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A Pleasurable Diversion

By LdyBastet


The hunting team was ready to leave as one last member joined them. Haldir looked up as Celeborn stepped close to him. The Lord of the Wood had decided to forego his ceremonial garb today, as it would be much too cumbersome and impractical; instead he wore a richly embroidered grey tunic and simple leggings, tucked into his grey boots.

Celeborn smiled at Haldir and nodded in greeting. He was looking forward to going hunting, and was deeply grateful to Galadriel for suggesting that he should take a day off from obligations and duties, and have a day close to nature and a few of the other Elves. Lately, he had felt somewhat weighed down by his responsibility and had often fallen deep into thought, reminiscing over days passed, when he had been able to spend more time with his friends - days when life had been more carefree.

The team set out in the early-morning sunshine, and they were making good progress into parts of the forest more peaceful and suited for game. Soon they saw a stag moving through the trees, and they followed it. Its coat was not as shiny as it could have been, so it might well have been that it was not entirely healthy, or had become weakened in some other way. The hunting team decided that this animal would be taken down in any case.

They followed it for a while before it stopped and to listen for sounds. Haldir had his bow ready, and notched an arrow; but just as he let it go, the stag twitched and the arrow missed its mark slightly, and instead of bringing down the animal, it injured it. As it ran off, the arrow deeply imbedded in its body, Haldir made a disgusted face and sighed at himself. He set out to track down the injured deer, while the rest of the team brought down another animal. Celeborn decided to go with Haldir, as he had always enjoyed the company of the surly Elf.

They followed the trail of the frightened animal for a little less than an hour, Haldir not letting them lose it for a moment. He was very intent on making up for his earlier mistake, not that it had really been his fault. Soon it became apparent that the blood loss was beginning to weaken the deer, since they were gaining on it.

Haldir stole another glance at the Elven Lord as they were moving stealthily through the forest. He was glad that Celeborn had come with him; it gave him a chance to show that he was not really so clumsy with a bow. It had been a stroke of bad luck, but Haldir was disappointed with himself nevertheless. To miss his mark in the presence of his Lord... Haldir sighed and quickly looked ahead again as Celeborn began to turn toward him.

As he caught sight of the deer, Haldir gave a sign, and both he and Celeborn halted in their tracks. The animal had stopped to catch its breath, to rest. It was obviously in pain, and Haldir felt a pang of guilt over having been the cause of it. Silently he readied his bow, and this time his arrow brought down the animal immediately, bringing it peace and ending its suffering.

Celeborn had felt Haldir's eyes on him all day, looking, searching, studying... Yet, when he had turned to look back, Haldir had turned his gaze in another direction, sometimes even pretending not to have looked at him at all. There was something about this that made Celeborn almost chuckle to himself; he had a feeling that there was more to these looks than Haldir merely being unaccustomed to seeing his Lord being carefree and relaxed. He suspected that the Marchwarden's interest in him was of a slightly more personal nature.

He decided to test his theory by moving ahead of his suspect, and then he bent forward at the waist, pretending to inspect the fallen animal. In this way he presented his shapely and rounded behind to the other Elf, knowing that the hem of his tunic would rise sufficiently. When he heard Haldir's sharp intake of breath some distance behind him, he straightened up slowly and smiled to himself. So, he was right; Haldir definitely had, if not designs on his body, at least desires for it. Celeborn doubted that Haldir would actually act upon these desires, which was regretful. The proud Elf was quite striking and had a body type that Celeborn admired - strong, broad and muscular.

Celeborn turned around and walked towards the Marchwarden, smiling softly. "Well done, Haldir, 'tis a clean kill. But tell me, why do you try to prove yourself to me all the time?" He almost chuckled at the surprised and slightly guilty look on Haldir's face, but kept a straight face as he continued to step closer to him.

"I want you to see that I am a good Marchwarden." Haldir looked back proudly at his Lord, having regained some of his composure.

