Disclaimer: Lord of the Rings and all characters belong to Tolkien.

Author's Note: This is the sequel to 'Inside the Darkness'. The drawing was made by Nellas


Part 18 - After the War

By Morgana


Lothlorien…Calas Galadhon. Haldir couldn’t believe he was finally home again.

Fighting Sauron’s army had taken its toll on him, but he took great comfort in the fact that Rumil had survived as well. His brother was still at his side, and together they had seen Aragorn being crowned king and married to Arwen. His friend had finally accepted his destiny. He had always known Aragorn was destined for great things, and the Man hadn’t disappointed him.

The final war had been brutal, but he and his friends had survived. Legolas and Lurtz had watched each other’s backs, keeping the other from harm, and were now on their way to Mirkwood where they would settle down.

Gimli had decided to stay at Gondor, and Haldir had to admit the Dwarf had gained his respect. Gimli had warned him several times during that last battle, alerting him when the enemy was closing in on him unnoticed.

And now he had finally returned home. The beauty of Calas Galadhon took his breath away as the rays of the sun covered it in a golden glow.

“I heard Galadriel already left,” said Rumil, who had talked to a messenger sent by Lord Celeborn.

Haldir’s heart contracted once. “Then he is alone now.”  He urged Rumil and the handful of archers that had survived to hurry, and then he broke into a run, seeing Celeborn’s silver form appear in front of the mallorn. No longer paying attention to the Elves surrounding him, he flung himself in Celeborn’s arms, embracing his lover tightly.

Celeborn’s throat tightened, seeing Haldir. Lost for words, he showed his relief and joy by returning the hug, slowly stroking Haldir’s silver hair. Long moments later, he finally found words to express his feelings. “I have missed you, Haldir.”

Haldir’s eyes swam with tears and he pulled back to closely study the Lord of the Wood. A haunted expression lay in Celeborn’s eyes, and sadness and solitude clung to the ancient Elf. “You are hurting because Galadriel left.”

Celeborn nodded once. “She was part of my life for so long. And I was afraid you would not survive the war, never to return to me. My heart nearly died when Galadriel left, but I am slowly feeling alive again now that I am holding you in my arms.”

Haldir blushed slightly at hearing Celeborn’s words. “My heart still bleeds for our kin who died in battle, but –“ Haldir moistened his lips. “Did you know Galadriel asked Lurtz to keep me safe during the battle at Helm’s Deep?”

Celeborn nodded his head. “I did. When she allowed Lurtz to look into her mirror, I watched over his shoulder from a distance. Only her promise that Lurtz would look after you stopped me from forbidding you to go to Edoras.”

Haldir suddenly realized that several Elves were watching them, some with surprise in their eyes, others with a secret knowledge which they had kept to themselves whilst Galadriel had been amongst them. “Celeborn…” Haldir’s voice slowly faded away, uncertain how to ask his lover what this meant.

“I do not plan to hide my love for you now that Galadriel is sailing for Valinor,” said Celeborn smugly.

Rumil chuckled softly. “Anyone with eyes in their head knew that the two of you were in love. You were never able to hide it.”

Celeborn laughed as well, giving Rumil a wink. “It was a well known secret then?”

Rumil nodded firmly. “A –very- well known secret.”

Celeborn looked about and studied the Galadhrim who had gathered around them. On most faces he saw joy and approval, but a few seemed reluctant to accept that not only Galadriel warmed their Lord’s heart, but Haldir as well.

Realizing he had nothing to lose, Celeborn pulled Haldir close and placed a kiss on his lover’s sweet lips. “How I have missed you…” He breathed the words into Haldir’s mouth, who eagerly returned the kiss. “But now I have you back.”

“And I will never leave you again,” vowed Haldir, feeling utterly content at having Celeborn close. He would never understand why Galadriel had chosen to leave, and although he would miss her, he felt thankful as well. She had given Celeborn the chance to claim him openly. “Your heart is safe with me.”

Celeborn smiled warmly. “I know it is.” Haldir was in his arms, right where he belonged.


“The time has come to leave,” said Glorfindel, packing their personal belongings into a bag. Looking at Elrond, he found that the half-Elf was walking toward him. Elrond’s walk was still a bit awkward, but the bandages were gone and the pain had left. Elrond needed to exercise his ankles, and Glorfindel lovingly massaged his dark-haired lover’s limbs each evening before they turned in to sleep.

