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A Mortal Love

Part 5 - Seduction

By Morgana


Legolas stared at the ceiling. He had woken about an hour ago and had watched the sun set behind dark clouds. A red moon rose, speaking of bloodshed and reflecting the dying fires, which had been burned into his memory. Legolas briefly closed his eyes and was instantly attacked by images of the burning pyres. Elven souls had swiftly traveled to Mandos, and although they had hopefully found peace in death, the living hadn't.


Aragorn's voice alerted him that he wasn't alone. The Man hadn't left his side; shouldn't Aragorn be planning their next move and be talking to King Théoden instead of spending time with him? But he loved Aragorn for realizing that he needed this attention, this comfort. He didn't want to move, but it was time to get a grasp on his emotions. He couldn't simply let go the entire time. Saruman and Sauron still lurked in the darkness, ready to claim the Ring when no one expected it. /Frodo... is the Halfling still alive?/

Aragorn stirred when Legolas sat upright and the Elf smiled warmly at his friend. Aragorn's support meant a lot to him. /You are compassionate... That is one reason why I love you... but there are so many other reasons... You are cunning, daring, courageous... and the best friend one could wish for./ His mask slipped briefly and love shone from his sparkling eyes, staring at Aragorn. /I will be a burden no longer. I will grieve in silence so you can turn your attention to defeating Saruman and Sauron./

"Diola lle, Estel." ("Thank you, Estel')

Aragorn silently watched Legolas. "Do you feel better now? Attending the ceremony tired you."

"Aye, I feel better now," whispered Legolas thoughtfully. "And now it is time to look to the future."

The pain in Legolas' eyes was still palpable; the Elf was putting up a front for his sake. Aragorn sighed. "We still have some days left before we leave for Gondor. You can take your time to mourn."

Legolas silently stared at him. Aragorn's green eyes shone strong and with determination, and the Elf knew Aragorn had already carefully planned their next move. Gondor. They were leaving for Gondor. Would they meet any of Boromir's kin?

Legolas shifted on the bed, rose and looked out of the window. He felt thankful that it looked out on the stream and not on the last remnants of the pyres. His heart would have burned at seeing the ashes. But his heart also burned for another reason. "Will you talk to the Lady Éowyn before we leave?"

Aragorn frowned, but then recalled that he had let Legolas believe it was Éowyn he craved. "Maybe, if time allows it, but I far more worry about --you--." Legolas' back was toward him, making it impossible to read the expression on the blond's face.

Legolas' eyes widened at hearing admit Aragorn his concern that openly. He had expected Aragorn to be concerned about him at the ceremony, but now that it was over... "Do not worry about me, Aragorn. Their deaths will never be forgotten and their courageous deeds remembered, but another day has begun and we have a task to perform. We must stop Saruman and Sauron." Legolas turned to face Aragorn. "And you still have my bow."

Aragorn slowly inclined his head. "Then I would ask of you to stay at my side for the rest of our journey..."

Legolas nodded once; his eyes vowing to never leave Aragorn.

Aragorn got to his feet as well, stretched, and straightened out his clothes. "We should check on Elrond and Haldir. I worry about both of them. I will talk to Éomer and Haldir. Will you look in on Elrond and Glorfindel? I want to leave for Gondor as quickly as possible, but I need Théoden and Éomer there as well."

"And Éomer cannot leave until Haldir has sufficiently healed," realized Legolas. A thoughtful expression appeared in his eyes. "Why do you think Éomer volunteered to bring Haldir back from Mandos? I am grateful he did, but Éomer stepping forward still puzzles me."

Aragorn headed for the door. "It was a matter of honor to Éomer. The Elves had come to our defense here at Helm's Deep, and he wanted to repay them."

"Do you really think that is all there is to it?" Legolas followed Aragorn into the corridor, distracting himself with these questions so he did not have to remember the death of the 'Lorien Elves.

"I am not sure," admitted Aragorn. "What really puzzled me was Elrond's willingness to accept Éomer's offer. I was sure he would refuse."

Legolas nodded his agreement. "I wondered about that as well."