"I know you are a good Marchwarden - I appointed you." Celeborn slowly stepped forward. "Why do you try to prove yourself to me?"

"I do not want to disappoint you, my Lord." Haldir did his best to sound sincere. It was not far from the truth, either. He wanted his Lord to be satisfied with him, to like him, to... notice him.

"You perform your duties with great efficiency; you could not disappoint me." The silver-clad Elf drew closer to Haldir, stalking him almost menacingly, and repeated his question. "Why do you try to prove yourself to me?"

Celeborn was so close now that Haldir had to take a step backwards, as he was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. The closeness of the powerful Elf before him made it difficult for him to think clearly. "I want you to be proud of me, my Lord... proud of your warriors."

"I already am. You know this, Haldir," Celeborn said and continued to pursue the other Elf, although he was slowly backing away from him, his face slightly flushed from embarrassment and perhaps something more. "Give me a better answer."

Haldir now took several steps back, feeling pressured, on the brink of revealing his true reasons, his true feelings. He sent a quick prayer to the Valar that the Lord of Lothlórien would stop pursuing the matter, but Celeborn did not let him get away so easily. No, he continued to close in on him, until Haldir stood with his back pressed against a tree.

Celeborn looked into Haldir's eyes and waited. He would have his answer before he did anything. The Marchwarden looked somewhat flushed and his demeanour was hesitant. He tried to look away at first, but then met Celeborn's gaze. The Elf Lord's eyes were a deep blue-grey; they were intense and unyielding, demanding a truthful answer from him. There was simply no way to get out of this situation.

"I want to be worthy..." Haldir's blushed slightly and looked down.

"Worthy of what... or of whom? What is it that you desire, Haldir?" The slight purr in Celeborn's voice made the butterflies in Haldir's stomach flutter even more wildly. This could not be happening. Celeborn was standing so close to him, his body almost pressed against his own, his face merely inches away. Haldir had been hiding his yearning for the attentions of his Lord for so long, had hid his passion and his love from all around him. But it seemed that Celeborn - the object of his desire - had seen straight through him. Haldir had not been able to stop himself from looking at him, admiring his body, his posture. He had not been able to refrain from stealing glances at him, wanting to see once more how the light of Anor played in Celeborn's pale hair. He had given himself away.

Celeborn waited, noticing the slight quickening of Haldir's heartbeat. They were so close that their chests almost touched when they were breathing. He waited patiently while Haldir sorted through his thoughts and emotions, understanding that for Haldir this was a big step, to go from hiding his feelings to revealing them. Celeborn idly wondered how long he had felt this way. Had it been for years, decades, or even centuries?

"You. I desire... I want to be worthy of you..." Haldir said quietly, after taking a deep breath. He continued to look down, not able to meet the gaze of his Lord, not ready to face the harsh look of rejection, or worse - pity.

Celeborn's lips curled in a small smile. "Oh, but you are worthy... Worthy of my attentions, if you want them." He raised Haldir's head with his fingers under his chin, forcing the Marchwarden to look into his eyes once again. He studied Haldir for a moment, reading the embarrassment, the emotions that he had tried to hide, the hope, and the fear of being rejected. Then he leaned closer and brushed his lips over Haldir's, kissing him gently.

Haldir moaned softly; this was more than he had thought that he would ever experience. He had been so certain that Celeborn would reject him, might even be disgusted by him. He was, after all, bonded with the Lady, and Haldir had not known whether Celeborn was at all interested in males. He parted his lips as he felt the touch of the tip of Celeborn's tongue against them, demanding entry.

Kissing Haldir was nice, more than nice, Celeborn thought as he gently explored the Marchwarden's mouth with his tongue. The soft moans this brought forth from him were arousing; if Celeborn had known Haldir would react this way, he would have kissed him a long time ago. He pressed his body against Haldir, letting him feel his hardening member against his hip, then moved slightly while deepening the kiss, aligning their erections, and he rocked his hips a fraction.