Elrond came to a stop behind the blond and wrapped his arms around the Elda’s waist. During these last few weeks their love and bond had grown stronger, and both now realized they could no longer live without the other. Their bond had become unbreakable.

“Glorfindel, will you share my bedroom when we return to the last Homely House? I need you close at all times.” Elrond pressed his body closer to Glorfindel’s, deeply inhaling his lover’s musky scent.

A smile surfaced on Glorfindel’s face. “Of course I will share your rooms, melamin.” Turning in the embrace, he folded his arms around Elrond’s waist and simply stared deeply into the half-Elf’s eyes. “Are you looking forward to returning to Imladris?”

“Aye, I am,” said Elrond slowly. “I have missed my sons.” Though Elladan and Thranduil had visited frequently he had barely seen Elrohir. “And I still worry about Erestor.”

Glorfindel licked his lips. “The last time Elladan visited, he told me that Erestor was getting better. The fact that Elrohir moved into Erestor’s rooms might have something to do with that. Whenever I visited Erestor, his rooms felt cold and lifeless. Elrohir’s presence should have a healing effect on Erestor.”

“I will talk to Erestor,” said Elrond softly. “Elrohir hinted that Erestor felt like he had betrayed my trust by falling in love with him.”

Glorfindel inclined his head. “In that case your assurance might help.”

“I hope so.” Elrond leaned in closer and brushed the blond’s lips. “Thank you for taking me here. These last few weeks were divine.”

Glorfindel’s smile grew even smugger. “I have loved having you to myself.” He regretted having to share Elrond with the rest of Imladris upon their return.

“But the nights will always belong to you,” said Elrond, reassuringly. “At night, I am yours.” Now that he had found this love, he would never let it slip away again.


“Ada is coming home today,” said Elladan in a thoughtful tone as he watched Thranduil bend forward to slip into his leggings. Stretching lazily in bed, he grinned. Thranduil had proven to be quite a resourceful lover, and their love was deepening. What had started out as a mostly physical attraction was now gaining a spiritual and emotional depth as well.

“We should welcome him home then.” Thranduil finished getting dressed and walked back to the bed where his young love shamelessly flaunted his naked body. “Did you speak to Elrohir and Erestor recently?”

“I did.” Elladan couldn’t help being worried about Erestor. The raven-haired advisor still made a withdrawn impression, and was only at ease when Elrohir was close.

Thranduil looked out of the window and raised an eyebrow. “Elrond and Glorfindel are early.”

Elladan jumped to his feet and stared out of the window as well. His father and Glorfindel had just entered the courtyard! “Way too early!” He wasn’t even dressed yet! Elladan quickly slipped into burgundy robes and stepped into soft leather boots. “We are late!”

Thranduil laughed, amused. “Only a moment ago you were unwilling to leave the bed!”

But Elladan paid his lover no more attention, heading for his father’s rooms. “Ada! Glorfindel!”

Elrond stopped in his tracks and looked over his shoulder. “Elladan!” After turning about, he opened his arms and caught Elladan in them. “It is good to be home.” Elrond buried his oldest son in a warm hug.

“I missed you too,” whispered Elladan into Elrond’s robes.

Elrond looked up at Thranduil after placing a kiss on the top of his son’s head. “Thranduil.”

“Elrond.” For one brief moment Thranduil didn’t know what to do, but then he drew in a deep breath and added, “I hope I ruled Imladris to your satisfaction. Erestor and Elladan have also helped.”

Elrond nodded thankfully. “I am sure you did well.”

“Would you like me to escort you to your rooms?” asked Elladan, eagerly.

“I want to talk to Elrohir and Erestor first,” said Elrond. “I can rest later.” The trip back home had tired him, and it would be a while before his old stamina returned.

Elladan reluctantly released Elrond from the embrace. “Tread carefully, Ada. Although Erestor seems to be getting better, he still looks haunted.”

“I will be careful,” Elrond assured Elladan, and then turned to address Glorfindel. “Can you take our things to my  rooms? I want to talk to Elrohir and Erestor in private.”

Glorfindel nodded and signaled for Elladan and Thranduil to join him. Their expressions told him that they were curious to learn how Elrond was really doing, and he wanted to assure them that the half-Elf was recovering.

