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Author's Note: This is the sequel to 'Inside the Darkness'. The drawing was made by Nellas


Part 16 - Moving Forward

By Morgana



Elrond had to admit that Glorfindel’s plan was working. The first day spent at the cottage had been pure bliss, and making love together had been a revelation. He didn’t dare admit it, for Glorfindel would only become cockier, but he loved it when the blond assumed control.

“What are you thinking about?” Glorfindel sat behind his lover on the grass, parted his legs and pulled Elrond close to his chest, wrapping arms and legs around him. “You seem distant.”

“My thoughts have not strayed far,” said Elrond reassuringly. “I was merely remembering making love, nîn ind.” 

Glorfindel smiled warmly. “You surprised me. I did not expect you to make a move this soon, as you are still healing.” His hands slipped beneath Elrond’s robes and gentle fingertips probed his lover’s ribcage, trying to determine if the broken ribs were healing. If their lovemaking had set back Elrond’s recovery he would never forgive himself. To his delight, he found the bones stronger, and he could barely locate the fractures. “It looks like the healing process has finally set in.”

Elrond rested the back of his head against Glorfindel’s shoulder and watched the sun set. Last, silver rays floated on top of the water of the Bruinen, and the image sent contentment through his soul. “You were so very right to take me here.”

Glorfindel’s smile remained. “You needed the rest.” He didn’t want to bring up the problems that had kept Elrond from healing at the Homely House. Tomorrow he expected a messenger, who would inform him of the latest developments. He didn’t worry much about Elladan and Thranduil, but he did feel concerned about Erestor. Would Elrohir be able to heal the Noldorin Elf’s pain? He hoped so.

Glorfindel sighed contently as Elrond began to sing softly. The magical tone to the half-Elf’s voice entranced him and he sheepishly smiled, realizing Elrond was singing about his love and dedication. When had his lover composed this song? “Amin mela lle,” he whispered into Elrond’s ear.

Elrond smiled at hearing Glorfindel’s admission. The song ended and he cocked his head to look at his lover. “It is a pity it took us this long to admit our feelings.”

“We will not waste another moment,” vowed Glorfindel. It was growing dark, and the promised warmth and comfort of the cottage made him get to his feet, lifting Elrond in his arms. “Maybe you can try to walk in a few days’ time.”

“I hope so.” He would feel more comfortable moving about on his own. Although he loved Glorfindel for being this dedicated and putting up with carrying him around, he much desired to walk again.

Glorfindel carried Elrond into the cottage and lowered him onto the sofa closest to the fire, which he had built before seeking out his lover. “Are you tired? Would you prefer me to carry you to the bed instead?”

“I am perfectly comfortable here,” said Elrond thoughtfully. “I would love to sit with you and talk.”

Glorfindel nodded once and disappeared into the kitchen to prepare tea. He also added lembas, fruit and cheese to the tray, which he placed on Elrond’s lap, telling the half-Elf to start eating. “You have lost weight, which you can ill afford. You must regain it.”

“I have skipped a few meals,” admitted Elrond. Several times he had fallen asleep when it was time dinnertime, and it had resulted in him losing even more weight. Selecting a piece of fruit, he nibbled on it.

“What is on your mind?” Glorfindel sat down on the sofa, sipped his tea and smiled, pleased, when Elrond rested his head in his lap. His hand instantly went to caress the long, dark hair.

“Elladan and Thranduil.”

“My instincts tell me they are doing fine,” said Glorfindel, treading carefully.

“I have the feeling there is more to the matter than what they told us.”

Glorfindel cringed. “What are you not telling me?”

“Elladan mentioned a dream in which Thranduil and he made love. I did not want to say anything at the time, but I detected a passion mark on his throat.”

“You think it was not merely a dream?”

Elrond nodded thoughtfully, locking eyes with the blond. “I doubt a dream would upset Elladan like that.”

“But if they made love, they are –“

“Married.” Elrond sighed deeply. “Why could Elladan not fall in love with someone else?”

Glorfindel laughed softly. “Maybe the twins asked themselves the same thing when they found out about us. After all, I was their mentor and teacher for so long. They could have felt betrayed, but I thank Elbereth that they did not.”

“You are right,” said Elrond slowly. “I cannot blame my son for falling in love with someone I do not like.”

“But Thranduil has changed; I must say that to his defense.” Glorfindel’s thumb caressed Elrond’s forehead, trying to force the wrinkles to disappear. “I must admit I worry more about Erestor and Elrohir.”