Aragorn sighed. Éomer's room was located in the opposite direction of Elrond's; this was where their paths separated... for now. "We will meet in Théoden's hall later."

"Aye." Legolas tried to hide his longing, looking at Aragorn. But then the Man turned and headed for Éomer's room. /You are a fool, Legolas. You still hope to conquer Aragorn's heart when it already belongs to the Lady Éowyn.../  Bowing his head, he headed for Elrond's guest quarters.


Haldir was awake, staring at the wall as cries of torment tortured him. He was back on the battle field and the 'Lorien Elves were being slaughtered one by one. He was unable to stop the steady stream of Uruk-Hai when the walls were breached. There were too many of the foul creatures.

His still mending back throbbed, making him twitch uncomfortably. It would take him several days to regain his usual strength and some things had changed forever. He had never felt cold, but now he did. He knew what it meant. His life force was incredibly weak, only sustained by Éomer's. He dreaded to think of what would happen if they ever got separated. Would he be able to survive on his own? /Elrond, why did you do this to me? Why bind me to a mortal and condemn me to this life which is a mere mockery of my former existence?/

"You are awake..."

Éomer sounded calm and amused, making Haldir shiver. He owed the Man his gratitude. "Thank you for assisting me in lighting the torch."

"I was honored you asked me," admitted Éomer softly. Absentmindedly, his fingers played with a lock of the silver hair. "Your wound has closed and you might try to walk tomorrow. Today, I would prefer you to rest."

"I must be keeping you from your duties." Haldir didn't want to admit it, but he savored the Man's body heat which warmed his cold limbs.

Éomer considered the question. "Maybe, but as long as Théoden remains at the Hornburg I am not needed, not really. The battle is won and we need to rest before challenging the enemy once more."  

"We need to discuss this," said Haldir slowly. "But I would prefer to see your face."

Éomer understood, but regretted untangling himself from the silver haired Elf. He rose from the bed, and pulled up a chair, making sure they were able to make eye contact. "Better?"

Haldir nodded once. "Things have changed," he started hesitantly. "For both of us."

"Elrond told me things that worry me," started Éomer, studying Haldir. The hazel eyes pierced his soul and he began to feel uncomfortable beneath their probing. To his utter shock his groin stirred and this trousers suddenly felt too tight. His reaction to Haldir confused him, but he managed to hide it, not wanting Haldir to have the edge over him. "You are stuck with me, Haldir of 'Lorien."

Haldir smiled slowly. "At first that concept did not appeal to me, but your actions proved you to be an honorable Man." Now that he was bound to this Man he had to make the best of it. The alternative was fading slowly - entering the Halls of Mandos - and he now felt too much alive to choose that path. "Maybe we can reach some sort of understanding?"

Éomer nodded thoughtfully, weighing Haldir's words. "Lord Elrond insisted I stayed close to you and his council has proven true. I left once to talk to the King, and when I returned Elrond told me that you had almost reached Mandos. We should stay in close proximity of the other."

"And this does not... vex you?" Haldir saw unease in Éomer's brown eyes. The Man was not as comfortable with this concept as he pretended to be. He regretted invading the Man's life like this, but then again, Éomer had chosen this fate for himself.

Éomer, unable to stay seated any longer, took to pacing the room. "It vexes me that binding myself to you was the only way for you to survive, but I do not regret it."

"You do not regret it yet, but what when your King calls you to his side and you are bound to an Elf? Do you fully realize that I will be your shadow for quite some time?" Haldir sighed. "My heart longs to return to 'Lorien and my men, but I am bound to you as well. Leaving your side means I will die slowly and I do not want to travel to Mandos yet. I cannot return to my people either, yet, and maybe I will never be able to... I am 'stuck' with you as well."

Haldir's words angered Éomer. "Would you have preferred I had not offered my life force?"

Haldir raised an eyebrow at the Man's anger. This one had a temper and it was easily enflamed. "I thank you for saving my life, but the price is very high. Lord Elrond should not have accepted your offer."

"I'm keeping you alive!" exploded Éomer, still pacing the room. "I could have turned the other way when you were dying, but I didn't!" Éomer's fist slammed into his desk. "Do you think I want to be bound to you? I should be with my men, preparing them for battle, but instead I am nursing you back to health!"

