Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Aragorn/Legolas/Haldir
Spoilers: TTT movie-verse

Notes: Pure smut... and a little bit more. Amazing what one man and two elves can do to you. Or one another.
Written as my own contribution to The Alliance of Men and Elves Fic Challenge.
Thanks to Tyellas and Megan, my beta readers.

Summary: In a secluded glade in Lůrien, Aragorn has Haldir and Legolas perfectly under control.

The Art of Seduction

By Rhysenn


Haldir walked beneath the trees of Lórien, inhaling the spicy freshness of the night as nothing moved except the liquid rustle of the leaves. But something was different, this night ó he could feel it. The cool air was stirred by the scent of... heat, wild and so very present, like an irresistible force drawing him ever forward. His silent footfalls whispered upon the leaf-strewn ground, bringing him to the edge of a hidden glade framed all around by leaves of gold upheld by pillars of bark.

And in the middle of the glade were Aragorn and Legolas, naked except for the silver moonlight that outlined their bodies against the dark grass.

They were oblivious to Haldirís presence even as he stood there, cloaked only by darkness. He knew he had chanced upon an intimate moment that should best be left that way; but Haldir felt a warm tingle run up his spine as he watched Aragorn lower Legolas onto the ground, pushing his legs up and trapping them apart with his broad shoulders as he leaned over to kiss the elf.

Legolas eagerly met Aragornís mouth, his hands pulling the man down onto him. Haldir swallowed hard as he saw Legolasís fingers tease over Aragornís bare back, tracing circles with his fingertips. Aragorn whispered something that made Legolas toss his head back and laugh breathlessly.

"You tempt me with my own kind, Aragorn?" Legolasís mellifluous voice rang clearly in the still night air. "Well, I do not deny that Haldir is handsome and tall, and very desirable."

Haldir tensed at the sound of his own name; he found himself rooted to the spot by the Legolasís words, and he was unable to look away from the tantalising scene unfolding before his eyes. He noted with approval the lean beauty of his kinís body, the slender curve of Legolasís legs wrapped behind Aragornís back, the perfect way their bodies aligned with each other, Man and Elf.

Haldirís hand moved down to his own breeches, reaching into them to touch himself. Legolas was getting impatient, murmuring words in the Elvish tongue to urge Aragorn further; but the man was in control, pacing the rhythm of their lovemaking, and the elf had no choice but to fidget restlessly under him.

Then without warning, Aragorn thrust forward with a sudden, firm movement; Legolas cried out, in pleasure more than pain. Haldir let out a sharp exhalation, as if feeling the penetration of the manís cock himself ó his knees went weak, and he had to lean against a trunk for support. He grasped his own erection, stroking it slowly as he watched Legolas writhe beneath Aragorn, eyes closed, his lips parted, as if hungering for more.

Aragorn held steady for a moment, partly buried inside the elf. Gradually Legolas began to arch upwards, trying to take more of his lover inside him; but strangely Aragorn remained completely still, not taking the elf deeper.

Legolasís voice was frayed with passion and yearning. "Aragorn, please!"

"Shhh." Aragorn silenced the elf with a commanding kiss. Legolas squirmed, elegance giving way to sheer need as he tried to jerk upwards, driven nearly crazy by the way Aragornís cock teasingly moved an inch deeper, then withdrew to the very tip once again. Haldir could not take his eyes off them, and his hand moved faster to stoke his own arousal.

But Aragornís next words, spoken to Legolas but loudly enough to be audible, made Haldir freeze: "We have company."

Haldir stood still, and forgot to breathe. A long pause; then Aragorn spoke again, his voice perfectly calm.

"Welcome, Haldir of Lórien, our honoured host."

Stunned, Haldir took a step backwards. He saw Legolasís hands slip from their place on Aragornís shoulders, as his bright eyes turned towards Haldir in surprise. Aragorn withdrew from the elf, and straightened; the man moved with speed and grace that spoke of his Elven upbringing. So it seemed Aragornís ranger instincts were still honed, sharp like a blade.

Haldir contemplated flight, but he knew it was too late for that now. And, as he watched Aragorn draw closer to him, he did not want to leave, either. He stood his ground, and waited; a shiver of excitement coursed through him, setting every nerve in his body on fire, the unbearable heat funnelling straight to his crotch.