Another sigh left Elrond’s lips. “Again, you are right.” Suddenly his eyes narrowed. “What was I thinking? Letting you take me here? They need me and –“

Glorfindel rested a finger against Elrond’s lips, silencing his lover. “I am confident they can manage without us. I know how much you love your sons, but the time has come to let them go.”

Elrond sighed distressed. “I cannot help but worry about them.”

“Maybe I can distract you?” Glorfindel seductively licked his lips and then bend down to plant a kiss on his lover’s lips.

Elrond moaned blissfully when his lover’s tongue teased against his palate. Locking eyes with Glorfindel, the expression changed.

“Do not worry,” said Glorfindel, “Although I would like to make love to you again, I will not, seeing exhaustion in your eyes. Maybe you will feel stronger tomorrow. This eve we will talk, sing and enjoy each other’s company.”

Words eluded Elrond and he hoped that the kiss he gave Glorfindel conveyed his feelings.

Glorfindel nodded once, fully understanding the expression in his lover’s eyes.


Thranduil watched as the young half-Elf tossed a grape into the air, catching it when his tongue wrapped itself around it and devouring the piece of fruit. His groin stirred, but he ignored it for now, wanting to address a serious matter. “Elladan?”

Elladan had just thrown another grape into the air, but his lover’s voice distracted him and the small fruit hit his forehead. “What is it?”

“Do you not think Elrond should know we are mated now?” He had debated this privately, and although he disliked facing Elrond and telling him, he knew it had to be done. Elladan’s expression darkened. “I think he already knows.”

Thranduil raised an eyebrow. “Explain yourself.”

“When I woke in the woods that morning I was terribly confused and told Ada about this so-called dream.”

Thranduil’s fingernails dug into the wooden armrest. “You did?”

Elladan nodded once. “I already felt suspicious; the dream had been too real to be a fantasy and I told him so. Ada still encouraged me to seek you and confront you. He gave me his blessing.”

Thranduil drew in a deep breath. “Why would he do that?” Elrond and he had never been friends. “I would expect him to become mad with me.”

Elladan shrugged and pushed himself up onto all fours, slowly crawling toward Thranduil. “Ada changed after realizing Glorfindel loved him. I think he wanted me to have that as well.” He had reached Thranduil by now and crawled onto his lover’s lap, straddling the blond’s hips. “I usually get what I want and my mind was set on you. I would have pursued you, even against Ada’s will.”

Thranduil found himself with a lap full of half-Elf, who was trying to kiss him. Thranduil placed his hands on either side of Elladan’s head and kept his young lover in place. Elladan was trying to seduce him; the half-Elf had probably grown tired of their topic and was now trying to interest him in another round of lovemaking. “Elladan, not now. I want to talk to you.”

Elladan pouted momentarily at being denied, but then settled down, no longer trying to kiss the blond. “You want to talk to Ada and tell him what happened? And you want to do it now?” Thranduil was an open book to him.

“I will not feel comfortable until I do. I feel like I am going behind his back. Elrond deserves to know I claimed you.”

Elladan sighed, giving in. “We can visit them now if that is what you want, or--” He wriggled on Thranduil’s lap, his arousal pressing against his lover’s hip. “Or we can make love again.”

Thranduil laughed warmly. At times he forgot how young Elladan was and with youth came stamina and lust. “Later tonight, Lirimaer.”

Elladan decided to be good and not tempt Thranduil any farther. “Then let us get this over with. We will talk to Ada and when we get back I want you to make love to me.”

Thranduil’s hands now tangled in Elladan’s long locks. /You will wear me down, Lirimaer. I hope I can keep up with you!/


Glorfindel looked up from caressing Elrond’s hair, hearing horses approach the cottage. Elrond had dozed off an hour ago, and he had enjoyed simply watching his lover and stroking the long hair. Now that they were being disturbed, however, he slowly disentangled himself from Elrond and eased the half-Elf onto the sofa. After making sure that Elrond was resting comfortably, he walked over to the window and peered outside.

He instantly recognized Thranduil’s starlit eyes, and opened the door to welcome them.

Thranduil and Elladan dismounted and walked over to the cottage. Thranduil wasn’t as sure as Elladan that they were welcome at this late hour, knowing Elrond needed to rest.

Glorfindel wondered what was wrong for them to show up like this, but signaled for them to enter. “Elrond is asleep, though,” he informed them, whilst gesturing them to sit down near the fire.

