By Any Means Necessary

Part 20

By Morgana


“We don’t have to rest, Glorfindel. We can travel for a few more hours.” A fist was closing around his heart and Elrond felt like he was suffocating. Elrohir was obviously in agony and it caused him pain that he wasn’t there for his youngest son. /Elladan, where are you? Why aren’t you taking care of your brother?/ He was angry with himself, realizing no senior Elf was in Imladris to support his sons. Lindir, Erestor, Glorfindel and he had left them to their own devices. How could he have been so stupid? One of them should have stayed behind!

Glorfindel’s arms, wrapped tightly around him, squeezed gently and Elrond glared at his seneschal as he looked over his shoulder.

“You might not need the rest,” said Glorfindel, his tone making it evident that he *did* think Elrond needed to rest, “But the horses do. We have been riding them mercilessly since leaving Mirkwood and I don’t want Asfaloth to reach Imladris exhausted. And then there are Thranduil’s sentries. They are on foot and growing tired. They cannot keep up such a cruel pace. We need to rest, melamin.”

Elrond hated admitting it, but the Elda was right and he reluctantly nodded his head once. “We will rest, then.”

“A very wise decision, Elrond.” Glorfindel raised his hand and signaled for the rest of the party to stop. A relieved sigh carried through the lines of Elves.

Elrond gritted his teeth when Glorfindel suddenly slid out of the saddle. He had lost his support and now swayed precariously. A steadying hand returned to rest against his back and a moment later, Glorfindel was helping him down Asfaloth. He gasped, shocked that Glorfindel planned on carrying him toward the small fire that the guards were building. They were even erecting a shelter for him to rest in, should it start to rain.

Glorfindel sensed Elrond’s glare on him and gently lowered his charge onto the soft grass. “No one likes being dependent, but we feel honored to care for you. Please allow us to do so.”

Elrond growled softly and allowed his lover to wrap a blanket around his shoulders. A remnant of the fever still remained, making him shiver.

“Drink this. Maybe it will help.” Glorfindel uncovered the flask Thranduil had given him, poured some of the liquid into a cup and handed it to Elrond. The half-Elf’s hand shook, accepting the healing potion and Glorfindel watched, making sure Elrond didn’t drop it accidentally. “We will reach Imladris tomorrow if we keep up this pace.”

“The guards on foot can travel slower, whilst we on horseback head for Imladris on full speed. We left Mirkwood and the spiders never ventured out here before. We don’t need this big an escort.” Elrond, trembling, handed the empty cup back to Glorfindel. Realizing he had been rather unpleasant company these last few hours, he mumbled a soft apology. “I apologize for my behavior, Glorfindel, but I am worried for Elrohir.”

Glorfindel moistened his lips and gathered Elrond’s trembling hands in his. “I understand, melme, but you must understand that it is my duty to take care of you. I need to make sure you don’t exhaust yourself. Therefore I need to slow you down, you wouldn’t rest otherwise.”

“And I am grateful for your care,” said Elrond slowly, hesitantly making eye contact with his lover. “It is just… I need to make sure Elrohir is fine.”

“We will arrive tomorrow and then you can talk to him.” Realizing Elrond felt lost and worried, he moved closer, wrapped an arm around the half-Elf’s waist and pulled his lover close. “Try to rest. We are safe here. You will need your strength when we continue our journey.”

Elrond rested his head on Glorfindel’s shoulder and watched the Elda open his saddle bags to withdraw lembas and miruvor from them. Accepting small morsels, he ate part of the waver of lembas and sipped some miruvor. The sentries had now secured their camp and mingled with the Imladris guards. “They work well together,” said Elrond pleased. “This bodes well for our future.”

“And with Erestor in Thranduil’s bed…” Glorfindel laughed, hearing Elrond’s quick intake of breath. “He did manage to secure that alliance, didn’t he?”

“Hum, it was my fault,” said Elrond in a contemplative tone. “I told him by any means necessary. But I didn’t tell him to… to bond with Thranduil.”