Haldir moaned loudly as pleasure radiated from his groin, Celeborn rubbing their hard shafts together. Long years of hope and silent prayer to the Valar seemed to have been answered; not only did the Lord of the Wood accept Haldir's desire and emotions, but he desired him in turn. He put his hands on Celeborn's hips, pulling him a little closer, increasing the delightful friction. Haldir kissed Celeborn back, taking his turn to explore and taste that which he had dreamed of for endless years.

There was a deep need evident in the way Haldir pulled Celeborn closer and in the way he returned the kiss. The Elven Lord found it very arousing to have the warrior moaning in his arms, and was looking forward to having him squirm and writhe as well. He broke the kiss with a last lick over Haldir's lower lip, and whispered in his ear.

"Will you yield to me?" Celeborn could feel how Haldir tensed slightly. So, the Marchwarden was not entirely comfortable with being on the receiving end, thought Celeborn - a reflection of his pride, perhaps. He did not demand an answer; instead he began to open Haldir's tunic, brushing his fingers softly over the exposed skin.

Haldir did the same, longing to feel the naked body of his Lord against his own. He undid the fastenings of Celeborn's tunic and then pushed the silken fabric down over his shoulders. He moaned again softly as skin met skin, Celeborn pressing his well-muscled chest against Haldir whilst kissing him deeply once again. If the Lord of the Wood wanted him to surrender his body, he would try.

Celeborn slowly pushed the tunic down over Haldir's arms, pulling him away from the tree slightly. The tunic fell to the forest floor with a light rustle, and he grabbed Haldir's wrists lightly, pushing his arms together behind his back while still engaged in kissing him. Taking a secure hold of both wrists in one hand, Celeborn broke the kiss and looked at Haldir with a soft smile.

"I will make it easier for you to yield, Haldir," he said as he unlaced his leggings with his free hand. He pulled the leather cord from the garment and used it to tie Haldir's hands behind his back. "This way you have no choice; you are at my mercy."

Haldir squirmed slightly against his bonds, trying them, but he did not really want to break them. Celeborn was right; in this manner he could relax and simply enjoy the sensations and the fulfilment of his dream. He sighed softly as he was lowered to the ground, strong arms around him, and passionate lips claiming his own.

Celeborn slowly moved a hand down over Haldir's chest until he reached the waistband of his leggings; he let his hand pause there for a moment while enjoying the taste and feel of Haldir's mouth. Soon, egged on by the little sounds and movements from his new lover, Celeborn unlaced the leggings and freed Haldir's erection. He brushed his fingers over the hard length and smiled softly as Haldir moaned. The Marchwarden was very responsive, and Celeborn was certain that he would enjoy this, perhaps more than he had thought at the beginning.

He sat up to remove Haldir's boots and then pulled the leggings from him. Celeborn smiled as he let his eyes roam over the strong frame of Haldir's body. Smooth, pale skin covering taut muscles... very delectable indeed, and the Elven Lord felt himself grow even harder at the thought of taking this body. He let his gaze rest for a moment on the hard shaft rising proudly from the Marchwarden's body. Perhaps, if he was well pleased with his new lover, he would feel that hard flesh inside him too, but for now he would do the taking.

First having wetted his fingers with saliva, Celeborn lifted one of Haldir's legs up over his shoulder, then slowly pushed a finger inside his tight opening. Haldir moaned and squirmed slightly, but soon relaxed enough to be further prepared. He loved feeling Celeborn's fingers inside him, so gentle and yet demanding his acceptance and submission. He loved feeling Celeborn's erection rubbing against his thigh as the Lord prepared him for their lovemaking. Haldir loved being in his Lord's power like this, bound and aroused. He loved...

Celeborn moved up to kiss Haldir again, tasting his full lips and hungry tongue. As he broke the kiss when all air had deserted them, he whispered in Haldir's ear, his voice now hoarse with arousal.

"Pleasure me..." They did not have any oil for the taking, so saliva would have to do. Celeborn was not worried, though; he knew that it was usually enough, and he did not think a little pain would hurt the sturdy Marchwarden.