Elladan seated himself on the sofa and gently touched his father’s face. “Ada?”

Thranduil chose a chair close the fire, sat down and watched father and son, hoping Elrond would accept him as his son’s mate.

Elrond slowly opened his eyes. His sleep had been a healing one and he blinked several times, trying to regain full consciousness. At last, he realized Elladan was close, and he raised a hand to smooth stray dark locks away from his son’s face. “What are you doing here?”

Elladan watched as his father tried to push himself into an upright position and when Elrond’s efforts remained clumsy and fruitless, he helped his father to sit upright. “Ada, how do you fare?”

“Better,” whispered Elrond, feeling slightly confused at finding Elladan at his side. “Did something happen to you? Or is anything amiss with Erestor and Elrohir? Am I needed?”

Elladan immediately shushed him. “Nothing is amiss, Ada. We merely desire to talk to you.”

“We?” Elrond’s eyes scanned the living area. Glorfindel stood in the corner, watching the exchange intensely and Thranduil uncomfortably shifted on his chair. Realizing what this was about, Elrond smiled smugly. “Then talk.”

Thranduil cleared his throat. “Elrond, I need to tell you something.”

Elladan, growing impatient and nervous, cut Thranduil short. “Ada, it was not a dream. That night really happened.”

Thranduil cringed at hearing Elladan’s words. He had wanted to be a bit more diplomatic about the matter, but now Elladan had blurted it out. Searching Elrond’s face, Thranduil trembled at seeing an arched eyebrow. Would Elrond forgive him and accept their bond, or turn him away?

Elrond chose his next words carefully. “Tell me what happened, exactly.”

Thranduil’s voice shook slightly when he addressed Elrond. “The night was magical and I got carried away. Elladan had followed me into the woods, and when I saw the desire in his eyes I could not turn him away.”

Elrond’s gaze shifted from Thranduil to Elladan when his suspicions were confirmed. “You were determined to claim Thranduil as your own from the start, were you not?”

Elladan nodded. “I fell in love with him when he rescued me from those Orcs. I tried to fight it, but I love him.” Elladan drew in a deep breath, gathering courage for his own admission. “I pursued him and made him acknowledge the attraction between us. Thranduil let me believe it was a dream because he did not want to bind me to him, but I wanted to be mated to him! I convinced him to –“

“What?” Elrond stared at his oldest son.

“We made love again. We are married now and I will not give him up!” Elladan pleadingly stared his father. “I love him and he loves me.”

Elrond shook his head in amusement. “I suspected as much.” His gaze sought out Thranduil’s. “Elladan’s happiness is very important to me, and I will not stand in your way, but—“

Thranduil nodded, knowing what was coming next. “I won’t hurt or disappoint him for I love him.”

Exhaustion washed over Elrond and he briefly closed his eyes. “If someone had told me you would become a part of this family I would have called him insane,” said Elrond, once more looking at Thranduil. “I must admit that you have changed. You are no longer vindictive; you have mellowed.”

“I hope we can become friends in time,” said Thranduil honestly. “And I have thought long and hard about our future. I decided against returning to Mirkwood. Valthoron is now master there. I will stay at Imladris for the time being.”

Elrond raised an eyebrow. “I must admit that my greatest fear was losing Elladan to you, and seeing him leave his home. Your words reassure me.” Elrond’s gaze shifted to Elladan when his oldest son cradled his hand in his own.

“Ada, we won’t sail to Valinor. Thranduil and I will stay in Imladris.”

“I expected as much,” admitted Elrond. His former decision to leave for Valinor with Galadriel had changed as well. What he hadn’t considered was that once he had reached Valinor, Celebrian would re-enter his life. Now that he had found Glorfindel’s love he was unwilling to give up on the blond Elda. Staying at Imladris was the only sound solution, and he would tell Glorfindel shortly.

“Ada?” Elladan’s eyes revealed uncertainty. “Do I still have your blessing?”

Elrond smiled charmingly. “Aye, of course you have my blessing, ion-nîn. You are free to choose your lover. I am sure Thranduil and I will become friends in time.” Seeing relief in Elladan’s eyes, he pulled his oldest son close and planted a parental kiss on his brow. “Be happy.”

Elrond distinctly heard the relieved sigh Thranduil released. “This must have weighed heavy on your mind, to seek me out here,” he said, addressing Thranduil.

