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Authors Note: I do not know too much about Éomer so I am going to make some stuff up.

A Mortal Love

Part 7 - Jealousy

By Morgana


Legolas could no longer pretend nothing was amiss upon seeing the doomed expression in Glorfindel's usually sparkling eyes. A quick sweep of his companions told him that Éomer and Aragorn were talking about the upcoming war and that Elrond was busy checking on Haldir's condition. That left Glorfindel, staring miserably at the dinner table. It was time to take action.

"I am in need of some fresh air, so I will seek out the balcony. Glorfindel, will you accompany me, as you seem the only one not tied up in a conversation?"

Glorfindel shot him a concerned glace and his eyes widened in apprehension. Legolas had to abort his plans!

"Come, join me, Glorfindel."

In the end, Glorfindel nodded and rose from his chair, following Legolas onto the balcony. Elrond's probing gaze settled on his back, but Glorfindel ignored the half-Elf. Once they had reached the balcony, he said, "You must abandon your plan. It won't work, Legolas."

Legolas raised an eyebrow. "What happened between the two of you? I did not feel this tension before."

"Elrond knows I am in love with him. I accidentally revealed it to him," said Glorfindel, unable to tell Legolas what had happened; he figured that the bathroom-incident was personal. "Do not proceed with your plan - it is doomed to fail." Looking out over Edoras, Glorfindel sighed deeply. "I must resign myself to the fact that I will never have his love."

But Legolas wasn't giving up this easily. So Glorfindel wanted to abandon their plan? /I won't let you.../ Legolas moved closer to Glorfindel and rested a hand on the elder Elf's shoulder. Glorfindel's surprised gaze met his, and Legolas smiled reassuringly. "At least let me comfort you whilst you suffer from a broken heart."

Glorfindel tensed. "Comfort me?"

Legolas' smile grew even warmer. "Glorfindel, my heart belongs to Aragorn and it always will, but you are a good friend. Let me hold you and comfort you." From the corner of his eye, Legolas found that Elrond had looked up from his conversation with Haldir, and the healer's gaze settled on Glorfindel. The love in those blue orbs was evident to everyone who bothered to look, and Legolas was determined to jolt Elrond awake. Slowly, deliberately, he folded his arms around Glorfindel's shoulders, pulling the Elda close. "Be at peace, meldir and trust me."

Glorfindel released a strangled sigh and buried his face in Legolas' hair, drawing strength from the younger Elf.

Legolas was careful not to grin when Elrond's eyes darkened to midnight blue; apparently Elrond disliked seeing him hold Glorfindel this close. /There is definitely jealousy in those eyes./ Encouraged by Elrond's obvious reaction, Legolas soothingly rubbed Glorfindel's back. Elrond's nails dug into the armrest of his chair, but the half-Elf was still not moving toward them so Legolas gently kissed a lock of Glorfindel's hair whilst keeping an eye on Elrond. /It is working. Elrond cannot bear seeing someone else touch Glorfindel./

Glorfindel was still blissfully unaware of Legolas' scheming and let himself by comforted. Legolas let his hair fall in front of his face, grinning at his apparent success. /It is only a matter of time before Elrond will stake his claim.../


Elrond suddenly rose to his feet, ignored Haldir's question and headed for the balcony. What was Legolas doing this close to Glorfindel? He had wondered why Legolas had asked Glorfindel to accompany him, but now... Elrond glared at the Prince. How dare Legolas take Glorfindel into his arms... caress his hair and... What? Kiss it? Elrond seethed with jealously. He had been convinced that Legolas was in love with Aragorn - had even wanted to help them admit their feelings - and now Legolas was making a move on Glorfindel? The Elda was his! Had always been his! It was time Legolas learned not to trespass onto his territory!

Suddenly he froze in his tracks. What right did he have to be jealous? He had rejected Glorfindel, had said that the Elda was free to choose another heart to love... but why Legolas? He had been so sure the Prince fancied Aragorn!

Anger coursed through his body, pooling at his temples and making his vision blurry as he stepped onto the balcony. His gaze settled on them, wondering if he had already lost Glorfindel to Legolas. "The night's sky is heavy with stars," he muttered, drawing their attention to him. Legolas' eyes twinkled wickedly, while Glorfindel backed away from Legolas, creating a distance between them. It pained Elrond to see the despair in his seneschal's eyes. /Can I entrust my heart to him? What if he breaks it? But is it not breaking already?/

Legolas stepped aside, inclined his head and addressed Elrond. "I should not linger here when Aragorn beckons me to join him," he said, grateful that Aragorn had chosen that moment to make eye contact and signal him to join them at the dinner table.