Aragorn halted before him, merely inches away. The manís dark eyes were kindled to silver flame beneath the starlight; and Haldir saw them flicker downwards briefly, before glancing back up filled with a quietly amused expression. Haldir gritted his teeth.

"Aragorn," he greeted; the quaver in his voice betrayed him. He felt foolish, caught off guard standing on the fringe of this secluded glade, with the bulge in his breeches providing ample evidence of his voyeuristic indulgence.

"Forgive me for my rude interruption, it was not my intent." Haldir took a deep breath, then finished lamely, "I heard voices."

"Indeed, you heard truly." Aragorn remained completely unfazed, perfectly in control ó and, gazing into the Manís eyes, Haldir could imagine what Legolas had seen just moments before, as Aragorn had taken him with slow, agonising pleasure... Haldir felt himself harden even more at the mere thought.

"Do you wish for me to leave now, my lord?" Haldir asked softly; then he felt Aragornís fingers reach forward, brushing against his erection. He closed his eyes, undone.

"That depends," came Aragornís answer in a low, seductive whisper. The man closed the distance between them, until there was none; and Haldir felt the tip of Aragornís tongue slide against his ear. "You see, Haldir of Lórien ó your woodland kin Legolas has a problem, which we have yet to solve." Haldirís breathing quickened, and grew shallower and more harsh as Aragornís deft hands pulled open the fastenings of his breeches, freeing his cock at last. "He needs your help."

Haldir thought he might pass out just from the sheer self-control he had to exercise to keep from reacting to Aragornís touch. Now Aragornís hands travelled up his body, opening the front of his tunic; Haldir shivered as Aragornís mouth dipped forward to lick his bare chest, and he could not help jerking in response to Aragornís teeth closing over his taut nipple.

"Aragorn..." Haldir hissed, the word drawn from a great depth within his soul.

"You speak my name." Aragorn smiled in the darkness, and Haldir felt it although he did not see; felt it in the way Aragornís hand closed over his hard member, coaxing it to full hardness with firm, dextrous strokes. Haldir groaned, thrusting into Aragornís palm ó but the man gave a low, rumbling laugh, and drew back. "You shall call out for me again, more fervently, before this night is over."

Then Aragorn was pulling him forward, leading him into the circle of the glade. Haldir opened his eyes, trying to focus through the aroused haze in his mind. What he saw was an erotic sight that sent another flood of raw desire raging through him.

Legolas was now sitting on a broad slab of stone placed deeper in the glade, near the wooded border on the side; its grey surface was polished smooth, and it seemed intended to be a pedestal of some kind, which had subsequently been abandoned. Perhaps a new purpose it would now serve. Legolas reclined upon it, shifting himself nearer to the edge, his legs splayed apart in the most beautifully wanton manner imaginable.

Haldirís breath caught in his throat. He gazed at Legolas, who looked back at him, his bright eyes shimmering with anticipation. Aragorn firmly brought him closer to the other elf, and Haldir found himself reaching out tentatively to caress Legolasís calves, his hands sliding higher up his thighs. Legolas did not flinch, just watched him steadily with wide eyes; then he smiled, and Haldir thought it was the most beautiful, genuine smile he had ever seen.

"He wants you, Haldir." Aragorn stepped away, and regarded the two elves with satisfaction. "Help him."

Leaning forward, Haldir could not resist the urge to kiss Legolas; who in turn received his mouth eagerly, kissing him back, his fingers slipping to entwine in Haldirís long blond hair. Legolas tasted of something sweet and faintly like bitter salt ó Haldir imagined that was the way Aragorn tasted, too. He tilted Legolasís face towards his, kissing him deeply, savouring the tenderness of his fellow elfís lips.

He let his mouth kiss a trail down Legolasís jaw, along his neck and chest; Legolas sighed and arched his back, in a manner that Haldir could only describe as gracefully debauched. He continued to lavish attention on Legolasís body with skilful maneuvers of his tongue; and from the corner of his eye, Haldir could see Aragorn watching them with approval. This emboldened him; he took Legolas into his mouth, and began to suck with slow, rhythmic strokes.

