Boromir's Quest

Part 5

By Morgana


"Come closer, don't be afraid."

Galadriel beckoned him closer, but Boromir hesitated. He had only woken a few seconds ago, wondering what he was doing outside. He had never sleepwalked before and this development worried him. Legolas was alone now and he should be there to comfort the Elf. "Why am I here?" Although he was inclined to trust Galadriel he remained alert.

"This is the mirror of Galadriel," she said, "Will you look at it?"

"What will I see? Why should I look?" Boromir remained at a distance. Why had she called him out here in the dead of night? Why make him leave Legolas' side? It made him distrustful. Looking down, he found he was dressed in soft robes, when had he put them on?

"The last time we talked I told you what terrible consequences await you if you chose the Ring over Legolas. I am not sure you fully understand how important it is that you withstand the lure of the Ring. Look in to the water and tell me what you see."

Her voice carried so much command that Boromir approached the water and looked at it. His breath caught when the surface changed. Images formed in the water and his eyes widened, realizing he was attacking Frodo, demanding the Halfling handed him the Ring. Questioningly he stared at the possessed expression in the other Boromir's eyes; was that really he? "I would never attack Frodo."

"But you will," said Galadriel softly. "You will attack him, force him to use the Ring to escape and..." Her voice trailed off, seeing his shocked expression.

Boromir's breathing quickened seeing his mirror image go down after taking three large arrows in his chest. The Uruk-Hai prepared for a final shot, but Aragorn stopped him. A moment later he watched his reflection die and then... Legolas... Legolas had fallen to his knees and was now gathering him in to his arms, crying hot tears of grief and pain. "What will happen to him?"

"Legolas' soul will fade away. Within the year his soul will travel to the great Halls of Mandos. Without you he doesn't have a reason to live."

"I can't let him die..." Boromir shook his head in disbelief. "I still don't believe I could attack Frodo." Ever since that very first day he had felt extremely protective of the hobbits!

"The lure of the Ring is strong, Boromir," said Galadriel and her voice turned remarkably compassionately. "I almost faltered as well and succumbed to its lure. Legolas can lead you back to the light and away from the Shadow... if you let him."

Boromir nodded once. "I won't let the Ring control me. Thank you for showing me." He turned around, ready to return to Legolas.

Galadriel watched him walk away and her eyes filled with compassion for the Man whose struggle she understood only too well. "Legolas will save you..."


/Waking up, I realize at once that I'm alone in bed. Where's Boromir? I can't believe he would leave; something extraordinary must have occurred. He will be back shortly... He must return to me! I still need him, his presence, his warmth, his strength...

Suddenly the door opens and my eyes meet Boromir's. Yes, he returned. He looks cold and confused and I frown, wondering what upset him. I push back the covers, signaling him to join me and he does, still clothed in robes. He lays down on his side, facing me, and his arms enfold me. Shivers run down my spine; he feels so cold! Why was he outside?

His eyes possess a secretive gleam and I know he's hiding things from me. I must reach out and reconnect with him. There can't be any emotional distance between us now./


"I talked to the Lady Galadriel... She's very determined to see you happy and for some reason she thinks we're meant to be together."

/I weakly nod my head. Galadriel is wise and knows best the way of the Elves. She knows the lure of the Ring and the constant struggle Boromir is in./ "She is right..."

Boromir shifted beneath the blankets and watched in wonder when Legolas moved closer to him, almost trying to become a part of him. "She told me I will betray the Fellowship. I will succumb to the lure of the Ring and attack Frodo... I will pay for this mistake with my life..."

/I can't believe he doesn't understand. Do I have the strength to explain?/ "Boromir... what you saw... was one possible future... it doesn't have to be... that way."

"No Legolas, I know my weakness and I doubt I can stop this from happening."

/His answer pains me greatly. Instead of offering words, I slowly raise my hand and allow my fingers to tangle in his hair. Will my love make a difference?/ "You always have a choice... Boromir... the future changes all the time."