The Elven Lord moaned as Haldir licked over his erection, his tongue eager to please. Celeborn put a hand behind Haldir's head and was soon slipping between his lips into the mouth that hungrily awaited him. He enjoyed feeling the hot wetness, his arousal mounting. It seemed that Haldir was not new to this act of pleasure. Celeborn could become accustomed to feeling his mouth on him often, as often as he wanted it. He doubted that the Marchwarden would refuse him.

Haldir gave a small sound of disappointment as Celeborn pulled back, but was soon moaning in anticipation instead as the Elven Lord pushed his knees up toward his chest and slowly eased his erection into Haldir's body. There was some pain, but not more than he could handle. He concentrated on the sensation of being filled and tried to relax around the hard shaft.

Celeborn moaned low in his throat as he sheathed himself in the tightness of Haldir's body. He paused for a moment to relish this feeling before he began to thrust into him, slow and gentle at first, but then gradually increasing both pace and power, until he was pounding hard into the pliant body beneath him. He leaned forward and captured Haldir's lips in a vehement kiss, matching his thrusts in passion.

Haldir's shoulders ached from this uncomfortable position, but somehow it made it only easier to succumb to his treatment; he had no choice but to enjoy this, his dream. Celeborn pushed Haldir steadily closer to his climax, as he came closer to his own. As Celeborn continued to devour his mouth, the Marchwarden's erection was trapped between their bodies, and now being subjected to delicious friction. Haldir felt as if he was floating on a wave of steadily mounting bliss, and suddenly his body could take no more. He tensed up as liquid fire shot through his limbs, his body, into his groin.

Celeborn almost growled at the sensation, Haldir clenching hard around him and reaching his climax. He stilled and closed his eyes, enjoying the sweet feeling of having pushed Haldir to that point. Then he thrust again into Haldir - once, twice - and found release himself, spilling his seed deep inside his body.

They lay like this for a few minutes, both Elves regaining their breath and letting their heartbeats settle. Celeborn gently cradled Haldir's face in his hand and turned it toward him to kiss him. He had greatly enjoyed this, and thought that he might make Haldir his regular lover for a time. Celeborn was certain that Haldir would not let anyone know if he told him to keep his silence. The adoration he read in his eyes told him all that he needed to know.

Celeborn withdrew gently from Haldir's body, and dressed again, from time to time letting his gaze wander over the pale body so wantonly displayed for him. Then he knelt down on the grass and rolled Haldir over onto his stomach and untied his hands, retrieving the laces for his leggings.

Haldir sat up, rubbing his arms and wrists for a moment to help his circulation a little. He looked up at the Lord of the Wood as he was lacing his leggings. Haldir felt as if he had been given the greatest gift; Celeborn had found out about his feelings, his desires, and had not rejected him. It had been good, better than he had expected, in fact, Celeborn being quite an experienced lover, and he was still floating slightly on the last waves of pleasure lingering after his orgasm.

Haldir studied the Elven Lord a little longer - the regal beauty and the elegant poise - before he rose to his feet to get dressed as well. He felt sated, relaxed and happy. As he straightened up after having pulled on his boots, Haldir felt Celeborn's hand on his shoulder and turned, only to have his mouth once more claimed in a passionate kiss.

Celeborn broke the kiss and smiled softly. Yes, Haldir had been pleasing - very pleasing indeed - and he was looking forward to their next hunting trip already. Of course, he would find other reasons to be alone with the Marchwarden in the future. He stepped back and began preparing the animal for transport back to Caras Galadhon.

They soon had the animal ready, and while carrying it back they walked in easy silence, comfortable in each other's company. Celeborn thought of the Lady Galadriel, certain that she had been privy to Haldir's feelings towards him for some time now. It could well have been one of the underlying motives for her suggesting this hunting excursion. Celeborn thought it would be most amusing to return home and tell her of the outcome, and also give her all the intimate details of the encounter.

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