Elrond caressed a golden lock and gave Glorfindel a look filled with longing. “Tonight…” he hinted.

Glorfindel smiled warmly. Yes, during the night Elrond belonged to him, and he would make love to his dark haired half-Elf until the crack of dawn.


The knock on the door startled Erestor. It couldn’t be Elrohir. The young half-Elf had left only minutes ago to fetch lunch from the kitchen. /And Elrohir does not knock any more./ Elrohir felt quite at home in his rooms and moved about with confidence and ease.  “Enter…”

Elrond pushed the door open and entered slowly, giving Erestor a chance to get used to his unexpected presence. “Erestor, mellon-nîn.” He inclined his head in greeting, and noticed the slightly startled expression in the other’s eyes.

“Elrond…” Erestor stared at Elrond; he had been under the impression that Elrond and Glorfindel would return home later than this and he had hoped to mentally prepare himself for the confrontation. Lowering his eyes, he stared at the floor, and his hands twitched convulsively.

Elrond frowned at seeing Erestor’s distress. “Erestor? Please calm down.” He slowly advanced on his old friend and gently claimed the other’s hands. “Why won’t you look at me?”

“I feel I betrayed your trust. Elrohir was my student and -- “

Elrond cut him short. “Elrohir reached maturity many years ago, and, like Elladan, he is free to choose his mate. And he chose well.” He hoped his words reassured Erestor. He disliked seeing Erestor this upset. “You never betrayed my trust, mellon-nîn.”

Erestor still didn’t meet his gaze and Elrond placed two fingers beneath his advisor’s chin, forcing the other to look at him. “I always hoped you would find love, and I admire you for finding the courage to try again after what happened to you. You are a very brave soul, Erestor.” Seeing Erestor was about to laugh bitterly, he shushed the Elf by resting a finger against his lips. “I mean it. You are very brave.”

The embittered laugh never echoed through the room, and Erestor tentatively searched Elrond’s eyes. “I never thought you would accept me as your son’s lover.”

“You should know me better than that,” said Elrond, disapprovingly. “Is that why you never visited?”

Erestor nodded weakly. “I lacked the courage to face you.”

“I trust that has now changed?” Elrond hoped he had gotten through to Erestor.

“I am beginning to understand,” admitted Erestor softly. Movement near the doorway attracted his attention, and he released a relieved sigh at seeing Elrohir enter.

The twin placed the tray, filled with food items, on a table and headed for Elrond. “Ada! Why did you not let us know you had already arrived?” Locking his arms around Elrond’s waist, he pulled his father close. “How are your ankles? Does it hurt to walk? And where is Glorfindel?”

“Too many questions,” laughed Elrond, tousling his youngest son’s hair. “You look well, Elrohir.” He had expected to find his son looking tired and mentally exhausted, but Elrohir radiated joy and love.

“Erestor has everything to do with that.” Elrohir let go of his father and joined Erestor, brushing away the black locks that hid the elder Elf’s face from view. “Stop hiding, Arato-nîn.”

Elrond smiled approvingly at hearing the endearment. “Erestor, Elrohir is right. There is no need to hide. I hope the two of you will be happy.”

Sensing Erestor’s unease, Elrohir said, “Ada, now I know why you always locked Erestor in your study and spent your evenings in his company and Glorfindel’s. If I had known what a treasure Erestor was, I would have stolen him away from you a long time ago. In future Erestor will spend his evenings with me, though. I am sure Glorfindel will find ways to make up for your loss.”

Erestor looked at Elrohir at hearing those words. Elrohir was claiming him in front of Elrond! His eyes darted nervously, waiting for Elrond’s reaction.

Elrond smiled, pleased. “Why should I begrudge you the company of your love, Elrohir, when I crave having mine close?” Realizing the time had come to give them some privacy Elrond moved back to the doorway. “Take good care of each other. “

“We will,” said Erestor and Elrohir simultaneously, and it brought a smile to their faces.

Elrond smiled privately as he closed the door behind them, certain that Erestor and Elrohir loved each other.


Elrohir claimed Erestor’s right hand and cradled it within his own, gently rubbing the soft skin. “You heard Ada. He approves of our love.” He hoped his father’s words had eased Erestor’s mind. “He does not think you betrayed his trust and he wants us to be happy.”