The sound of someone clearing his throat made Haldir and Éomer look over to the doorway, where Aragorn stood, grinning at them.

"Your first argument?" Aragorn inquired softly. Haldir and Éomer sounded like an old married couple, and for some reason they warmed his heart. He was beginning to understand why Elrond had accepted Éomer's offer, and hoped that the two men would understand in time as well. Beneath the harsh words hid strong emotions, and he saw them most clearly in Éomer's eyes. The Rohirrin cared more about Haldir than he wanted the Elf to know. /They are evenly matched; they merely need time to figure this out. Elrond never seizes to amaze me. How did he know these two would suit each other that well?/

"We are --not-- having an argument!" insisted Éomer, "it is a discussion!"

Aragorn laughed warmly, but quieted when two pair of eyes glared at him. Leaning against the door frame, he simply smiled at them. "Then I foresee a large number of discussions in the future!"

Haldir looked away from Aragorn, but now found Éomer's stare directed at him. "What are you looking at?" The Man utterly annoyed him.

"You should be resting... Éomer's voice was soft and concerned; the complete opposite of  how he had sounded a moment ago.

Taken aback by the warmth in it, Haldir remained quiet. It was true; he did feel exhausted, but he would never admit it. Instead, he looked at Aragorn again. "How fare my men? How do they cope with the immense loss?"

"They take great comfort in knowing you are still alive, Haldir," replied Aragorn, noticing how Haldir's eyes began to turn vacant. He slowly approached and then rested his hand on Haldir's shoulder, squeezing gently. "They miss their leader, and they hope you will make a full recovery..." Aragorn cocked his head and smiled. "He fell asleep on me."

Éomer picked up a blanket and placed it on top of Haldir. Aragorn smiled approvingly at the gesture. Éomer's actions revealed his true feelings, ones his lips might still refuse to speak. "You chose well," Aragorn complimented Éomer. "If Elrond had allowed it, I would have bound myself to him... but I am glad he refused."

"Why?" Éomer sat down on the bed, watching Haldir sleep with barely hidden fascination. He didn't want to admit it, but love blossomed in his heart and the object of this growing affection now moved a little closer to him, resting a hand on his knee. Éomer gently took hold of Haldir's hand and rubbed his thumb over the chilly skin.

Aragorn's amusement was growing, watching Éomer. "Because my heart belongs to someone else, and by binding myself I would never have been able to pursue him."

Éomer eyed Aragorn closely, surprised that Aragorn would reveal something that personal to him. "You love a male?" That was unexpected indeed. "I thought you fancied my sister."

Aragorn shrugged apologetically. "Aye, I feel drawn to her, but my heart will never belong to her." Suddenly Éomer tensed and Aragorn wondered what had caused it. Narrowed hazel eyes met his. "Éomer?"

"Does that mean Haldir and you would have become... mates, if Elrond hadn't refused you?"

Aragorn's amusement faded, realizing how little Éomer knew of the way of the Elves. "Aye, Haldir will be your lover as long as you live."

Éomer cringed; this news wouldn't please Théoden. "I can't take a wife then?"

Aragorn's eyes revealed his sympathy. "I fear not. The bond between Haldir and you will increase to grow stronger, deeper. I doubt you will want another lover once Haldir and you become... intimate."

Éomer gulped. "I do not fancy males in that way!" But his body had already betrayed him earlier, growing hard.

Aragorn had a hard time believing that statement, seeing the tenderness with which Éomer was caressing Haldir's skin. "It is understandable that you need time to accept this," he offered, "but give this a chance, Éomer."

Éomer still sat in shock, suddenly realizing he was soothingly rubbing Haldir's knuckles. As if burned, he released the Elf's hand and stepped away from the bed.

Aragorn smiled saddened. "Do not let your fears keep you back." He then turned to leave; Éomer needed time to process this news.


"Aye?" Aragorn looked over his shoulder at a very distressed Éomer.

"How does one love another male?"

"With one's heart..." Aragorn inclined his head in goodbye, and stepped into the corridor, leaving Éomer alone with his doubts.