“I talked to Erestor whilst you were recovering, and for what it is worth, I do think they are in love. It may have started off by accident, but they have feelings for each other. Thranduil especially seems smitten with Erestor.” He grinned, recalling the incident in the corridor. “Ah, that reminds me. I still need to tell you…”

“What?” Elrond’s curiosity was piqued, but at the same time he felt tired. Had Thranduil mixed a sleeping powder into that healing potion?

“I walked in on them in the corridor.” Glorfindel grinned, feeling Elrond smile against his chest. “Thranduil was expressing certain… desires and Erestor was trying hard to find release. They will be happy, melme.”

Elrond chuckled, trying to picture Glorfindel catching them in the act. “You must tell me more details when I am more alert.”

“I will. Now try to rest.” Glorfindel made sure his charge was warm and once Elrond was dozing off, he sought out Lindir’s eyes. They exchanged a knowing look and Glorfindel settled down more comfortably, holding his lover tight.


Celeborn sighed deeply, seeing Elrohir’s defiant glare. “Trust me, pen-neth, you need to eat something.” Elrohir had woken some minutes ago and the first thing the younger half-Elf had done was to pull away from Elladan. Celeborn shook his head, seeing Elrohir’s futile attempts to keep their skin to skin contact to a minimum. Both half-Elves were still naked and he could tell that his current lack of clothes made Elrohir uncomfortable. “If you drink this soup, I will return your clothes to you.”

Elrohir gave his grandfather a look filled with contempt. “I will drink the soup, then.” He desperately wanted his clothes back. Seeing and feeling Elladan’s naked body woke new carnal desires in him and his old fantasies of claiming his twin, and being claimed in turn, nearly made him hard again. He barely managed to control his desires and quavered, curling his fingers around the bowl. The fact that his left arm was useless was another thing that irritated him. Slowly, he sipped the hot soup. From the corner of his eye, he caught Elladan staring at him.

Elladan cringed, sensing his twin’s dark mood. What did he have to do in order to get through to Elrohir? “Please do not be cross with ata’da, Elrohir. He only tried to help.” His instincts told him that Elrohir felt betrayed – mostly by Celeborn. “You refused to confide in me and I was becoming desperate. I don’t want to lose you!” The glare that remained directed at him, made Elladan shrink into himself. He had seldom seen his twin this angry and distrustful. “I love you, gwenneth.”

His hand shook when Elrohir placed the half-empty bowl aside. Ignoring Celeborn, like the silver-haired Elf wasn’t in the room, he addressed Elladan, “You knew darn well that I didn’t want you to do this and yet you went ahead and did it anyway! Don’t you think I am entitled to my anger?”

“I don’t understand why you are being this difficult!” said Elladan in an explosive tone. “I did what I had to do in order to keep you here!”

“Do you love me, Elladan?”

Elrohir’s calm tone made Elladan gasp for breath. “Of course I do!”

“Nay, do you *love* me? Do you feel passionate about me?” He appeared calm and controlled, but on the inside he was raging. “Elladan, do you really understand what you did? You are bound to me until we die!”

Suddenly a smug grin surfaced on Elladan’s face. “Aye, we are bound for all eternity. We won’t choose mortality and we won’t fade. We will be happy for all eternity.”

Elrohir stared at his twin in disbelief. “You actually seem… happy about this arrangement!”

“I am,” said Elladan, smirking. Leaning in closer, he tried not to let Elrohir’s glare get to him and gently, he enfolded his twin in his arms. His lips were now close enough to whisper into his brother’s ear. “It is *you* who doesn’t understand. I love you. I feel passion for you. I want to be bound to you.”

“You are insane.”

The words, spoken in a cold and sharp tone nearly froze the blood in Elladan’s veins. Every time when he thought he was making progress, Elrohir would turn on him. “I am not insane, gwenneth.”

Elrohir pushed Elladan away from him, tried to cross his arms in front of his chest, but had to give up, as his broken arm still hampered him. Pulling the blanket up to his shoulder, he reluctantly sought out Celeborn’s gaze. “You promised to return my clothes to me.”