Elrond remained silent, and let Legolas pass. His gaze shifted to Glorfindel, noticing minute shivers coursing through his friend's body. Glorfindel's stare was defiant, and the blond quickly wiped away a single tear that had escaped his eyes. /I cannot let his suffering continue.../ Elrond straightened his shoulders, and looked deeply into Glorfindel's eyes. /I cannot turn my back on this... Not when my heart cries out for his love too./ Making his decision to try once more he advanced on Glorfindel. Standing in front of his friend, he probed the piercing blue eyes. Maybe he could love once more, try again... A last time. /But should he leave me I will die of a broken heart.../

"Glorfindel?" Elrond said softly, hoping his tone would reassure the blond, but Glorfindel remained tense, his hands clasped tightly in front of him. Suddenly Glorfindel lowered his eyes and began to walk around him, heading for Éomer's rooms. Elrond stopped his friend by gently resting a hand on Glorfindel's shoulder. "Do not leave now when I wish to speak to you."

Glorfindel involuntarily held his breath. "Speak, and then let me pass."

Elrond slowly shook his head, suddenly feeling light-headed and giddy now that he had made his decision. "I won't let you pass."

Glorfindel frowned. "Are you well, my lord?"

"I never felt better," said Elrond softly. "Glorfindel..." he paused then, gathering his courage and hoping it wouldn't desert him when he would finally admit his love. Instinctively he took Glorfindel's hands in his, rubbing his friend's knuckles. "There is something I need to say."

Glorfindel swallowed hard, seeing the misty expression in Elrond's eyes. Had he ever seen such a look of longing in the half-Elf's eyes before? Why was Elrond holding his hands and giving him -that- look? It almost made him blush. He wanted to avert his eyes, but found he couldn't. Elrond's gaze kept him prisoner.

"Glorfindel, I have wronged you," Elrond whispered, moistening his lips. "I denied you when you revealed your love for me, whilst you knew that I returned your feelings. I should not have done that. I regret making you suffer. Meleth-nîn, im mela lle." Elrond's heart missed a beat as he waited for Glorfindel's reply.

(Meleth-nîn, im mela lle = My love, I love you)

Glorfindel's eyes widened at hearing Elrond's admission and he felt at a loss for words. Elrond admitting his love was the last thing he had expected to happen! Only a few hours ago the half-Elf had rejected him!

Elrond's nervousness increased, realizing that Glorfindel didn't know what to say. He had hoped the blond would echo his words, but Glorfindel remained silent. "Nîn ind?" Suddenly he regretted opening up and confessing his love. Had he made a terrible mistake? What had possessed him to act this rashly? Ai, Legolas embracing Glorfindel had made him insanely jealous! "If you love Legolas you have my blessing," he forced himself to say. He'd had his chance and he had passed it up! "I want you to be happy, and when you find that happiness in Legolas' arms I... I rejoice at it." Lies! He was telling lies! He would never rejoice at their love!

Glorfindel cleared his throat, feeling nervous and shy. "Elrond, I... I..." His voice deserted him and he stole several glances at the dark haired Lord of Imladris. "Do you mean it? Or do you already regret telling me?"

Elrond tightened his hold on the blond's hands and raised them, letting them rest above his heart. "I regret not admitting my love for you earlier... I regret maybe losing your love because I kept silent. I regret so much... but I can never regret loving you."

"You would entrust your heart to me?" Glorfindel finally allowed himself to grow hopeful. Searching Elrond's eyes, he sensed the other Elf's sincerity. "Elrond, im mela lle, vithel."

("Elrond, im mela lle, vithel." = Elrond, I love you as well.)

Elrond released the breath he had been holding, relieved to hear Glorfindel's admission. "Will you forgive me for making you suffer? I am an fool, afraid to lose my heart again."

Glorfindel smiled warmly, freed one of his hands and rested its palm against Elrond's cheek, gently caressing the half-Elf's skin. "I forgive you, Elrond, but never take away your love... I would not survive without you."