Legolas let out a breathless gasp as Haldirís mouth closed over his cock; he flung his head back as Haldir artfully worked him into full hardness. Haldir ran his tongue over the other elfís shaft, and he could feel Legolas tensing, as if spiralling toward climax ó then suddenly strong hands were on his arms, pulling him away, lifting him to his feet.

"Legolasís fair voice drew you hence, Haldir o Galadhrim," Aragorn whispered in his ear; Haldir heard Legolasís exclamation of displeasure, begging for more, wanting Haldir to bring him to completion. He turned slightly, to find Aragorn standing very close behind him. The manís hands resting on his waist felt good, as did the way Aragorn eased his undone breeches down the rest of the way.

"Legolas called out for me before." Aragorn let his fingers trail down the cleft of Haldirís buttocks. Haldir drew a sharp breath, and felt Aragornís lips against the back of his neck curl into a knowing smile. "Now, make him cry out your name."

Haldir moved closer to Legolas; the other elf fidgeted some more, but when Aragorn reached around Haldir to lift Legolasís legs up in the air, he lay back submissively. Aragorn placed Legolasís calves on Haldirís shoulders, and with a firm nudge, pushed Haldir up against the entrance of Legolasís body.

"He is ready for you; I made sure of that." Aragorn said; his voice was the song of seduction in Haldirís ears. Then Haldir felt Aragornís knee against his inner thighs, pushing them apart, and Aragornís hand swiftly followed, spreading him further. "Now I will make you ready for me."

Aragorn slid one finger inside Haldirís body, then two, flexing them with controlled movements. Haldir shuddered, instinctively drawing away from the initial discomfort; as a result, the head of his own cock pushed against Legolasís entrance. The other elf whimpered at the teasing sensation, trying to urge more of Haldir into him.

"Take him." Aragornís commanding voice spoke in his ear, and his fingers still worked skilfully inside Haldir, making him clutch Legolasís thighs tightly enough to leave marks. "Now."

Haldir gritted his teeth as he slowly pushed inside of Legolas; the elf was well-prepared, as Aragorn had promised, but the agonisingly exquisite sensation of his own cock entering the slick heat of Legolasís body was too wonderful to be wasted. Legolas tossed his head back and moaned in pleasure; Haldir summoned every ounce of self-control to pace himself, sliding deeper, feeling Legolasís tightness clench around him, driving him wild.

So immersed was Haldir that he did not notice Aragornís fingers leaving his body ó until, without warning, Aragornís cock impaled him in a hard, smooth stroke.

Haldir cried out as he reflexively jerked away, and inevitably buried himself to the hilt inside Legolas in a single thrust. Legolas screamed out Haldirís name as he was taken suddenly; but then the initial pain passed, and Legolas arched his body off the stone slab, grinding upwards so Haldirís cock would hit a new, deeper spot inside him.

Haldir was caught between anguish and perfection, every nerve in his body aflame with pure fire and ecstasy ó a rod of human flesh thrusting inside him, his own cock buried in velvet heat.

Aragorn began to thrust into Haldir from behind, the sharp stabs of his cock setting the rhythm of the way he moved inside Legolas. Haldir imagined that he only still remained in an upright position because he was supported between them.

His hands roamed feverishly up and down Legolasís sides, as he gazed down upon him ó the other elfís eyes were closed, his dark lashes fanned against the flushed tinge of his cheeks. Legolasís mouth was parted, and Haldir could see the shape of his own name on Legolasís lips: Haldir, O Haldir. He let his eyes fall shut, losing himself in the moment; his breathing was shallow and ragged.

"An elf breathes so loud," Aragornís low, sensual voice behind him was filled with a certain smug amusement; he punctuated his words with a slow, deliberate thrust that made Haldir writhe helplessly. "Especially when he is in the middle of... certain situations."

Haldir bit his lip, and said nothing; he did not trust himself to be coherent. Not here like this, not now as Aragorn slammed home once again, touching a part deep inside him that made him throw his head back and shudder against Aragornís chest.