“And I told you to finish your soup first.” Celeborn flinched at the hard tone both their voices carried. He wanted to care for his youngest grandson, but it was obvious that Elrohir wouldn’t let him.

Glowering at Celeborn, Elrohir picked up the bowl and emptied it. With a defiant glare he placed it back onto the ground and continued to stare Celeborn into submission.

Celeborn gave in first, realizing Elrohir wasn’t completely thinking rationally. He gathered the leggings and shirt and handed them to Elrohir. “I will wait for the two of you outside.” He would get their horses ready for departure. His shoulders slumped when he left the room, wishing Elrohir would forgive him for caring so much.

Elrohir felt somewhat more at ease now that his grandfather had left, but was quickly reminded of Elladan’s presence when his twin tried to assist him with putting on his shirt. “I don’t need your help. You already *helped* enough.”

His twin’s venomous tone took Elladan aback and he swallowed hard. But then he recalled Celeborn’s words; he couldn’t allow Elrohir to chase him away. “Let me help. Your broken arm must still hurt and I want to help.” He briefly wondered if Elrohir could be concussed. It would explain his odd behavior. But he dismissed the idea. His brother was just really upset and would calm down eventually.

Realizing he couldn’t get dressed by himself, Elrohir nodded reluctantly. Elladan acted at once and helped his brother into the shirt. After lacing it up, he assisted Elrohir in putting on his leggings. Their eyes briefly met and he smiled shyly, seeing the fierce blush that now covered Elrohir’s face. “I really love you, gwenneth.”

Elrohir abruptly nodded once and then averted his eyes. “I know you do, but—“

“No buts, please Elrohir.” Elladan gently rested his hands on either side of his twin’s head and waited for his brother to make eye contact before continuing. “I do believe this was meant to happen and I am happy that I took this step. You are the other half of my soul. Give me, nay, give *us* a chance.”

“I don’t know if I can,” whispered Elrohir in a tiny voice. “When I think about facing Ada, I… I feel nauseous. How can I ever face him after… after what I…”His voice faltered and he pleadingly glanced at his brother. “I can never face him again. It is because of me that you had to do this.”

Elladan stared at his twin in dismay. How could he stop Elrohir from clinging to his guilt and shame? He sighed, realizing he needed to distance himself for one moment so he could gather his thoughts. He left the bed, gathered his own clothes and got dressed as well. After putting on his boots, he helped Elrohir into his and then created a sling for Elrohir’s broken arm to rest in. “Better?”

Elrohir nodded once and then blushed again. Elladan couldn’t help it, but the fact that his twin was blushing was extremely appealing. Giving in to his needs, he leaned in closer and gently claimed Elrohir’s lips. The younger half-Elf’s eyes widened and he tried to pull back, but in the end Elrohir surrendered to the kiss and even parted his lips and teeth.

Surprised, Elladan pressed closer and rested his hand at the column of Elrohir’s neck. The kiss was slow and tender, unrushed, and Elladan’s toes curled. When he pulled back, he panted softly and saw his own desire reflected in Elrohir’s eyes. “We will be fine in the end, gwenneth.”

Elrohir nodded again and lowered his eyes. He allowed Elladan to pull him to his feet and together they made their way out of the cabin to join Celeborn.


Celeborn watched them closely and realized that they had talked. Elrohir was walking close to Elladan and he even allowed for his twin to keep an arm wrapped around him. Things wouldn’t be easy for the two of them, but they would sort everything out because they loved each other. Now he had to work on obtaining forgiveness from Elrohir. He understood that the younger half-Elf felt betrayed. He would have felt betrayed as well.

“I suggest Elladan and you take one horse as I doubt you will want to ride with me,” said Celeborn, addressing Elrohir. His youngest grandson’s eyes were filled with ice and pierced his very soul.

Elrohir nodded once. “You are right. I prefer Elladan’s company to yours.”

Ouch, that had hurt. Celeborn quickly hid his hurt expression, but feared Elrohir had already seen. He mounted his horse, knowing Elrohir didn’t want him close.