They stood close, hypnotized by the expression in the other's eyes. Glorfindel was afraid to move, unwilling to break this spell. What if he moved and woke from a dream, finding Elrond gone? He didn't dare move, or breathe.

Elrond saw the disbelief and fear in Glorfindel's orbs and he moved closer, folding one arm around the blond's waist. "I crave kissing you," whispered Elrond in a passionate tone. "Will you let me?"

"Aye," admitted Glorfindel, "but are you sure you want to take this step?" Like Elrond, he was afraid of getting hurt as well; he just hid it better. He would not be able to bear losing Elrond after finally attaining the impossible.

"Aye, I am sure..." Elrond leaned in closer and brushed the blond's lips tentatively, wondering what Glorfindel would taste like. The tip of his tongue moved along his lover's lips, gently exploring. /He tastes of honey and morning dew; pure and sweet./

Glorfindel sighed blissfully, as Elrond enfolded him in a tight hug, pulling him close. He leaned against the half-Elf, delicately suckling the tip of Elrond's tongue. Their gazes met, lips released each other, and both smiled shyly. "Elrond..." sighed Glorfindel happily. "What made you change your mind? I had lost all hope after our last conversation."

Elrond raised a hand and fingered a strand of golden hair. Why had he denied himself this particular pleasure for so long? He could have touched and tasted Glorfindel years ago. He sighed regretfully. "Ai, seeing Legolas comfort you made me..."

"Jealous?" offered Glorfindel with a smirk on his face.

"Aye, it made me jealous," admitted Elrond in a guilty tone. "I could not bear the thought of Legolas comforting you when I should be holding you." Whilst staring adoringly at the blond's face, a hesitant expression grew in his eyes. "But I fear losing my heart to you."

Glorfindel's fingertips caressed Elrond's face, making sure the half-Elf was completely focused on him. "Elrond, I will keep it safe for you. It will never break, I promise."

A lump formed in Elrond's throat at hearing the passion driving Glorfindel's words forward. "Ai, nîn ind..."

Glorfindel leaned in closer and rested his head against Elrond's shoulder. "You have my heart as well, Elrond, and I trust you to keep it whole."

Surprised, Elrond realized that tears were dripping down his face. /My heart feels light and warm now I confessed my love to him. Aye, Glorfindel does not merely command my heart; he -is- my heart, the center of my existence./ "Nîn ind, never leave me."

"I won't," vowed Glorfindel, returning the embrace and soothingly rubbing Elrond's back. "I will never leave you."


Aragorn sneaked up on Legolas, wondering if he could approach the Elf without being noticed. Legolas' keen hearing should detect him, but the Elf seemed entranced by something on the balcony. "What has your interest?" He looked past Legolas and sucked in his breath seeing Elrond and Glorfindel kiss. "They told each other about their feelings." He smiled, feeling happy for them.

"Aye, Elrond told him," said Legolas thoughtfully. His plan had worked and he hoped Elrond and Glorfindel would work on deepening their relationship. He suddenly became aware of Aragorn's closeness and he smiled warmly, happy at finding Aragorn at his side once more. "These two were made to love each other; they will be happy."

Aragorn nodded once. "They are a marvelous sight, those two. Light and dark..."

"Day and night..." added Legolas dreamily, envisioning Aragorn holding him like that one day. Unexpectedly, Aragorn's arm brushed against his back and it almost resembled a caress. He forced himself to concentrate on their host and Haldir, trying to smother his desires which flared at Aragorn's touch. "We should join Haldir and Éomer. The Rohirrim looks rather displeased. Are they 'bickering' again?" Legolas turned around and faced Aragorn, smiling at the Man. "Bicker... Why do Men bicker?"

Aragorn grinned. "Why did you 'tease' Gimli when you first met?"

Legolas considered the question. "I hid my growing affection beneath a blanket of words. Ai, I see..." His gaze traveled to Haldir, who glared at Éomer. "They do like each other; this is not one sided." Briefly, a grin flashed across his features. "Does Haldir know?"

Aragorn shrugged his shoulders. "Haldir might not want to admit he likes Éomer, but maybe he will realize this love can soften the pain they will both feel with the passing of years. Éomer will grow old and Haldir will remain as he is, but his life force will weaken with Éomer's. Let us pray that they find comfort in each other's arms." He noticed the pleased look Legolas shot him and Aragorn smiled warmly. "Come, let us join Haldir and Éomer and give those two," and he gestured outside, "a little time alone. By Elbereth, they deserve it."