Then Aragornís hand was on his cheek, tilting his head towards the left; the next thing Haldir knew Aragornís mouth was on his. Aragorn tasted familiar, from traces of him that had lingered upon Legolasís mouth; Haldirís lips parted, and Aragornís tongue slid against his own, locked in a hungry kiss. The manís other hand ran up Haldirís chest; at the same time Aragorn urged him forward, pressing him up closer against the other elf.

"Aragorn," Haldir panted breathlessly against the manís mouth; his hips moved of their own volition, in counterpoint to Aragornís, alternately plunging into Legolasís body and sheathing Aragornís cock in his own. Beneath him, Legolas let out a soft groan of pleasure.

"Yes," Aragornís mouth was hot against his neck once more, biting his shoulder hard enough to bruise. "Call out for me, Haldir."

"Aragorn!" Haldir cried out; and with one last thrust Aragorn finally took him over the edge, and release rushed through him like torrents from a broken dam.

Waves upon waves of indescribable sensations engulfed him like an encompassing white tide ó obliterating everything except the sheer, exquisite feeling of taking completely and being completely taken. He poured himself out inside Legolas, and heard the other elf cry his name as he also came; Haldir felt Legolas contract around his cock, surrounding him in tight, delicious heat.

Then it was Aragornís turn, and Haldir took the opportunity to grind himself back against Aragorn, taking the man as deep as he could go; he arched his body as he felt the explosion inside him. Aragorn growled, his hands gripping Haldirís waist and pulling him back against him, holding him still as he came in quick, hot spurts.

Haldir closed his eyes as the sensations swirled around him, as the intoxication of spent passion gradually ebbed and subsided. He felt Aragorn withdraw from him and step aside, allowing him room to move away from Legolas.

As he pulled out of his elf-kinís body, Haldir opened his eyes, and was startled to meet Legolasís gaze evenly upon him. Haldir reached out and took Legolasís hand, helping him into a sitting position. This made Legolasís mouth curve in a sated smile, and Haldir could not hold back from leaning forward and kissing him tenderly on the lips.

When Haldir drew back, he saw that Aragorn was watching them, an inscrutable expression on his face. A brief smile lifted the edges of the manís mouth, as he stepped towards Legolas and handed the elf his clothes to get dressed. Aragorn laid his hand lightly on the small of Legolasís back; Haldir noticed the inherent protectiveness in that subtle gesture.

"Never shall we forget the courtesy of Lórien," Aragorn said to Haldir, and his eyes still shone with the air of dominance that Haldir had just experienced in action. "You have done much to ease our weariness; we are grateful, Haldir o Galadhrim."

Legolas glanced up at Haldir as he swiftly got dressed, and smiled at him.

"You are honoured guests here," Haldir answered respectfully. "I would serve you in any way I can."

"Your kindness we will remember always." Legolas spoke in a clear voice; he gazed directly at Haldir, and then added softly, "Hannon le, mellon nîn."

Haldir acknowledged Legolasís quiet words of gratitude with a bow of his head. He wondered how those simple words from Legolasís lips could fill him with such enduring warmth; he knew they would linger in his heart long after, and in his mind forever.

"The night is well along." Aragorn raised his eyes to the waxing moon overhead. "I should return to the others, lest they notice my absence and come looking for me."

"I will walk with you," Legolas responded, taking a step towards Aragorn. Haldir did not miss the tender look that passed between the two of them. It was obvious that they shared something deeper, beyond physical attraction or even emotional support.

"Good night, Aragorn," Haldir said, with a courteous nod; then he looked at his woodland kin, and his voice softened even more. "Rest well, Legolas."

They bade him farewell, and turned to leave. Haldir watched them go; as they walked away, he saw Aragorn take hold of Legolasís hand. The other elf tilted his head towards Aragorn, and said something quietly; Aragorn laughed, and pulled Legolas closer, pressing a quick, affectionate kiss to his forehead. He did not let go of Legolasís hand.

Haldirís mouth curled in a wistful smile as he watched the two disappear around the bend of the clearing. But he felt no bitterness, only a contented sense of assurance ó that when Aragorn and Legolas had departed from borders of Lórien, far from any relief he could give them, they would still have each other.

And that was a comforting thought.

- fin -

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