“It did,” admitted Thranduil. “To me, it was important you knew the truth.”

Glorfindel stepped in, seeing Elrond’s form tremble with fatigue. This conversation was taking its toll on the half-Elf. “We should let him rest now.” He placed a hand on Elladan’s shoulder and waited for the oldest twin to get to his feet.

Elladan briefly rested his brow against his father’s. Seeing both happiness and fatigue in Elrond’s eyes, he realized Glorfindel was right. “You should rest, Ada.” Returning his father’s gesture, he kissed Elrond’s brow and then rose from the bed. “Thranduil and I will visit again when you are more rested.”

“I would like that,” said Elrond tiredly. He locked eyes with Thranduil once more. /Hurt him and I will hurt you./

One powerful mind spoke to another and Thranduil nodded once, letting Elrond know he had understood. “I will make him happy.”

Elrond slowly closed his eyes and listened to their retreating footsteps. Now he had one thing less to worry about. Elladan and Thranduil’s love seemed sincere, and he hoped they would be happy. /But what about Elrohir? Is he happy as well?/


Elrohir contently watched Erestor sleep, feeling immensely pleased that no nightmare disturbed the Noldorin Elf’s sleep. Erestor looked strangely vulnerable, resting in his arms, and Elrohir wondered why he had never before noticed the dark-haired Elf’s beauty.

Absentmindedly, his fingers gently tangled in the long, black hair. Erestor’s vacant eyes held an attraction that he couldn’t deny, and he continued to stare at the Elf in his arms. /Erestor, my feelings for you are changing. My heart now beats differently when I look upon you, and my arms feel empty when you are not in them. What started as concern is now changing into love and affection./

Erestor suddenly stirred in his arms, as if picking up on his thoughts, and Elrohir immediately caressed the other’s hair, trying to keep Erestor asleep. “All is well. You can sleep undisturbed, Arato-nîn.”

But Elrohir’s voice easily penetrated Erestor’s mind. After blinking once, Erestor stared at the young half-Elf holding him. Sometime during his sleep, he had wrapped arms and legs around Elrohir, pulling him so close that they were now entangled. Recalling the kisses exchanged earlier, he blushed.

Elrohir remained silent, and kept up the soothing strokes to the Noldorin Elf’s hair.

Erestor swallowed nervously, feeling his body react to Elrohir’s closeness. It had been so long since it had reacted to warmth and love. It had taken him many years to try again after that fateful night, but the elf maiden he had taken a liking to, had looked at him with pity in her eyes after he had told her why he wasn’t responding to her gentle caresses. One night she had told him that she couldn’t handle this situation and she had left him. Discouraged, he had never tried again… Until now. Until Elrohir.

Elrohir wondered about the blush that continued to spread on Erestor’s face, somehow sensing the other’s inner struggle. He waited patiently for Erestor to confide in him.

Erestor blushed, growing erect for the first time in decades. Unable to maintain eye contact any longer, he closed his eyes. Elrohir was still stroking his long hair, and those gentle touches only fed the desire growing inside him.

Elrohir decided to take the initiative. “Why did you close your eyes, melamin?”

“I—“ Erestor suddenly wanted to free himself of Elrohir’s embrace, but his body froze, making it impossible to move away from the half-Elf.

“Erestor? Please look at me.” Elrohir tenderly caressed Erestor’s face. His fingertips teased against his love’s long eyelashes, hoping the touch would cause Erestor to open those gorgeous eyes.

Erestor’s eyelids fluttered and then opened to stare at Elrohir. “I—I feel ashamed.”

“Why?” Elrohir frowned puzzled.

“I feel…” Erestor failed to end his sentence, shifting slightly away from Elrohir, as he didn’t want the half-Elf to feel his erection.

Understanding suddenly dawned, feeling Erestor move away. “Melamin, do not feel ashamed. Rejoice instead!”

“Rejoice?” Erestor’s tone turned bitter. “I do not even understand how you can bear my touch, knowing –“

Elrohir propped himself onto an elbow and managed to catch Erestor’s gaze. “I understand that you feel tainted for what they did to you, but when I look at you, I see beauty. Knowing that you feel ashamed because you want me saddens me.”

Erestor helplessly stared into Elrohir’s eyes. “It is the first time that… Since…” Trying to explain, he searched for words, but they didn’t come easily. “My body is waking up after so many years and I do not know what to do… Touching you feels wrong.”