Legolas looked over his shoulder at Elrond and Glorfindel. The two Elves were holding each other tight and their lips moved slowly, probably whispering words of love and dedication. Briefly he felt a stabbing pain, wishing he could tell Aragorn of his love as well, but he could never take the initiative. Aragorn was the one who had to decide which love suited him best. Smiling, he followed Aragorn to the dinner table, once more taking his seat and studying Haldir's stubborn glare. 


Haldir continued to glare at Éomer, doing his best to ignore the concern displayed in the Man's eyes and voice. He didn't need anyone to fuss over him! Throughout the millennia he had taken care of himself and... But everything had changed, hadn't it? He was bound to Éomer for the rest of his life. Feeling Éomer's hand come to rest on his shoulder, he nearly hissed at the unexpected contact. He refrained from shaking the hand off, but shivered while the contact lasted. He knew the signs only too well. Whenever he liked someone, he lashed out at them to keep them at a distance. After losing two lovers he had no desire to take another, but did he have a choice? Elrond had made it pretty clear that Éomer and he would spend the rest of their life together.

"Would you not like to lie down?" asked Éomer, concerned. He could see the strain on Haldir's face now that the Elf was sitting up. "Even Lord Elrond said you shouldn't be leaving your bed yet."

"I can take care of myself..." Haldir clenched his teeth, biting down the pain that coursed through his back. Why was he fighting this? Why was he so determined to not like Éomer when he already liked the Man? By Elbereth, he no longer understood why he was acting like this. Wouldn't it be much easier if he gave in? But could he trust Éomer unconditionally? He -was- a Man, after all.

Éomer didn't give up yet. "Dinner has almost come to an end and you didn't eat much... You're still tired and you should be resting, instead of fighting me over this. Let me take you to your bed..."

"It is not my bed, but yours!" spat Haldir, surprising himself with the venomous tone his voice suddenly possessed. Why couldn't he be courteous? Why lash out? /Because you like him. He is honorable and worries about you. You could have done much worse... At least now you are bound to an honorable warrior.../

Éomer was taken aback by Haldir's harsh tone. He sighed dejectedly, wondering if Haldir would ever stop fighting him. "I grow tired of this." Éomer looked at Aragorn and Legolas, who were talking softly and looking at something outside. "I understand that you dislike not having a choice, but... we must make the best of this."

Haldir realized the Man was right, but admitting it was hard. Maybe he could let his guard down just a little. "Tis true; I am tired and I would like to lie down." Hearing Éomer's surprised gasp, he made eye contact with the Man. A smile flashed across the Man's features. His admission had evidently pleased Éomer. Was it that easy to make the Man happy?

"I will help you, then!" Éomer rose at once and went to stand behind Haldir's chair, waiting for the Elf to get to his feet.

Haldir briefly tensed, as Éomer slung an arm around his waist. It would take him a long time to get used to the Man's touch. Allowing Éomer to support him, they slowly made their way over to the bed where the Man helped him to lie down. Haldir sighed, relieved to be off his feet and lying down again. The pain in his spine lessened, and he stared deeply into Éomer's eyes. The Man's concern was obvious as Éomer fussed with the blanket. /He cares about me; when did that happen?/

"Are you comfortable?" Éomer forgot they had company and sat down on the side of the bed, fingering a silver lock. He lost himself in Haldir's stare, delighted that the Elf had stopped fighting him.

"Aye, I am comfortable," Haldir reassured Éomer. Seeing Aragorn's amused glance, Haldir addressed Éomer once more. "You have guests..."

Éomer nodded his head absentmindedly, hearing Haldir's voice, but not realizing what the Elf was saying. Suddenly Haldir looked away and he followed the direction of the Elf's glance, finding Aragorn and Legolas grinning at them.

"You have guests," repeated Haldir, feeling amused that Éomer had forgotten about the rest of the party. Was the Rohirrim always this focused on him? "You should attend to them."

Éomer drew in a deep breath, and regretted letting go of that silver strand before rising to his feet. "I will be back shortly."

Haldir watched Éomer return to the dinner table and he suddenly wondered about Elrond and Glorfindel. Where had the two Elves gone?


Elrond had wrapped one arm around Glorfindel's waist and enjoyed holding the blond close. He briefly wavered, but then forced himself to speak. "Will you stay with me tonight and all other nights? Please abandon your guest quarters and return to me. I felt so alone when you were not there."