Éomer slowly sat down again, and stared at Haldir. "I am supposed to fall in love with you?" Searching his feelings, he realized he had already started to develop feelings for the Elf. "What do I do now?" Confused, he stared at Haldir, wondering when he had lost control over his life... and his feelings.


Elrond stretched after waking from a healing sleep, but he frowned at finding Glorfindel gone. They had gone to sleep together, so why had the blond left? Elrond sat upright, took in his surroundings, and detected noises, which emanated from the bathroom. That explained Glorfindel's absence then; his friend was enjoying a bath.

Elrond rose from the bed and stretched again, hoping to loosen the tense muscles in his back. He had made a fool out of himself by grabbing Glorfindel to make sure that the blond couldn't leave. His fears were starting to overwhelm him and he had to face them sooner or later. He preferred later, but wasn't sure if he could wait that long. What if they grounded themselves in his subconscious and would begin to affect his every decision?

Ah, he needed to splash some water on to his face to chase away those fears; surely Glorfindel wouldn't mind sharing the bathroom with him?

He knocked softly, but didn't receive an answer. He shrugged, and entered the bathroom in search of some cold water.


Warm, almost hot water caressed his skin - or was it not the water, but his flesh, that felt hot to his touch? Glorfindel sighed contently, immersing himself in the warmth. While Elrond had slept, he had hauled some buckets of hot water into the bathroom to fill the bath tub. Now he rested comfortably in the water, allowing himself to let go of the tension that had been building since living Imladris.

When he had woken next to Elrond, he had immediately distanced himself. He had been hard and he wasn't sure how Elrond would react to feeling his friend's arousal pressed against him. Tired and worn down, he had retreated into the bathroom, but his flesh was still hard, demanding release.

/I should not to this. Not now and not here. What if someone enters? What if Elrond enters?/ But he ached for a touch, some release, and Elrond wouldn't give it to him, so he wrapped his fingers around his aching cock, stroking slowly. His other hand settled between his legs, teasingly massaging the guardian ring. A finger slipped inside and he moaned wantonly. His eyes flashed, alarmed at the sound and he bit his bottom lip, determined to not release another moan. What if he accidentally woke Elrond?

Wrapped in ecstasy he briefly closed his eyes, and he sighed blissfully, giving into his fantasy. Elrond was there, kissing him and the green, feline eyes devoured him whole. A growl emanated from Elrond's lips, as the raven haired Lord of Imladris claimed him with one more thrust. "Elrond... a'mael..."The words involuntarily slipped from his lips as his body shook with release.

(a'mael = my beloved)


Elrond froze in his tracks, staring at the divine vision in front of him. The water did little to hide Glorfindel's body and the sigh that left the blond's lips revealed the pleasure coursing through his friend's body. Elrond could have dealt with finding his friend aroused and pleasuring himself, but what shook him was hearing Glorfindel's whispers...

"Elrond... a'mael..."

Glorfindel had reached orgasm with his name on those luscious lips! Elrond trembled, growing hard as well; his body betrayed him, showing him his hidden desires.


Glorfindel's eyes snapped open and widened at seeing Elrond in the doorway. Shocked at being discovered, he averted his eyes, unable to meet Elrond's piercing orbs. /I should never have indulged myself with him resting in the next room!/ His fingers were still wrapped around his now flaccid member and he let go, hoping Elrond knew how to cope with this situation - for he didn't. Had he moaned Elrond's name while stroking himself? He hadn't... or had he?

Elrond stared blindly, wondering if he had heard and seen correctly. "Glorfindel?"

"Please leave me." Glorfindel closed his eyes tightly, trying to control the emotions raging inside him. It had been folly to do this with Elrond close, but his body had demanded some sort of release. He wished he could immerse himself, and vanish beneath the surface of the water, but the water was transparent and... and.... /How can I ever face Elrond after this incident?/ Shamefaced, he stared at the wall, hoping Elrond would understand. 