Elrohir suddenly realized that Elladan and he would be riding together, very close, for quite some time and now he cursed himself for alienating Celeborn. He wasn’t sure he could bear the constant friction when sitting pressed against his twin. This would be torture.

“Let me help,” offered Elladan.

Elrohir sighed and allowed his twin to assist him when mounting the horse. When Elladan slid into place behind him, he fervently prayed to Elbereth that Elladan wouldn’t grow aroused during their journey to Imladris. He wasn’t sure he could remain in place when feeling his brother’s erection against his backside. Not after Elladan had claimed him. Suddenly Elladan rested his chin on his shoulder, and his twin pulled him close, making sure he was secure.

“Im mela lle, gwenneth.”

Words that should have frightened him, now filled Elrohir with a sense of rightness. Elladan had chosen to be with him because his twin loved him. And their love was strong. He doubted that even their father’s disapproval could pull them apart. /Ada, I don’t want to think of his reaction./ Elrond would never allow this. /We will be banished from Imladris./ And the worst thing was that Elladan would go with him.

But then again, they would at least have each other.


/Belldoron, mighty seneschal, look at them. Can you see what is happening?/

The whispering voice was back and made him look at Thranduil in surprise. He had been working on new schedules for their patrols and his King had been occupied with the land’s defenses. For a few moments everything had seemed right again – familiar, but now Erestor stepped into the room. The Noldorin Elf was leaning against the doorway, looking possessively at his King.

/He is seducing your King. It won’t be long before Thranduil is lured into sharing his power with the Noldo and then Erestor will make his move. Your King will fall ill. He has already been ill. Can you see the lingering dark circles beneath his eyes? Who knows what that evil sorcerer is poisoning Thranduil with./

Belldoron’s eyes narrowed. Erestor didn’t seem to mind him watching at all, as the Noldorin Elf moved into place behind Thranduil, placing a hand on his King’s shoulder. He eyed Erestor closely, waiting for the evil one to betray himself. /He is Noldo, our enemy. Thranduil should know that as well./ But thankfully he was here to protect his ruler. “Sire, would you accompany on my inspection? We need to make sure our warriors remain alert and it has been a while since they last saw you. Seeing you attend the inspection might boost their moral.” His eyes widened, seeing Erestor lean in closer to whisper conspiringly into Thranduil’s ear. /And so it begins. He is trying to keep my King away from his men. I see what you are doing, pen-gûl./ (Evil one.)

“Maybe tomorrow, meldir. I don’t feel strong enough yet to venture outside for a longer period of time. Maybe after another night’s rest.”

Belldoron managed to control his raging anger at being denied. /This is *his* doing. The Noldo is controlling my King, manipulating and influencing him./

/ I told you that Erestor is evil. He slowly lures your King into a false sense of safety and love, and then he will make his move. You have to remain alert, seneschal. Your King will need your strong sword arm shortly./

Belldoron forced himself to react to Thranduil’s reply. “Aye, my Liege, maybe tomorrow, but the men will be disappointed that you won’t join them.” He rose from his chair, unable to remain in the Noldo’s company any longer. He felt like he was suffocating. “I will conduct the daily inspection now.”

“You have permission to leave,” whispered Thranduil absentmindedly.

Baring his teeth for the tiniest of moments, Belldoron turned around, disgusted with the fact that his King was eying the Noldo with barely concealed lust. /So that is how the pen-gûl controls him. He lured Thranduil into his bed. He probably gets up on all fours and lets Thranduil take him./ A growl escaped his throat, and he quickly closed the door behind him.

/Aye, my mighty seneschal, the Noldo is a whore. He uses his body to control your King. I told you; Elrond Half-Elven trained this one well. It will be difficult to undo the enchantment the Noldo placed on your King. But you must find a way, for Mirkwood! For your King!/

/I will,/ promised Belldoron privately. /I will clean my King’s bed of this evil spawn and Thranduil’s honor will be restored./


“I really wished I could have accompanied Belldoron,” said Thranduil, pulling Erestor close until his dark-haired lover was forced to sit down on his desk. Sliding his hands along Erestor’s inner thighs, he parted the advisor’s legs and then pulled him close with a powerful jerk.