During the last few days, Erestor had become more responsive to his touches, and Elrohir now hoped to take another step. “I want you as my mate, my lover, my heart. Do you accept me?”

Erestor trembled. “Elrohir, do not bind yourself to me in that way.”

“But I want to be with you. I have had ample time to think about our relationship, and I want to be with you.” Elrohir placed the palm of his hand against Erestor’s cheek, seeing tears lurk in the dark eyes. “Do not cry anymore, Arato-nîn, and let me love you.” Elrohir licked his lips and then claimed Erestor’s, instigating a slow kiss.

Erestor moaned, surprised, at feeling Elrohir’s hands slip beneath his robes to stroke his back. These last few days he had grown used to his lover’s touch on his bare skin, and now butterflies teased his insides. “Elrohir, what are you doing to me?”

Elrohir reluctantly released Erestor’s lips and placed his hands on either side of his lover’s head, whilst looking into Erestor’s eyes. “I can no longer envision a life without you, your love. I refuse to lose you to insecurities and doubts, and therefore I ask; will you make love with me? Will you let me touch you and show you that love has returned to your heart?”

Erestor nervously cleared his throat. “Elrohir, you do not know what you are asking.” He had only just grown used to his lover’s touch and the sensual kisses, and doubted he was ready to make love.

“Do not allow your fears to keep you back, Arato-nîn. You said you trust me, and you know I would never hurt you. What holds you back?”

Erestor’s nervousness increased, seeing the determined expression in Elrohir’s eyes. “I am afraid I will disappoint you. I do not want to lose you because –“

“You won’t disappoint me, and you will never lose me. My heart is yours as long as I live.”

“But pen-neth, what if the memories of that night get the better of me and I panic?” Erestor averted his eyes. “I am not sure I can take that step.”

“You cannot know for certain until you tried.” Elrohir held his breath involuntarily, praying that Erestor would find the courage to try. It would be a major step toward healing. “Please, Erestor, do not be afraid.”

Erestor sighed deeply. “Pen-neth, if you want me, you can have me. I merely pray I won’t disappoint you.” Erestor’s hands had turned clammy as his nerves raged out of control. “Do you want to do this now?”

“Not right now,” said Elrohir, trying to calm Erestor’s nerves. “Let me choose the moment?”

Erestor nodded tentatively. /Elbereth, please do not let me panic. I do not want him to turn away and leave me. I need him!/

Elrohir saw the fear in Erestor’s eyes and settled for a tight hug. /Tonight, Arato-nîn. We will make love tonight./


Erestor relaxed when Elrond, Glorfindel, Thranduil and Elladan joined them in the dining room. Their chat and bantering made him let down his guard and he watched Thranduil, surprised at the Elf’s mellow attitude. Elladan had warmed Thranduil’s heart, and gone was past bitterness.

Glorfindel complied when Elrond asked the Elda to play the flute, and all grew quiet, listening to the hauntingly beautiful melody. Every now and then, Elrohir’s eyes sought out his, and Erestor smiled warmly at the young half-Elf.

Dinner came to an end, and Thranduil and Elladan were the first to excuse themselves. Erestor noticed Elrond’s knowing expression when Elladan pulled Thranduil along. It was obvious who was in charge of that relationship, and the knowledge made him giggle.

Elrohir looked at Erestor in surprise, hearing the Noldorin Elf giggle. Had he ever hear that particular sound before? He instantly liked it and decided he wanted to hear it more often.

A servant appeared in the doorway and nodded once. Ah, everything was ready then. Elrohir looked at his father and said, “Ada, the journey must have tired you. You should rest. Erestor and I will retire now for the night. We will see you at breakfast?”

Elrond tried to hide his smile, knowing Elrohir well enough to realize his youngest was up to something -- and it probably involved Erestor. “You are becoming just as bad as Glorfindel. He is constantly fussing over me as well. Aye, you had better retire now.”

Erestor was still laughing softly. Against all odds, he felt calm and relaxed as he rose from his chair to fall in step beside Elrohir.

Elrohir noticed Erestor’s relaxed mood and wrapped an arm around the elder Elf. “I am glad they are back. I missed Ada and Glorfindel.”

Erestor agreed. “It is a pleasure to have them back.”