“Why does it feel wrong? I assure you I greatly crave your touch.” Elrohir wrapped his arms loosely around Erestor’s waist, and as he lay down again, he pulled the dark haired Elf on top of him. Erestor’s erection now pressed against his thigh and a pleased smile surfaced on his face. “Your body is telling you that it is ready to take the next step.”

Erestor shivered. “But I am scared.” Lowering his eyes, a strangled sob left his throat. “It is true, I desire you, but it feels wrong.”

“It is not wrong; everything is right,” said Elrohir soothingly. Erestor rested his head on his chest and he tucked the other’s head beneath his chin. He could tell that Erestor’s arousal was fading, but the fact that the Noldorin Elf’s body was waking up encouraged him to pursue this relationship.

Erestor’s eyes widened, feeling one of Elrohir’s hands slip beneath the fabric of his robes to rest on his naked back. The touch brought tears to his eyes. “Pen-neth…”

“Hush now,” said Elrohir quickly. “Enjoy the feelings coursing through you, and in time we will explore them farther.”

Erestor managed to free his head and he made eye contact with the half-Elf. “Do you really want me? But why? And how?”

Elrohir realized his answer was very important to Erestor and he carefully considered his reply. “Melamin, I really want you, for I love you. I want to take away those feelings of shame and replace them with love and desire. During these last few days you have become increasingly important to me, and my love for you is still growing. I will keep your heart safe and give you mine in return. That is, if you will have me.”

Tears had been building in Erestor’s eyes and they now dripped down his chin, landing softly on Elrohir’s face. Elrohir’s words were soothing balm to his scarred soul. “I lack the words to describe how much I love you. I have felt ashamed and unworthy for so long that it is hard to change, but I will try. You give me the strength to carry on.”

Elrohir rubbed Erestor’s back with soothing strokes and felt how tension left the other’s body. Erestor relaxed and finally curled around him, blanketing him. “The mere fact that you are enjoying my touch now should tell you something, melamin. You are growing stronger and I have seen the changes taking place in you. You have opened up to me, and you are no longer hiding your fears and doubts from me. We will walk this road together, and I feel confident that in time we will be able to express our love physically.”

Erestor nodded against Elrohir’s chest. “I hope so. I dreamt of being with you in that way, but ugly memories always invaded those sweet dreams. I fear remembering their vile touch when we finally make love.”

“Do not worry about that, Arato-nîn. I will keep those memories away from you.”

Erestor cocked his head and stared deeply into Elrohir’s eyes. Seeing the determination in them, he whispered, “I trust you, pen-neth.”

Elrohir smiled and continued to stroke his lover’s back. “I won’t fail you.”

Erestor clung to Elrohir, hoping the half-Elf was right and that they would find a way to deal with his memories.



Haldir kept glancing at Lurtz and Legolas, trying to understand how an Elven Prince could accept one of Saruman’s creatures as his mate. Galadriel’s assurance that Lurtz could be trusted still puzzled him.

“Haldir, we will arrive at Helm’s Deep this eve,” said Rumil, who was walking next to his brother. “Our time together is coming to an end.”

Haldir looked at his brother, and startled at seeing darkness and defeat in Rumil’s eyes. “We cannot give up, Rumil. We must fight and keep our kin alive.”

Rumil nodded halfheartedly. “I know we won’t see the sun rise ever again. This will be our last night on Arda.”

Haldir grabbed his brother’s shoulder. “Don’t you dare give up, Rumil! We promised Orophin to return to ‘Lorien and –“ His voice faltered, thinking of Celeborn; he feared he would never lay eyes on his lover again.

Lurtz had overheard most of their conversation, and now exchanged a look with Legolas. “Despair is coming over them and it is more dangerous than a horde of attacking Uruk-Hai. They must find courage again.”

Legolas knew his mate was right, but he understood Rumil so well. “An oppressive feeling has come upon us. Like them, I can sense the approaching evil, and it clouds our minds.”

Lurtz’s eyes locked with Legolas. “Don’t give in to that feeling.”

“I will try,” said Legolas, giving his mate an adoring smile. “I have the best reason to survive the upcoming fight; you.”

Haldir looked over his shoulder at Lurtz after hearing the passion in Legolas’ tone and he found the Uruk-Hai blushing at the Prince’s words. Haldir averted his eyes. Seeing the love in their eyes made him pensive. Maybe Lurtz could be trusted; after all, Galadriel had said so.