Boromir smiled saddened. "You look tired... Why don't you rest some more?"

/I understand. He wants a few moments to sort out his thoughts. I nod and rest my head against his chest. The soft fabric of the robes irritates me, because it keeps me from making skin on skin contact, but I remain quiet. For him, I will rest./


Boromir sighed deeply when Legolas' breathing indicated that the Elf had gone back to sleep. Galadriel's words had deeply upset him. How could he ever attack a gentle soul like Frodo? It was true, he craved possession of the Ring because it would help him defend his people, but he had resisted its pull so far and now that he had Legolas to care for he was determined to fight the lure even harder.

Legolas... The Elf still mystified him. He never expected Legolas to trust him this unconditionally. Being honest with himself he admitted that he was starting to fall in love with the fair creature. The fact that Legolas was immortal and he merely mortal no longer really mattered to him. Only being together was important.

He pulled Legolas even closer and buried his face in the long, golden locks. He inhaled the other man's scent and smiled. Legolas wanted him, wanted to make this work. Why an Elven Prince wanted him was still beyond his understanding, but he was willing to accept the fact. Loving Legolas was easy...

Acting on instinct, his lips brushed the silk like locks and he pressed a gentle kiss on the strands. He'd had lovers before, although he wasn't sure it was the right term to describe them. Some had stolen in to his bed because he held an important position in Gondor, others he had used for sexual pleasure and they had used him in return. Never before had he made love... and he wondered if it differed from having sex...

Legolas moved in his arms and he suddenly stared in to a pair of smoky blue eyes, which were no longer filled with the void expression of sleep. Legolas was very much awake and smiling at him. He tentatively returned the smile. His heartbeat sped up when Legolas' fingertips tenderly caressed his face, tracing his stubble. "You should be asleep," he whispered in a hoarse tone.

Legolas merely smiled, making him swallow hard. There was an odd expression of mischief in Legolas' eyes. What was the Elf up to? That thought made him shiver and the look Legolas was giving him made his groin stir. Embarrassed and ashamed, he tried to fight the arousal in to submission. It was hardly appropriate to lust after an Elf who had been ravaged only recently.

Legolas' eyes widened and Boromir cursed privately. "I should apologize..." He was about to pull back and leave the bed, when Legolas' weak grip held him back.

"Don't... Please stay."

Boromir shook his head. "You can't want this... Not after what happened to you..."

Legolas licked his lips and Boromir's cock twitched at the sight. "Let me leave... It's best," whispered Boromir.

"No, stay..." Legolas looked tired and almost rejected. "I need you... Our bond aids my recovery... Making love will help me improve..."

"Making love..." Boromir repeated the words, recalling his musings earlier. "I don't want you to relive all those unpleasant moments..." He suddenly wondered if Legolas remembered what had happened, should he ask?

"Aye, I remember what happened..."

Boromir held his breath and feeling Legolas tremble against him, he tightened the embrace again, refusing to let the memories overwhelm Legolas. "You can tell me..." Maybe talking about it would help Legolas work through it. "I'll listen..."

Legolas nodded against his chest and Boromir began to stroke the soft skin of the Elf's face. The bruises were starting to fade and the paleness was retreating little by little.

"I wanted to be alone for a while, and I left the campsite. I found a lovely clearing and I lay down to watch the stars. I was almost lulled into sleep when they attacked. It were Orcs, but more foul than I have even seen before, stronger and more cunning as well. I fought them, but there were three of them and only one of me. When they had beaten me in to submission, two of them left, announcing they were getting the horses and that they would take me with them to Isengard. The third one, their leader, remained and..." Legolas briefly closed his eyes. "I've been with men before, but I always gave myself willingly. This monster took what he wanted... I must have lost consciousness and then darkness surrounded me... I stayed in that darkness for some time, then I was pulled toward Mandos. My mother suddenly appeared to my right, crying, but welcoming me. I knew then that I was dead, for she died when I was little."