Elrohir fought hard to remain calm now that they were approaching Erestor’s rooms. Pushing the door open, he let Erestor enter first and he prayed fervently that Erestor wouldn’t panic.

Erestor halted in his tracks, staring at his room in amazement. A sea of scented candles radiated a warm and enchanting light, and the sweet fragrance of sandalwood and lavender filled his rooms. Rose petals covered the floor, and the open window allowed in the moon’s silver beams.

“Elrohir?” Erestor’s voice trembled as he looked at the young half-Elf standing behind him.

“I hope you like it,” said Elrohir shyly. Biting his bottom lip, he waited for Erestor to say something. Had he gone overboard or did Erestor think it romantic? He had never been this nervous before.

“It is beautiful,” whispered Erestor, taken aback that Elrohir had gone to such great lengths to create a romantic atmosphere in his rooms.

“And I want you to know that there is no pressure. Just say no when you feel uncomfortable. Nothing has to happen tonight, but—“

“But you hope it will,” finished Erestor for him.

“Aye, I do.” Elrohir raised his right hand and gently touched Erestor’s lips. “You mean so much to me and I hope…” His voice faltered.

Erestor couldn’t deny him, and after taking Elrohir’s hand, he pulled the half-Elf into his rooms. The door closed behind them and Erestor’s gaze lingered on the bed, covered with soft, silk sheets. A single rose rested on the pillow, a testimony to Elrohir’s love for him. Only a few hours ago he had been afraid that he would never be able to express the full extent of his love, but now he was growing hopeful. “Show me what it is like to make love.”

“Erestor, I have never been with a male before. This is new to me as well.” Noticing Erestor’s surprise, Elrohir smiled, amused. “You are not the only one feeling nervous.”

For some reason Elrohir’s admission made Erestor feel even more relaxed. “Then we will learn together.”

Elrohir slowly leaned in closer and claimed Erestor’s lips. Parting his teeth, he invited Erestor to explore his mouth. Erestor accepted the invitation, and their tongues curled around each other in a gentle, long caress.

Pulling back slightly, Elrohir smiled. “Amin mela lle, Arato-nîn.”

“Aiya, pen-neth…” Word eluded him and he settled for another kiss. Elrohir responded eagerly and pressed his body against his. Erestor’s eyes widened, realizing he was reacting to Elrohir’s closeness. His groin stirred in eager anticipation.

Elrohir smiled knowingly, feeling Erestor’s hardened flesh against his thigh. All evening long he had been nervous, afraid that Erestor wasn’t ready after all, but now his confidence returned. Holding Erestor’s hand in his, he led his lover to the bed.

Erestor quivered with need and desire, barely believing he was reacting this passionately. He had expected to freeze and panic when Elrohir made his move, but his body hummed with warmth and the only thing he could think of was kissing Elrohir again and slowly exploring the half-Elf’s body with his fingertips.

Surprise showed in Erestor’s eyes and Elrohir smiled encouragingly. “May I undress you?”

Erestor suddenly wavered, remembering the scars his body carried. “Pen-neth –“

“Do not feel ashamed, Erestor.” Elrohir once more tensed, realizing Erestor faced another test. Rubbing Erestor’s knuckles, he waited patiently for the other to reach a decision.

“Aye, you may.” Erestor briefly closed his eyes, puzzled that he had found the courage to go through with this. He had never thought he would.

“Thank you for trusting me,” said Elrohir, realizing how hard this was on Erestor. His fingers slowly unbuttoned the robes, and he watched them slide down the alabaster skin until they pooled at Erestor’s feet. “Beautiful,” he whispered honestly.

Erestor blushed weakly, standing in front of Elrohir. “I am not beautiful.”

“But you are!” Elrohir brought his arms up behind Erestor’s back, and caressed the soft skin whilst pulling the elder Elf closer. “Let me love you,” he whispered against Erestor’s lips.

Erestor barely managed a nod. His mouth had gone dry and he stared entranced at Elrohir, whose hands now caressed his sides. His breath caught when Elrohir knelt in front of him. Soft hands and lips trailed down his stomach, down his thighs, and unable to keep quiet any longer, he released a soft whimper.

Elrohir smiled wickedly. Licking his lover’s skin, he rose to his feet again, this time encountering two hardened nipples that begged for his touch. Lapping at one and then the other, he delighted in hearing Erestor’s passionate moans.