Glorfindel blushed, nodded and stared at their twined fingers. Elrond seemed determined to never let him go again, maintaining a strong hold on his hand. "I will return to your rooms."

Elrond nodded approvingly and brushed a golden lock back behind a pointed ear. "We should return to the dinner table; they will miss us."

"Let them," whispered Glorfindel defiantly. "I prefer being out here with you." But suddenly he looked away, recalling how this had come about. Legolas' plan had worked, but Elrond didn't know he had been manipulated. It wouldn't be wise to start this relationship off with lies. Glorfindel cleared his throat and looked at Elrond. "Do you remember ordering me to seduce Legolas?"

Elrond frowned at the unexpected change in topic, but nodded once. "I do."

"Legolas... he... he turned the tables on you," admitted Glorfindel softly. "The Prince knew about our love and he decided to... to..."

Elrond's eyes widened with surprise, realizing what Legolas had done. "He manipulated me..." Elrond shook his head in disbelief. "He merely pretended his interest in you?"

"His heart belongs to Aragorn," said Glorfindel, "Legolas was determined to... to make you..." Lost for words, Glorfindel shrugged helplessly. "I told him to abandon his plans to make you jealous, but he did not listen... Seeing him comfort me made you jealous... Just as he intended."

"I feel torn between being thankful and thanking Legolas, and being mad with him for setting me up," confessed Elrond, but looking at the loving expression on Glorfindel's face he realized he should feel immensely thankful that Legolas had forced the issue. "I will settle for not exacting any revenge..."

Glorfindel smiled fondly at Elrond, but as he looked past the half-Elf, he found Aragorn and Legolas staring at them, and behind them Éomer was helping Haldir return to his bed. "We cannot stay out here much longer."

"You are right..." Elrond sighed disappointedly, but refused to give up his hold on Glorfindel's right hand, which he now cradled in his. "Let us check on Haldir and maybe then we can retire for the night?"

Glorfindel's face grew flustered. "What are you hinting at?"

"A night of passion?"

Glorfindel licked his lips at seeing the mischievous expression in Elrond's eyes. "A night of passion?" Elrond had managed to surprise him. He had expected a long courtship before Elrond would even hint at such a thing.

Elrond's gaze briefly wavered. "Do you think it is too early to become intimate? Would you prefer to wait?" But they had already wasted so many years! He would wait though, if that was what Glorfindel preferred.

"Wait?" Glorfindel raised an eyebrow in surprise. "I never said that. You merely surprised me." Glorfindel carefully considered his next words. "I want to experience passion with you, tonight and every other night."

Elrond smiled, truly pleased, and brought Glorfindel's hand to his lips, placing a passionate kiss on its back. "Tonight and every other night." He tore his gaze away from his love's face and looked at Aragorn and Legolas' laughing faces; they knew! But of course, they had witnessed the whole scene!

As they passed Aragorn and Legolas by, Elrond reluctantly released Glorfindel's hand and headed for the bed to check on Haldir, whose eyes were vacant; the Guardian had succumbed to exhaustion. He looked up at Éomer, who stood at the head end of the bed; the Man's expression was worried and Elrond felt the need to reassure him. "Your presence is helping him heal, but his injury was severe and it will take him a few more days to recover completely."

Éomer felt relieved at hearing Elrond's words. "If only he would stop fighting me!"

"Fighting you?" Elrond frowned.

"I just want to take care of him, but he continues to reject me..." But in the end Haldir had asked for his help.

"This is not easy on Haldir," said Elrond thoughtfully. "Usually others look to him for guidance and support and now he has to accept that he is need of those two things himself. He needs time."

Éomer nodded once. "Is there anything else I can do to aid his recovery?"

Elrond smiled. "Stay close and take care of him. Be patient with Haldir..." He rose to his feet and Glorfindel immediately headed over to him. "I will retire now..." he announced, hearing soft giggling behind him. Turning around, he caught Legolas and Aragorn stifling their laughter.

"We wish you pleasant dreams then," teased Aragorn. "Both of you..."

Legolas leaned in closer to whisper into Aragorn's ear, but he spoke loud enough for the other two Elves to hear as well. "I doubt they will spend the night asleep..."