Boromir now firmly controlled his emotions and the arousal had completely faded, hearing Legolas' trembling voice. "I'm here for you," he whispered, gently rubbing the other man's back.

Legolas drew in a deep breath and then continued. "I finally fully realized what was happening; that I had been granted to travel to the Halls of Mandos after my ordeal and although I regretted leaving the company, I knew I couldn't return to them. Then... then your voice appeared, telling me about Faramir. A warmth began to envelop me, pulling me back and I sensed your arms around my form. My mother told me I had to choose between staying at Mandos or return to the living. I wanted to stay at Mandos, I wanted to die, but... You didn't give up. Your voice remained and I felt so warm when you were close."

A lump formed in Boromir's voice. "You needed me and I was determined to bring you back."

Legolas smiled. "Aye, it was a sense of duty and honor that guided your actions at first... but what is guiding them now?" He cocked his head and made eye contact with the Gondorian. "When I returned a bond formed, and it's helping me recover. Do you know what that bond entails? Did anybody tell you or did you make this decision blindly?"

"I know what it means," whispered Boromir tenderly. "We'll become lovers in time."

Legolas' smile brightened. "True, but it goes even deeper than that. I can't explain it to you for I do not know what to expect either, but..."

Boromir placed a finger against Legolas' lips. "We can discuss this later."

"No, we need to discuss it now." Legolas curled his fingers around Boromir's and pressed it against his lips, planting a soft kiss on its tip. "You are falling in love with me and I return your feelings; it's part of the bond forming between us." Suddenly he grew serious. "Do you accept me as your mate? If you do, we'll be married according to Elven standards, do you fully understand what that means? You can't have another lover as long as I live."

"What happens when I am old and grey and die of old age?" Boromir grew worried again. "Will my death then cause yours as well?"

Legolas shook his head. "Not after a lifetime full of love. It will ensure my safety and I will draw my strength from it in the centuries to come..." His eyes suddenly darkened. "Or do you desire me to become mortal?"

Boromir tasted the fear in those words and understood. Legolas was an immortal and giving up his immortality was the greatest sacrifice he could make. "No, I do not desire you to become mortal. I would never take that away from you."

Legolas calmed down again. "Thank you, but I might desire becoming mortal in time... when our loves proves true..."

Boromir briefly felt speechless. Legolas no longer resembled the unresponsive Elf whom he had cared for these last few days and that expression of mischief worried him. His eyes grew big, feeling Legolas' hand slip beneath his robes. "What are you doing?"

"I desire you..." whispered Legolas. "When you bonded with me you created a connection, which is stronger than my memories of the Orcs. Aye, a part of me remembers those dreadful minutes, but the larger part of me wants to be with you."

Boromir couldn't believe what he was hearing. "You want to be with me? Legolas, I don't know... We should wait..."

"Boromir, I died... I went to the Halls of Mandos and I returned for you, because of your promise. I'm no longer the man you knew, I've changed..."

Boromir wasn't sure what to make of the other man's words. "You may be ready, but I am not..."

Legolas' eyes closed. "But I need you... You do not understand the way of the Elves... Maybe I made a mistake in coming back..." A tear flowed down his cheek.

"No," stated Boromir and his fingertip caught the transparent tear. "You made the right choice... If this is what you want it will be done, but..."

Legolas' eyes opened again. "You want to take this slow?"

Boromir smiled relieved. "I know I surprise you, but yes, I need to take this slow." Suddenly Legolas' hand resumed its exploration and came to rest on his hip. "What are you up to?"

"I need to know you really want me as you mate," explained Legolas, feeling slightly nervous.

"I'm not ready to go all the way... my love..." Boromir added those last two words hesitantly, uncertain how Legolas would react to hearing them, but the Elf's eyes flashed with approval. He had never called any of his bed partners by that name, but it seemed appropriate to do it now.