Erestor gasped, unexpectedly finding himself in Thranduil’s lap, with his legs parted to give his lover unlimited access. “You should be resting, melamin, not exhausting yourself.”

“I cannot control myself, nîn-cuil.” Vilya sparkled at his ring finger when his fingertips moved to undo the lacing of Erestor’s leggings. “My greatest desire is to pleasure you. Will you let me?” He didn’t yet have the stamina to go another round, but Erestor was hard and willing. Slowly, he pushed down the fabric, revealing narrow hips. “Oh, I know just how to pleasure you and I always wanted to do this!”

Erestor’s eyes widened when Thranduil swept all papers and books from his desk. Not expecting such abrupt treatment, he yelped softly as Thranduil lifted him to lay him down on the wooden desk. “What are you doing?” Staring at his lover, he wondered what had gotten into the Sinda.

Thranduil grinned, and quickly removed his lover’s boots and leggings. “You are a feast, Erestor.” Standing back, he studied the dark-haired Elf. “Will you scream my name when you come?”

“Ai, I…” Erestor swallowed hard as warm fingers curled themselves around his straining erection. He tried to sit upright to maintain eye contact with his lover, but Thranduil insistently pushed his shoulders back onto the desk.

“Now don’t move about too much.” Thranduil nearly drooled at the prospect of giving his lover so much pleasure that Erestor would scream his name. “Part those long legs for me.”

Erestor was glad he was lying down, for his legs would have given out on him at this point. Staring at the ceiling, he did as he was told and quavered with anticipation when Thranduil guided them to rest on his shoulders. Completely exposed, and vulnerable, he held his breath. He trusted Thranduil unconditionally, but it took a great amount of courage to present himself like this and to let his lover do whatever he wanted.

“You are so beautiful. You fill my veins with fire and lust, nîn-cuil.” Thranduil leaned in close enough to kiss his lover and brutally sucked on Erestor’s bottom lip. One nipple stood at full attention and he rolled it between his fingertips, squeezing it teasingly. “Oh, you want this, don’t you? Tell me.”

“Aye, I want this… Want you!” Erestor panted hard and his voice had taken on a desperate tone. He whimpered his need when the fingers returned to stroke his hard flesh. Thranduil’s soft robes rubbed against his sensitive flesh, sending tremors of pleasure through his body. He raised his hips in a mute plea and rocked against his lover.

“Ai, you are so eager, melamin, and you are all mine. I will play your body and make you scream. I want to please you so badly, Erestor.” Thranduil, licking the other, so far neglected nipple, blindly opened the top drawer, reaching for the fragranced oil that he kept in there.

Erestor reached for Thranduil, pulled him closer and buried his hands in the Elf’s soft robes. “Aiya, you like doing this to me.”

“I like seeing you at my mercy, aye. I like knowing that I am the one who is doing this to you.” He lowered Erestor’s legs somewhat so he could easier lean in closer to claim his lover’s lips. While pumping the dark-haired Elf’s shaft, he located the phial filled with oil, opened it and let a generous amount flow over his fingers.

Staring into Erestor’s dark eyes, he placed one finger at the guardian ring, massaging before entering, but when he did, it was with one fierce thrust, piercing his helpless lover.

“Aiya!” Erestor whimpered at the sudden penetration and arched his back, trying to take in more. “Aye, now… more.”

“Not yet.” Thranduil added a second finger, probing inside the passage and manipulating his lover’s pleasure gland. Helping Erestor, he supported one long leg, which he now moved back over his shoulder. Pulling Erestor even closer, he added a third finger and began a steady thrusting motion. “Do you feel it, melamin? Do you feel me give you this pleasure? You are mine, now. The King’s property and yet, you utterly posses me in turn.”