Haldir squeezed Rumil’s shoulder and waited for his brother’s eyes to meet his. “Take heart, for not all is lost yet.”

Rumil felt strengthened, hearing the determination in Haldir’s voice. Straightening his shoulders, he tried to shake the sense of impending doom.


Haldir, marching at the head of the ‘Lorien army, was the first to set eyes upon Helm’s Deep. The keep’s gates were closed and the walls filled with warriors. Narrowing his eyes, he made out Aragorn’s form.

Aragorn’s eyes sparkled with happiness, seeing the Elven army approach the keep. “Open the gates!” The Rohirrim hesitated momentarily, but complied when Gamling repeated the order.

Haldir’s red cloak had immediately drawn Aragorn’s attention and his heart leapt with joy, seeing the Guardian at the head of the army. He had felt depressed, knowing how small their chances were to defeat Saruman’s army, but his heart swelled with courage and hope at seeing Haldir’s cocky smile.

He started to run down the stairs when a murmur ran through the crowd.

“There’s an Uruk-Hai among them! Let’s kill the foul creature!” Other voices joined in. “We don’t want his kind in our keep! Kill him!”

Aragorn frowned; it was true. An Uruk-Hai marched among the Elven archers and at his side –

“Legolas!” Aragorn called out his friend’s name in joy and marched toward the blond. Narrowing his eyes, he found that Legolas’ hand rested on the Uruk-Hai’s shoulder. Why was that?

Gimli, having heard Aragorn’s call, rushed down the stairs. He would never openly admit it, but he had missed having Legolas close. Seeing the Uruk-Hai, he came to an abrupt hold in front of Legolas.

The crowd’s voice rose again. “Kill him! His kind is about to attack! We don’t want him here!”

Legolas tensed and his hand reached for his sword, ready to defend his mate.

“Haldir? Legolas?” Aragorn wasn’t sure whom to address first. He had felt alarmed at first, but realizing the Uruk-Hai’s hands weren’t tied and that the Elves allowed him to march with them calmed him.

Haldir stepped aside, letting Legolas address Aragorn.

Legolas’ face was as calm and serene as ever, but deep inside him his emotions raged. Protectively, he stepped in front of Lurtz. “Aragorn, Lurtz is a friend, an ally.”

Aragorn watched Legolas closely, reading his friend’s body language, which told him that the blond trusted the Uruk-Hai and was even willing to defend him. “We should talk in private.”

Legolas nodded. “That would be best.” His gaze traveled from Aragorn to Gimli and he smiled warmly. “It is good to see you again, master Dwarf. I was worried you had come to harm during my absence.” But Gimli’s expression turned cold and unfriendly and he realized it was because Lurtz had folded an arm around his waist. /Lurtz is staking his claim./ He understood his mate’s urge to declare him his own, but Gimli and Aragorn didn’t like it. “I have much to tell you.”

Aragorn grew worried at seeing the possessiveness in Lurtz’s eyes and he decided to focus on Haldir instead. He didn’t want to risk a fight with the Uruk-Hai when Legolas seemed to greatly care about the creature -- though only Elbereth knew why!

Aragorn acted instinctively and buried Haldir in an embrace. His friend had no idea how glad he was to see him and his archers! Haldir tensed in his arms and Aragorn’s smile brightened when the Guardian finally gave in and returned the hug. Pulling back, he still caught a hint of surprise of being welcomed this warmly on Haldir’s face. “You’re most welcome, my friend.”

Haldir smiled, but his expression grew serious again when Théoden joined them. He stepped away from Aragorn and inclined his head, addressing the Lord of the Mark. “I bring word from Elrond of Rivendell. Long ago Men and Elves fought alongside each other and died together. I have come to honor that alliance.”

Théoden nodded, pleased, and then looked at Aragorn. He greatly appreciated the support, and wanted Aragorn to take command of the Elven army.

Aragorn understood and nodded. “Let us talk. Haldir, Legolas, follow me.” Although not invited, Lurtz followed as well. Aragorn was about to make a remark, when Legolas’ eyes met his, asking him to allow Lurtz to accompany them. Aragorn nodded once, wondering why he was agreeing to this; the monster was their enemy!

Aragorn, Gimli, Haldir, Legolas and Lurtz followed Théoden who led them into the great hall.

Legolas constantly remained close to his mate, never letting Lurtz out of his sight. He knew he had a lot of explaining to do, and hoped Aragorn and Gimli would accept his new mate.



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