Legolas moistened his lips and just seeing the tip of that pink tongue made him grow hard again. It was obvious that he was attracted to Legolas and the Elf was attracted to him in return; the bond was deepening. He startled as Legolas' hand slid down his stomach. "What are you doing?"

Legolas grinned wickedly. "You desire me... do not deny it..."

Boromir swallowed hard. "Aye, I do, but..." Legolas' fingers curled around his aching erection and a moan escaped his throat as the other man set up a slow, tormenting rhythm. "Are you sure about this?" The feel of those slender and agile fingers on him made him harden even further; he wasn't going to last long. The now dark, smoky eyes were locked with his and Legolas completely surprised him by pulling him close and kissing him passionately. Reacting instinctively, Boromir took control of the kiss, parted Legolas' teeth and his tongue slithered inside to collect its reward. Legolas tasted sweet and he chased the Elf's tongue while agile fingers stroked him toward climax.

His body tensed with ecstasy and he kissed Legolas hard, bruising delicate lips, but that didn't register with Boromir at that moment. He wanted all that Legolas had to offer. Releasing a growl, he came in Legolas' hand, and the warm cream dripped from the Elf's fingers. Coming down from the lustful rush, Boromir suddenly realized his selfishness. "Let me..."

Panting softly, he managed to take control of the situation. "Let me return the pleasure you gave me." Legolas' body twitched with anticipation and Boromir decided to take his time with his new lover. Now that he had come, he felt sated and able to concentrate on his lover's needs. "Yes?" He refused to proceed without proper permission.

"Aye..." Legolas' voice trembled and his blue eyes darkened with lust.

Boromir allowed himself a moment to take in the Elf's form. "You're beautiful..." He wanted to kill the Orc who had dared to lay hands on Legolas, but kept silent, concentrating on bringing pleasure instead of the pain and humiliation Legolas had felt at his attacker's hands. "May I see you naked?"

Nervously, Legolas nodded once. "You already have..."

Boromir pulled the blanket aside and his eyes gently caressed the trembling body in front of him. The bite marks hadn't fully healed yet and still fading bruises disfigured the Elf's body. "Tell me when to stop?" He didn't know how strong the horrid memories were and wanted to reassure Legolas that the Elf was in control.

"Please touch me," whispered Legolas. He brought up his arms behind Boromir's back and pulled him close.

Boromir gave in reluctantly and straddled Legolas' hips, always maintaining eye contact to make sure he wasn't spooking the Elf. Seeing the sparkle in the blue eyes, he leaned in closer and planted gentle kisses all over Legolas' bare chest. The body beneath him trembled fiercely as his tongue circled one hard nipple. "Aye, beautiful..."

Moving slowly, his tongue left a trail of licks and kisses down Legolas' chest. He once more made eye contact with the Elf and was baffled to see the lust and desire in the darkened eyes. Legolas' hands clawed the sheets, and soft moans fled his lips. Encouraged, Boromir licked his lips and let his tongue twirl around the head of Legolas' cock. The Elf wanted this...

"Oh..." Legolas raised his hips at the contact and bucked uncontrollably.

Boromir grinned wickedly and relaxed his throat, taking in Legolas' entire length. Legolas released a shocked yelp and his hands kept the Elf in place, making sure Legolas couldn't thrust too deeply. Licking down the length, he listened to the delirious moans that left Legolas' lips. Pre-ejaculate dripped from his lips and he licked and sucked in earnest, trying to bring Legolas to orgasm.

Soft words left Legolas' lips and Boromir realized the Elf now completely surrendered to his caresses. Realizing the unconditional trust between them stunned Boromir and he looked up, staring in to hypnotic sapphire eyes.

"Boro... mir..."

Legolas twitched beneath him and Boromir looked up wickedly. Closing his lips around the tip of Legolas' cock, he suckled hard while massaging the sac. Legolas' eyes widened and he yelped softly, which meaning eluded Boromir. White, hot cream shot from Legolas' cock and Boromir gave in to his curiosity, licking the hot cream from the Elf's stomach.

