what she's doing. She thinks I'm going to be king, and that I'll give her a good home. She hasn't thought about what it means.' These were bitter words, but he knew they were true. Arwen knew that he didn't really love her, that he wasn't really interested in having a queen. He merely wanted a friend he could trust in her.

`There are more than she who would do the same. Do you say that they know not what they do?' This came out barely a whisper. Aragorn's heart leapt. Did that mean what he thought?

`You lie. None would do that for a human such as myself.' Legolas turned away, hurt at the accusation.

`You said you knew me, then you call me a liar?' Legolas sounded truly hurt.

`I'm sorry. I am tired and worried, I shouldn't have taken it out on you.'

`It is my watch. I will see you tomorrow.' He walked away, and went over to Gandalf. They talked quietly for a few moments. Aragorn watched, feeling guilty for saying that about the one he loved.

He lay back, trying to sleep. He fought the tears threatening to spill over.

Legolas watched the human silently. He was hurt at his words. How could he be so blind to his own beauty? How could he not see his own greatness? The human tossed and turned obviously unable to sleep. Legolas sighed and walked over.

`Aragorn? Are you alright?' he whispered.

`Yes. Just restless. This place gives me the creeps.'

`I know. Come on, come and keep watch with me.'

`Alright then. If you forgive me for my idiocy before.'

`I have something to help us forget everything around us.' Saying this he produced a bottle of elven wine. The two went to the edge of the hall where they could see out. They shared the bottle, talking quietly.

`I meant it. There are many elves would.' He whispered again.

`I know. But not the one I desire.'

`How sure are you that she does not return your affection?' Legolas anxiously waited for the answer.

`Very. It is not a she,' Aragorn confessed nervously. Legolas chuckled slightly at his friend embarrassment, despite his heartache.

`You needn't worry about my response.' He said. `You forget that elves are not bothered by gender. I know of several who care for you. If they knew you were not like most humans, they would show it.'

`Most humans?' Aragorn quizzed, shooting an annoyed glance at the elf.

`You know, the whole opposite gender only thing. And virginity is such an issue.' He prayed his words covered his true feelings.

`Still, I am certain that they do not return my affection.'

`Really?' Legolas leaned forward and kissed the human. `Then I will make my move,' he whispered against the man's lips. Aragorn leaned into the kiss.

`You care?' he questioned softly.

`I have for a long time. But we should wait. Arwen will be truly hurt, and I would that we did nothing til she knew.'

`She knows. Well, she knows I wanted you. She is like a sister to me, I told her before we left. You can keep a clean conscience.'

`Both of you can because if you try anything I'll soak you,' muttered a voice.

`Gandalf!' Aragorn nearly jumped out his skin.

`I should have known you wouldn't go to sleep,' Legolas muttered, cursing under his breath.

`Yes well, both of you can now. I assume all that bothers you is sorted? you will be back to yourselves tomorrow?'

The pair ignored him and walked over to their bedrolls. They lay down together, holding each other as they drifted off to sleep.


Short I know but things will heat up soon I promise!!

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