But Elrond didn't move and found himself staring appreciatively at Glorfindel. He had never allowed himself to fantasize about Glorfindel, but now the blond would surely haunt his dreams. Visions filled with longing took him by surprise. /Pulling him close, rubbing my need against his, pushing him against the wall and bringing him pleasure for hours... Burying myself inside his body, thrusting, making him come, feeling him contract around me... making me come... making love to him.../ His eyes nearly bulged from his sockets, realizing he had grown painfully hard, and he was only one heartbeat away from crushing Glorfindel against him and finally taking whom he so badly craved.

"Elrond, I..." Glorfindel bit his bottom lip. This had changed everything between them.

"I will leave you alone then," said Elrond softly, and his voice cracked on the last word. He turned around and quickly closed the door behind him. Leaning against the door, he panted softly. He tried to ignore his arousal, but his body cried out for Glorfindel's touch. /No, I cannot do this. Once I give in, the pain will start again. I cannot lose another one.../  Elrond quickly covered the distance to the door, opened it and disappeared into the corridor. His arousal was fading and he needed a quiet place to think.


The water that had caressed his body only a moment ago now stung and felt cold to the touch; tears had mixed with the water. Glorfindel grabbed a towel, dried his skin, and was unable to keep more tears from sliding down his face. /I can never face him again and it is all my fault. I should have known better! I chased him away./

A dark loneliness settled in his heart as he found the bedroom empty. "I made him run..." Glorfindel collapsed on the bed and bowed his head in defeat. He had ruined it all; what was he to do? Leave Helm's Deep in shame? Or should he try to talk to Elrond? But could he endure Elrond's glare?


His head jerked back and he stared at the door, expecting Elrond, but finding Legolas at the doorway instead. "I am not in the mood for conversation," he announced and he stared at the wall, hoping Legolas understood his dark mood and would leave him be.

Legolas frowned concerned, seeing the state Glorfindel was in. The shivers that moved through Glorfindel's body weren't due to the cold, but because the other Elf was severely upset. He picked up a cloak that hung over a chair and draped it over Glorfindel's shoulders. Sitting down next to Glorfindel, he tried to make eye contact, but the elder Elf averted his own eyes. "Will you tell me what is wrong? I have never seen you this distressed before." His heart went out to his friend and he waited patiently for Glorfindel to speak. "You can trust me."

Glorfindel shook his head and pulled the cloak closer, feeling the urge to cover his half naked body. He still felt Elrond's eyes on him and he trembled at remembering the shaky tone in Elrond's voice. "I should leave..."

"Why?" Carefully, Legolas folded an arm around the trembling Elda. "What has upset you? Glorfindel? Look at me." He cocked his head and leaned in closer, finally managing to capture Glorfindel's gaze. "You are shaking like a leaf."

"I was careless and made a mistake," whispered Glorfindel. "Legolas, you should leave me now. I need to dress and leave Helm's Deep before Elrond returns."

"Nay, I am not leaving you in this state," said Legolas in a firm tone. "And you --will-- tell me what happened."

Glorfindel caved in. He had longed to talk about his feelings for Elrond for so many centuries and here was one offering to listen. It was too much to resist. "I love him..."

Legolas smiled and nodded once. "That comes as no surprise to me."

Glorfindel's eyes widened. "You knew?"

"Ai, meldir, it is in your eyes, your touch, the way you act when he is close. Even a blind man would know you love Elrond by listening to your voice. You never were able to hide it."

Glorfindel's panic increased. "It is that transparent?"

"Aye, Glorfindel, and now tell me what mistake you made." Legolas rubbed Glorfindel's skin, trying to reassure the other Elf. "Maybe I can help."

Glorfindel laughed bitterly. "It is too late, Legolas. I knew he was scared and I chased him away..." He bit his tongue, unable to admit to his indiscretion.

"Scared?" Legolas looked questioningly at Glorfindel. "Why do you think Elrond is scared?"

"He lost two great loves in the past and their losses have made him fearful to love again..."

"He knows of your feelings for him?"

"Aye... I have not acted on them because I know he will reject me, and..."

Legolas interrupted him. "Glorfindel, did you ever pay any attention to the expression in Elrond's eyes when he looks at you?"

Glorfindel shook his head, frowning at Legolas' question. "What expression?"