Erestor felt full and the consistent stroking of his sweet spot was quickly pushing him toward release, but it was hearing Thranduil’s words that really caused his orgasm. “Aye, I feel you… Feels good.”

Thranduil smiled seductively and then attacked one of his lover’s pointed ears, suckling the tip. Still, he managed to get a few words out. “In and out… In and out…” He mimicked his thrusts to his words, driving Erestor out of his mind. “In and out…”

Unable to keep back any longer, Erestor screamed Thranduil’s name, finally finding orgasm after enduring Thranduil’s sensual and verbal torment. Shaking like a leaf, he turned his head to look at his lover and smiled at seeing the wicked expression in those sparkling eyes.

Thranduil whimpered in turn, feeling his lover’s inner muscle contract around his fingers and he remained perfectly still, waiting for the spasms to subdue. “Aye, I will enjoy taking you… Possessing you,” he purred in anticipated delight.

Erestor couldn’t do much else except lie there and try to calm down. “You…” Words failed him. He had never had such a passionate and spontaneous lover before. “You are so careless… What if… What if someone walked in on us? You didn’t lock the door!”

“That just added to my excitement and desire to make you come.” Thranduil removed his fingers, careful not to cause Erestor any discomfort. Suddenly, his eyes widened with embarrassment.

Which Erestor caught. “What? What is it?” He groaned softly, sitting upright and followed Thranduil’s gaze. For some reason the Sinda was staring at his fingers and then at his still exposed groin. “What?”

“I… Uh… Didn’t know…” Thranduil stuttered, trying to apologize. He tried to hide his hand inside his sleeves, but Erestor grabbed his wrist.

“What?” Erestor swallowed hard, seeing Thranduil’s fingers were coated with a thick and oily ink.

“I reached for the wrong bottle,” whispered Thranduil, cringing and awaiting the lecture Erestor would surely deliver.

“Ink? You used ink?” Dumbfounded, Erestor’s gaze shifted from Thranduil’s fingers to his own lower body. Aye, he definitely needed a bath. “Look at what you did to me! I am covered in ink. It is even inside of me! Thranduil!”

For one moment they stared at each other. Thranduil’s features were contorted; afraid Erestor would take this mistake out on him. “I just wanted to hear you scream my name.”

Seeing his lover’s apologetic expression, Erestor realized Thranduil expected to be scolded at and he was tempted to do just that. But in the end, he grinned. “You are quite an adventure, Thranduil. I cannot remember ever using ink for lubrication before and we won’t do it again.” He chuckled softly, shaking his head. “Oh, you will make this up to me! And I will get to decide how.” Tears of merriment appeared in his eyes and they dripped from his chin. “Aiya, we need to clean out this desk and rearrange its contents!”

Thranduil breathed a relieved sigh, realizing ho fortunate he was that Erestor wasn’t angry with him. “Aye, I will make this up to you. In whatever way you desire.” Using his sleeve, he tried to remove most of the ink that clung to Erestor’s sweaty skin. “Go to my chambers and enjoy a long soak in the pool.”

“You won’t join me, then?” Erestor raised an eyebrow. He reached for his shirt and slipped into it, still snickering softly.

“I will reorganize my desk first,” whispered Thranduil guiltily.

As he put on his leggings, Erestor continued to chuckle. “Ink! He used ink!” After giving Thranduil a passionate kiss, he headed for the doorway. He was looking forward to that long soak, hoping Thranduil would join him at some point. Opening the door, he looked over his shoulder at Thranduil, hearing the Sinda giggle unexpectedly. Wiggling an eyebrow he waited for his lover to explain.

“I am just very glad Glorfindel didn’t walk in on us this time.”

Erestor shivered. “Aye, that would have been bad.” Having been caught in the corridor was bad enough, but being caught being ravaged on Thranduil’s desk, whilst using ink for lubrication, would have been much worse! Shivering, he closed the door behind him. /The next time I will make sure the bloody door is locked!/


Notes: About the King’s property remark… I wasn’t reading that story at the time yet, but I do love Red Autumn’s story by now :P

And Ilye asked for the ink scene!

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