Elrond blushed and locked gazes with Glorfindel. The blond shrugged his shoulders and Elrond realized they had to endure their friends' teasing; hadn't they brought it upon themselves by acting the way they had?

"I bid you goodnight..." said Elrond, signaling Glorfindel to follow him.

Glorfindel's gaze turned to Legolas. "Diola lle..." If it hadn't been for Legolas, Elrond might never have admitted his feelings.

(Diola lle = thank you.)

Legolas nodded once and grinned brightly. "What are you waiting for, Glorfindel? Do not let Elrond out of your sight!"

Glorfindel chuckled softly and followed his love into the corridor, wondering what Elrond had in mind for tonight. "A night of passion," he whispered in a curious tone. "By Elbereth I want to make love with him..."

"Glorfindel?" Elrond turned around, wondering why the blond wasn't at his side.

Glorfindel quickly caught up with Elrond and the half-Elf claimed his hand once more. He quivered with anticipation; would tonight truly be as passionate as Elrond had hinted at?


Nervousness rose throughout Glorfindel's body when Elrond closed the door behind them. He stood with his back to Elrond, staring at the bed they would hopefully share tonight. Slowly, Elrond's arms enfolded his waist and he leaned back, resting his head against Elrond's shoulder. His skin tingled when Elrond's tongue slithered at the back of his neck, licking and suckling softly. Words fled, and he surrendered to the pleasure Elrond gave him.

Suddenly he was turned around and facing the half-Elf. Elrond's eyes had darkened with passion and the pupils were dilated with lust. Glorfindel swallowed hard; he had never seen that expression in Elrond's eyes before and having it directed at him made him even more nervous. Elrond placed his hands on either side of his head and Glorfindel eagerly leaned in closer, brushing Elrond's lips. The kiss drew tiny moans from him. "Do you plan on tormenting me?"

"Aye," whispered Elrond. "All night long."

Elrond's words caused his groin to stir. Tension built, making him hard and eager for Elrond's touch. "You may torture me all night, melme..." Elrond's hands traveled lower and settled around his waist, forcefully pulling him close. Glorfindel melted against Elrond, sighing happily.

"I want to make love to you," whispered Elrond into his lover's ear. "Will you let me pleasure you tonight?"

Glorfindel panted softly, feeling Elrond's hands slip beneath his shirt to caress his back. "Aye, make me yours... It is my greatest desire. I have spent so many sleepless nights, thinking of you holding me... I do not want to wake up."

"This is not a dream..." said Elrond softly, guiding him to their bed.

Glorfindel sighed happily when Elrond laid him down on the bed. "I cannot believe this is actually happening... After such a long time of yearning for you, you are here now..."

Elrond brushed more locks away from Glorfindel's face, wanting to revel in his lover's delighted expression. Straddling the blond's hips, he leaned in closer to claim those luscious lips again. Glorfindel moaned and squirmed beneath him, and he guided his lover's hands to the buttons of his robes. Glorfindel acted at once, unbuttoning the robe and slipping it down Elrond's shoulders. His breathing hitched, seeing his lover naked. His hands caressed the hairless chest, teasingly touching a hard nipple.

"Ai, nîn ind," whispered Elrond in a husky tone. "Your touch awakens my body after many centuries of sleep." Mirroring Glorfindel's movement, he did away with the blond's shirt, dropping it onto the floor. Greedily he stared at the wriggling body beneath him; Glorfindel was begging for his touch. He moved closer and the tip of his tongue traveled down the blond's chest, licking and suckling the smooth skin. Teasingly, he dipped his tongue into this lover's belly button.

Glorfindel laughed warmly when Elrond's tongue tickled him and his gaze locked with the half-Elf. He was content to let Elrond be in control during their first time; the half-Elf seemed to need that and he was happy to oblige. His eyes widened as Elrond's hand slipped beneath the waistband, slowly removing his leggings. His erection eagerly bobbed free, standing proud and demanding his lover's attention.

Elrond licked his lips and showered his lover's belly with gentle kisses before turning his attention to the hard flesh, beckoning him. After placing his hands on Glorfindel's hips, he teasingly licked the tip of his lover's erection. He looked up at Glorfindel, hearing the blond moan deliriously. Glorfindel trembled beneath him, pleadingly looking at his dark haired lover. Elrond grinned and licked once more, enjoying his lover's taste.