"Ai, Glorfindel, it is the same expression which is in your eyes when you stare at him. The love is obvious in your eyes as well as his. I think you might be correct when you say Elrond is afraid, but I doubt you chased him away. Maybe Elrond needs some encouragement to pursue you."

Glorfindel sighed, feeling distressed. "Encouragement? Nay, Legolas, you are wrong. Elrond will always keep his distance. He fears getting hurt again."

Legolas gently squeezed Glorfindel's shoulder, released the hold he had on the other Elf, and slid off the bed to kneel in front of Glorfindel to get the Elda's undivided attention. "How would Elrond react, should he find out you have another admirer?"

Glorfindel frowned, deep lines appeared on his forehead. "But there is no other admirer..."

Legolas grinned wickedly. "I am willing to act the part."

Suddenly Elrond's words returned to Glorfindel.

/Seduce Legolas. Aragorn will grow jealous and act on his feelings../

Glorfindel's thoughts raced. /Aye, how would you react, Elrond, if Legolas were to pursue me? Would you feel jealous as well and would --you-- act on --your-- feelings?/ The idea was tempting, but what if things went wrong? "Nay, Legolas. Elrond might not admit his feelings and then you would be stuck with me. That would not be fair to you."

Now it was Legolas' turn to be confused. "Glorfindel?"

Glorfindel's soft gaze caressed Legolas' face. "I know you love Aragorn."

Legolas froze. Had he shown his affection for Aragorn openly?

"It is in your eyes as well," whispered Glorfindel.

A lump formed in Legolas' throat. "Vow not to tell anyone."

"Elrond knows," admitted Glorfindel.

"This is much worse than I thought... How could I let my feeling show that clearly? I thought I hid them carefully."

"That is what I thought as well, but still you saw my love for Elrond," mused Glorfindel.

"I still think we should carry out my plan." Legolas sighed; it was most unfortunate that his feelings for Aragorn had been uncovered, but he still wanted to help. "Aragorn's heart belongs to someone else, but you still have a chance to conquer Elrond's."

"Nay, I have not," insisted Glorfindel.

"We will see about that." The wicked expression was back in Legolas' eyes. "Can you pretend you lust after me?"

In spite of his fears and doubts, Glorfindel grinned at hearing Legolas' question. "You are very attractive..." /And maybe Aragorn will realize his destiny lies with you. Maybe I can help you as well, but I won't tell Elrond a thing./ Glorfindel gently caressed Legolas' face. "I won't have to pretend." Amused, he watched Legolas' face grow flustered. "Aragorn is a fool for not claiming you."

Feeling nervous, Legolas cleared his throat. "We should concentrate on Elrond. Once he realizes someone else might win your heart, he will act."

"How can you be so sure?" Glorfindel absentmindedly fingered a strand of Legolas' hair, knowing he could easily pretend an interest in the Prince.

"Because he loves you, Glorfindel." Legolas smiled. "We must keep this a secret. If either Elrond or Aragorn find, out we will fail."

"My lips are sealed."

Legolas smirked. "Your lips should be busy whispering words of love into Elrond's ear...and they will, shortly."

"I wish I believed that as well," sighed Glorfindel listlessly.

"Have faith, meldir." Legolas got to his feet again, smiled and nodded encouragingly. "Knowing I want you will drive Elrond insane and before you know it he will be kissing those lips and make you his. Elrond merely needs... a little push in the right direction."

Glorfindel wondered about the Prince when Legolas left the room. /Can it be that Elrond has finally found his match./ He hadn't believed Legolas capable of such scheming, but now he had to reconsider. Legolas was more cunning and daring than he had ever thought possible. /But I doubt Elrond will act on his feelings, even when feeling jealous... This plan is bound to fail./

Still feeling miserable, he rose and dropped the cloak. Reaching for his clothes, he dressed. The more he thought about Legolas' plan, the more folly it seemed. "I should tell Legolas not to go through with it. This will end badly..." Glorfindel wished he could turn back time; if only he hadn't taken that bath! If only he hadn't touched himself!

He rushed out of the room in search of Legolas; he had to stop the Prince from executing his plan.




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