Erestor’s eyes widened as Elrohir folded both arms around him and then lowered him onto the bed. Rose petals were crushed beneath him and released their sweet fragrance.

Elrohir took hold of the rose and placed it on Erestor’s chest. He’d had the thorns removed, not wanting to accidentally hurt his lover. His fingers wrapped around the stem and he slowly dragged the soft petals over Erestor’s skin. “Beautiful.” Looking at Erestor, he dared the other to deny it.

Lost for words, Erestor stared at his lover. Elrohir’s eyes had turned a dark shade of brown and he could see red specks inside the iris. Elrohir was kneeling at his side, and he appreciated that the half-Elf didn’t try to straddle him. That would most certainly trigger bad memories.

His hands shook violently when they reached for Elrohir’s robes, slowly removing them. He wanted to see his young lover naked.

Elrohir complied happily, removed his robes and dropped the garments to the floor. They made skin-on-skin contact, and both moaned at the exquisite sensation.  Elrohir’s hands settled on Erestor’s shoulders, massaging the tense muscles there.

Erestor surprised himself by reaching for Elrohir and wrapping his arms around him. Pulling Elrohir close, he forced the half-Elf to lie down beside him. Arms and legs became a tangled mess when he touched his lips to Elrohir’s, trying to pull him as close as possible.

The sudden passion that had appeared in Erestor’s eyes fed Elrohir’s and his hands traveled lower. Slowly, giving Erestor a chance to say no, he curled his fingers around his lover’s erection, stroking slowly.

An ecstatic expression shone from Erestor’s dark eyes at feeling Elrohir’s touch. “Pen-neth—“

“Hush, do not talk. There is no need for words.” Elrohir smiled, instigating another kiss, and pre-ejaculate dripped from the head of the other’s erection.

“It has been so long,” whispered Erestor. He felt torn between weeping in joy and laughing in relief. For so long he had been afraid to take this step, and now that he lay in his lover’s arms, he wanted more. He moaned, dismayed, when Elrohir stopped his caresses and sat upright, looking at him.

“Will you make love to me?” Elrohir dotingly looked at Erestor. “Will you claim me as your own?”

Erestor swallowed nervously. “Pen-neth, I do not know if I can.”

“Your body says you can.” Erestor was still hard, and his lover’s body arched toward him. “I want you to take me.”

Erestor abruptly sat upright as well, staring deeply into Elrohir’s eyes. “There will be pain.”

“Nay, there will be pleasure,” said Elrohir firmly. “Your touch will only bring me ecstasy.”

Seeing the confidence in Elrohir’s eyes, Erestor found he wanted to make love as well, but – Could he follow through? What if dark memories surfaced? “Are you sure?”

Elrohir nodded. “I am sure. Make love to me, Arato-nîn.”

Erestor enfolded his young lover in a tight embrace, kissing him passionately and bruising soft lips in the process. “I want to make love to you as well,” he whispered passionately. “What do I do next?”

Elrohir uncovered a small flask from beneath the pillow and opened it. After taking Erestor’s hand in his, he covered the elder’s Elf’s fingers with oil. Pulling Erestor along, he lay down on his back and parted his legs so his lover could settle between his thighs. “Touch me.”

Erestor couldn’t hide the tremors that coursed through him as he placed one finger at the entrance to Elrohir’s body. He maintained eye contact, ready to pull away at the first notion of discomfort on Elrohir’s face, but the half-Elf stared at him in rapture when his finger probed deeper within his lover’s passage.

Elrohir’s eyes widened in pleasure when Erestor’s fingertip touched a spot inside him that made him squirm in want. Elladan had told him what to expect, and he had never felt more thankful that they were able to talk about everything. At least now he felt prepared, and knowing what was about to happen took away most of his nervousness. “Do it again,” he whispered hoarsely.

Erestor tried to aim for the same spot and Elrohir wiggled beneath him, trying to move closer to him. “Is it pleasurable?” He knew his question sounded stupid, but Elrohir’s reaction intrigued him. He had only felt pain that night – but no, he wasn’t going to think about that dark cave and –

“Arato-nîn?” Elrohir grew worried, seeing the dark and haunted expression in Erestor’s eyes.

Erestor shook his head, angrily chasing away those horrid memories. He was with Elrohir now and they loved each other. There would be no pain, only pleasure.