"Ai, meleth-nîn..." Glorfindel stared at Elrond in disbelief, marveling at the half-Elf licking and sucking his hard flesh. "Elrond..." Bucking hard, he involuntarily forced his lover to take him even deeper. Elrond quickly opened a small flask, holding one of the healer's oils, which he used to keep his skin smooth and subtle. It would now ease his way inside. The in sweet oil covered finger found his entrance, massaging the outer ring. Panting hard, he stared at Elrond's bobbing head and he placed one hand on his lover's head, stroking the long, dark locks. /By Elbereth, he is beautiful like the stars... An inner light shines from his soul.../

The slippery finger probed his passage, and he squirmed helplessly, hoping Elrond would take pity on him and allow him to come. Glorfindel released a long, pleading moan when Elrond brushed that pleasurable spot inside him and he wanted to warn his lover that he was about to come, but... "Melme..."

Elrond glanced at Glorfindel's face and his lover's ecstatic expression nearly took his breath away. The blond's inner muscles contracted around his finger and he relaxed his throat, swallowing his lover's sweet essence. Wickedly, he peeked at the blond, finding Glorfindel boneless beneath him. He slowly removed his finger and added more of the oil, smelling like sweet honey. Easing inside again, he delighted at seeing Glorfindel's sated expression. Encouraged by that look, he pressed a warm kiss on his lover's belly.

Glorfindel read the unspoken question in the half-Elf's eyes. "Make me yours, please." Elrond hadn't climaxed yet and he wanted to feel the half-Elf inside him. This connection had to be completed.

"Are you sure?" questioned Elrond softly. "I want to claim you, nîn ind, but are you sure?"

"Be gentle, it has been an eternity since..." Unable to finish his sentence, he answered Elrond's kiss, tasting himself on his love's lips.

"I will be gentle," promised Elrond, positioning himself between his lover's legs. "Maybe I should move you onto your side?" One last time he reached for the small flask, rubbing a large quantity of the oil onto his erection.

"Nay, I want to see your face," said Glorfindel firmly as he reached for his lover. "Claim me..."

Elrond kissed him passionately, drawing delicate sounds of pleasure from his lover. "Trust yourself to me." Slipping his hands beneath his lover's knees, he raised them slightly, supporting the blond's legs as he positioned himself. Slowly, he pushed past the guardian muscle, but Glorfindel tensed beneath him and he released his lover's legs, leaning in closer to kiss him, trying to distract him from any discomfort the blond might feel.

Glorfindel bit his bottom lip as Elrond sheathed himself to the hilt inside his body. Skin slapped against skin, awakening his arousal once more. He grew hard, and his toes curled when Elrond thrust for the first time. "Ai, Elbereth!" His arms came up behind Elrond's back and he pulled his lover close, involuntarily allowing Elrond to penetrate even deeper. Wrapping his legs around Elrond's waist, he clung to the half-Elf, abandoned to the thrusts that brushed his sweet spot time and time again.

Elrond wrapped his arms around Glorfindel, holding him as close as possible, aiming his thrusts to increase his lover's pleasure. The blond was hard again, his arousal pressed tightly between their bellies and getting just enough stimulation to come again. A warm cream splashed against his belly and Elrond released a soft yelp, as Glorfindel contracted around him, bringing him to orgasm. Letting go of his control, Elrond came hard, first suckling and then biting Glorfindel's shoulder, marking the Elda.

They clung to each other for long moments, panting hard and letting their breathing and racing hearts slow down. The pounding in their ears stopped and Elrond regretted disentangling himself from his love, wishing this moment would last forever. Pulling out slowly, he gently brushed Glorfindel's hair, soothing the blond as his lover moaned. "You captured my heart, melme..."

Glorfindel smiled lazily, pulling Elrond close once more. "I will keep it safe..."

Elrond returned the smile and inhaled his lover's scent. "All nights will be like this night; filled with love and passion."

Glorfindel placed a finger against the half-Elf's lips, preventing Elrond from speaking again. His eyes locked with Elrond's, piercing the half-Elf's soul.

Elrond felt humbled at the entranced expression in the blond's eyes, which revealed nothing but eternal love. Smiling, he settled for kissing Glorfindel gently instead of proclaiming his love again. Holding the blond tightly, he rested his head on Glorfindel's chest. He had never felt this complete before; he had finally found true love...



Nîn ind = my heart

Melme= love




Beta read by Ilye, thank you!

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