"Nīn meleth...!"

Boromir's grin remained, licking Legolas clean. Satisfied, he rolled on to his side and propped himself up on his elbow to study the misty blue eyes. "Legolas..."

The Elf cocked his head and locked eyes with him. Boromir rested a hand on Legolas' chest and traced small circles on the Elf's skin. "You surprised me."

Legolas smiled lazily. "Elves are sensual beings... We enjoy being touched by our lover, but..."

Boromir watched Legolas shiver due to the cold and pulled up the blankets again. He moved closer and once more buried Legolas in a firm embrace. "But what?"

"I honestly didn't expect it to feel so... right."

Boromir smiled and rubbed his cheek against Legolas' hair, enjoying the soft sensation. "How did you know we would work out?"

Legolas sighed softly, feeling pleasantly tired. "You have a good heart, Boromir..." But the Shadow was still close. He had succeeded in luring Boromir closer to him and one step away from the Ring, but the battle was far from over.


Galadriel and Aragorn smiled approvingly, standing in the doorway and finding the two men locked in a close embrace. Their naked bodies left little to the imagination and Aragorn briefly felt envious of Boromir. Legolas was a worthy mate.

"Legolas will make a full recovery," whispered Galadriel, careful not to disturb the lovers' sleep.

"I wonder if Boromir knows what awaits him." Aragorn's smile turned in to a grin, pushing his jealousy away; it was uncalled for. Arwen loved him and he loved Arwen with all his heart. He shouldn't begrudge his friends their happiness.

Galadriel nodded once and her eyes twinkled wickedly. "Boromir will find out." She signaled Aragorn to follow her outside. "We already prepared for your departure. You will find the boats stocked with food and water."

"Thank you, Lady." Aragorn's thoughts drifted back to Legolas. "Will he have recovered enough to accompany us? I do not want to expose him to danger."

"Legolas has chosen his destiny and he chose well," said Galadriel thoughtfully. "His love will make a difference and he must carry on. Boromir will look after him, do not worry about him, Aragorn."

Reassured, Aragorn nodded. Aye, Boromir had proven his worth and he trusted the Gondorian to keep Legolas safe.


Boromir woke first and couldn't take his eyes off Legolas, who rested peacefully in his arms. Last night had been a revelation, no even more than that, he felt liberated. The bond was now firmly in place, tying them together and he no longer doubted Legolas really wanted to be with him. He almost regretted they had to leave today for he wanted Legolas to get more rest and once they were on the road again, the Orcs would be hot on their trail.

He brushed a stray lock away from Legolas' face and continued to watch the Elf, imprinting Legolas' features in his mind. Would he wake up like this for the rest of his life? It was a soothing and reassuring thought, but at the same time it reminded him of the responsibility he carried. Legolas needed him, depended on him for now.

"What are you thinking?"

Legolas' voice startled him from his musings. "I thought you were still asleep."

"I sensed you watching me." Legolas stretched in the embrace.

Boromir didn't want to discuss his thoughts right now and changed their topic. "When you came you whispered something I didn't understand..."

"Nīn meleth... My love..." explained Legolas.

"I like that... " Boromir suddenly felt shy. "I didn't take it too far, did I? I wasn't sure..."

"You made me cry with ecstasy," said Legolas reassuringly. He raised a hand, rested its palm against Boromir's cheek and looked in to the other man's eyes. "I love you, never doubt that again."

Boromir's shyness turned in to nervousness. "No one ever said that to me, not in that tone, that intensity." He smiled hesitantly.

Legolas' fingers traced the outline of Boromir's lips and then slipped one tip inside. Boromir suckled it, sending vibrations of pleasure through the Elf's body.

Boromir watched Legolas closely, and finally realized the truth about them. "You were right... We are meant to be together..."

Legolas smiled smugly... "Aye, are were..."

The End

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