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Bleed and Fade

By Tobin


Gripping the wooden railing until his knuckles turn white, he bites back a cry of anguish, of unspeakable pain and loss. Clenching his eyes shut, he seeks comfort in the lull of the ocean, sighing in despair when it refuses to lend its aid.

He passes a slender hand over tired eyes.

A year, it had only been a year. And it still hurts so, like a thousand arrows, biting deep into his soul, embedded in the flesh, festering and hurting...It was always hurting...

The shore slips away, swallowed by the blue horizon of the ocean, as the sun is swallowed by the sky, replaced by the moon, and still he stands, eyes unfocused, his breathing ragged.

I fear I am drifting away, I shan't return, I shan't even try. It hurts so, I cannot bear it, I am not strong like he was. I cannot bear this pain, my soul is not made to sustain this sort of injury. I couldn't stay in his world, and thus I cannot stay in mine.

He sighs softly, he bleeds.

The ship heads into a filmy mist now, encasing him in a tender embrace. The light of the moon is shut out, but they will not lose their way.

And the memories come, memories of a great battle in which a man is killed and an Elf screams in anguish, crying for the loss of a life held dear. The battle fades into the mist to be replaced with dark eyes and fire needing no tinder and flint, of sparring matches and a turmoil of emotions.

Lost in memory, he releases his grip on the railing, slipping to the deck.

I cannot stay without you, can't you see? I must go. I can see your face, I can almost smell you, almost hear you assuring me. And thus I give a dead man my soul, how my father would appreciate that...It does not matter. I hurt no longer.

Shutting his eyes, a single tear slips unheeded down his face, he fades.

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