Seeing Elrohir’s worried look, Erestor soothed him. “’Tis nothing.” Removing his finger from Elrohir’s body, he smiled weakly at seeing the disappointment in the half-Elf’s eyes.

“Add more oil,” said Elrohir, relieved that the memories hadn’t taken a hold on Erestor.

Erestor complied and returned with two fingers, once more aiming for that spot that made Elrohir whimper again.

Elrohir arched his back, trying to guide Erestor whilst the elder Elf’s fingers probed his passage. “Erestor? Arato-nîn? Make love to me?”

Erestor wavered, but Elrohir acted at once. He took hold of the flask and poured oil onto his hands.

Erestor blinked; Elrohir was rubbing the oil onto his erection. “Pen-neth, I—“ Elrohir pulled him on top of his body and his lover wrapped his fingers around his erection. Suddenly he was positioned at the entrance to his lover’s body, and when Elrohir raised his hips unexpectedly, the head of his erection easily slid past the guardian muscle. Stunned, he looked down at where their bodies were now joined. Elrohir pulled him close, wrapped his legs around his waist and held him close.

Searching Elrohir’s face for any signs of pain, Erestor only saw rapture and ecstasy in the half-Elf’s eyes. “Am I hurting you?” He was afraid to move. In the back of his head, painful memories tugged at his awareness, but he refused to admit them.

“Hurting me?” Elrohir smiled giddily. “Erestor, I never felt like this before and I want more. Will you move? I am about to come and I do not want to leave you behind.” He rocked his hips slightly, and gasped at the sensation washing over him.

Seeing the need in Elrohir’s eyes, Erestor thrust experimentally, concerned he could accidentally hurt his lover. Small moans of passion tumbled from Elrohir’s lips at his next thrust. Whilst touching his lips to his lover’s, Erestor established a rhythm. Fears and doubts were discarded as he lost himself in this ancient motion.

Elrohir clung to Erestor, meeting each of his lover’s thrusts with one of his own. Unable to hold back any longer, his body tensed before release swept through him.

A creamy liquid splashed onto his stomach and Erestor released a strangled yelp, as spasms contracted around his erection. Staring at Elrohir with big eyes, he reached orgasm as well, holding onto the half-Elf while sweet tremors vibrated through his body. Exhausted, he collapsed atop of Elrohir.

Holding Erestor tightly, Elrohir smiled. He stroked the long, black hair and listened to Erestor pant. /I suppose you surprised yourself,/ mused Elrohir pleased.

“I cannot believe I… We—“

“You made love to me, melamin.” Elrohir moaned softly as Erestor pulled back. “I enjoyed feeling you inside me.” Stunned disbelief stared back at him from Erestor’s dark eyes. “I am so proud of you, Arato-nîn.”

A blush spread over Erestor’s face. “I did not think I could do that. You made the difference, pen-neth. I could only take this step because it was you; I trust you.”

Elrohir nodded, realizing the truth in Erestor’s words. He reached for a corner of the sheet and cleaned them up. “Come here, melamin. I want to hold you through the night.”

But Erestor shook his head. “Nay, let me hold you instead.” He managed to take hold of the blanket tucked away at their feet and covered their cooling bodies with it. Wrapping his arms around Elrohir, he relished holding the half-Elf this close without feeling afraid or intimidated.

Elrohir glanced up at Erestor and saw the pleased smile on the elder Elf’s face. “Things have changed, have they not?”

“-I- have changed, I think,” mused Erestor, feeling sleep sneak up on him. “I am no longer afraid.”

“Good,” said Elrohir, smugly. “And now I am sure you are mine.”

Erestor smiled. “I love you as well, pen-neth.” Not receiving a witty reply, he peeked at Elrohir and found that the half-Elf’s eyes had closed. “Sleep, pen-neth. Tonight I will watch over you and guard your dreams.”

But Elrohir no longer heard his promises, sound asleep now. Erestor marveled at the half-Elf in his arms. “You made me accept my fears and doubts and helped me overcome them. You are the most precious gift ever given to me. I will protect and love you as long as I live, and I will never let you go.”

Pressing a kiss on the tangled hair, Erestor felt truly content for the first time in centuries.


The End.



Beta read by Ilye, thank you!

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